Dec 23rd, 2020
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  1. List of jumper’s defenses
  3. external body is entirely invincible and immovable to any physical force, no matter how
  4. great. Even the strikes of the gods would bounce off your skin. Even your internals are made
  5. immutable to physical attacks, as you swallowed much of the blood. However, a single place on the
  6. outside of your body was covered, perhaps by a leaf or scale. It has left a point on your skin, around
  7. the size of an adult man’s palm, placed on your back around the area that your heart would be, that
  8. has no protections from this particular enhanced defence. Someone striking that point would be
  9. able to hurt you as normal,Area behind weak spot is completely empty the sides of the area covered in more indestructible skin,Dragon eater from The Circumstances Leading to Waltraute’s Marriage+Body+kinesis: Autokinesis+Shape shifting+Toughness From Marvel.
  11. When reduced to one HP damage is taken from MP plus infinite MP reserves with significant usable MP From ruler of patience + unlimited power from Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? & GALACTA: DAUGHTER OF GALACTUS*
  13. For 20 seconds once a month can become completely invincible Star power from super Mario jump
  15. Tychokinesis Prevents him from losing a fight though not necessarily winning nor from it incurring some kind of loss Secondary mutation Based on the ability of isca the unbeaten from mutant form in avengers versus X-Men plus Myriad self from Murasakiiro no Qualia
  17. Immune to all non-language-based superhuman abilities from the legendary hero from Medaka Box-Abnormal
  18. Absolute conceptual durabilityX3 from modified eclipse space case alternate form Due to it being made of a composite of world seed dark steel and blue silver along with the fact that my BATTLE DESTRUCTION SCHOOL DANGEROUS Majin Power Imparts conceptual durability+World seed dark steel and blue silver Based homunculus form from Buso Renkin All alternate forms share powers and power levels:The perks from sword art online and BLAM!! That do that.
  20. +InfinityX1/16 extra lives respecing the durability gained from best of both worlds from world seed + waveform anatomy From NGE+Quarter muncher from metal slug
  22. +InfinityX1/16 +Infinity Defense points from respecing the durability gained from best of both worlds from world seed + waveform anatomy From NGE+Quarter muncher from metal slug+ True Immortality from Dragon Ball super
  24. InfinityX1/8+Infinity HP See above+True Immortality from Dragon Ball super
  25. All other stats are InfinityX1/8 See above+Infinite durability from the above combo+ a stat system and respec from The Gamer
  27. Conceptual durability of body/mind/soul,Cannot be harmed in any way. waveform anatomy From NGE+True Immortality from Dragon Ball super+World Seed Dark steel and blue silver reinforced case body from eclipse phase+BATTLE DESTRUCTION SCHOOL DANGEROUS Majin Power
  29. He cannot die nor can any being closely connected to Him on a spiritual or magical level so long as the
  30. temple complex is in place. Temple complex from oasis of fantasy
  32. Mentally exists outside of time perceiving all time in a Five hour span of four hours into the past and one hour into the future, able to perceive act and make decisions based on knowledge of any point in the span to manipulate His own history. The upgraded version of Achron from Achron
  34. Body mind and soul are one thing, cannot be completely destroyed only significantly damaged can heal from all damage in time. Waveform anatomy from nge+You can never die Jumper from Freddie versus Jason versus Ash
  36. Cannot be permanently imprisoned. no trap can hold me From Justice league dark
  38. Perceives all possible futures,anything is possible for him able to Shape which possible future takes place. Probability forecasting-+Web of Infinity from Ultimate Spider-Man TV-series Jump+Probability control Erwin Schrodinger from Petals of Reincarnation.+ Noble eightfold path from Lord of light
  41. Is easily resurrected and death does not count as chain failure as long as he's killed within the Halo building, always counts as being within the halo building Temple of Solomon from fate: oasis of fantasy plus I am the fortress from master of magic
  43. Powers cannot be suppressed or drained Drain-no from young Justice+The Triad Prana From sidekicks
  45. Near-total immunity to all magic. Empty Night From the Dresden files
  47. Mystically indestructible. ZOD Rune from Diablo 1+2 Engraved in a alternate form.
  49. All damage reduced to 1/10 its normal value Kavacha and Kundala: O' Sun, Become Armor from Fate/Zero Jump +This is in fact my final form from SAO + fuseing his armor with his body in Crisis
  51. If He is not killed by A damaging effect He becomes immune to it War Trophies + Capstone booster from the God of high school
  53. Immune to anything less than a A rank noble phantasm God hand knockoff from Fate/Extra
  55. physical attacks, conceptual attacks, and interdimensional attacks are reduced by a value equivalent to His total health. Enlightenment of the Sacred Fig  from Fate/Grand Order
  57. Own existence is an immutable universal law. not as easy the second time around+Capstone booster From Invincible
  59. Own existence is a foundational pillar of the universe i.e. has in an elemental pole of himself.
  61. Can only be attacked by one entity at a time. Boosted version of most popular man in town from Fate/Zero
  63. Can nullify any attack made against him 5 times a day. class skills warrior : Defense focused Plus level 100 from Overlord (The series)
  65. All Six Of his primary bodies must all be destroyed at the same time, any of which can create hundreds of more bodies at will Any of which can serve as a primary body.
