AEB Present 1.5 Log 61

DNA-zama Dec 18th, 2015 137 Never
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  2. Avara has connected.
  3. Chloe has connected.
  4. Trulhammaren has connected.
  5. Kaorin Sakura has connected.
  6. Eclipse has connected.
  7.     Chronicler:     Now that DNA is here:
  8. When Kayla returns home I'll have to abruptly pause the game to move child and hide presents.
  9. Trulhammaren:   oky
  10. Avara:  okay then.
  11.     Chronicler:     Would anyone like to recap?
  12. * Trulhammaren can't remember that far back >.>
  13. Eclipse:    Here's hoping that my desktop will be able to reasonably run tonight.
  14. DNA:    Hey, it just took me a while to load the Cast map; don't yell at me!
  15. DNA:    So the recap was basically a lot of footwork and traveling, through the middle of nowhere on the way to Cerulean, and Finch doing all of the science. Upon arriving there we were greeted by the NPC with an unknown gender and asked to run more jobs whenever we get back in town.
  16. DNA:    And uhhhhhhhhhh start of the following morning now I think?
  17. Chloe:  Chloe has logistics to take care of~
  18. Avara:  we were discussing the whole buying of storage thing and deciding what option each of us would take
  19. DNA:    I opted not to take one because at this rate I won't need it. Val said she would get the stasis device, Chloe I think would get the home, and Jennifer I don't remember.
  20. Chronicler:     Text message received. Moving child.
  21. If people have things they wish to do before resting at the PKMN you can write it up here to save time.
  22. Chloe:  Chloe Purchases a Pokehome! All Terrain with space for 10 individual pokemon! This comes to a total of 3500 in one-time payments. Either 5000 or 6000 in monthly payments. I'm not sure how the extra per pokemon works.
  23. Chloe:  Chloe spends the evening continuing to write her journal "A Traveler's Guide to Lum Berry Care". Education Nature. Everything extra goes into quality.
  24. Chloe:  Lum Berry 1
  25. Chloe:  Ros Berry 3
  26. DNA:    3 Ros berries aw yiss
  27. Trulhammaren:   Val Purchases a Statis Chamber and 2 hardrives. For a Total of $5500. Meanwhile Phyllis makes a basic Necklace and domino Enchants it. 23 General for the Neckalce. 31 for the enchant.
  28. Avara:  not buying any storage.
  29.     Chronicler:     No, the storage is 5000
  30.     Chronicler:     And adding storage is 500 per. So if you want a storage of 10, its 6k.
  31. Trulhammaren:   ((pdf says 4500))
  32.     Chronicler:     And for Rob's case the cost is 8500. Because you pay the first month at the time of the purchase.
  33.     Chronicler:     And 5000 per month (+100 per Pokemon actually stored).
  34. Chloe:  Sounds good
  35.     Chronicler:     If Chloe is going to store anything at the time of purchase, increase the cost by 100 per Pokemon stored.
  36. Trulhammaren:   and both crafting work and cost 6750
  37. Chloe:  Storing 2 pokemon for now.
  38. Trulhammaren:   so 5500 or 6k, where did you booboo?
  39.     Chronicler:     I assume your 'buying 2 harddrives' is buying two separate additional storage for a total of 10, correct?
  40.     Chronicler:     Its 500 per.
  41. Trulhammaren:   ((I'm buying, as per listed prices in the pdf. the system 4500, and two drives 500 per))
  42.     Chronicler:     Oh no, its 4500+1000. You're right.
  43. Trulhammaren:   ok
  44.     Chronicler:     I still had the home in mind. Which is 5000.
  45. Trulhammaren:   val also purchases howevermany rations 1730 can get her
  46.     Chronicler:     That entirely depends on what size.
  47. Trulhammaren:   medium
  48. DNA:    80$ to buy and 60$ to craft
  49. Trulhammaren:   Val buys 21 rations!
  50. Chloe:  diet is also important
  51. Avara:  bought some stuff as well, don't remember exactly what.
  52. Avara:  rations were some of it
  53. Trulhammaren:   only mon I have that cares will eat anything we kill
  54.     Chronicler:     ohgawd wasabi!
  55. Trulhammaren:   and we will kill
  56. Trulhammaren:   because Tanorol has Swallow Whole now
  57.     Chronicler:     Don't use potions to feed, Trul.
  58.     Chronicler:     "Eat some of this guy." *sprays potion to restore lost flesh* "Okay, eat some more."
  59. DNA:    ITT GM gives Trul ideas
  60. Chloe:  **chloe loses 10k monies**
  61. * Trulhammaren has that idea when diets became a thing
  62.     Chronicler:     Okay, anything else before I begin?
  63. And am I beginning the next day?"
  64. Trulhammaren:   like took me all of 1 second to go weeeeee!!!
  65. Trulhammaren:   don't think so and I think so
  66. Chloe:  I think I'm ready!
  67.     Natasha:    Ready!
  68. Chloe:  Chloe has an assault vest! She readies a series of potions.
  69.     Chronicler:     ohgawd ginger!
  70. Avara:  i see we have a new chronicler picture?
  71.     Chronicler:     Yes.
  72. Chloe:  is creepy
  73.     Chronicler:     ohgawd wasabi!
  74. Okay, sushi gone.
  75. * Trulhammaren does not like the pickled ginger
  76. * Trulhammaren will however eat the wasabi paste by itself
  77.     Chloe Blanchett (Christmas):    I get to use this now!
  78.     Chronicler:     Date: February 23rd, 1549. 0800 Hours.
  79. DNA:    This is already working better than I expected
  80.     Chronicler:     You awaken to the intercom of a woman from the Pokémon Center.
  81. DNA:    ...I am reminded of a question I was going to ask the GM, but it can wait until later.
  82. Trulhammaren:   ((for those wondering, Val now has 7 active slots, thanks to the bit of enchanting I just did))
  83. DNA:    Very cool.
  84.     Koume Tamai:    "Rise and shine, Trainers. The time is now 8 AM. Please, get yourselves together to embark on new adventures today! Breakfast is provided in the dining area on level B1. Complimentary towels are found in the restrooms of your temporary room. You will be asked to vacate by 9:30 AM and are free to return later in the date. Happy adventuring, Trainers~"
  85.     Chloe:  "Beeeeeeed~" Chloe hugged her pillow, "I'm going to miss yooooou...."
  86. Koume Tamai: (( Day* Not date ))
  87. * Valerie Ylsef zombies out of bed to the sounds and scents of breakfast.
