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Mar 17th, 2017
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  1. How to VPN and unlock 'Mass Effect: Andromeda' early
  2. ----
  4. 1. Download VPN client of choice with access to South Korea servers. My go to clients are FlyVPN ( and VPN Gate ( as they are easy to install, use and remove. VPN Gate is my favorite because no timelimits on connection.
  6. 2. Make sure Origin is closed
  8. 3. After installing VPN software run it and connect to South Korea servers
  10. 4. Run Origin
  12. 5. Run MEA
  13. 5.1 If there is patch or anything to download let it download e.g. 20MB through VPN and then close VPN connection for faster download. DO NOT pause etc. Origin downloads!
  15. 6. Once game is up and running (main menu open) alt tab into the windows and disable VPN
  17. 7. Alt tab back into the game and have fun!
  19. Optional 1: After game is up and running you can also put Origin into offline mode (Origin => Go Offline). This way you should be able to close the game and start the game before release date in your region without needing VPN. Otherwise you need start VPN every time you want to start the game before it's e.g. 23rd in EU.
  21. How much using VPN helps?
  22. ----
  23. Without VPN to South Korea:
  24. With VPN to South Korea:
  26. I get to play on 20th instead of 23rd. EET is CET +1, so I get to play on 20th, 4PM CET which is 20th, 8AM PDT.
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