True Aim - Country Boy ANon

Nov 20th, 2016
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  1. *Brrrring*
  2. >Finally it's lunchtime.
  3. >You walk out of your 4th period Trigonometry class
  4. >It's apparent that you should not of taken the class.
  5. >You don't know how to do shit in there
  6. >And the teacher always seems to always load a shitload of homework onto all of her students
  7. >Every single day.
  8. >You walk to your locker, weaving through the crowd of students in the hallway.
  9. >You toss your books into the bottom of it, and close it.
  10. >Time for food
  11. >You head over to the cafeteria
  12. >Wonder what's for lunch today?
  13. >It will be pretty good regardless.
  14. >Mac's grandma makes some good food
  15. >Even when it the school lunch.
  16. >Plus it also helps that the apple family and yours are good friends.
  17. >You walk through the cafeteria doors, and get in line for food.
  18. >It doesn't take long before your face to face with Granny Smith
  19. "Hello Granny Smith. How are you doing today?"
  20. >You hold out your tray, and she gives you a cheeseburger, and a lot more fries than the other students get
  21. >"Pretty good sonny. I got mah new hearin aids today, and I can hear just like ah used ta."
  22. "Well thats great Granny Smith. I hope you have a nice day today."
  23. >She thanks you, and you go to the cashier to pay for your lunch.
  24. >You give her the exact amount, and go sit down.
  25. >Now you need to wait for your friends to show up.
  26. >All of them go to vo-tech, so they won't be there for another good 10 minutes.
  27. >You begin eating your lunch, checking your phone in the process.
  28. >You get a text from your dad saying that the person who tends to the horses quit today.
  29. "Dammit"
  30. >Looks like you need to find someone to fill the open spot.
  31. >At least on the plus side it wasn't one of the people who helped milked the cows.
  32. >You'll just have to pick up some of the slack until your able to get someone to fill the position.
  33. >You finish off you lunch, and go dump it.
  34. >As you walk back to your table an unfamiliar girl walks past you.
  36. >She has red and yellow hair, and a cute face.
  37. >She smiles at you as she passes by you.
  38. >You smile back in response.
  39. >You sit back down at your table, and pull up a farm equipment website on your phone.
  40. >In your peripheral vision you see some red and yellow hair walk over to a table, and sit down.
  41. >You're kinda curious to find out who that girl is.
  42. >You look over towards the table she sat down at.
  43. >There are some familiar faces siting there.
  44. >It's Applejack, and her friends.
  45. >They are all juniors whilst you are a senior like Big Mac.
  46. >You connect the dots, and guess the unknown girl is also one of AJ's friends.
  47. >Applejack notices you looking over, and she waves.
  48. >You wave back.
  49. >You go back to looking at your phone.
  50. >A couple of moments later the sound of a tray landing on the table.
  51. >Big Mac sits
  52. "Hello Mac."
  53. >"Likewise Non"
  54. >He eats his lunch in relative silence.
  55. >You see Bulk Biceps come over, and is about to sit down until a random girl waves him over to sit with her.
  56. >"Sorry guys I gotta go sit with some of my lady friends."
  57. "Ditchin us for some girls are ya?"
  58. >He smirks
  59. >"Yeah because at least I can get girls to like me"
  60. >You know he was joking around
  61. >But damn
  62. >Right in your insecurities
  63. >You shrug it off for the time being
  64. >He walks to the girl that was flagging him to her table.
  65. >Norman soon sits down in the seat next to Big Mac
  66. >You greet each other, and he goes to eating.
  67. >Big Mac finishes off his lunch, and speaks up.
  68. >"Non I got a favor tah ask ya."
  69. "Shoot"
  70. >"The old Massey is in tha shop again, and we got nothin to run the mill with. Could ya bring one of yah Deeres over to the farm today."
  71. >You laugh.
  72. "I guess, if you can handle a John Deere easily doing what your Massey can barely do"
  73. >"Watch it Non or ah will have tah smack yah if you keep badmouthin my Massey."
  74. >The Masseyfag is getting slightly triggered.
  75. "Alright, fine."
  76. >You spend the rest of the lunch period shootin the shit with Norman and Mac.
  78. >The bell rings, and the three of you part ways.
  79. >Each heading to different parts of the building.
  80. >You grab your things from your looker, and head for your next class
  81. >Chemistry.
  82. >Hopefully we get to blow some more shit up again you think to yourself.
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