Saving Private Anon [Placeholder Title]

May 16th, 2016
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  1. >You can't help DASH past everypony you see, your cyan wings flapping rapidly
  2. >You're going as fast as Spitfire on a good day!
  3. >Or maybe you're going as fast as yourself on a bad day
  4. >Heh, who can tell?
  5. >But today definitely doesn’t feel like a bad day, that's for sure!
  6. >Although, one might ask, "why are you going this fast?"
  7. >Besides the fact that you're Rainbow Dash and you can?
  8. >Well, today you've got somethin' awesome planned
  9. >Although that's pretty much everyday
  10. >But today's gonna be even AWESOMER!
  11. >You've been thinking about this day for weeks!
  12. >Months, even!
  13. >Years?
  14. >Nah
  15. >It hasn't been THAT long since you've met him
  16. >Anonymous, that is
  17. >You've known Anon for a couple months now
  18. >It's been like, five, maybe?
  19. >You don't really keep track of that boring stuff all that much
  20. >All you know is that you've known him for awhile now
  21. >And you--and your friends--were gonna celebrate it!
  22. >And celebrate it BIG
  23. >You're talkin' 'bout gifts, drinks, balloons, streamers!
  24. >Shit, you'd get the whole TOWN involved if you could
  25. >But, a nice party with just the nine of you would be good, right?
  26. >All of you love and adore Anonymous in your own ways
  27. >And it'd be good to see that in action
  28. >Sure, some ponies love him more than others
  29. >But a love is still there
  30. >From all of you!
  31. >One wouldn't need many more ponies than that to celebrate it, anyway
  32. >Plus, Twilight advised against bringing the entire town
  33. >You listened--reluctantly
  34. >But you listened none-the-less
  35. >It's Twilight, after all
  36. >She's the egghead, the smart one
  37. >She knows best
  38. >But anyway, today, you're celebrating the first day you've met the guy!
  39. >It wasn't on today exactly--again, you don't really care for dates--but that doesn't really matter
  40. >It's not the date, but the memory
  41. >And the memory of meeting him for the first time is probably one of the best memories you have with him
  42. >Gosh, you remember it like it was yesterday!
  44. >"Girls, I'd like for you to meet someone--"
  45. "Twilight, please. I'm not interested in meeting another one of your prissy friends from Canterlot--"
  46. >Rarity coughs
  47. "N-Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course! I'm just sayin', I know enough of 'em as it is."
  48. >Another, dryer cough from Rarity
  49. "And they're not bad ponies! Not at al--"
  50. >"Rainbow, please, just stop while you're ahead," Rarity sighs
  51. >Yeah, good point there
  52. >"They're not from Canterlot, anyway, so you don't have to worry about that," Twilight points out
  53. >Which makes you take a quick sigh of relief, muttering under your breath
  54. "Oh thank Celestia."
  55. >You can't help but feel like Rarity heard that, though
  56. >"Actually, they're not even from Equestria, as far as I know."
  57. >You roll your eyes
  58. "So, what? You meet a new Griffon friend or somethin'?"
  59. >"No."
  60. "Crystal Pony?
  61. >"Nooo."
  62. >You gasp
  63. "A changeling?!"
  64. >"Dash, no. Please, if you would let me expla--"
  65. "Then what did you meet, exactly?"
  66. >Twilight coughs, going into the back room to fetch whatever this is
  67. >And back out a moment later, she has with her a… gorilla-lookin' guy
  68. >He looks really, really weird
  69. >A monkey without any fur
  70. >While everybody was either confused, shocked, or excited, you…
  71. >You honestly didn't have an opinion
  72. >You were null about the whole thing
  73. >"Say hi, Anonymous!"
  74. >All he did was wave with what looked like a claw
  75. >Like what Spike has
  76. >But they weren't sharply tipped at all
  77. >Since everybody else was either stuck in shock or confusion, you had to be the first one to speak up
  78. "Yo."
  79. >You fluttered a bit off the ground, so you could get eye level with him
  80. >Honestly, the guy was really tall
  81. >Almost as tall as Celestia, even
  82. "I'm Rainbow Dash, fastest flier in all of Equestria!"
