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  1. A Potential Weapon Feature (Search Snake?):
  2. (18:10:57) Tobyjoey: Alright, so this is going to be about crawling/falling weapons like Bubble Lead and Search Snake.
  3. (18:12:00) Tobyjoey: As of now, both weapons are select a target and fairly accurate.
  4. (18:12:17) MegaBossMan: [Quickly to note, Search Snake hits 3 times now]
  5. (18:15:19) Tobyjoey: So, in the games, it was kinda ideal to miss the enemies. If you did, that was okay, as you could possibly hit one that was further down or higher up on a ledge.
  6. (18:15:55) Tobyjoey: The weapons were energy efficient but weak for a reason.
  7. (18:17:06) Tobyjoey: My proposal is to carry that over to the prototype: lets say you target the first of the opponents robots, and the attack misses. Instead of the attack being over, it will try to hit the NEXT robot in the opponent's lineup.
  8. (18:18:01) MegaBossMan: I'm not sure of Search Snake, mostly because I'd like to imagine it's pretty accurate, but I'd like to see this for Bubble Lead
  9. (18:19:18) ThatGuyNamedMike: there's but two glaring problems with this, so far as I can see. The first is that attacks like that could be quite overpowered if they're available too early. That's definitely the basis for an awesome attack to use later, but, up front, where enemies are better suited to beginners? it could prove to make things too easy, and things are already too easy.
  10. (18:20:22) MegaBossMan: Can anyone think of an Achilles's heel for this?
  11. (18:20:44) MegaBossMan: Maybe the accuracy gets dropped every time it misses it's target?
  12. (18:20:49) TheDoc: The power goes down the more that it misses
  13. (18:21:17) MegaBossMan: Yeah, I think that works for a possible weakness.
  14. (18:21:27) ThatGuyNamedMike: Uhhhh.....Again, it should probably be a bonus move not found until later, like Bubble Bomb is.
  15. (18:22:06) MegaBossMan: Maybe we keep it in mind for a future move?
  16. (18:22:31) ThatGuyNamedMike: that COULd be the basis for a devious Boss move, actually.
  17. (18:22:52) MegaBossMan: I could see a modification for a move like that for a Boss, but maybe without the weakness.
  18. (18:22:59) MegaBossMan: Maybe Terra's move, actually?
  19. (18:23:07) MegaBossMan: Wait, no....
  20. (18:23:38) MegaBossMan: I wouldn't imagine his Laser missing his target and switching to the next target.
  21. (18:24:09) ThatGuyNamedMike: Turbo Man's Turbo Wheel.
  22. (18:24:56) ThatGuyNamedMike: TW is currently in the database as a combination Swift/Fire move, unless I'm mistaken,
  23. (18:24:29) MegaBossMan: Not too sure I think it fits.
  24. (18:25:23) ThatGuyNamedMike: So, you could easily make the justification that it moves fast.
  25. (18:25:47) MegaBossMan: No, I don't think I really like Turbo Wheel working like that.
  26. (18:24:45) Tobyjoey: Cold Man's Ice Wall?
  27. (18:25:14) MegaBossMan: Ice Wall fits the bill a bit more, but I don't want to force it into a move.
  28. (18:25:47) TheDoc: Do you think maybe it'd be better to just keep in mind?
  29. (18:25:54) MegaBossMan: Yes, let's keep it in mind.
  31. Mikey’s Report:
  32. (18:32:04) ThatGuyNamedMike: Firstly, You'll all be glad to know that although Adrian didn't say anything else on the matter concerning whether or not I'll be designing future Prototype missions,
  33. (18:32:20) ThatGuyNamedMike: He gave an A+ for my rough draft.
  34. (18:33:45) ThatGuyNamedMike: the draft:
  35. (18:33:57) ThatGuyNamedMike: And be sure to tell me what you think.
  36. (18:37:55) TailsMK4: My only comment...shouldn't there be an intro to a boss fight in the demo?
  37. (18:38:01) MegaBossMan: ^
  38. (18:39:30) TailsMK4: I think I'll say...maybe Trill instead of the Sniper Joes, personally.
  39. (18:43:41) MegaBossMan: Alright, so first off Mike, what levels are the Copy-cores supposed to be?
  40. (18:44:00) ThatGuyNamedMike: Same as in the Preview Prototype: Lv. 1.
  41. (18:44:08) MegaBossMan: Hmm, I'd go level 3.
  42. (18:44:41) MegaBossMan: Enough to make the Mettaur fight, enough to introduce the mechanics that level 2 brings in, but a good amount to work with for the rest of the battles.
  43. (18:45:22) ThatGuyNamedMike: Have you seen the moves that the Preview's Demo give our 3 "Lv. 1's"?
  44. (18:45:52) TailsMK4: To be honest...the extra moves are kind of weak...the elemental ones at least.
  45. (18:46:23) MegaBossMan: We don't want to guide the player clearly, but we don't want them quitting on us and losing a new player.
  46. (18:47:25) MetaKirbSterZX: Weaknesses
  47. (18:47:36) MegaBossMan: Do new players know how weaknesses work, though?
  48. (18:48:47) TailsMK4: I think I would also propose maybe some extra info boxes like mentioning what the mission's purpose is
  49. (18:49:28) MegaBossMan: AS LONG as it doesn't give away what the player should do.
  50. (18:49:52) MegaBossMan: Maybe give them a hint, but not flat-out explaining what you should do.
  51. (18:50:19) MegaBossMan: Do you guys think we might be "tutorialing" this, though?
  52. 18:50:58) ThatGuyNamedMike: That's kinda the point, Boss. This game ain't exactly beginner-friendly.
  53. (18:52:37) MegaBossMan: Well, I'm sure there are people out there who like skipping tutorials of sorts.