  67. Each body is merely a projection of his true bodys which are in a higher order of reality. New God Physiology+Slice of heaven from DC the fourth world
  69. Conceptual ability to win any fight once per day.The Anti-Worf Effect From Star Trek: TNG & DS9.
  71. Conceptual abilities are absolute even over other conceptual abilities. concept ball From Medaka Box-Abnormal edition
  73. Conceptual abilities are absolute even over other conceptual abilities which are absolute over other conceptual abilities.concept ball From Medaka Box-Abnormal edition+ loved by God from BATTLE DESTRUCTION SCHOOL DANGEROUS
  75. Bonus durability Equal to the durability of the strongest protective garment/Accessory he is wearing.Fashion from High school of the dead
  77. Immune to mental control Triad Prana from sidekicks Backed up by Concept ball From Medaka Box-Abnormal edition
  79. If attacked while building something or gathering resources to build something etc attack is stunted along an impossible spatial dimension and misses him. Devil tiger perfect defense charm from exalted the infernals
  81. Conceptual ability to always have a chance to succeed in combat, ability to choose which future happens for him. plot armor from Naruto+ The Noble Eightfold Path from Lord of light+Erwin Schrodinger From petals of incarnation + probably forecasting from ultimate Spiderman
  83. soul/Body/mind cannot be destroyed or irreversibly damaged, and
  84. once a year when killed instead of failing the current Jump body will enter a dormant state (if destroyed entirely, your body will reform in a safe location) where it will slowly begin to repair itself, working over a
  85. period of one to six months until you are whole, your mind asleep until then. Barring drawbacks, his body is guaranteed to be able to safely heal over this time period, and the process can be sped along if you
  86. already have access to other methods of revival. He will not fail a Jump if he is in this state when it ends.. Waveform anatomy from NGE+You Can Never Die, Jumper… from Freddy vs Jason vs Ash
  88. Immune to physical and magical attacks by anything other than a black dragon. eggshell from stealth Symphony
  90. All attacks with detected malicious intent are reflected. backpack from stealth Symphony.
  92. Can only truly be killed by a human or other being incarnated as a human Nectar of immortality from Fate Legends: Indian Myths.
  94. Immune to aging Immortal Smoke from Rinnosuke Doujin (Hidefu Kitayan)
  95. cannot get sick Immortal Smoke from Rinnosuke Doujin (Hidefu Kitayan)
  96. , any injury will heal. Even the total destruction of his body will not kill him, as his soul will simply regrow a new body in time. Immortal Smoke from Rinnosuke Doujin (Hidefu Kitayan
  98. No attack, no matter how strong, can kill him and he appears strangely immune to energy based attacks. He can be harmed by physical blows and even torn to pieces by them but your body will almost instantly reset to
  99. his prime, taking just seconds to recover from any injury, no matter how severe. Even attacking his mind or soul is utterly futile. Unlike a normal immortal of this place, he has the ability to grow in power or change over time if you wish and will not suffer degradation of your perfect form just by adding in the cells of a mortal being. he cannot be killed but if something, such as Zeno-Sama’s Erase power, were to erase his very existence, then he would still be destroyed. Anything short of negating his very existence, and it still requiring an immensely powerful user of such abilities to do so, will be ignored and made pointless. True Immortality from Dragon Ball super
  101. completely immune to all Non-conceptual weaponry.another cosmology:4th Avatara, Heavenly Lion from Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?
  103. Time stops Briefly when struck Granting additional reaction time.One finger death Punch
  105. Videogame like HP/stamina system rather than actual injuries And tiredness Many places
  106. HP cannot be emptied All at once "rolling counter" like an earthbound character Rolling counter from earthbound
  108. Able to regenerate fully from a single drop of blood In a matter of seconds. Extreme regeneration from Injustice: Gods Among Us.
  110. No vital organs.
  111. Immune to instant death effects
  112. Immune to blunt damage.
  113. Immune to slicing/piercing damage All from generic cartoon world.
  115. Empowered by electricity cannot be harmed by electricity Live Wire from Darkstalkers
  117. Immune to fire damage Elemental from generic fighting game
  119. Immune to radiation Self sustenance from DC universe
  121. Immune to disease and parasites, tendency to assimilate diseases and parasites Disease alternate form is imported as warframe infection,Several disease and parasite immunity perks.