  83. >You lent out a hoof to him
  84. >And he, of course, shook it with his claw-thing
  85. >Guy had a nice shake, you've gotta admit
  87. >The rest of what happened isn't really important
  88. >You introduced everybody to him, in the awesomest way you could
  89. >And really, from that point on, you two were the best of friends!
  90. >It's like he was your long lost brother or somethin'
  91. >Such a shame he only showed up now, instead of later
  92. >Making an abrupt stop, you stopped in front of his house, a large smile growing on your face
  93. >You landed on your hooves, folding your wings
  94. >Time for this awesome day to really begin!
  95. >You knocked on the door a couple times with a fore hoof
  96. >No answer
  97. >Weird
  98. >He usually always answers the door
  99. >No matter
  100. >The door's unlocked, anyway
  101. >So, you push open the door, yelling out his name
  102. "Anonymous! Anonymous!"
  103. >Again, no answer
  104. >That's really weird
  105. >It's still morning, so he couldn't have gone anywhere
  106. >Unless you flew right past him on your way here
  107. >…
  108. >Nah
  109. >That couldn't be the case
  110. >He's too obvious to pick out!
  111. >He must be sleepin' in his room
  112. >Heh, he's as lazy as you are!
  113. >So, you speed upstairs, stopping in front of the open door
  114. >Hah! There he is!
  115. >Hangin' from the ceiling
  116. >Strugglin' and rocking back and forth
  117. >With rope tied around his neck
  118. >Good ol' Anonymous!
  119. >Hahaha
  120. >Haha…
  121. >…
  122. >You scream
  123. >Panicked, you dash over to the rope, quickly gnawing it down to threads
  124. >He flops to the floor as you quickly discard of the pieces that could've been called rope
  125. >You take a second to look at his body
  126. >Those first few tears start to show
  127. >You speed about the room, looking for something that could save him
  128. >Closet had fucking nothing
  129. >His bed had fucking nothing
  130. >Bathroom, kitchen, basement, holy fucking shit
  131. >There was nothing
  132. >You hyperventilate
  133. >You're panicking
  134. >You...
  135. >You don't know what to do
  136. >Quickly, you zoom back up to his destroyed room
  137. >And, you look at him
  138. >He can't look back at you
  139. >He's...
  140. >NO
  141. >No
  142. >Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
  143. >You pound at his stomach, screaming at him
  145. >Tears are flowing down your eyes as you yell at him
  146. >You can't believe this
  148. >Fucking fuck what the hell is even going on
  149. >You're pounding the shit out of Anonymous, crying in the process
  150. >You honestly have no idea what the hell else to do
  151. >You're desperate
  152. >You're crying
  153. >You want your friend back
  154. >That's all you really want right now
  155. >You want this to be just some silly dream
  156. >In a second you'll wake up, panting
  157. >Because you usually do that after a nightmare
  158. >You'll hug tank and cuddle with him back to sleep
  159. >Not before silently crying for a bit, though
  160. >You've had nightmares like this for awhile, actually
  161. >Sometimes they're of Fluttershy
  162. >Other times they're of Pinkie
  163. >The one that pops up the most is Anonymous, though
  164. >You don't know why but
  165. >You're just so afraid of him doing this
  166. >You feel like he'd be the type
  167. >Even though he looks so happy
  168. >You'll wake up soon
  169. >This'll all be over
  170. >You know Anon's happy
  171. >You know this is just a nightmare
  172. >But
  173. >You don't wake up
  174. >You keep crying, you keep pounding on his chest
  175. >On his stomach
  176. >ANYWHERE
  177. >You don’t give two muleshits about where you pound
  178. >As long as something happens
  179. >As long as he wakes up
  180. >As long as you get to hear his voice again
  181. >So you can stop crying
  182. >So you can punch him for being such a fucking retard
  183. >But it doesn't happen
  184. >Why isn't it happening?!
  185. >Why isn't he waking up?
  186. >What are you doing wrong?
