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  1. ~~ Bolt Origins ~~
  2. a small transcript of Boltage McGammar's Pokemon RPG
  5. Boltage The Absol: You.
  6. Talon(Umbreon): So, your not to happy to see me then huh?
  7. Ivan(leafeon): Who is this..?
  8. • Talon(Umbreon) laughs ''Your worst nightmare.''
  9. Talon(Umbreon): Boltage ring a bell?
  10. • Ivan(leafeon) luaghs
  11. • Ivan(leafeon) laughs
  12. Talon(Umbreon): Your pretty funny.
  13. Ivan(leafeon): "Like you and your *Ban appeal* scares me"
  14. Talon(Umbreon): I'm just saying that... well...
  15. Ivan(leafeon): Hahahaha!
  16. • Talon(Umbreon) rolls his eyes ''I thought I could care about you though...''
  17. Ivan(leafeon): "You. care about me.
  18. Talon(Umbreon): ''Sad pity.''
  19. Ivan(leafeon): When you reported me.
  20. Ivan(leafeon): Dosnt sound like care to me.
  21. Talon(Umbreon): I cared about you till you broke my heart...
  22. Ivan(leafeon): How.
  23. Talon(Umbreon): I saw what you did... who you were...
  24. Ivan(leafeon): How Did I.
  25. Ivan(leafeon): And as for alt changes.
  26. Talon(Umbreon): The countless OC's....
  27. Ivan(leafeon): I only use this account.
  28. Ivan(leafeon): I DONT HAVE ANY OTHER OC'S!?
  29. Ivan(leafeon): WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE NOt GET ABOUT THAT!?
  30. • Talon(Umbreon) walks closer to the leafeon and touches her face ''I don't even know why I loved you...'''
  31. • Ivan(leafeon) pulls back.
  32. Talon(Umbreon): You jump from person to person so fast.
  33. Ivan(leafeon): "Don't touch me."
  34. Ivan(leafeon): I do nothing of the sorts.
  35. Talon(Umbreon): Want the proof?
  36. Ivan(leafeon): I never leave a singular person.
  37. Ivan(leafeon): I have others. yes.
  38. Ivan(leafeon): But I NEVER
  39. Ivan(leafeon): leave
  40. Ivan(leafeon): them.
  41. Ivan(leafeon): They leave me.
  42. • Talon(Umbreon) has a tear drop leave his eye ''I would give you a chance but...''
  43. Ivan(leafeon): "I dont want your chance if you dont think Im right.
  44. Talon(Umbreon): You have the most beautiful personality Ivan!
  45. Ivan(leafeon): Do you know how long i've had a hole in my heart?
  46. Ivan(leafeon): And why Im such a fucking slut!>
  47. Ivan(leafeon): DO YOU
  48. Talon(Umbreon): I loved you cause you had so much spirit!
  49. Ivan(leafeon): DID YOU EVER EVEN ASK ME WHY!
  50. Talon(Umbreon): You where... perfect to me.
  51. Talon(Umbreon): Till I saw the others and what you said...
  52. Ivan(leafeon): What did I say,].
  53. Ivan(leafeon): Tell me.
  54. Ivan(leafeon): Tell me what Xenon told you.
  55. Ivan(leafeon): OR DUst
  56. Ivan(leafeon): Or jin'
  57. Ivan(leafeon): Or lea
  58. Ivan(leafeon): or Darkness
  59. Ivan(leafeon): Or what about Julian>
  60. Ivan(leafeon): Or kenny
  61. Talon(Umbreon): Xenon. Marcohh. Sonic. Ramon. Needler.
  62. Ivan(leafeon): Hmm? HMMM
  63. Ivan(leafeon): Sonic?
  64. Talon(Umbreon): Could you change?
  65. Ivan(leafeon): Idk him
  66. Ivan(leafeon): Ramon?
  67. Talon(Umbreon): Could you?
  68. Ivan(leafeon): Idk him.
  69. Ivan(leafeon): Change what.
  70. Ivan(leafeon): What do you want me too change
  71. Talon(Umbreon): I want you to change to be mine, and only mine.
  72. Talon(Umbreon): That was what I wanted.
  73. Ivan(leafeon): "..."
  74. • Ivan(leafeon) Looks at him.
