My opinion on life

TheRedstoneShark May 22nd, 2019 100 Never
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  1. Life is short. Don't go wasting it on things that will only benefit you in the long term. Find what you genuinely enjoy, and incorporate it into your lifestyle. Figure out how to get out of habits or compulsions that take away from the quality of your life experience. Try helping humanity in the direction you believe is best for it. Try to be kind, considerate, helpful, and overall try to be the best person you can. No matter how bad you think you or other people are, it's always possible to push life in a positive direction. Find people that can support you and that you can support. Learn new things. Put yourself out there. If you're scared to do this, think about it logically. There are always going to be someone or something trying to make your life worse, by accident or not. Try to enjoy the good days. Understand the bad ones. You don't have to be happy all the time to have a good life, you just have to appreciate it as a whole.
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