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  8. 15:52 Teleportingasslesscats Alright, I'm ready.
  9. 15:52 Teleportingasslesscats Before I say anything else,
  10. 15:52 DrMagnus Alrighty, what's up?
  11. 15:52 Teleportingasslesscats I'd just like to say that although I do not like Islam as an ideology, I hold no spite towards its followers;
  12. 15:53 Teleportingasslesscats That's relevant, I'll explain why soon.
  13. 15:53 Teleportingasslesscats You see,
  14. 15:54 Teleportingasslesscats Because Merkel allowed immigrants in (For the record, my Dad is an immigrant from Spain, I'm no xenophobe)
  15. 15:54 Teleportingasslesscats *,
  16. 15:54 Teleportingasslesscats That puts my family in Spain at risk.
  17. 15:54 Teleportingasslesscats Although I disagree with them on a lot,
  18. 15:54 Teleportingasslesscats I still love them.
  19. 15:54 DrMagnus I see. May I ask what your opinion is of the refugees who are fleeing war-torn countries?
  20. 15:55 Teleportingasslesscats If they're willing to accept that their ideology will be held to the same standard as any other ideology,
  21. 15:55 Teleportingasslesscats Then I'm fine.
  22. 15:56 DrMagnus And you feel that Islam is...incompatible with German culture?
  23. 15:56 Teleportingasslesscats Like say, Jack Kirby for example;
  24. 15:56 Teleportingasslesscats I am not informed enough to make such a statement.
  25. 15:56 Teleportingasslesscats However,
  26. 15:56 DrMagnus ...the comic book writer?
  27. 15:57 Teleportingasslesscats I was listing him as an example of people who were willing to accept that their ideology was to be held at the same standard as any other ideology;
  28. 15:57 Teleportingasslesscats I'm not a /pol/ member; fuck Nazis.
  29. 15:58 DrMagnus Wait, what idealogy are you saying he was espousing?
  30. 15:58 Teleportingasslesscats I consider religion and ideology to be synonymous;
  31. 15:58 DrMagnus Are you referring to his Judaism?
  32. 15:58 Teleportingasslesscats Yes,
  33. 15:59 Teleportingasslesscats I am not Anti-Semetic,
  34. 15:59 Teleportingasslesscats I believe that all human beings should be treated with respect.
  35. 15:59 DrMagnus I'm not sure I understand here. What are you trying to illustrate? Assume I'm dense, and don't get it.
  36. 15:59 Teleportingasslesscats However,
  37. 15:59 Teleportingasslesscats I was listing Jack Kirby as an example,
  38. 16:00 DrMagnus And I need some clarity on that one. What about Kirby's Judaism requred being "held to the same standard"?
  39. 16:00 Teleportingasslesscats I have a belief that all ideologies should be critiqued, including my own (A mix of technocracy and democracy).
  40. 16:00 Teleportingasslesscats However, we are sidetracking.
  41. 16:00 DrMagnus I guess what I'm saying is that I don't understand your example.
  42. 16:01 Teleportingasslesscats The problem is that if one thing goes wrong,
  43. 16:02 Teleportingasslesscats My entire Spanish family might be at risk.
  44. 16:02 DrMagnus I'm going to summarize, and see if I have this right.
  45. 16:02 Teleportingasslesscats Alright.
  46. 16:03 DrMagnus Your dislike of Angela Merkel is her refugee intake policy, which you beleive brings in Islamic Terrorists among refugees. You feel that this will put your family in spain at risk, and you feel that Judaism and Islam should be subject to critique (along with any other religion which is also synonymous with idealogy)
  47. 16:03 Teleportingasslesscats If there is a reason to critique those ideologies, then yes.
  48. 16:03 Teleportingasslesscats Say for example,
  49. 16:04 Teleportingasslesscats If X holy book said
  50. 16:04 DrMagnus So, to clarify, you feel that Judaism and Islam (using your two examples) should be critiqued?
  51. 16:04 Teleportingasslesscats "Kill X group of people",
  52. 16:04 DrMagnus May I ask you two questions.
  53. 16:04 Teleportingasslesscats I only brought up Judasim in regards to jack Kirby,
  54. 16:04 DrMagnus 1) Have you read the Qu'ran?
  55. 16:05 Teleportingasslesscats Seeing as you brought up immigrants escaping from war-torn countries.
  56. 16:05 Teleportingasslesscats 1. Parts of it, yes.
  57. 16:05 DrMagnus and 2) have you given a thought to the effects of isolationist ideology on other people?
  58. 16:06 Teleportingasslesscats 2. Yes. Although I'm not a far-right idiot,
  59. 16:06 Teleportingasslesscats I do believe that a country should be able to control its own borders.
