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  1. @echo off
  2. color 2
  3. :A
  4. cls
  5. echo Welcome to the login screen
  6. set /p user=username:
  7. set /p pass=password:
  8. if "%user%"=="test" if "%pass%"=="test" goto :B
  9. if "%user%"=="H0tt3nt0ttNOR" if "%pass%"=="123" goto :B
  10. cls
  11. echo Incorrect username or password. access denied!
  12. ping -n 1 -w 4000 >nul
  13. goto :A
  14. :B
  15. cls
  16. echo Welcome %user%
  17. set /p com=command
  18. if "%com%"=="log off" goto :A
  19. if "%com%"=="log out" goto :A
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