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  1. Once upon a time,
  2.  A time where Hydrogen was finally banned from the game. He created a terrifying role way powerful then any other unique role ever in mafia history. A role that almost has the abilities of a game owner. Formed by the powerful material made of one of the systems of the game. He called it "Lunatic" With powers that add, remove abilities to lynch. Swap roles, change abilities of a player, even the ability to make even more roles to the game. Even alignments. When the Mods heard of hydro's evil plan, they banished him from his evilness, however, The role he made has spreaded its power to other players. Allowing Hydro to possibly control the player who has the role named "Lunatic" and then mods had no choice but to give the victims a super powerful role to defeat the player in control of the lunatic.
  4. Friendly,
  5.  The Victims and only players who can defeat the lunatic. They have powerful abilities depending on their role. The only way to win is cooperation and trust
  7. Lunatic,
  8.  Has all the powers but is limited, the longer the game is, The more powerful the role, must eliminate everyone.
  10. ???,
  11.  ???
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