  88. * Jennifer Attaway will get up and wash up before heading out for breakfast. She didn't feel like getting up, but there wasn't much choice in the matter.
  89.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Oh, it's been so long since I've actually slept on something soft!" Saturn stretches, wakes up her erstwhile partner, and freshen up to get ready for the ensuing day, then join the others for breakfast.
  90.     Natasha:    Human-Hoenn: "Noooooo, five more minutes! I don't wannaaaaaaaaa..."
  91. * Ülang huffs as she gathers all the stuff Val left behind.
  92.     Ülang:     "If her head wasn't attached in the morning I'm certain she would forget it..."
  93.     Chloe:  Chloe takes a bath, testing out her new soaps. She dresses in Fancy Clothing (Beauty), having washed with Sage scented soap and a sandalwood fragrance.
  94. * Jennifer Attaway is going to wear her armor, because the plan was to head out west, as recalled.
  95.     Natasha:    Before long, Natasha and Saturn were downstairs picking up things for their plates - though the smaller one needed a bit more nudging to wake up.
  96.     Saturn Rosewell:    Both of them were sporting slightly different clothing styles; Natasha was dressed a bit warmer and was wearing her hood down, while Saturn was wearing a white outfit with a skirt. Also she smelled faintly of mangoes. Because Chloe reminded me that the scented soaps exist.
  97.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe made her way to the dining area, now sporting a much cuter style (or so she hoped). She waved excitedly to Saturn as she made it.
  98.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' had not slept the entire night and merely remained downstairs in the lobby area the entire evening. Miss Nobody 'Inbee' appears to be looking out at absolutely nothing, only briefly turning her head when the intercom went off.
  99.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Did we ever report what we learned about the sirens and harpies? We might still get payment for that."
  100.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Is something wrong, Inbee?"
  101.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' turns slowly toward Jennifer and blinks a few times, "...Oh. Jen, it's you."
  102.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' rubs her eyes briefly, "This place is quite active. There's a lot of...noise."
  103.     Koume Tamai:    Koume Tamai slowly walks over to Jennifer and Inbee, "But it wasn't last time you were here, right?"
  104.     Saturn Rosewell:    "I think...Mr Seabury?...might have already filed it as completed already, but it couldn't hurt to ask."
  105.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Radio noise..? Are you sick?"
  106.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' nods to Koume, "Yes, not quite as much."
  107.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Koume! It's good to see you again!"
  108.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Did something change, then?"
  109.     Koume Tamai:    Koume Tamai rubs her chin, "I wonder if that's due to the void pocket that appeared two days ago."
  110.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' looked away toward the floor, "I don't like those..."
  111.     Saturn Rosewell:    "...The void pocket. ...That's right...that's why we're over here. Yeah... Yeah, I'm ready."
  112.     Jennifer Attaway:   "... sounds like something we should investigate, then. Do you have any information on it?"
  113.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Oh... we were going to go investigate one of those in the forest of fate, but if one is right here, that might be the best place to go."
  114.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' pulled her knees to her chest, "They....hurt. Hurt me in the soul..."
  115.     Koume Tamai:    Koume Tamai scratched her nose, "Oh right, I keep forgetting you're a super hero. You tried to close one before, right?"
  116.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' bit her lower lip, "I tried. But I couldn't. I wasn't strong enough."
  117. * Jennifer Attaway will give Inbee a shoulderpat. "You don't have to come with us, if you don't want to. We'll try and deal with it before it causes any trouble."
  118.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I don't think it has anything to do with strength."
  119.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' shakes her head, "No, I'm coming. I'm probably the only person who can save you."
  120.     Natasha:    "Ik weet dat de blik in je ogen. Weet je zeker dat je klaar bent nu."
  121.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' looks over to Saturn, "But maybe she can as well."
  122. You whisper to Chloe: "I know that look in your eyes. You're sure you're ready now, Saturn."
  123.     Koume Tamai:    "What did you call the inside of a Void Pocket again?"
  124.     Saturn Rosewell:    "...That's what I'm hoping for. That reminds me, I do need to tell you all something before we go out. Valerie's here too, right?"
  125.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "The fringes of limbo."
  126.     Koume Tamai:    "That's it! You never did say why it was the fringes and not just limbo itself."
  127.     Ülang:     "She's stuffing her face."
  128.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' looks away and stands up, "...I'll be waiting outside."
  129. * Valerie Ylsef walks up bagel in hand, donut in mouth.
  130.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' bows slightly to Koume and exits the Pokémon Center.
  131.     Valerie Ylsef :     "Amph Not."
  132.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Inbee, Saturn wanted to-"
  133.     Saturn Rosewell:    "...Aww. I wanted Inbee to be here for this..."
  134.     Koume Tamai:    Koume Tamai gently patted her head, "I must've touched a nerve. Well, super heroes like her must see all sorts of things."
  135.     Natasha:    HH: "I could go get her if you want..."
  136.     Koume Tamai:    "Though, truth be told, she didn't close the void pocket but she did stop it."
  137.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Which means she's our best lead, outside of Fate itself."
  138.     Koume Tamai:    "I mean, it's still there but its a frozen area now. No longer growing. But all the people in that area are also still locked there."
  139.     Saturn Rosewell:    HH: "...If you don't mind, Natasha? Inbee was really special to me and I'd like her to be here."