  187. >You keep crying
  188. >Tears fall on his shirt
  189. >You stop trying
  190. >There's no point anymore
  191. >If he hasn't woken up by now…
  192. >Then
  193. >Then…
  194. >No
  195. >No no no no no
  196. >Please for the love of all that's good in Equestria
  197. >There has to be something else
  198. >You have to try something else!
  199. >He can't be gone
  200. >He can't be
  201. >There's no fucking way
  202. >You break open his window and scream
  204. >You go to him once more
  205. >You hold him once more
  206. >You cry
  207. >You've always been crying
  208. >Your worst fear has come to life
  209. >You do mouth to mouth
  210. >You hit his chest
  211. >You cry
  212. >You hope to Celestia that something happens to make him wake up
  213. >Wake the fuck up
  214. >Please...
  215. >Wake up
  216. >All you can do is lie your head on his chest
  217. >Hoping to hear something
  218. >Anything
  219. >A small heartbeat
  220. >Something
  221. >Just so you can stop fucking crying
  222. >Eventually, you shut your eyes
  223. >And hope that when you wake up
  224. >You'll be with him again
  225. >Please
  227. "Seriously, you've never flown before?"
  228. >He nods
  229. "Pfft. I thought Twilight said you guys had things that could fly you anywhere!"
  230. >"Well, when you've gotta pay a thousand bucks to even get ON a plane, it's gonna take you awhile to get anywhere."
  231. >You chuckle
  232. >...
  233. >Then you raise a brow
  234. "A buck's a bit, right?"
  235. >He chuckles, too
  236. >"Yeah, sure, let's go with that."
  237. >The two of you were sitting atop of a cliff, the both of you looking down at Ponyville
  238. >Luna's moon was as big and as bright as ever
  239. >The town wasn't any different, either
  240. >While only candle lights illuminated it, it still looked as pretty as ever
  241. >It was always an impressive site to see
  242. >Ponyville like this was pretty much the best way to see it
  243. >You looked towards your friend
  244. >He was only looking at the ground
  245. >The drop from here could kill anypony not careful enough
  246. "Hm..."
  247. >Poor guy must wanna fly
  248. >Never got a chance to back where he lived
  249. >Suddenly, a huge smirk comes across your face
  250. >What if you give him that flight he never had?
  251. >Haha!
  252. >Fuck yeah!
  253. >He'll love it, for sure!
  254. >Standing on all hooves, you begin to stretch out your wings
  255. >He looks at you as if you were crazy
  256. >Then your hind legs
  257. >"What the fuck are you doing?"
  258. >Then your fore legs
  259. >He already knows
  260. >Well, better not keep it a secret any longer
  261. "Well, since you've said you've never flown before--"
  262. >"No."
  263. "Heh, I'll make your wish come true, and fly ya. For free."
  264. >"Fuck no."
  265. >Suddenly, he gets up, walking in the opposite direction
  266. "Oh c'mon! Where are you going?"
  267. >"Home, where I can't fucking die."
  268. "Yeah, right. Best flier in Equestria, and you're gonna die, thanks to me. That'll be a story for the papers."
  269. >He turns around, a hand on his hip
  270. >"Have you ever had somebody ride on your fucking back before?"
  271. "Yeah! Plenty of tim--"
  272. >"While AIRBORN?"
  273. >Ehhhhh...
  274. >You cough
  275. >"That's what I thought."
  276. "You'll be fine! I promise!"
  277. >"What if I fall off?"
  278. "Pfft. Would I ever let something like that happen to you?"
  279. >Now it's his turn to cough
  280. >You smirk
  281. >"Fine. But only for a second."
  282. "Sure, sure."
  283. >Yeah, right
  284. >Like you'd fly him around for a second and be done with it
  285. >He walks over to you and hops on your back, as you get ready for liftoff
  286. "Ready, dude?"
  287. >"You know I'm not."
  288. "Ya better get ready, I'm takin' off in ten."
  289. >He rolls his eyes
  290. >Not that you could see that
  291. >You just feel like he rolled his eyes
  292. >You're too busy looking at the night sky
  293. "Ready now?"
  294. >"No, but lets just get this over with."
