Oct 11th, 2011
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  1. i just keep scrolling through nothing just your same comments spreadout over one hundred thousand webpages, just your same faces smiling and unsmiling into a repeating camera lenses into the webcams built into the movements of your fingertips. we are all striving and searching for something I am searching for beauty I am searching for purpose. I type these words into google and click and wave my cursor but no answers reach me. I pause and play your videos where ever they are embedded, I hear you speak through my speakers and my headphones and try to tell me something but Im not listening because Im trying to tell you something and youre not listening because youre trying to tell me something. maybe we can find common ground maybe an image floats above the html and the css and we both find it meaningful - maybe you can like my wall post and i can like yours, maybe I can click through your photo albums and feel a love loss and everything so quick that it is worthless and you can do the same with mine. bookmark something and never click on it again. click on something and never go back. click on my face and drag my heart to my throat, cut through endless pages and see one.
  4. things fire off and move within me and ultimately end up here; refuse html temporary finity words that you drag and highlight over as you speed through them if I co
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