  75. Ivan(leafeon): "You want me."
  76. Ivan(leafeon): "To be only yours."
  77. Talon(Umbreon):
  78. Talon(Umbreon):
  79. Talon(Umbreon):
  80. Talon(Umbreon):
  81. Ivan(leafeon): I DONT NEED TO SEE THIS
  82. Talon(Umbreon): I do want you.
  83. Ivan(leafeon): I WAS THERE
  84. Talon(Umbreon): I want to forget your past.
  85. Ivan(leafeon): DID HE SHOW YoU HOW THE RP STARTED?
  86. Ivan(leafeon): HE
  87. Ivan(leafeon): ASKED
  88. Ivan(leafeon): ME
  89. Talon(Umbreon): I don't care how any of this started.
  90. • Ivan(leafeon) groans
  91. Talon(Umbreon): I just want you for myself. As selfish as it may seem.
  92. Ivan(leafeon): "No ONE LISTENS TO ME!"
  93. • Ivan(leafeon) sits down, staring at the ground
  94. Ivan(leafeon): "Why do you love me. Tell me. I want to know."
  95. • Talon(Umbreon) hugs Ivan ''I listened, but I couldn't believe...''
  96. Talon(Umbreon): Your the most beautiful character I ever had to even talk to, your personality was caring and so warm and inviting...
  97. Talon(Umbreon): I couldn't get over it...
  98. Talon(Umbreon): You were...
  99. Talon(Umbreon): Perfect....
  100. • Ivan(leafeon) growls
  101. Talon(Umbreon): I was gonna ask you to go steady with me on showdown, but then this all happened.
  102. Ivan(leafeon): "1 person felt that way about me.
  103. Ivan(leafeon): "1 person."
  104. Ivan(leafeon): "HE was all I ever wanted."
  105. Ivan(leafeon): "The reason im such a fucking Slut."
  106. Talon(Umbreon): Who was it?
  107. Ivan(leafeon): "You know why im a slut?"
  108. Ivan(leafeon): "Because hes dead."
  109. Ivan(leafeon): "I will never. ever. see him again."
  110. Ivan(leafeon): Now I have a hole in whats left of me.
  111. Ivan(leafeon): Now I try to fill it.
  112. • Talon(Umbreon) hugs Ivan ''I want to fill that hole.''
  113. Talon(Umbreon): I want to be your yang.
  114. Boltage The Absol: I love you Ivan.
  115. Ivan(leafeon): THen why would you go behind my back to Xenon. someone I trusted and who abandoned me.
  116. Ivan(leafeon): Someone Who I helped!
  117. Ivan(leafeon): Because they asked!
  118. • Boltage The Absol has tears raining down his cheeks ''It was because I was scared that I would be the next person you would forget...''
  119. Ivan(leafeon): And where did it get me?
  120. Ivan(leafeon): DID YOU NOT READ WHAT I SAID
  121. Ivan(leafeon): I
  122. Ivan(leafeon): NEVER
  123. Ivan(leafeon): LEAVE
  124. Ivan(leafeon): THEY
  125. Ivan(leafeon): DO
  126. • Boltage The Absol tries to find his words ''Ivan.''
  127. Boltage The Absol: I want to forget this... I really do...
  128. Ivan(leafeon): "YOU DONT THINK KENNY LEFT ME?"
  130. Ivan(leafeon): "LIKE I DONT KNOW HOW IT FEELS?"
  131. Boltage The Absol: Ivan! IVE BEEN THROUGH THE SAME EXACT SHIT@
  133. Boltage The Absol: i WAS THE FUCKING MOCK OF SHOWDOWN
  134. Ivan(leafeon): AND IM NOT
  135. Ivan(leafeon): IM JUST THE FUCKING SLUT!?
  136. Boltage The Absol: I WAS LABELED AS THE GLOBAL TROLL...
  137. Boltage The Absol: I was...
  138. Boltage The Absol: Ruined...
  139. Boltage The Absol: She...
  141. • Ivan(leafeon) closes her eyes.
  142. Ivan(leafeon): "1....2.....3.....4....5..."
  143. • Boltage The Absol walks over to Ivan and places his hand on her face ''Please...let me be yours...''
