Patching NEI_Plugins for Forestry 2.0+

smbarbour Feb 4th, 2013 1,725 Never
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  1. How to patch mistaqur's NEI_Plugins to work with Forestry 2.0+
  3. First, you will need a program to extract and replace files in an archive.  I recommend 7-Zip (
  4. Second, you will need a Java class file editor (
  6. Extract the following files from the NEI_Plugins jar:
  7.   mistaqur/nei/NEIPlugins_Forestry.class
  8.   mistaqur/nei/forestry/CarpenterRecipeHandler.class
  9.   mistaqur/nei/forestry/CarpenterRecipeHandler$CachedCarpenterRecipe.class
  10.   mistaqur/nei/forestry/FabricatorRecipeHandler.class
  11.   mistaqur/nei/forestry/FabricatorRecipeHandler$CachedFabricatorRecipe.class
  12.   mistaqur/nei/forestry/ForestryRecipeHandler$CachedShapedRecipeInternal.class
  14. Using the Java class file editor find and replace all instances of the following strings in the Constant Pool:
  15.   in NEIPlugins_Forestry.class, replace "Forestry@(,1.8)" with "Forestry@(,2.1)"
  16.   in the other five classes, replace "ShapedRecipeInternal" with "ShapedRecipeCustom" (but NOT "CachedShapedRecipeInternal")
  18. Put the changed class files into their respective places in the NEI_Plugins jar.
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