  140.     Koume Tamai:    Koume Tamai rubs her chin, "Come to think of it, maybe that's haunting her. Knowing all those people are stuck there until she figures out how to save them."
  141.     Natasha:    "Rojaa!" Natasha gave a mock salute and rushed off in whatever direction Inbee left to get her to stick around for a minute more or two. ...Knowing the language barrier, that might be weird.
  142.     Chloe Blanchett:    "that would haunt me too."
  143.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' can be found sitting on the cement stairs just in front of the Pokémon Center.
  144.     Saturn Rosewell:    "...While I wait for Natasha to come back... Jennifer, do you have a minute?"
  145.     Jennifer Attaway:   "What do you need?"
  146.     Natasha:    "Um, Inbee? het centrum? Pleez?" She was struggling with the words, but trying her best.
  147.     Saturn Rosewell:    "I owe you an apology."
  148.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' raises an eyebrow, "What about Saturn?"
  149.     Saturn Rosewell:    "When you first met us I wasn't receiving of you and I kept treating you like an outsider. That was wrong of me. And I'm sorry for my conduct, even though that probably won't make it up to you."
  150.     Natasha:    "Saturn, uh...want u...see...lisseren...haar." (It sounds like 'listen her' but spoken in a foreign accent.)
  151.     Jennifer Attaway:   "It was kind of to be expected? Adventurers and trusting people is a very unpredictable thing, especially outside of towns."
  152.     Saturn Rosewell:    "No, that wasn't why. I didn't distance myself because I didn't trust you, but because I didn't trust...hybrids."
  153.     Saturn Rosewell:    "That's why I have to apologize. I hated you for all the wrong reasons."
  154.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Ah..."
  155.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' stands up slowly and gently pats Natasha on the head, "Alright, thanks buddy." Miss Nobody 'Inbee' re-enters the Pokémon Center.
  156.     Natasha:    Natasha flies in with her. Wheeeee!!
  157.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Inbee told me that I should stop being afraid of myself, that I should stop hating myself. And she's right. I hated you because I hated myself. Not anymore, though."
  158. * Jennifer Attaway isn't really sure what to say at the moment. "Well... hm. As long as you're going to try to be more open-minded in the future?"
  159.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Yeah. Now I'm going to look at the world with all eyes open."
  160. * Saturn Rosewell took off her hat, for the first time ever in public, and let her hair down.
  161. DNA:    Give it a bit to load aaaaaaaand...
  162.     Saturn Rosewell:    "There. That feels much better!"
  163.     Koume Tamai:    Koume Tamai's crotch area vibrates and she jumps briefly before lightly tapping her ear, "Thank you for contacting the Cerulean City Pokémon Center. This is Koume Tamai speaking, how may I help you?"
  164.     Koume Tamai:    Koume Tamai glances at Saturn and smiles before returning to her conversation, "Ah, Reliel. How goes the assignment?" Koume Tamai walks away to focus on her conversation and her voice tone drops dramatically.
  165. * Valerie Ylsef raises her eyebrows
  166.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' places her hands on her hip as she looks over Saturn, "I always thought you had pretty hair."
  167. DNA:    Wait, is that drop in voice because she's being serious, secretive, worried? I'm confused what context I'm supposed to be drawing from Koume's voice.
  168.     Saturn Rosewell:    "You think so? Really? I got a few tips from Chloe. Does it look nice?"
  169. Miss Nobody 'Inbee': (( Audio ))
  170. DNA:    Righto.
  171. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: You're able to pick up Koume's conversation.
  172. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: Not well? How so?
  173. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: I thought you killed her. People don't just come back from the dead, Reliel. Was there necromancy involved?
  174. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: None? Truly? And you're sure its her? I can hire someone to check the cemetary, if you'd like to confirm.
  175. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: You sure someone else didn't just get genetic material and are just copying her?
  176. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: How long ago did this happen?
  177.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "Oh, was that a question for me? I think it looks nice, yes."
  178.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Mmhmm!"
  179. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: That's...oddly coincidental. Are you safe?
  180. DNA:    ...Typing that with that many Ms now looks really weird. Note to self: 1 M on each side from now on.
  181. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: If you're injured it's probably best to start off conversations with that information. How injured?
  182.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "Natasha mentioned you wanted something?"
  183. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: Half your face is missing? How are you talking to me right now?
  184.     Saturn Rosewell:    "I wanted you to see me take my hat off. So I asked her to go get you! Sorry about her not being able to speak English..."
  185. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: Okay, half your face and your entire left arm. Still got your legs?
  186.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe winces, but looks distracted. As if she were listening to something else.
  187.     Natasha:    "...Chloe?" Natasha inquires.
  188. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: Stay in hiding and stay alive. I'll see about hiring a group to come in get you but it won't be easy to find one I can trust to keep quiet about this work.
  189. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: I'd rather not have to order a hit on a group I hire to save you. Bad for business and my conscience.
  190. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: I'll look into it and I'll keep you posted. I'll send holographic messages - the usual kind. Keep me on top of any changes. If I don't hear from you regularly I'll assume you're dead.
  191.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "Was there something special about the hat?"
  192.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' scratches her head, "I'm a little confused."
  193.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Sorry, I should have explained better. I...was wearing this hat to conceal myself because I wanted people to think I was normal. Just...regular old Saturn, just a girl with nice taste in berets."
  194.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe waves off Natasha's concern.
  195.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "You look normal with or without the hat. Except that maybe its rude to wear them indoors."
  196.     Saturn Rosewell:    "But really I was afraid because I wanted to fit in and I didn't want to be found out. And...I hated myself like I was now."
  197.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "So, less rude Saturn?"
  198.     Jennifer Attaway:   "It's a sort of subconscious shielding thing. Like how people might wear coats or have hair over their face to better hide from the world around them?"
  199.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "Do you feel better, Saturn?"
  200.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Jen's right; that's what it was. Do I feel better? ...I do, yeah, big time. You helped a lot. You told me I don't have to be afraid of myself anymore."