  144. Boltage The Absol: I've had enough pain already...
  145. Ivan(leafeon): "6-6....7.....8-8...9..."
  146. Boltage The Absol: I don't want to make another mistake
  147. Boltage The Absol: And if you truly don't believe me... I wouild tell you everything...
  148. Boltage The Absol: Every little detail about what happened to me...
  149. • Ivan(leafeon) calmly lies down, closing her eyes and thinking about all she could have had with Kenny. Children.. family.. love.. happiness..."
  150. Boltage The Absol: I had all of those besides Children...
  151. Ivan(leafeon): And how do I know your not trying to ban me.
  152. Ivan(leafeon): That this isnt anything but some more FUCKING EVIDENSE!
  153. Boltage The Absol: I'll even tell Sweep to call it off.
  154. Boltage The Absol: I promise.
  155. Ivan(leafeon): Did you know who camd to talk to me today.
  156. Ivan(leafeon): DArkness.
  157. • Boltage The Absol has tears running down his cheeks ''I never cry, but... I-I-I believe you...''
  158. Ivan(leafeon): The one person. that I thought would never defend me.
  159. Boltage The Absol: He... betrayed me...
  160. Ivan(leafeon): He came to warn me.
  162. Boltage The Absol: ...
  163. • Ivan(leafeon) groans in frustration
  164. Ivan(leafeon): And to think you chose Xenon.
  165. Ivan(leafeon): Of all people
  166. Ivan(leafeon): XENON
  167. Boltage The Absol: I've had my heart ripped out so much that literally I tried so hard to take it out on you.
  168. Ivan(leafeon): THE one WHo FUCKING CHEATeD ON HONEY'
  169. Boltage The Absol: Thats true.
  170. • Boltage The Absol doesn't know what to think anymore
  171. Ivan(leafeon): HE CHEATED WITH ME
  172. Boltage The Absol: Give me a seond.
  173. Boltage The Absol: second.
  174. Ivan(leafeon): HE JUST TOLD ME HE LOVED ME
  175. Ivan(leafeon): ASKED ME TO DO A FUCKING SE RP
  176. Ivan(leafeon): WTF?
  177. Boltage The Absol: I gave you reasons.
  178. Ivan(leafeon): THEN BLAME ME?!
  179. Boltage The Absol: Ivan!
  180. Boltage The Absol: Please!
  182. Ivan(leafeon): NOt FROM THE VERY BEGINNING
  183. Ivan(leafeon): MARKOHH
  184. • Boltage The Absol takes another verbal lashing
  185. Ivan(leafeon): OR SHOULD I SAY SLY
  186. Ivan(leafeon): DECIDED To SET ME UP
  187. Ivan(leafeon): ARE YoU FUCKING SERIOUS
  188. Boltage The Absol: Ivan...
  189. Ivan(leafeon): I DONT DESERVE THIS!
  190. Boltage The Absol: Ivan please!
  191. Ivan(leafeon): IVE ALREADY LOSt My ENtIRE LIFE!
  192. Boltage The Absol: Please!
  193. Boltage The Absol: Please...
  194. Boltage The Absol: I love you...
  195. Boltage The Absol: I want to make that pronounced.
  196. Ivan(leafeon): "You dont love me."
  197. Boltage The Absol: I will give the world for you.
  198. Ivan(leafeon): "You love my body."
  199. Ivan(leafeon): "Just like every other guy on this site."
  200. • Boltage The Absol scoffs ''I love your personality...''
  201. Boltage The Absol: Want proof?
  202. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: I'm calling it off.
  203. Boltage The Absol: Lux Winterjay: You're lilke bi curious right
  204. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: Shut it, I'm gonna try to get with Ivan.
  205. Boltage The Absol: Lux Winterjay: I thought you wanted her banned.
  206. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: I love her too much...
  207. Boltage The Absol: Lux Winterjay: You're so pathetic .-.
  208. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: Shut it.
  209. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol starts to walk away ''I really am sorry, I'll be waiting for Ivan if she ever does return, I was probably the only person that cared about her anyway.''
  210. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol sighs ''I promised Ivan I would only stay with her ''She has the most beutiful personality and I actually felt like I connected somehow... I-I can't...