  295. >Heh
  296. "Lift off in three,"
  297. "Two,"
  298. >Fuck it
  299. >Without even counting to one, you blast into the night sky as fast as you can
  300. >And on your back is a screaming monkey, holding on to dear life
  301. >Ha!
  302. >Pansy
  303. "Stop bein' a baby, Anon. We're not even going that fast!"
  305. >Oh Celestia he's yelling in your ears
  306. >Abruptly, you stop
  307. >Which almost sends him flying off your back
  308. >Almost
  309. >You wouldn't let that happen in a million years
  310. >"Fuck, I think I'm gonna be sick..."
  311. >Again, you chuckle
  312. >"You know, by slow down, I didn't mean STOPPING COMPLETELY!"
  313. "You're such a baby, dude."
  314. >He growls
  315. >"You're fuckin' crazy."
  316. "Hey, you're still alive, ain't ya?"
  317. >He looks around for a bit
  318. >Then he sighs
  319. >"You've got a point there."
  320. "Yeah, I know."
  321. >And your wings start to flutter rapidly once mo--
  322. >"HEY!"
  323. >Really?
  324. "What?"
  325. >"Can't we go a little slower, this time? I'd rather not feel like I'm on the Rainbow Dash Rollercoaster."
  326. >"Pfft, fine."
  327. >You glide along the skies at an easy pace, one that won't have Anon screaming for his life
  328. >Just so you can please your friend
  329. >Heh, fuckin' pansy
  332. >"Wake up…"
  333. >"Wake up…"
  334. >"Please, wake up, Anon…"
  335. >What?
  336. >The hell is she talking about?
  337. >Her boyish voice actually serves to wake you up
  338. >As if it were your alarm clock
  339. >You open your eyes--OW
  340. >You wince in pain, first of all
  341. >God, your neck is killing you
  342. >A hand goes to your neck, but it's stopped
  343. >A pair of hooves get to it first
  344. >And this actually hurts MORE
  345. "Ow! Ow! Fuck, stop!"
  346. >The pain causes you to open your eyes wide, seeing everything around you
  347. >First thing you notice?
  348. >Rainbow Dash, holding you and crying
  349. >Wait
  350. >Rainbow?
  351. >Crying?
  352. >Jesus Christ, who fucking died?
  353. >Your eyes wander around, surveying the room
  354. >It's a hospital room
  355. >There's a balloon by your--assumedly--hospital bed, too
  356. >It says, "Get well soon!"
  357. >Wait
  358. >Did you…?
  359. >Oh
  360. >OH
  361. >Yeah
  362. >You did
  363. >Wait, if you did
  364. >Then how are you still alive?
  365. >Wait
  366. >One of the last things you remember seeing before you knocked out WAS something blue
  367. >Was that?
  368. >…
  369. >Huh
  370. >So you DO have friends, afterall
  371. >And here you thought nobody gave two horseshits about you
  372. >Soon, the cyan mare lets go of you, the biggest smile you ever seen on her face
  373. >Then, it's immediately replaced by anger
  374. >Oh god no
  375. "FUCK!"
  376. >She punches you so hard that you swear you could've died again
  378. >You were going to retort, but she wouldn't let you
  380. >She stops, a nurse coming in to the rescue
  381. >She gets Rainbow away from you temporarily, the mare now crying once more when she looks at you again
  382. >"What about ME, damn it?! Did you even bother to think about your best fucking friend?!"
  383. >Honestly?
  384. "No."
  385. >And there's another punch
  386. >You're surprised you're not dead by now
  387. >"WHY?!"
  388. >Ahem
  389. "I didn't even know that I HAD friends, if I'm gonna be honest with you."
  390. >She stops
  391. >Her anger dissipates for a look of sympathy
  392. >She doesn't even look at you
  393. >"Why?"
  394. "Why?"
