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  1. The problem is letting in SD Rhyperior. Let us say that Hydreigon uses Flash Cannon on a Clefable switch. I wish up on a switch to Rhyperior. Now, I am forced to pass on healing Clefable since Rhyperior is a huge threat to my entire team and go Seismitoad on a SD. From this point I assumed that Rhyperior would be able to outspeed my -speed Seismitoad and 2hko it via Earthquake while living Scald. At the end of this I managed to weaken Rhyperior, but Rotom-Heat is a huge problem, while Clefable is also around halflife vs two dragons. If I go Mandibuzz, that covers Flash Cannon, and still allows for a 50/50 on Nastly Plot: going Clefable or U-turning.
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