  201.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "You don't. And that's the important part. Not being afraid and feeling better."
  202. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: ...
  203.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Yep! That's why I don't hate myself anymore, either. ...Sorry, Jen. I was putting my own feelings ahead of us as a team."
  204. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: Boelli, this is President Tamai.
  205.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "That can be hard not to do, sometimes. But its nice to actively try against it."
  206. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: Listen, I got a job for you.
  207. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: ...You're in a coffin?
  208.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Just keep focusing on being better than you used to be. That's the best way to go about it, right?"
  209. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: In a coffin undergr--how'd you even end up that way?
  210.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Yep!" Saturn's right eye winked at Jen. Plus the two eyes to the right of that one.
  211. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: Uh huh. Oh really? And what did they look like?
  212.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "Jen's got the right of it. Did you guys have anything planned before we embarked, by the way?"
  213.     Natasha:    "Is dat wat het is om ogen in de achterkant van je hoofd? Dat is zo gaaf."
  214. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: No, I know them. Stay clear of them.
  215. You whisper to Chloe: "Is that what it's like to have eyes in the back of your head? That is so cool."
  216.     Saturn Rosewell:    "I don't think so... We were just planning to eat breakfast and then walk towards the Forest of Fate to deal with the void pockets. Though now that there's a void pocket somewhere nearby, we should go deal with that one first."
  217. * Valerie Ylsef finished her bagel.
  218. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: Let's just say they're good for business, Boelli. Can you get yourself out?
  219.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "I suppose so. Though if it's not growing we could probably leave it alone and work on ones in more isolated areas."
  220. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: How long do you think that'll take?
  221.     Saturn Rosewell:    "But you seem like you want that one taken care of first."
  222.     Valerie Ylsef :     "I figure dealing with Fate directly the only way we are really gonna do anything about these things."
  223.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I agree with Inbee and Val."
  224. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: Alright, when you free yourself and get yourself cleaned up I have a job for you.
  225. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: I want you to rescue another contact of mine. Goes by the name Reliel. She's a synthetic and is very valuable to me.
  226. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: I want her to be brought to me in the condition she's found in, not worse. Better if you can handle the repairs and medical know-how.
  227.     Saturn Rosewell:    "...True. Otherwise it'd be like chopping off the branches when the whole tree is dying." Her face filled with determination. "I'm not going to run from them anymore."
  228. You whisper to Chloe: I'm aware of her condition at all times so I'll know if you've crossed me. And you know what'll happen if you do, Boelli.
  229.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "And if we make a mistake we won't hurt anyone."
  230.     Natasha:    HH: "Oh, yeah, that's right. *gulp*"
  231. * Jennifer Attaway nods. "Right. So... do we need to buy anything to survive in the void pockets?"
  232.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "Grass Types?"
  233.     Saturn Rosewell:    "There's no air or oxygen or anything inside them. So either ways to produce air, or oxygen tanks or something, will be needed."
  234. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: She's located in Lavender City, deep within the catacombs.
  235. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: She's currently injured and her synthetics are exposed. You'll know her when you see her.
  236.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Inbee and I will be fine, and I can lend Finch to one of you when we get there. That's only 3 out of 5, though."
  237. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: If you encounter a fully healthy person who looks like her, you kill her. Understand?
  238. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: This isn't something I want exposed. Remove any elements that could do so. By any means. Understood?
  239. Kaorin whispers to Chloe: Good. I'll send you some info on her by Holographic Contact - usual kind. Bring my girl home. Failure is not an option.
  240.     Jennifer Attaway:   "I have Maya for air production."
  241.     Ülang:     "I will be fine. Val will just have to ride Targkon."
  242.     Jennifer Attaway:   "And isn't Targkon big enough to support Chloe as well?"
  243.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Might be, if we all end up inside."
  244.     Valerie Ylsef :     "Maybe, but he'll only let one peson ride him."
  245.     Valerie Ylsef :     "I'm not sure how it all works, I didn't go in the first time we ran into these things."
  246.     Saturn Rosewell:    "It's usually wiser to not have everyone go in at once. You actually have to force yourself out. Once you're inside of one, it doesn't want you to leave. It's like a really creepy vacuum."
  247.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Chloe, do you have a grass type?"
  248.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I do, but I left her in my new pokehome. I could take her back out again though.
  249.     Koume Tamai:    Koume Tamai steps back over to everyone, "A Grass-Type?"
  250.     Saturn Rosewell:    "I have Finch, if you don't mind borrowing him for a little while."
  251.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Yeah. We're planning to go look into the Void Pocket issues."
  252.     Valerie Ylsef :     "What about Alsine?"
  253.     Koume Tamai:    "Ah yes, you said as much earlier. The one here?"
  254.     Saturn Rosewell:    "...Its source, yes."
  255.     Koume Tamai:    "What source?" Koume Tamai appeared legitimately interested, "The source to the one here? What is that?"
  256.     Chloe Blanchett:    "We're looking into one in the Fate's forest. It was the first job we took. We were new, and a bit scared, so we didn't chase a lead as far as we could. But it's a good lead."
  257.     Saturn Rosewell:    "A secluded forest area far to the northwest of here. Not a lot lives there. It seems to be where the void pockets are originating from, because there's several there."
  258.     Koume Tamai:    Koume Tamai rubs her chin thoughtfully, "That could be. Or it could just be an unlucky place. If you find out for sure, I'm interested in that knowledge. That would forward a lot in the manner of fighting these things."
  259.     Chloe Blanchett:    "It's back the way we started our team, we only stopped here to look into pokemon storage. I'm wondering how things have changed since we left. A lot can happen in a short time."
  260.     Alsine:     "I'm more concerned with old enemies we might run into."
  261.     Koume Tamai:    Koume Tamai raised an eyebrow at Alsine's comment, "Someone threatening you, Chloe?"
  262.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Eep! That's right...I'd completely forgotten..."