  396. >You're Anonymous
  397. >You're in Equestria
  398. >And…
  399. >You fucking hate it here
  400. >Everyday, ever since you met those stupid fucking horses
  401. >You've missed everything you once had
  402. >And you're worse off here than you were at home
  403. >Lets look at one example, first
  404. >Your job
  405. >Or, rather, lack thereof
  406. >You're a stupid fucking human
  407. >Not a magical unicorn
  408. >An awesome pegasus
  409. >Or even a strong earth pony
  410. >You're just human
  411. >The only thing special about you is your hands
  412. >And even then, they're nothing
  413. >Ponies have magic
  414. >Ponies have wings
  415. >Ponies have fucking HOOVES
  416. >They can use their damned hooves better than you can use your fucking hands
  417. >You wish this wasn't the case, but it's true
  418. >It's stupidly true
  419. >Next, your friends
  420. >Or lack thereof
  421. >Honestly, you've only connected with a couple ponies since you got here
  422. >Rainbow, Pinkie, and Spike
  423. >And Spike isn't a pony
  424. >Everybody else is either insufferable
  425. >Or flat out hates you
  426. >Rarity, Starlight, and Applejack all fucking hate your guts for some reason or another
  427. >And you can't even call the others who like you as "friends"
  428. >They're barely even acquaintances
  429. >Sure, you've done some stuff together
  430. >But honestly, you're sure they're not too fond of you either
  431. >Just like on earth, everybody hates you
  432. >But unlike Equestria, on earth you had two good friends
  433. >They were always there for you
  434. >They always listened
  435. >Sure, they started dating after awhile
  436. >But they were still your friends
  437. >You think
  438. >And lastly
  439. >Your family
  440. >You miss your brother, your sister, your mother, your father
  441. >They were there for you, too
  442. >But now
  443. >You'll never see them again
  444. >They're fucking gone
  445. >Forever
  446. >You don't even have a FAMILY anymore
  447. >Nobody who loves you unconditionally
  448. >You have nothing to live for
  449. >Everything you once had and loved is fucking gone now
  450. >And everybody wants you out
  451. >So
  452. >You might as well just end it
  453. >It's easier that way
  454. >In fact
  455. >You'll do it today
  456. >Fuck everything
  457. >Maybe you'll wake up in your bed after your done
  458. >Maybe you'll be able to finally talk to your friends again
  459. >Maybe
  461. "That's why."
  462. >You sniffle a little
  463. >She sniffles, too
  464. >And punches you
  465. >Again
  466. >"Please stop hurting the patient, ma'am."
  467. >Rainbow ignores her
  468. >"You're… You're really stupid, Anon."
  469. >You raise a brow
  470. >She takes you out your hospital bed, carrying you on her back
  471. >Of course, the nurse tries to stop her, but she's simply too fast for her
  472. >Yeah, she's flying
  473. >And you're holding on for dear life
  474. >Soon, she manages to reach… Twilight's castle?
  475. >What?
  476. >Wiping another tear, she pushes you off her back
  477. >"Go inside."
  478. >…?
  479. >You follow the command, timidly
  480. >You're really confused
  481. >Opening the giant door, you see--
  483. >…What?
  484. >Yeah, and accompanying that
  485. >Ponies
  486. >The mane six, actually
  487. >Minus Rainbow and plus Spike and Starlight
  488. >Not only that
  489. >There's... decorations
  490. >Streamers
  491. >Cupcakes
  492. >Drinks
  493. >And a huge fucking banner with the words "We love you, Anonymous" written on it
  494. >...
  495. >What?
  496. >Tears start to form in your eyes, as the rainbow maned pony floats to the group
  497. >She goes to Twilight, specificially
  498. >Twilight, of course, takes notice, smiling at her
  499. >Then... she looks concerned
  500. >"Dash? What happened?"
  501. >Pinkie speaks up next
  502. >"Yeah, Dashie, it looks like you've been crying…"
  503. >Followed by Applejack
  504. >"Y'all okay, Rainbow? Ya don't look too hot."
  505. >With another sniffle, she just points at you
  506. >"Ask HIM that."
  507. >All eyes go to you
  508. >And you're frozen
  509. >You don't know what to say
  510. >You only look around again
  511. >And
  512. >…
  513. >You start to bawl
  514. >Fuck
  515. >Why'd it have to be now?
  516. >"Well?"
