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Aug 27th, 2015 (edited)
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Updates at the bottom.
Shout out to Great White North & Wicked Software appreciate the help.

/osg/ stores:

Bad Decisions

Wat Racing

Backyard Tuners


Empire Decal



Desu Print

Nezumi Racing

Project Good

Wicked Software

Sticky White Stuff

Taiyo Racing

Absolutely Awful Decals

Other Vendors

Super Effective

Megane Club

Late Night Death Squad

Heart Beat LA

Weapon Grade Waifus

JDF Decals

Kuro Rose


Dead Cruiser


Closed / Hiatus / Dead

Dirty Drive

Town Ship Racing


Imouto Dreams

Trolly McTrollfucker

Vodnik Decals

Negative Lifestyle

Depletion Mode

Togue Losers

Old Soul Republic

Speed Master

Daylight Limited

Grand Master Slices

Itasha Influence

VIP Stars

Fujiwara Sticker Shop

Shocking Truth

Kawaii or Die


Auto Alchemy

Dedncide Co

Don't Panic

Yummy Stickies

Original Zoku

Twin Cam Stickers

Waifu Squad


Great White North

Kansei Project


Impure Thoughts

No Grip Slip Club



Bomb Squad

Brooklyn Speed Boys

Drew Designs Shit

Project Hoon

Black Flag Racing Club

Top Vinyl Films

Project Boon


This Pastebin will rarely be updated with new shops as they come and go. Know any Auto decal websites that aren't listed? Just post in the current /osg/ thread!

Have any issues with any of the above websites? (Unshipped Orders, etc.) Please post in the thread and if enough complaints are received the website will be taken down and be placed on a blacklist.

Moved - Itasha Influence to Hiatus
Moved - VIP Stars to Hiatus
Moved - Shocking Truth to Hiatus
Moved - Fujiwara Sticker Shop to Hiatus
Moved - Yummy Stickies to Dead
Moved - Original Zoku to Dead
Moved - Don't Panic to Dead
Moved - Eurobeaters to Dead
Moved - Dedncide Co to Dead
Moved - Kawaii or Die to Dead
Added - Shocking Truth
Changed - Nezumi Racing url

Moved - Itasha Influence to Active

Added - Grand Master Slices

Changed - Bad Decisions url
Moved - Backyard Tuners to Active
Moved - Imouto Dreams to Hiatus
Moved - Twin Cam to Dead
Moved - Waifu Squad to Dead
Moved - Itasha Influence to Hiatus
Moved - Hikkihime to Dead
Moved - Xipel to Dead
Removed - Zetaraes from others, DEAD
Added - Taiyo Racing
Added - Fujiwara Sticker Shop

Moved - SpeedMaster, Old Soul Republic, Daylight LTD to Hiatus
Moved - Bad Decisions, Stupid Mistakes to active (new store manager)
Changed - Cowfee url,
Added - Desu Print, Sticky White Stuff

Moved - Kansei now Dead.
Added - Discount codes for Waifusquad & Great White North

Moved- Township Racing to Hiatus

02.28.19 -
Moved- Dirty Drive to Hiatus

02.19.19 -
Added- hikkihime

01.12.19 -
Moved- Yummy from Hiatus to Active
Replaced- Mama Miata/Soraya Decals to Dedncide

12.16.18 -
Purged- dead OTHER shops.
Added- Project Good, Nezumi Racing, Togue Losers, Xipel, Daylight LTD
Hiatus- AAD, BD, Kansei, Depletion Mode
Dead- No Grip Slip Club, Impure Thought

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