  263.     Koume Tamai:    Koume Tamai crossed her arms, "If someone else, you'd better tell me."
  264. Koume Tamai: (( Someone 'is', not someone else ))
  265.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Eh-heh..." Chloe laughed nerviously. "N-not really. It's just all our investigations tend to end in fights."
  266.     Koume Tamai:    Koume Tamai steps up to Chloe, "You don't need to try to be a tough guy around me, Chloe. You know that, right? You're special to me." Koume Tamai gently hugs Chloe, "I just want you to be relatively safe in your adventures."
  267.     Koume Tamai:    "I know the business isn't a safe one, but if someone, anyone begins threatening you or bullying you, you let me know, okay?"
  268.     Valerie Ylsef :     "Keeping these gals safe is my job."
  269.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe hugged Koume back. "Hm, not that he's an enemy... but do you know much about a Mr. Fruitcake Seabury? He posted a job that we looked into, then found someone else working for him who knew much more than we did about what was going on."
  270.     Chloe Blanchett:    "We were safe and everything, but I have the feeling he was setting us up for something or using us in some way that we never found out."
  271.     Koume Tamai:    "Seabury?" Koume Tamai thought for a moment, "Member of the old Assassin's Guild, if I remember right."
  272.     Koume Tamai:    "Headquarters was located somewhere south or southwest of Cerulean. Seabury was the guild captain or something or another. I met him a few times."
  273.     Koume Tamai:    Koume Tamai gently tapped her nails against her hips, "Seabury set you up?"
  274.     Valerie Ylsef :     "Possibly."
  275.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Maybe he didn't want to post information about that publicly. The job was to investigate disappearing deliveries, and suggested a forest that has had strange music coming from it. We found a group of human-eating harpies and sirens living in a tree that we later found out was the home to that assassin's guild."
  276.     Koume Tamai:    "What happened to the guild?"
  277.     Chloe Blanchett:    "We interrupted negotiations between the leader and someone else working for Mr. Seabury, who knew much more about what was going on."
  278.     Jennifer Attaway:   "The guild was slain and eaten, aside from him, apparently."
  279.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I think... either driven out or killed. I don't think the area was very bloody though. Not many human remains, I checked for that specifically."
  280.     Koume Tamai:    "So they're disbanded..." Koume Tamai whispered that more than said it aloud.
  281.     Chloe Blanchett:    "We don't know what happened, we didn't know there was a guild there until the very end."
  282.     Koume Tamai:    "Well, it makes sense that Seabury wouldn't want any of that public and try to trick Trainers into handling the business 'by accident'. Though to be honest, chance of success is better when your workers have more knowledge about the enemy and terrain."
  283.     Chloe Blanchett:    "It looks like he tried both methods. And then we both met each other, fought, and then we won."
  284.     Koume Tamai:    "If I run into Seabury again, should I tell him you handled that little job of his? I could transfer funds directly into your cubes if I do."
  285.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Won indirectly. The sirens are pacified but their leader is who-knows-where. Allegedly double-crossed as well, but all we have is their word."
  286.     Chloe Blanchett:    "That would be wonderful! His other friend promised to see that he would as well."
  287.     Koume Tamai:    Koume Tamai nods to Chloe, "It's a promise, then!"
  288.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Yeah... that is the trouble. The sirens have their own issues, it sounded like a recent takeover and merger of groups. I barely know human politics, I can't say very much about harpy politics."
  289.     Koume Tamai:    Koume Tamai facepalmed, "Ugh, I hate politics."
  290.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "You and me both. But we're burning daylight here. Mind if I play the bad guy and suggest we hustle?"
  291.     Saturn Rosewell:    "But Inbee, you're the good guy!" Saturn responded jokingly, giggling.
  292.     Koume Tamai:    Koume Tamai chuckled, "You? The bad guy here? That's just too funny, Inbee."
  293.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Right! I just wanted to learn a little about that last job. I think it'll be another one to stir up some chaos in the near future."
  294.     Valerie Ylsef :     "I'll start that hustle."
  295.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' blinked to Koume and Saturn, unsure if she should be offended or not.
  296.     Jennifer Attaway:   "I agree to hustling."
  297. * Valerie Ylsef picks up her door and heads out the center releasing Targkon as she gets outside.
  298.     Saturn Rosewell:    "I'm just being silly, Inbee. Yes, I agree - let's go!"
  299.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' follows Valerie.
  300. Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe changes around her stored pokemon before she leaves.
  301. * Saturn Rosewell walks, following the path either right behind Inbee or Chloe, whenever she got there.
  302.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Y'know Jen, I don't think I've noticed this before, but I see your eyes are a really nice shade of purple," Saturn said, without turning her head.
  303.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe uses Layers! She wears an assault vest.
  304.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Thanks. Though... did you notice earlier and just choose not to say, or are you able to see now somehow?"
  305.     Saturn Rosewell:    "The second one. I really hadn't noticed before." She flicks some of her hair aside in the back. Yep, she has a pair of eyes there too.
  306.     Jennifer Attaway:   "... huh. Alright." Again, not really sure what to say to that.
  307. DNA:    I think Saturn's just being whimsical right now. as in "I have three-sixty vision; this is so cool!" but besides that I got nothin'.
  308.     Chronicler:     So, for your travels.
  309.     Chronicler:     Are you guys going NW first or W along the road?
  310. Avara:  i think it'd be shorter time to travel diagonal?
  311. * Valerie Ylsef votes fastest way.
  312. Chloe Blanchett:    ((What is the terrain like?))
  313. DNA:    It's faster by 1 square
  314. Chloe Blanchett:    (( And Nature would traversing that terrain be dangerous and/or slower than just taking the road?))