  517. "I'm sorry."
  518. >You fall to your knees, looking away from them all
  519. "I'm so sorry."
  520. >You don't even have the strength to tell them that you just tried to fucking kill yourself
  521. >And that you're glad that Rainbow caught you in time
  522. >You can barely speak now
  523. >You feel so fucking bad
  524. >It's like a never ending pain in your stomach
  525. >The ponies all surround you--except for Rainbow
  526. >They ask you all sorts of questions
  527. >What happened?
  528. >Are you okay?
  529. >Do you need anything?
  530. >This all just serves to make you cry even harder
  531. >Finally, a sweet, innocent and young voice asks you a question
  532. >"What happened, Anon?"
  533. >This was Spike
  534. >And for the love of God you don't know why but you broke after this
  535. "I tried to kill myself," you whispered
  536. >The room fell silent after that
  537. >The ongoing questions stopped, as if they were a broken conveyor belt
  538. >It was so abrupt
  539. >And it didn't take long before someone opened their lips again
  540. >And it was Spike, yet again
  541. >"Y-You're kidding... Right? You didn't actually...?"
  542. >You don't answer
  543. >In fact, Rainbow answers this question for you
  544. >"He did. I saw him do it."
  545. >Everybody gasped
  546. >And then
  547. >The tears started to roll in
  548. >However
  549. >They were all silent cries
  550. >Nobody really bawled, like you expected
  551. >Not even Pinkie Pie
  552. >You thought she would burst out crying
  553. >But she just stands there, tears just falling out of her eyes
  554. >Twilight's the first to speak up
  555. >"Anonymous... Would you mind following me?"
  556. >You don't answer
  557. >She just walks away
  558. >While you follow
  559. >Everybody else follows too, including Rainbow Dash
  560. >You wipe your tears away, as you wonder where she could be taking everyone
  561. >Soon, the lot of you end up in the throne room
  562. >Where everybody takes their respective seats
  563. >Except for Rainbow and Spike
  564. >...And Glimmer, but she doesn't exactly have a seat
  565. >So, she just silently moves Spike's chair so she can sit on the floor next to Twilight
  566. >Spike just holds onto your hand while sobbing
  567. >While Rainbow motions you to her seat
  568. >You sit
  569. >Spike and Rainbow both hug you, as you sit
  570. >And Twilight sighs
  571. >"Why?"
  572. >Why?
  573. >You sigh
  574. >And, you go on to explain what you did with Dash earlier
  575. >Except, abridged
  576. >Twilight winces at the word "hate"
  577. >And at how many times you say it
  578. >Once you finish, she starts to speak
  579. >"I… I know it's hard to believe, Anon, but… We DO love you, we care for you, and we don't want you to die. Even the ones who're a bit more distant than others."
  580. >Seemed like everybody was finishing up their tears at this point
  581. >"Anonymous," Starlight spoke, causing all eyes to be on her
  582. >You honestly didn't expect her to speak up
  583. >You barely talk to her
  584. >And the two of you barely know each other
  585. >And you're pretty sure she hates you
  586. >"I know we don't talk much, and I know we barely know each other,"
  587. >It's like she read your fucking mind
  588. >"But I know what you're going through--honestly. I mean, I know what it's like to miss somebody you hold so dear."
  589. >This confuses you, more than anything
  590. >Why is she even speaking in the first place?
  591. >She hates you
  592. >They all do
  593. >This shouldn't even be happening, as far as you're concerned--
  594. >Pinkie Pie stops her water works for a second to speak, interrupting your thoughts
  595. >"I-," she sobs, "I know what it's like to think that everypony hates me."
  596. >Spike speaks up too, although, softly
  597. >"Me too…"
  598. >"And," Rainbow lets go of you for a second, "I know what it's like to be lonely."
  599. >Twilight just lets Rainbow speak, as your apparent "best friend" stands on the table
  600. >"Anon, I… WE all know how it feels to be sad sometimes, or to feel like we're just all alone," she comes to a small whisper, "Even if we don't want to admit it."
  601. >"You can come talk to any of us, darling."
  602. >Rarity, too?