  60. 16:06 DrMagnus They have. They opened them to refugees.
  61. 16:07 Teleportingasslesscats Yes, however,
  62. 16:07 Teleportingasslesscats That also effected several other countries without them giving their voice,
  63. 16:08 Teleportingasslesscats To put it simply:
  64. 16:08 DrMagnus Do you have any examples of refugees in Germany committing terrorists acts in other countries?
  65. 16:08 Teleportingasslesscats Where to start.
  66. 16:08 Teleportingasslesscats France, Britain,
  67. 16:08 DrMagnus Those are not examples, those are countries.
  68. 16:09 DrMagnus What I am asking, is do you have any evidence for your fears, or are you ascribing all acts of terrorism in europe to refugees from the middle east?
  69. 16:09 Teleportingasslesscats The Nice Attacks, the Paris Attacks,
  70. 16:09 DrMagnus Neither of which were linked to refugees.
  71. 16:10 DrMagnus The nice attacks were perpetrated by a frenchman.
  72. 16:10 DrMagnus The paris attacks, also by frenchmen.
  73. 16:10 DrMagnus Neither of them were refugees.
  74. 16:10 Teleportingasslesscats BRB.
  75. 16:15 Teleportingasslesscats Back.
  76. 16:15 Teleportingasslesscats
  77. 16:15 Teleportingasslesscats I should have phrased myself differently:
  78. 16:15 Teleportingasslesscats It's not just the more conservative refugees,
  79. 16:15 DrMagnus Those are all frenchman.
  80. 16:15 Teleportingasslesscats It's the ideologies they bring with them.
  81. 16:16 DrMagnus Just because they have names that sound middle eastern, doesn't mean they are.
  82. 16:16 DrMagnus They were /born/ in franc.e
  83. 16:16 Teleportingasslesscats *Most.
  84. 16:16 DrMagnus And your assumption that they're refugees is disingenuine.
  85. 16:16 Teleportingasslesscats Look in the article.
  86. 16:16 Teleportingasslesscats I read it fully;
  87. 16:16 DrMagnus I have, cats.
  88. 16:16 DrMagnus I've read up on every terrorist attack in the last five years.
  89. 16:16 Teleportingasslesscats Some of the, /are/ refugees.
  90. 16:16 DrMagnus And they share a common thread
  91. 16:16 DrMagnus Home grown terrorists.
  92. 16:16 DrMagnus Not refugees.
  93. 16:17 DrMagnus Do you know what the #1 terrorist group in the United States is, for example?
  94. 16:18 Teleportingasslesscats This is not about the U.S.,
  95. 16:19 DrMagnus Alright, let's talk germany.
  96. 16:19 DrMagnus The #1 terrorist group in germany is the neo-socialist party. Followed by the exclusionary party.
  97. 16:19 DrMagnus Both of which are right-wing ultra-nationalist terrorist groups. neither of which have to do with refugees.
  98. 16:20 Teleportingasslesscats Look at this Chanel, it's run by an actual German citizen:
  99. 16:20 DrMagnus Frankly? I don't trust some random guy's ideas about who's comitting terrorism.
  100. 16:20 DrMagnus And, to be completely honest, I've sat here, and listened to you tell me that Muslims are the problem with Europe for the last hour.
  101. 16:22 Teleportingasslesscats []
  102. 16:22 Teleportingasslesscats Watch it for yourself,
  103. 16:23 Teleportingasslesscats If they were any other religion, I'd still have a problem.
  104. 16:23 Teleportingasslesscats If they were Scientolgist, I'd have a problem.
  105. 16:23 Teleportingasslesscats Christian, Jewish, Hindi, Mormom, etc.
  106. 16:23 DrMagnus Sounds to me, like you're an intolerant dick, and I've indulged you long enough.
  107. 16:24 Teleportingasslesscats ...Excuse me?
  108. 16:24 DrMagnus Did I stutter?
  109. 16:24 DrMagnus You sound like an intolerant, xenophobic, isolationist dick.
  110. 16:24 Teleportingasslesscats II just got done saying that my Dad was an immigrant.
  111. 16:24 DrMagnus And?
  112. 16:25 DrMagnus You also just got done using Judaism and Islam and reasons to be criticised.
  113. 16:25 Teleportingasslesscats I actually agree with Judaism on more aspects than one,
  114. 16:25 Teleportingasslesscats The
  115. 16:25 DrMagnus No, fuck off with that.
  116. 16:25 DrMagnus Don't back track, because you get called the fuck out, like you did in Site19
  117. 16:26 Teleportingasslesscats "You're remembered for who you are" part,
  118. 16:26 DrMagnus You're a racist, and a dick, and I sincerely hope you grow the fuck up.
  119. 16:26 DrMagnus Enjoy my ignore list.
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