Aesthetic Dentistry - Press Release

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  4. This is thedarkoverlord (@tdohack3r) here to deliver a message.
  6. We've recently had the pleasure of entertaining the company of an up-scale dentistry in the Manhattan area of New York City, after pillaging them and acquiring 3.5k patient records that contain both PII and PHI - unlike previous copycats. Yes, we know that 3.5k isn't a lot compared to our previous feats but we've decided to bring this breach to light due to the way we were treated by our target.
  8. The name of this dentistry is none other than Aesthetic Dentistry located at 156 5th Avenue, Office 304, New York, NY 10010. They can be reached by phone at (+1)212-929-9191 and by email at Their website is
  10. Being the good-natured people we are, we contacted the dentistry after we had a copy of their patient records safely in our possession. After notifying them of this fact, we then proposed a course of action that would accomodate us both. However, for reasons unknown, they suddenly became hostile towards us and using very colourful language, foolishly declined (pictured on Twitter). However, after much contemplation, we've come to the conclusion that they may not be the most situationally-aware people. We understand that they'll require a gentle nudge or two which is why we'll still be giving Aesthetic Dentistry a choise to cooperate with us or suffer a stabbing pain inflicted by yours truly.
  12. As proof that what we say is true, you will find below a link to sample of the data. Note that they contain PHI. Their records show that some patients have HIV, AIDS, Herpes Simplex, or Venereal Disease, and much more. More of these records specifically will be released if Aesthetic Dentistry does not cooperate with us.
  14. As always, we are open to communication and discussion with all of our valued business partners.
  16. Here is a link to sample records:
  18. Until next time,
  19. thedarkoverlord
  20. Professional Adversary
  21. World Wide Web, LLC
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