  315. Valerie Ylsef :     ((getting pjs on a teeny tiny creature, brb))
  316.     Chronicler:     The road has a less chance of encounters.
  317. DNA:    Even with that I still feel like it wouldn't be worth it just for 1 extra square
  318. Chloe Blanchett:    ((I kind of like less encounter chance))
  319. Chloe Blanchett:    ((RL time vs IG time))
  320. DNA:    I do too. I do a lot. We have a record going about it.
  321. Avara:  ha
  322.     Chronicler:     So, following the road to Fairview?
  323. DNA:    I predict the d100 roll will be an 85. and yes, that is preferred, I believe.
  324. Avara:  seems a good idea
  325. Chloe Blanchett:    yes
  326. Winter Lotus must wait 23.562 seconds before it may move again!
  327.     Chronicler:     18 hours of straight hustling?
  328. Chloe Blanchett:    sure!
  329. Winter Lotus must wait 12.383 seconds before it may move again!
  330.     Chronicler:     Winter Lotus is able to progress 18-hours westward with no events.
  331. The group is now Fatigued.
  332. Avara:  sleeptaem?
  333.     Natasha:    Pfff, sleep is for the wea-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  334. Chloe Blanchett:    If inbee is taking watch, we can get that six hours of sleep in.
  335.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' will always take watch if asked.
  336.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn doesn't mind taking a watch or two if it's really needed, though with Inbee around this may be a non-issue.
  337. Valerie Ylsef :     ((is back and Val ain't fatigued, yay mounts))
  338. Chloe Blanchett:    If the night is not eventful I will roll for berries
  339. * Ülang will travel off road a bit and see what she can forage for an hour before sleeping. Percep, Nature Ed
  340.     Ülang:     ((from camp to be specific))
  341.     Chronicler:     The night might be!
  342.     Chronicler:     Roll Perception!
  343.     Chronicler:     Specifically, listen checks to see if you wake up.
  344. Avara:  everyone?
  345. Avara:  ah
  346.     Saturn Rosewell:    oh, everyone? gimme a bit...
  347. Avara:  Perception
  348.     Saturn Rosewell:    Perception 2d6+2
  349.     Valerie Ylsef :     Val, Ulang, Targkon
  350.     Chronicler:     Alright, only Chloe and Ulang awaken.
  351.     Chloe Blanchett:    !!!
  352.     Valerie Ylsef :     ((I misread that as Targkon, and was HOW?!?!?))
  353. Chronicler:     Cast page
  354. DNA:    LOL
  355.     Creature:   Handout (click this)
  356.     Chronicler:     They both awaken to find Inbee wrestling with a strange racoon-like creature.
  357. Valerie Ylsef :     ((a Racoon skunk!!))
  358. Avara:  it's a stardust squirrel?
  359. DNA:    I kinda want that
  360.     The Star Dazzler:   The Star Dazzler had the creature pinned and had both of her hands tightly gripped around its neck.
  361. DNA:    because it looks like space!
  362. Avara:  throw a ball at it
  363.     Chloe Blanchett:    "STAR!!"
  364. DNA:    I'm not awake!
  365.     Chronicler:     You are now.
  366. DNA:    olol
  367.     Chronicler:     You can't fal a 'wake' with Chloe screaming.
  368.     Chronicler:     Fail, rather.
  369. * Jennifer Attaway jolts awake and gets up. "What's going on?"
  370.     The Star Dazzler:   The Star Dazzler turns to Chloe, "Where?!"
  371.     Chloe Blanchett:    "You're in trouble!"
  372.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn shoots up and is floating in the air already. Her eyes open and she notices Chloe (shocked), Star, and a very small blue thing.
  373.     Creature:   Creature take this opportunity to flip Stat Dazzler over and pin her, gripping her throat with its tail. It stands, unhinded by the new grapple it started and looks at all of you.
  374. * Natasha is also awake with a jolt and does much the same thing. Though it did take her a while.
  375.     Ülang:     "Targkon, Fetch!"
  376. DNA:    LOL
  377.     Chronicler:     I actually wasn't expecting this to turn against Star. Lemme load up the map.
  378. * Ülang kicks the tentacled beast.
  379.     Targkon:    "Nattmat!"
  380.     Targkon:    ((Midnight Snack, for those curious))
  381. Valerie Ylsef must wait 26.82 seconds before it may move again!
  382.     Chronicler:     Let me know if that didn't enforce you.
  383. Avara:  drop coordinates?
  384.     Chronicler:     F-37
  385.     Targkon:    ((it did))
  386. DNA:    Oh, that's what happened
  387. Targkon 1 must wait 26.467 seconds before it may move again!
  388. Chloe Blanchett 1 must wait 27.254 seconds before it may move again!
  389. Targkon 1 must wait 11.084 seconds before it may move again!
  390. Ülang must wait 29.084 seconds before it may move again!
  391. Ülang must wait 20.133 seconds before it may move again!
  392. Ülang must wait 19.993 seconds before it may move again!
  393. Ülang must wait 9.012 seconds before it may move again!
  394. Ülang must wait 3.147 seconds before it may move again!
  395.     Targkon:    Initiative = 5
  396.     Ülang:     Initiative = 8
  397.     Creature:   Initiative = 17
  398.     The Star Dazzler:   Initiative = 10
  399.     Chronicler:     Initiative =
  400.     Jennifer Attaway:   Initiative = 33
  401.     Saturn Rosewell:    Initiative = 15
  402.     Natasha:    Initiative = 15
  403.     Chloe Blanchett 1:  Initiative = 11
  404.     Alsine:     Alsine stays out of combat, will be releasing on Chloe's turn
  405.     Ülang:     ((missed Val))
  406.     Valerie Ylsef:  Initiative = 1
  407. Jennifer Attaway has received initiative.
  408.     Chronicler:     New Encounter Starts: Initiative Sorted, Top of the Order, Round 1
  409.     Creature:   Creature takes priority!
  410. * Jennifer Attaway has lost priority!