  211. Boltage The Absol: My mind kept thinking about YOU
  212. Boltage The Absol: Not your body... YOY
  213. Boltage The Absol: YOU8
  214. Boltage The Absol: I do love you.
  215. Ivan(leafeon): Your thinking about Ivan
  216. Ivan(leafeon): Not the real me.
  217. Boltage The Absol: I want it to be both.
  218. Boltage The Absol: I can't stand to be away from you.
  219. Boltage The Absol: I was depressed when you left that one day...
  220. Ivan(leafeon): Well guess what.
  221. Ivan(leafeon): Ivan.
  222. Ivan(leafeon): IS.
  223. Ivan(leafeon): A
  224. Ivan(leafeon): GUY
  225. Ivan(leafeon): O.O
  226. • Boltage The Absol doesn't care
  227. Ivan(leafeon): Oooooo! SHocker!!
  228. Boltage The Absol: I'm bi you know....
  229. Boltage The Absol: So...
  230. Boltage The Absol: Could we make it work?
  231. • Ivan(leafeon) stares.
  232. • Boltage The Absol stares back locking eyes
  233. • Ivan(leafeon) grunts
  234. Ivan(leafeon): Oh.
  235. Ivan(leafeon): So last time I checked
  236. Boltage The Absol: I wasn't joking.
  237. Ivan(leafeon): This lux winterjay
  238. Ivan(leafeon): Is.
  239. Ivan(leafeon): Your.
  240. Boltage The Absol: Ex.
  241. Ivan(leafeon): Gf/Bf
  242. Ivan(leafeon): Lux Winterjay: No actually my boyfriend
  243. Boltage The Absol: She is my Ex I was trying to tell you out.
  244. Boltage The Absol: It's a she...
  245. Boltage The Absol: Dont listen to her...
  246. Ivan(leafeon): So you planned on getting rid of me.
  247. Ivan(leafeon): hmph.
  248. Boltage The Absol: Did being the main word.
  249. Boltage The Absol: If you don't love me back you don't.
  250. Boltage The Absol: I don't know if you did from the start.
  251. Ivan(leafeon): I didnt say that.
  252. Ivan(leafeon): I develope a bond with everyone I have a sex rp with.
  253. Ivan(leafeon): I get warm feelings.
  254. Ivan(leafeon): It's weird Ik
  255. Ivan(leafeon): But I do.
  256. • Boltage The Absol shrugs ''It was a little more than that wth me...''
