'A HarrysMod Fanfic' Chapter 2: Insert Cock Here

Jul 31st, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Chapter Two: Insert Cock Here By Inster, Motherfucker.
  5. Midnight, or around such a time. I awoke in an unknown bed, staring at an unknown ceiling, with an unknown arm, hairy arm on my bare chest. Panicked, I glanced to my right. There he was, in all his glory. The man I wanted. The man I loved. His perfectly groomed beard complimented his gorgeous features in such a way that made him irresistible.
  7. He was beautiful.
  9. He was perfect.
  11. He was CCX9010.
  13. "WAKE THE FUCK UP YOU CUNT!" My alarm startled me, bringing me out of the fantasy. I grabbed my phone and turned it off, glancing at the time. 1PM? I’d overslept, massively. Luckily, I had no plans for the day. Even luckier, I felt like a maccies, and had enough money in the bank to grab one. I’d slept more then long enough to be energised, but still felt too lazy to shower. I chucked on a fresh pair of boxers, alongside a barely-dry shirt and yesterdays jeans. Happy with my attire, I grabbed my keys off the side and headed out the door, locking it behind me. I then strolled slowly to the nearest bus stop, checking my phone on the way and seeing a new Discord message. It was from CCX. “Hey there, Rhys. I know, you’re probably bored of the amount of apologies I’ve said by now, so I’ll make this my last one. I really do feel bad for having to dash off the other day. Really sorry, and if there’s any way for me to make it up to you (no blowjobs) then just let me know x” I looked at it, and felt a rush of sadness over me. Unsure how to reply, I decided to do so later. I couldn’t be angry at him. In fact, I was the opposite. Maybe if I’d been more interesting he would’ve stayed. No! I thought to myself. Pick another day to feel sorry for yourself. You have a quest. You need to get a maccies. I looked up from my phone and saw the bus go past me. I’d walked straight past the stop, and as a result missed it. Just my luck.
  15. I arrived, on the next bus, just a few buildings away from completing my goal. As I walked through the glass door, however, I saw a friend of mine at the back of the short queue of hungry customers. “Hey there, Insert! How are ya, man?” I approached him, and placed a friendly hand on his shoulder. He looked up from his phone, seemingly a bit worried at first, but then realised who I was and reacted accordingly. “Hey, Rhys! I’m not bad, yourself?” I considered telling him that I was hung up on CCX, but realised that this information would be best if I kept it to myself. “I’m ok, I guess. Could be better, but could be worse.” Insert looked at me and frowned at my response. “Hey, I know what’ll cheer you up. How about I grab your order? My treat.” I looked at him, puzzled. “You sure?” He grinned at me. “Sure, buddy! That’s what friends are for, right?” Logically, I should’ve been happy about this, but I instead panicked about what to order. I don’t wanna make my meal too big and put Insert out of pocket, after all.
  17. I figured it out, just as we reached the counter. “Hello, welcome to McDonalds, what can I get you?” Zyke asked from behind the till. Insert gestured at me to go first. “I’ll have a double cheeseburger meal with a strawberry milkshake and some of those mozzarella stick things, please.” Zyke looked at me, and gave his big employee smile. “Sorry, sir, the milkshake machine is broken. Care to select a different drink?” There was a hint of passive-aggressiveness in the latter part of the question, but no reasoning behind it. I didn’t let it phase me. “Sure, I’ll just have a coke instead then please.” He put it in to the machine, then looked up at Insert. “And for you, sir?” Insert replied without a second of pause. “I’ll just have a 20 nugget meal with a coke, please.” Zyke did the same with this order. Insert looked to me. “Wanna go find a table? I’ll bring the food over in a sec.” I looked about for a second, then spotted one by the door. “Sure thing, man.”
  19. I knew something was up with the table, but I couldn’t tell until I sat down. Instantly, I realised, it was the same position I’d sat in when I met CCX those few days ago, in his tight jeans, with his perfect beard and Blink-themed tattoos. Before I could reminisce any more, Insert arrived with the food and handed me mine. “Thanks, man.” I said as he sat and began to tuck into his own food. We conversed between mouthfuls, but not about anything meaningful.
  21. As we both neared the end of our food, he made a proposition. “Hey, Rhys buddy, hows about, after this, we head off and go have some fun?” He said this confidently, and might’ve accompanied it with wink, thought I couldn’t be sure. “Sorry, man. I’ve woken up far too late to go waste the day away, I gotta get some uni work done then, if I’m lucky, watch a couple episodes of Jojo. You know how it is.” He was visibly saddened by this, a hit to his self-esteem. Insert was hardly a bad looking guy, and was really quite the stud. However, CCX was still the one for me, and I couldn’t change that. Besides, Insert and I had been good friends for too long, it’d be weird to think of us as anything more. “Oh yeah, sure thing, buddy. I get it, no worries man.” Something had changed, and we could both tell. I just wanted to leave, so wolfed down my food and attempted to do so. “Hey, I’m gonna dash, man. Thanks for the food, maybe we can do something some other day?” I smiled at him, though I didn’t actually want to do anything with him know I knew how he saw me. “Yeah, sure thing man. And don’t mention it, like I said, it’s what friends are for, right?” He smiled back, also clearly fake. “Yeah man, totally. See ya around.” “You too, buddy.”
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