  411.     Creature:   Creature strikes at Jennifer! 12 vs. DEF Eva!
  412.     Creature:   Creature slaps Jennifer in the face for 37 Physical Normal Damage & Flinch!
  413. DNA:    dat fake out
  414.     Creature:   Creature quickly curls up into a ball.
  415. DNA:    ...oh now I really want it.
  416. Avara:  does all that mean it's no longer grappling star?
  417. Creature: (( Nope, its still grappling her. And isn't considered grappled. ))
  418. Jennifer Attaway: (( also, blunt damage? ))
  419. Creature: (( Bludgeon, yes, soz ))
  420. Jennifer Attaway: (( did it make the grapple check for its turn to maintain? ))
  421.     Creature:   Creature has had it's Attack modified by 1 stages.
  422. Creature: (( I did forget that, thankuu ))
  423.     Creature:   Creature crushes Dazzler's neck for 36.
  424.     Jennifer Attaway:   Jennifer Attaway loses 10 hit points.
  425.     The Star Dazzler:   The Star Dazzler loses 10 hit points.
  426. Saturn Rosewell has received initiative.
  427. * Jennifer Attaway is flinched.
  428. DNA:    So this is just after our extended rest finished, right?
  429.     Creature:   Creature looks about, panicking.
  430. Creature: (( Nope. During it. ))
  431. Avara:  so, refresher on Fatigued?
  432. DNA:    I'm asking, because I'm curious, have Daily moves refreshed, or not yet?
  433. Avara:  we had a sleep at the Center
  434. Creature: (( Ah, yes, THAT one its after ))
  435. DNA:    er, sorry. Not have. WILL they.
  436.     Creature:   Yes.
  437.     Natasha:    HH: "Hey! Leave her alone, you bully!" Natasha conjures a large fireball above her head to strike the raccoon, 18 vs Special Evasion!
  438. Natasha has received initiative.
  439.     Natasha:    "Nuke the 'nuki!" 66 Special Fire Piercing damage! And sorry, I forgot to say Natasha would be going first. I'm sorry.
  440.     Creature:   Creature loses 33 hit points.
  441.     Natasha:    Natasha then shuffles 1 North, because flanking is cool.
  442.     Creature:   Creature winces and hisses loudly.
  443. Saturn Rosewell has received initiative.
  444.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn holds it in place in the air so it can't lash out suddenly against the others. Telekinesis. (That'll be all on my turn.)
  445.     Ülang:     ((excellent setup for a door pin!))
  446. DNA:    Hey, Telekinesis is the ultimate dick move!
  447.     Creature:   Creature is pulled into the air---and takes Dazzler with it.
  448.     Creature:   Creature goes up 2 meter(s).
  449. * Targkon AoO!
  450.     The Star Dazzler:   The Star Dazzler goes up 2 meter(s).
  451.     Natasha:    Natasha also goes for the AoO! But Targkon first.
  452. * Targkon strikes out with a tentacle as the creatures gets lifted! 10 v def
  453.     Creature:   Creature is struck!
  454.     Targkon:    23 Norm Bludgeon Physical
  455.     Creature:   Creature loses 1 hit points.
  456.     Creature:   Creature appears to resist the damage.
  457. * Targkon uses this oportunity to freely grab at the creature attempting to grapple it!
  458.     Targkon:    ((huzzah improved grab))
  459.     Creature:   Creature go for it.
  460. DNA:    Huzzah!!
  461.     Targkon:    29 Combat
  462.     Creature:   Creature is grappled by Targkon!
  463.     Creature:   Creature go Natasha!
  464.     Targkon:    ((time to open le pdf to see whats going on here!!))
  465. Avara:  macro problems?
  466. Creature: (( Kinda sorta ))
  467.     Natasha:    Natasha goes for the Reversal! Pew! 14 vs Physical
  468.     Creature:   Creature is struck!
  469.     Natasha:    48 Physical Fighting damage!
  470.     Natasha:    max roll~
  471. Creature: (( SHIT ))
  472.     Creature:   Creature loses 28 hit points.
  473.     Creature:   Creature hisses, noticeably weak to that attack.
  474.     Creature:   The injury lowered the Special Defense stat!
  475.     Creature:   Creature has had it's Sp.Defense modified by -1 stages.
  476. Avara:  ha!
  477.     Natasha:    "Hehehe~"
  478. Chloe Blanchett 1 has received initiative.
  479.     Chloe Blanchett 1:  Chloe rumages through her back to get a Friend Ball. She throws the Friend Ball at the Creature 6 Spending AP vs Status Evasion.
  480.     Creature:   Creature is struck!
  481.     Chloe Blanchett 1:  Do we add or subtact trainer level? I remember we do one of those this time, I just forgot if -numbers are good.
  482.     Chronicler:     Subtract LV
  483. DNA:    1d100 minus TL
  484. Avara:  you want to roll low, so minus is awesome
  485.     Chloe Blanchett 1:  Capture Roll
  486. DNA:    I wrote that down for once! Because I always forget it!
  487.     Chronicler:     Uh, Chloe.
  488.     Chronicler:     I believe you forgot the d in d100
  489. DNA:    ...kek
  490.     Chloe Blanchett 1:  Capture Roll
  491.     Creature:   Creature is donked in the noggin by a FRIEND BALL MOFO!
  492. The ball absorbs Creature in a flash of green light an-
  493. There's instantly a successful capture chime before the ball even fully closes and begins to fall out of the air.
  494. DNA:    DId it end up negative?
  495.     The Star Dazzler:   The Star Dazzler immediately falls and hits the ground with a thud.
  496.     Chloe Blanchett 1:  Chloe has open slots on her team!
  497. Saturn Rosewell has received initiative.
  498. * Jennifer Attaway goes over to Star. "Are you alright?"
  499.     Targkon:    "Ingen snack, jeg er trist"
  500.     The Star Dazzler:   "I'm fine. Except maybe my pride."
  501.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Don't worry; we won't tell!"
  502.     Ülang:     "It's ok. You'll get a snack later I'm sure."