  54. (18:53:15) ThatGuyNamedMike: By the by, The reason that I picked 5 Sniper Joes instead of Trill?
  55. (18:53:37) ThatGuyNamedMike: ...have you seen Trill's Stats? x)
  57. Mikey’s Usual Slew of Ideas:
  58. (19:22:01) ThatGuyNamedMike:
  59. (19:25:19) TheDoc: I like the 2nd idea a lot. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it.
  60. (19:25:55) TheDoc: I just hope that, put in practice, it doesn't make ability speeds obsolete
  61. (19:26:45) ThatGuyNamedMike: That's the point of the idea: The make Ability Speeds as we know then now to be obsolete, and make the Speed Stat relevant.
  62. (19:28:04) TheDoc: When I say obsolete, I mean that I would still want it to play a significant part in battle. I haven't done a ton of the math yet, so I can't say…
  63. (19:28:14) AdrianMarceau: ...I actually like the concept for the ability speeds. It does solve a lot of problems while still allowing certain abilities to take priority. Good job on that one.
  64. (19:29:25) AdrianMarceau: Though I think most abilities will have a default of 1 with only a select few deviating.
  65. (19:29:45) TheDoc: Idk if it's been clarified yet: are superbosses a thing?
  66. (19:30:13) ThatGuyNamedMike: Well, that's the thing, Doc, these would be Story+ bosses that are hyper strong.
  67. (19:31:18) ThatGuyNamedMike: Maybe they won't even have the stats, they just manage to be way tougher in other ways.
  68. (19:33:01) ThatGuyNamedMike: The idea I pitched about a superboss called "The Marceau" a few months back had him doing nothing for 15 Turns, and then obliterating you entire team, regardless of defenses or remaining HP.
  69. (19:34:05) AdrianMarceau: Now that I'm done with the ideas, I actually kind of like all of them.
  70. (19:35:36) AdrianMarceau: While I do want to have stages for every RM at some point, I think having a way to transition into that would be nice and the music idea might help.
  71. (19:35:58) AdrianMarceau: At least until the other stages are done, we could have alt-themes attached to each stage that play when certain conditions are met.
  72. (19:36:33) AdrianMarceau: I don't see why the starforce battles couldn't trigger alt themes - we already have external bonus robots showing up.
  73. (19:37:18) AdrianMarceau: And I'm also cool with using the V2 fortress/etc. themes in the re-appearances of those fields in the campaign. Would be familiar but diff enough to keep things interesting.
  74. (19:40:53) TheDoc: For clarification, we would be keeping the original remixes to their respective stages, correct?
  75. (19:41:04) ThatGuyNamedMike: Of course.
  76. (19:41:18) MegaBossMan: Although, Renegade has only made [V2s] of MM10, right?
  77. (19:41:41) ThatGuyNamedMike: I don't BELIEVE so. I'd have to check.
  78. (19:42:07) MegaBossMan: I know he redid X2 and X3, but unless we're including Zero in Prototype, I wouldn't know a place to put those.
  79. (19:42:21) TheDoc: I would be fine with plugging in v2s here and there as a sort of easter egg, but unless there's a consistency in which he's releasing v2s, there's no need to create a system for it, ya know what I mean?
  80. (19:42:44) MegaBossMan: I'd be fine if it just went Bonus Field II and just alternated between the two tracks.
  81. (19:43:05) MegaBossMan: I haven't trained up in Music Theory for a while, but I can't really hear TOO many differences between versions.
  82. (19:43:53) MegaBossMan: ....Although, as I recall, Blade [V2] has a harder Bass line....
  83. (19:43:58) TheDoc: I haven't diligently listened to them either, so I can't make that call. I'm proposing this assuming that there's significant diferences between v1 and v2 tracks
  84. (19:44:12) MegaBossMan: I think there's only tiny differences.
  85. (19:45:52) ThatGuyNamedMike: Also, as I said, you could just save them for later.
  86. (19:46:00) ThatGuyNamedMike: As in the endgame and stuff.
  87. (19:46:15) MegaBossMan: While I'd feel it'd be more appropriate to do something similar to how Bonus Field switches between tracks, at least we're making use of these different versions.
  88. (19:47:14) TheDoc: Yea, using things like MM10 Wily 5 (which has already been used anyways) and whatnot in the later stages is a good idea. Having a lot of variety in music is never bad.
  89. (19:48:45) TheDoc: We could always use MMX remixes as well, but that's more of a last resort or easter egg for Bonus Fields
  90. (19:48:58) MegaBossMan: I feel like expanding our soundtrack to X wouldn't be so bad
  91. (19:49:11) MegaBossMan: We're not DIRECTLY referencing X, after all.
  92. (19:49:30) MegaBossMan: Plus, maybe it could even be used for the Cache bots, if we have nothing else?
  93. (19:50:08) MegaBossMan: After all, Cache bots do seem to be Robots that are more advanced, being recreated with tools that is designed to be for advanced programming.
  94. (19:49:45) TheDoc: I would like to keep it in Classic as much as possible first, but I agree. TLoR has some excellent X remixes
  95. (19:53:37) AdrianMarceau: I would like for someone to organize the other MM5+ themes into groups of which stage they should appear on and their URLs/names so I can easily copy/paste and download.
  96. (19:53:57) AdrianMarceau: With the restriction that the RM who owns the them would naturally appear on that stage in a starforce battle.
  97. (19:53:07) MegaBossMan jumps up
  98. (19:54:20) ThatGuyNamedMike: As its' my idea, it's only right that I partake in this. xD
  99. (19:54:38) AdrianMarceau: Once someone has compiled that for me, I'll add them to the stages and have it randomly select from all field options during starforce missions.
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