Jan 22nd, 2016
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  1. Do R00 stuff, get 5000 BP from chapter S-rank
  2. If fights are going poorly and not sure about BP, just Zandatsu.
  4. --R01
  5. Slide into first enemies and blade mode cut yourself to 15+ combo, if you didn't get many limbs, do a Zandatsu. (BP: ~12k)
  6. Jump up building, get chest BP, cut corridor guy if you need more BP.
  7. For cow fight, compensate with higher combos or Zandatsu if low on BP or bad time-wise. (BP: 19k+)
  8. Sneak to Wolf's place, customize after door, Commando Armor, HF+1, Defensive Offense.
  9. Equip rockets, shoot 2 into Wolf, adjust to <72.2% (3 dodges, triple-hard combo, doubleslide+dodge, etc)
  10. Equip homing, parry, shoot 5, final either timed, positioned, or aimed.
  12. --After Wolf
  13. Pick up rocket on the way to Bridge. (Rockets: 9/5)
  14. Home Hammerhead, 10x air attack, homing, 3x air attack, bm cut. Pick up homing to his right. (Rockets: 9/4)
  15. Pick up rocket next to gate, home once, equip rocket, shoot twice. Pick up homing. (Rockets: 8/3, BP: ~14.5k)
  16. Rocket first phase fan fight, rocket twice 2nd phase, Zandatsu if needed. (Rockets: 5/3, BP: ~18.5k)
  17. Customize, Inferno Armor, Sky High. (BP: ~2.5k)
  18. RP grenade after stairs (9), equip EM.
  21. --Mistral (EM: 9, Rockets: 0/0, BP: 16k+)
  22. Lock on, then EM. Swap to rockets, fire twice, hide behind double barrel.
  23. 2nd phase, BM dodge, shoot 2 rockets.
  24. Checkpoint restart, walk up to her, fire, BM dodge, sky high, swap to homing, fire 3 times.
  25. Customize, Polearm+1. (BP: 0+)
  28. --R02
  29. Equip EM, EM Mastiff, Polearm combo, QTE, Zandatsu if below 2k BP. (EM: 8)
  30. EM, combo a bunch, EM, combo a bunch, EM, combo a bit, blade mode cut. (EM: 5)
  31. Stealth as usual, either go around or wait for the Vodomerka.
  32. Same as always, fight the dudes. (EM: 4, BP: ~20k)
  33. Gecko and fight more dudes. (BP: ~31k)
  34. Do the GRAD and finish level. (BP: ~45k)
  35. Equip Grenade(???)
  36. Customize, HF+2, Polearm+2, Falling Lightning, Air Parry. (BP: ~3k)
  38. --R03
  39. Do first fight, grenade armored guys twice, pick up rocket. (Rockets: 1/0, BP: ~10k, Grd: 6)
  40. Equip RP, do Cow Fight, smoke past elevator (RP: 8, BP: ~16k)
  41. Skip roofs, pick up rocket and FC canister, do skips. (Rockets: 2/0)
  42. Fight after railroad, pick up box, polearm combo and RP. (RP: 7, BP: ~23.5k)
  43. Do stuff until Monsoon, equip Grenade. (BP: ~36k)
  45. --Monsoon (Rockets: 0/0, EM: 2+, BP: ~49k)
  46. Grenade, polearm, and sky high your way through first phase. (Save at least 4 for last phase)
  47. Farm EM/Nanopaste from cars with defensive offense.
  48. Phase 1, EM, phase 2, shoot 2 rockets, EM, phase 3, EM, use 4 grenades to skip final throws.
  49. Customize, HF+3(?), Polearm+3 (BP: ~17k)
  51. --R04
  52. Pick up the FC behind secretary, do fight as usual, RP wolf if necessary. (RP: 6)
  53. Loot everything, get on turret and shoot for free BP while you wait. (EM: 3+, Rockets: 5/3, BP: ~26k)
  54. Do offices, run through hallways, pick up rocket near stairs. (Rockets: 5/4, RP: 5)
  55. Wallrun, Japanese garden, get to elevator. (BP: ~34k)
  56. Do elevator fights. (Rockets: ?/?, RP: ? EM: ?, BP: ~62k)
  57. Do AIs. (Rockets: ?/?-4, EM: ?-2, BP: ~86k)
  58. Finish chapter, if lots of FC packs left, blow them on Sundowner. (BP: ~102k)
  60. --Big question mark R05 strategy
  61. Dodge, RP, box, ninja kill.
  63. --Better R05 strategy
  64. Kill or sneak past everything until the level is over. (BP: ~118k)
  65. Customize, Pincer+4, Turbulence, Downburst, White Armor, Fuel Cells if you can. (BP: hopefully very little)
  67. --Finish the video game
  68. Just finish it, do Beatrix's sam strat or smth and copy Cramer for the rest.
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