Twilight's Allergies

Dec 10th, 2013
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  1. Twilight rubbed her snout as it trembled and quivered. Her allergies had been acting up on her all day and had been for about a week. She knew she needed to clean the library, but she just didn't have time. She needed to finish doing her research on ancient Equestrian history. The historical society back in Canterlot was planning a museum exhibit that would travel Equestria, and it was up to Twilight to set up the proposal to one of the big museums. They thought with her being a Princess now, she would make a good case for this endeavor. But all that aside, Twilight's allergies were getting the best of her.
  3. Her snout was red most of the day, and her eyes watered. She had to hold back sneezes as much as she could. She was just too stubborn to put aside her research for even a few moments. Usually Spike would be dusting the library daily, but he was away on a small week long trip helping Rarity get some supplies out of town.
  5. Twilight's vision blurred as water filled her eyes. She squinted as her nostrils flared and her breathing hitched. Her wings curled and her back arched. There she was, completely vulnerable with her mouth open and tongue slightly out.
  7. “HAAAPPSHOOO!” She sneezed as dust swirled out from the book in front of her. She prepped again as her snout went in the air then fired down another ferocious sneeze. “Haaaapphhshoooo!”
  9. She slammed her hoof to her snout as she reached back for her tissue box, grabbed a tissue, and blew. She neatly folded the used tissue and threw it at her waste bin which was overflowing with used tissues. The tissue rolled down the mound and landed silently on the floor.
  11. Twilight looked over at the waste basket and grimaced. “Oh dear.” Her nose twitched as she felt another sneeze build inside her nose. She reached back to her tissue box and pulled out the last tissue.
  13. “Hhaaaaffshhhccccchhhh!” She sneezed and blew her nose at the same time then folded the tissue over and wiped her nose again. Realizing the tissue box was empty Twilight decided it was as good as any time to take a quick break and grab another box of tissues from her medicine cabinet. She got up and wearily headed to the bathroom, sneezing twice down towards the floor. She pushed the bathroom door open and stood on her hind legs as she search for another tissue box.
  15. She muttered to herself as she then bent down and looked under the sink for some tissues. They were all gone. She looked defeated as she sighed. She unrolled what was left of the toilet paper and took it with her back to her study nook.
  17. Twilight used her magic and placed the toilet paper on her bed, which she was laying on while reading about twenty book at a time. She then trotted down the stairs to the kitchen and grabbed a quick drink and a light granola bar snack. Rejuvenated, she trotted back up the stairs and lazily jumped on her bed. Dust poofed into the air.
  19. “Haa... haaaa... heeeeh.....” Twilight reached for some toilet paper, but it was too late. “Haaaaesshoo!”
  21. She grabbed a wad of toilet paper pushed it against her snout and blew. She shook her head thinking that would clear her sinuses for a few minutes, but almost immediately she felt the urge to sneeze again. The tickle continued to build rising in intensity, but in the faintest of ways, making it a nuisance. Twilight prepared the wad of toilet paper and set up a barricade in front of her nostrils. A tiny tip of toilet paper swiped the edge of her left nostril, it flared, and made the sneeze come more quickly, and almost without any build up, she sneezed.
  23. “Hhaaachumpfff!” She tried to stifle as she blew into the toilet paper. She moved it away from her nose as a gooey clear string of mucous stubbornly attached to the end of her snout and the tissue. She pushed it back to her nose and wiped, only to reveal more mucous dripping from her snout. She wanted to do a quick swap of the toilet paper with a different wad, so she quickly swapped and wiped clearing all of the liquid mess from her snout.
  25. Enough playing around, Twilight needed to get back to her studies, she thought. She finished rubbing her nose and wiped her eyes once with the back of her hoof and tried to focus on the text below her nose.
  27. “It was not until the . . . “ She stopped reading as she noticed a drip appear on the page. Then another drip, and another, and another. She frantically whipped her head to the side flinging a string of snot from her nostrils into the abyss of her room. She looked almost stunned, then blinked, and turned back down to her book.
  29. “It was not until the rampage did the general move in his troops from . . . th . . . the . . . eaeehhhhh heh . . . ” Twilight closed her eyes as she lifted her head up and her jaw became slack. Her nostrils danced in and out as she made a slight squeaked sound just before, “AAAASCCCHHOOO!” She lurched back as the sneeze blew a cloud of dust forward into the air. “Oh no.” Twilight said as her nose quivered more. “Heeshoo!” She sneezed again, before rapid firing three more quick sneezes in a row. “Haaapsshoo! Heefshoo! Haachoo!” She reached down for more toilet paper tissue, but quickly noticed she had used it all up. “Heeephhfft!” Twilight stifled, which she quickly learned was a mistake as mucous exploded out of both nostrils and streamed down her snout.
  31. She got up hastily, lifting her head up as to not drip mucous anywhere, as she ran for the kitchen. Her plan was to get some napkins from the kitchen since she had run out of tissues and toilet paper. As she ran to the stairs with her head up, she mistepped and flipped forward landing directly on her chin. Her flank flipped over her head sending her in a complete body tumble down the stairs. She came to a rest on her back at the bottom of the stairs and just closed her eyes. Mucous from her nose had drenched her face, various parts of her body, and probably all along the staircase, but she just laid there, defeated, and sighed.
  33. “Haaaffsshoo!” Spray shot into the air, then dropped down onto her face.
  35. “Oh come on!” She yelled.
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