  123. Immune to pain Holy empowerment from Helsing
  125. Immune to acid damage. Eraser immunity From generic cartoon world
  127. Immune to most types of damage one would find in a fantasy RPG Videogame. Class+ Lovely garden for weakness of Beatrice
  129. Does not exist as a physical being but rather a pattern à la Dr. Manhattan,Can simply re-manifest if physical body is destroyed. self-willed presence From watchmen
  131. Cannot be harmed by Anything with an open mouth Protection from Loose Lips from Bablovia (Magic: The Gathering Un-Set Jump)
  133. Passive AT field can stop Anything short of a small nuclear Detonation from NGE
  135. Cannot be "erased" or willed out of existence must be fought. Obey me or Defy me From nightmare city
  137. Any attempt to assimilate or mind control him will result in the attacker receiving the same from him.Turn the tables from animorphs+Incomprehensible from Young Justice Backed up by Concept ball From Medaka Box-Abnormal edition
  139. Any attempt to fuse with him will result in him being the dominant personality. All for one from digimon World 2+Turn the tables from animorphs+Incomprehensible from Young Justice Combined with power combinations
  140. From young Justice Backed up by Concept ball From Medaka Box-Abnormal edition
  142. Immune to shaping effects I.e. forcible transformation Moonsilver tattoos From exalted the lunars
  143. Immune to most forms of vibration Vibranium Reinforced eclipse phase case body.
  145. Immune to All energy World Seed blue silver reinforced eclipse phase case body.
  147. Immune to the forces involved in atomic explosions i.e. atomic resilience body technique From Giant Robo
  149. Head is indestructible until/unless the three nails in it are destroyed/removed nails are a affixed with locking threads and composed of Warhammer blood brass to be immune to traditional violence.Head of John Style From K6BD
  151. Physical force and energy based attacks Other than continuous attacks that his vector sense can detect are auto reflected. Custom quirk from MHA
  152. Any attack that does less than 10% total HP of damage is instead negated completely Shields from NES pack
  153. Immune to being hacked Fused with armor that has Unhackable from AvengersAssemble/Wolverine and the X-Men CYOA V.2.0
  154. Even though operates off of HP things must be capable of actually damaging him Significantly in normal ways in order to affect his HP total Best of both worlds from world seed
  156. Soul is inviolate, both to attack and other, more obscure abilities that might affect it Best of both worlds from world seed
  158. Mind cannot be read or controlled Incomprehensible From Young Justice
  160. Immune to systems of physics that would cause Him harm. Is fused with armor enhanced with light from Metroid that is also fused with a perfected Genesis frog from homestuck. Is also fused with Robes of darkness from kingdom hearts
  162. Immune to damage from the environment /space-time anomalies that are not attacks. Bounced off the boundary from BlazBlue : Phase Zero
  164. Immune to non-supernatural damage black beast from BlazBlue : Phase Zero
  166. Can produce counter abilities to enemies most powerful abilities. The Power of Creation+Vylon Variant From Duel Monsters –Duel Terminal Part 2
  168. Cannot be damaged from overcharging his own energies Omega From Duel Monsters –Duel Terminal Part 2
  170. Cannot be damaged from overuse of his own abilities or putting himself beyond his limits the Untrained beast from Katanagatari
  172. Able to avoid attacks by blinking in and out of existence. Scope man from /co/co/'s bizarre adventure
  174. Able to avoid attacks by becoming wind. Wind Powers From Kingdom Come
  176. Cannot be scanned Beyond Surface of skin BLACKBODY ANOMALY from THE CULTURE : MINDS
  177. 80% resistant to the elder scrolls magic
  179. No form of attack can suppress the Jumper’s regeneration—He regenerates even if disintegrated or slain by a death effect. If the The Jumper fails a save against an effect that would kill Him instantly, He rises from death 3 rounds later with 1 hit point if no further damage is inflicted upon His remains. He can be banished or otherwise transported as a means to save a region, but the method to truly kill Him has yet to be discovered. Miniature Creature,Fey Animal/Suzerain Creature, Tarrasque Form from the Pathfinder jump
  180. Immune to ability damage, acid, bleed, disease, energy drain, fire, mind-affecting effects, paralysis, permanent wounds, petrification, poison, polymorph Tarrasque Form from the Pathfinder jump
  181. Flesh will deflect cones, lines, rays, and magic missile spells, rendering the Jumper immune to such effects. There is a 30% chance a deflected effect reflects back in full force at the caster; otherwise it is simply negated. Tarrasque Form from the Pathfinder jump
  184. Can form a Spiky Shield That protects the user from all effects of Abilities that target the user during the turn it is used, including damage. (This does not include damage afflicted by weather conditions it is susceptible to, or damage from a status ailment that it obtained on a previous turn.) Additionally, if Spiky Shield blocks an attack that would make contact with the user, the attacker suffers damage equal to 1/8 of its maximum HP. However, if an attack is blocked by Spiky Shield, the effects of the user's Rocky Helmet, Rough Skin, and Iron Barbs will not activate. If Sucker Punch is used on a Pokémon that has used Spiky Shield, the move fails and the Pokémon does not take damage. 10 times a day Chesnaught Alternate form from Pokémon mystery dungeon
  185. 10 seconds invulnerability time at 40% health 40 second cooldown, 1% health regeneration a second Health only regenerates during invulnerability time Equipped Unique relic from Borderlands
  186. When reduced to 75% health health is completely restored once and several abilities are gained dark form from paper Mario
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