Celestial Sneeze

Jun 20th, 2015
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  1. “Welcome to the Grand Equestria Summit!” Luna bellowed with Celestia, Cadance, and Twilight all to her side. Before her stood a massive delegation of representatves from every incorporated place in Equestria. There were ponies from the far reaches of the north, to from the deep south, out west and along the eastern seaboard. A pony from Las Pegasus, and one from Baltimare. They had all turned up for the annual Grand Equestrian Summit to further build patriotic pride and fervor.
  2. It was a beautiful spring day, not too hot and not too cold. Just perfect with a light breeze. The princesses all smiled as the delegates made their way into the main courtyard for the morning brunch. It was a mass orchestrated event, and each one of the princesses had speeches they needed to give during the brunch.
  3. “Huhh-Ettcchooo!” Princess Celestia sneezed aloud, but turned behind each of the princesses beside her. She quickly looked attentive again as her eyes began to water. She didn't rub her nose, even though it begged to be to rubbed. It was tingling as if lemon had been squeezed on a wound, but no. Celestia could not stand out of formation, and had to act formal, even though her allergies were kicking her plot today.
  4. “You going to be able to give this speech?” Cadance asked in private to Celestia as Luna was wrapping up her speech.
  5. “Of course. I can . . . “ Her nostrils flared as her head reared back. She was in the limbo zone as the sneeze demanded to be released. Celestia wrangled the sneeze and subdued it enough to finish her sentence. “I can give a quick speech and go back in my chambers.” Cadance nodded as Celestia spoke. “I am sure you and Luna can take matters beyond that.”
  6. Cadance smiled as Twilight finished her speech and she went on to give hers. Celestia patted Twilight on the back as she walked by and stood beside, Celestia. Celestia looked out on the crowd of delegate faces. All eyes were one the Princess Cadance speaking. She thought now would be a good time to release one of her sneezes. At least that way she could subdue some of the allergy sensations.
  7. Celestia gave a slight sniff, but the pollen had already taken control of her sinuses. She snorted and coughed, shaking up the line of royalty she was standing in. She bucked forward and reared her head back as her chest puffed out. She sucked in air as she clenched her teeth, rerouting air out her nostrils instead of her mouth, thus sending a wild amount of mist into the air as her head shot down and rump rose up. “Herrrggshhhhhhh!” She raised her head again and doubled down as the sneeze blew out her nose and mouth, far too strong to subdue. “Etttsshhhhhhhhhhheeee!” Her hips bumped into Luna's and Twilight's.
  8. Cadance stopped her speech for a moment to look back and realized the mayhem going on behind her. She cleared her thoat and decided to talk louder.
  9. “Heerrrgggssshhheee!” Celestia bounced back as her flank rammed against Twilight, knocking her off balance. Twilight fell sideways, causing the stage to rumble, and Celestia to rear onto her back hooves. She sneezed once more with extreme force as it blasted out of her nostrils and mouth.
  10. “Hheerrrrgggggeessshhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeee!” The sneeze flopped Celestia back onto her rump and by the time she had finished sneezing, she was sitting on stage, Twilight was on her side, and Luna was snickering.
  11. Cadance finished her speech, then stalled. “Uhhh . . . that will conclude our speeches for today, and on behalf of Celestia and the Equestrian government, we hope you enjoy your brunch!” She gave a nervous smile as she backed up and the curtains quickly closed around them.
  12. “You okay?” Cadance asked Celestia.
  13. “I guess I couldn't keep my allergies at bay.” Celestia said rubbing her nose.
  14. Luna chimed in, “Nothing looks more professional then a sneezing member of the cabinet causing a ruckus on stage.” Luna chuckled as Cadance gave her a glaring look.
  15. Celestia smiled too. “You know what they say? When Equestria sneezes, the world catches a cold.”
  16. “And if Celestia sneezes, Equestria gets a cold.” Twilight added.
  17. Celestia nodded.
  18. “We have a lot to do still, so lets get moving. We don't have all day.” Cadance warned as she helped Celestia up. The group quickly went off stage and went to their next orders of business as Celestia ran off to her chambers for some much needed allergy medication.
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