  603. >"No kiddin'. Y'all are 'specially welcome at the farm, if ya need ta talk."
  604. >And even Applejack--holy Christ
  605. >Did they ever hate you at all?
  606. >Did you read their patterns wrong?
  607. >They never talked to you, or even acknowledged you
  608. >That's what people did back on Earth, if they hated you
  609. >"Y-You can always come and visit the animals, if you need a safe space for awhile."
  610. >Fluttershy, too
  611. >Well, you knew that she appreciated you, if at least a little
  612. >"The castle's always free, Anonymous. That, I can promise you."
  613. >And of course, Twilight
  614. >Rainbow hugs you again, this time, tighter than before
  615. >"We love you, Anon," she whispers, "I love you… I-I mean, as a friend, of course. And I promise I'll help you in any way I can, just so you don't do this again."
  616. >You sigh
  617. >You can't return her hug
  618. >You'd love to, but
  619. >You push her out of the way
  620. "I don't believe it."
  621. >"What?"
  622. >Dash is in full on disbelief
  623. "I'm sorry--I really am, but I can't believe that you guys actually care for me..."
  624. >Fucking tears
  625. >You hold them back as you rant
  626. "When was the last time any of you ever came to my aid? Or talked to me? Or even just visited me to see if I was okay?"
  627. >The room is silent
  628. >Guilty ponies couldn't even look at you
  629. >All except for Dash
  630. >Even here, she was angry
  631. >"That's because we THOUGHT you were okay... We," she sniffles, "We didn't know that you were like this! You didn't tell us!"
  632. >She sounds heartbroken
  633. >"She's right, sugarcube. Y'all never once came to us about anythin'. How were we supposed ta know that y'all weren't a hundred percent?"
  634. "I never went outside like you guys did. I never fucking played, or did anything at all!"
  635. >"Ah can think of two ponies at this very table who act exactly like you, and are still perfectly fine."
  636. >The orange mare's eyes dart to Fluttershy, then Twilight
  637. >"An' Ah'm sure y'all can think of 'em, too."
  638. "What about you? What about when I DO walk around, you never say a simple "hi"?"
  639. >You're talking to Applejack directly here, but Rarity and Starlight aren't excluded
  640. >In your mind, anyway
  641. >"Ah'm busy sellin' apples! Ah rarely ever say "hi" to anybody when I'm workin'!"
  642. >"Honestly, Anonymous," Starlight speaks up, "I never to see you, either. I... I don't really get a chance to speak with you."
  643. >Rarity only nods
  644. >...
  645. >Shit
  646. >You slump in the chair, feeling a little bit like an idiot right now
  647. >Misread signals
  648. >Especially since everybody else at least tried to talk to you
  649. >You just didn't get that they actually have responsibilities, every once in awhile
  650. >Fuck
  651. "Sorry--"
  652. >Applejack replies with a smile
  653. >"Oh please. Even with all of that, we're still the ones at fault here."
  654. >...Huh?
  655. "You are?"
  656. >"Why wouldn't we be? One of our friends tried to--," she looks at the sobbing dash, "Do you-know-what," back at you, "And none of us but Dash was there to help? Honestly, we've gotta lot ta learn about friendship if we've picked too many worms from the apple tree like this."
  657. >What does that even mean?
  658. >Rainbow, calming down again, sits next to you
  659. >"Anonymous, again, we love you. I speak for everypony here when I say that, I know I do. I'll--WE'LL try our best to make sure this doesn't happen again, okay? I don't want to see you like that ever again."
  660. >She motions in for another hug
  661. >"For real this time?"
  662. >You can't help but chuckle at her terminology
  663. >It's like what one of your friends would say back home
  664. "For real this time."
  665. >The two of you share an embrace--and holy fuck it's not long before everybody ELSE is holding you just as tightly as she is
  666. >How did they even get to you that fast?
  667. >You sigh
  668. >That really doesn't matter now, does it?
  669. >All that matters now is the future
  670. >The future, and how great your life in Equestria is gonna get
  671. >You won't even miss Earth, you bet
  672. >Now that you've got your friends
  674. End
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