  503.     Chloe Blanchett 1:  "I distracted you, it's not your fault."
  504.     The Star Dazzler:   "It was only one so I figured I could rumble with it without waking you." The Star Dazzler hangs her head, "I tried to quietly knock it out."
  505.     Chloe Blanchett 1:  "I... I have really good hearing. I get jumpy on the road."
  506.     Chloe Blanchett 1:  "Unless you're a ninja, any scuffle could wake me up."
  507.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Well, at least there's no harm done, right?"
  508.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Don't worry about it. If the thing could out-wrestle you, it probably uses that same method to kill its prey normally too. Sneaking into a camp like that... it's probably a species thing."
  509.     The Star Dazzler:   "Thankfully and....thanks Chloe."
  510.     Chloe Blanchett 1:  "It looked pretty cute too, so I'm glad I had the chance to catch it." Chloe smiled, trying to cheer up Star. Charm
  511.     The Star Dazzler:   "You guys wanna go back to sleep? I can continue watch."
  512.     Chloe Blanchett 1:  "But I should... *yawhn* get back to sleep..."
  513.     Natasha:    HH: "You kidding? We could stay up all ni-zzzzzzzzzz..."
  514.     Jennifer Attaway:   "It's probably for the best, but don't hesitate to wake us up if you need help. Or want company."
  515. * Natasha fwumps onto the ground instantly.
  516. * Jennifer Attaway will lay back down near Star to Zzzzzz.
  517. * Saturn Rosewell carries Natasha off again and goes back to sleep herself.
  518.     Chronicler:     The night continues uneventfully and you all awaken....uhh...
  519.     Chronicler:     At 0100 hours.
  520. DNA:    That means it's Tuesday in-game. That means I definitely need to ask the question tomorrow.
  521.     Chronicler:     Date: February 24th, 1549. 0100 Hours.
  522.     Chronicler:     Tuesday for sure.
  523.     Chloe Blanchett 1:  Lum Berry 1
  524.     Chloe Blanchett 1:  Ros Berry 2
  525.     Jennifer Attaway:   Jennifer Attaway is healed and gains 10 hit points.
  526.     The Star Dazzler:   The Star Dazzler is healed and gains 10 hit points.
  527. * Saturn Rosewell is awake pretty quickly and ready to go!
  528.     Chloe Blanchett:    "We might be able to reach fairview if we make the same time as yesterday."
  529.     Natasha:    "zzzzzzzzz"
  530. * Jennifer Attaway will get up and be ready to go too.
  531.     Ülang:     "Targkon, pick her up and wake her up."
  532. * Targkon grabs Val's feet and lifts her into the air with a wee shake.
  533.     Valerie Ylsef:  "GAHHH!"
  534.     The Star Dazzler:   "I believe we're going north?
  535.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Yep!" Saturn offers to lead the way, unless Inbee beats her to it.
  536.     The Star Dazzler:   The Star Dazzler will follow Saturn. With a smile.
  537. Valerie Ylsef:  ((hehe, we could stop by RO's house >.>))
  538. DNA:    I too noticed this
  539. Avara:  ro won't be there, but yeah
  540. DNA:    It would be as funny as it would be awkward.
  541.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe would recommend against it.
  542. Valerie Ylsef:  ((was thinin short cut, that we kinda know of))
  543.     Chloe Blanchett:    1. We don't know exactly where it is.
  544.     Chloe Blanchett:    2. We want to avoid the sisters, who may have taken Rochette up on her offer.
  545. Valerie Ylsef:  ((Alsine can always hide inside Targkon >.>))
  546. Valerie Ylsef:  ()
  547. DNA:    I don't think it works like that
  548. The Star Dazzler: (( And hope he doesn't chew. ))
  549.     Chloe Blanchett:    ((If they show up and show any sign of recognizing Alsine in her human form, Chloe agreed to capture her))
  550. Chronicler: (( Another 18 hours? ))
  551.     Chloe Blanchett:    ((yep!))
  552. Valerie Ylsef:  ((^))
  553. DNA:    Assuming we aren't interrupted, yes.
  554. Winter Lotus must wait 11.751 seconds before it may move again!
  555.     Chronicler:     Okay so, you come across an encounter at G36. It will be a combat one (as in you're the ones being attacked).
  556. Avara:  ok
  557. DNA:    "An ambush!?"
  558.     Targkon:    ((En godbit!))
  559.     Chloe Blanchett:    ((Those jerks still want our licenses!))
  560.     Chronicler:     Kiiiinda sorta ambush.
  561. DNA:    Ah, so I wasn't the only one who thought of what Chloe just thought of.
  562.     Chronicler:     But, its 11:45 PM for me, and its a combat encounter (I rolled a 7. It was nothing I could do about it)
  563. DNA:    Does a lower roll mean rarer shit?
  564.     Chronicler:     Kinda sorta.
  565. DNA:    Intriguing!
  566.     Chronicler:     The lower the roll, the more it wants to kill you.
  567.     Targkon:    ((En godbit!))
  568.     Chronicler:     So, we can end it here.
  569.     Chronicler:     But I will say this.
  570.     Chronicler:     They literally fall out of the sky at you.
  571.     Chronicler:     That should keep you curious until next week.
  572. Eclipse:    The Sky Ships again? This can't end well...
  573.     Targkon:    ((En flygende måltid!!))
  574. DNA:    The last time that happened, pteraskeletons kept clapping at us and glitching out the universe.
  575.     Chronicler:     Ending Date: February 24th, 1549. 1900 Hours. Tuesday.
  576.     Chronicler:     TXP: 3
  577. PKMN XP: (from the encounter 31) 45
  578. DNA:    TL 20.2! And our max AP also goes up by 1!
  579.     Chronicler:     Saving campaign and log~
  580. Eclipse is disconnected.
  581. Trulhammaren is disconnected.
  582. Chloe is disconnected.
  583. Avara is disconnected.
  584. Kaorin Sakura is disconnected.
  585. You have disconnected.
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