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  1. I was born a son of Russia, or what was left of it. I never met my father, apparently he was a corp soldier who raped my mother for days while on leave. I always dreamed of growing up to put a bullet in his brain.
  2. I grew up hard and fast, as you must, stealing what I needed, even quickly learned how to steal cars, which provided for mother and I, before I was finally caught stealing a corpie's toy. I was only fourteen.
  3. They were a biotech company, and unfortunately they were short of test subjects. When they had done beating me and pissing on me I was hauled to the lab.
  4. They cut me, injected black liquid into me for weeks, months, years, time stopped moving in that world of relentless torture.
  5. I felt my body changing, slowly, so slowly. My skin turned grey, my veins were like cockroaches crawling through them, I was filthy, the pain, the horror, but still I did not die. They began to torture me daily and watch as my wounds closed, I was changed, at first they were pleased, I could begin to see them in the darkness of my cell. My eyes were growing accustomed to the eternal night, punctuated by beatings. They started feeding me failed test subjects, and within months, I could no longer resist the flesh. The meals were all that kept me going.
  6. I remember when the scientists were displeased, they had been attempting to affix cybernetics for months, but my body would reject them and heal back the replaced limbs.
  7. When they came to put me down, I slipped from their grasp, into a vent. I was riddled with countless bullets, but dragged my way through the maze of ventilation, blood dripping. I...I think I died twice. I don't know how I live on exactly, but that same feeling of cockroaches was there. I dropped out into a bio-waste vat, unnoticed, and was dumped into the ocean.
  8. I don't know what I am anymore, but I know what I am good at. I stowed away on a chemical ship bound for New Carthage. I can't go back.
  10. Summation: From the logs on your forums and my several years playing RPI permadeath muds I know I can far exceed the average rp here, furthermore I design a conect in my head before I make a character and I feel this one is quite well crafted. I read Tier 3 extensively yet am unsure exactly what is missing here. Furthermore I created a concept that could, due to his history, be naive of many things in New Carthage, and since his mutation is bio-tech based it perfectly fits into the setting. I obviously am not twinking choosing 3 healing mutations, and I feel my pc is designed merely to be himself, and perhaps one day to surge to the vanguard of goonery enabling other player plots.
  12. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. Public history files for Krugnov:
  14. Name:          Nolek Krugnov
  15. Birthdate:     17-08-2029
  16. Birthplace:    Russia
  17. Race:          Russian
  18. Education:
  19. None.
  20. Military:
  21. None.
  22. Criminal:
  23. Arrested by Kaperschem Industries (Russia) 2044 for corporate theft. Sentenced to [redacted].
  24. Employment:
  25. None.
  26. Other:
  27. No record of official travel to New Carthage. Mother Ivanka, deceased.
  28. End of file
  29. @nudity
  31. --------------------------------------
  32. @naked_groin  is "Gigantic bloated darkened balls hang like rotten fruit, and his penis is also darker than his grey skin, and two inches long."
  33. Your individual areas head, throat, left shoulder, right shoulder, chest, left upper arm, right upper arm, left forearm, right forearm, left hand, right hand, abdomen, left thigh, right thigh, left calf, right calf, left foot, and right foot are undescribed.
  34. @naked_shoulders  is "Black veins and pallid flesh cover wiry shoulders."
  35. @naked_arms  is "Gangly arms, overly long, extend past his knees."
  36. @naked_hands  is "Bony, almost claw like digits are apparent."
  37. @naked_legs  is "Wiry legs are the most developed part of his body, still covered with the black web of swollen veins."
  38. @naked_feet  is "His feet are large, but otherwise less freaky than the rest of him."
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