  257. Ivan(leafeon): I've noticed.
  258. Ivan(leafeon): Btw
  259. Boltage The Absol: I'm actually pretty intelligent, so I can comprehend peoples feelings as well.''
  260. Ivan(leafeon): Xenon things hes gonna get off scott free
  261. Boltage The Absol: But...
  262. Ivan(leafeon): Ooooh he has no FUCKING idea whats coming.
  263. Boltage The Absol: Wait.
  264. Boltage The Absol: I have an idea.
  265. Ivan(leafeon): ..
  266. Ivan(leafeon): Ivan(leafeon): So are you his x
  267. Ivan(leafeon): Lux Winterjay: Nope.
  268. Ivan(leafeon): -.-
  269. Boltage The Absol: She is a hothead...
  270. Boltage The Absol: Trust me...
  271. Boltage The Absol: Lux Winterjay: ?
  272. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: Yu are my ex
  273. Boltage The Absol: Lux Winterjay: Sadly.
  274. Boltage The Absol: There you go.
  275. • Ivan(leafeon) groans
  276. Ivan(leafeon): Im so fucking confused
  277. Boltage The Absol: Trust me, it's like this a lot...
  278. Ivan(leafeon): It went from me being attacked, to loved, to lied, to truth.. to UUUUUGGGGGGG
  279. Boltage The Absol: Me and her used to be extremely close...
  280. Boltage The Absol: Ivan...
  281. Boltage The Absol: Could I tell you my story?
  282. Boltage The Absol: Without interruptions?
  283. Ivan(leafeon): go ahead,
  284. Boltage The Absol: Alright...
  285. Boltage The Absol: Well lets go back 9 months.
  286. Boltage The Absol: Nm, make it 12.
  287. Boltage The Absol: It was in march.
  288. Boltage The Absol: Anyway...
  289. Boltage The Absol: I was pretty much a little idiotic back then, loved many got few.
  290. Boltage The Absol: Well, I kinda ran into this alt Ravenn(Absol).
  291. Boltage The Absol: I thought we kinda fell in love like some little story-book.
  292. Boltage The Absol: But... I was oblivious.
  293. Boltage The Absol: I never really knew what I was doing cause I was always following her.
  294. Boltage The Absol: It started to get me into trolling.
  295. Boltage The Absol: I would pull pranks in main with Galom or scream at a mod in main
  296. Boltage The Absol: Or so of such.
  297. Boltage The Absol: with Ravenn*
  298. Boltage The Absol: Anyway... I got banned a total of 12 times in 4 months.
  299. Boltage The Absol: It fucked up my rep.
  300. Boltage The Absol: It then started to turn into lis...
  301. Boltage The Absol: lies*
  302. Boltage The Absol: Countless lies one after another.
  303. Boltage The Absol: It was endless...
  304. Boltage The Absol: She wasn't really 21... she wasn't from scotland, she didn't really love me, she just wanted to date an american guy, she even lied about her name!
  305. Boltage The Absol: She fucked with me the whole time!
  306. Boltage The Absol: I left showdown for 3 months after this,m tears running down my face in real life.
  307. Boltage The Absol: This is why I'm so defensive about who I'm in a relationship with, this is why I can't find love... this... was... my curtain call
  308. Boltage The Absol: And still is, I'll never become a voice now.
  309. Ivan(leafeon): mine was kenny
  310. Boltage The Absol: This is why I'm serious Ivan, I do love you, guy or not...
  311. Ivan(leafeon): he still is
  312. • Boltage The Absol hugs Ivan ''I'm sorry.''
  313. Boltage The Absol: I really am...
  314. Boltage The Absol: I'm ashamed even...
  315. Boltage The Absol: If you want, I'll leave showdown for good. Just do that your happy.
  316. Boltage The Absol: so that*
  317. Boltage The Absol: Lux Winterjay: THE LEADER IS ON
  318. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: STOP
  319. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: NOW
  320. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: Cause I love Ivan...
  321. Boltage The Absol: Lux Winterjay: No.
  322. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: I'm gonna make it work.
  323. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: Please...
  324. Boltage The Absol: Lux Winterjay: No.
  325. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: I will never forgive you...
  326. Boltage The Absol: Lux Winterjay: You've wasted my time with this bullshit.
  327. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: stop.
  328. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: Please.
  329. Boltage The Absol: Lux Winterjay: So so lucky he's busy.
  330. Boltage The Absol: I'm trying to save you.
  331. Boltage The Absol: At this point, I'm giving all my power to stop Lux Winterjay...
  332. Ivan(leafeon): IF I tried to stop her.
  333. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: Are you really going to turn this into a fallout like our relashionship?
  334. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: Thats not right Harley.
  335. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: You know it's not.
  336. Boltage The Absol: Lux Winterjay: Won't, last.
  337. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: I'll make it last.
  338. Boltage The Absol: Ivan. I just want to ask one question.
  339. Ivan(leafeon): ...?
  340. Boltage The Absol: And I'm being honest as hell itself.
  341. Boltage The Absol: Would you go steady with me on showdown.
  342. Boltage The Absol: It's all I ever wanted.
  343. Ivan(leafeon): Steady.
  344. Ivan(leafeon): define.
  345. Boltage The Absol: Constant.
  346. Boltage The Absol: Thats a better way of putting it, like a real shipping.
  347. Boltage The Absol: Not some one time thing.
  348. Boltage The Absol: Lux Winterjay: You creatures are weird.
  349. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: Quite you.
  350. Boltage The Absol: Lux Winterjay: It must be so boring in that tiny little mind of yours.
  351. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: S.
  352. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: T
  353. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: F
  354. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: U
  355. Boltage The Absol: Lux Winterjay: Ignorant, pathetic, confused little creatures.
  356. Boltage The Absol: Lux Winterjay: I'd call it adorable but I'd be lying.
  357. Boltage The Absol: This is how you know I'm telling the truth, cause she detest greatly towards this.
  358. Boltage The Absol: So would you?
  359. • Boltage The Absol lets out his hand
  360. Ivan(leafeon): yes'
  361. Ivan(leafeon): I could
  362. Boltage The Absol: You would?
  363. Ivan(leafeon): I would
  364. Ivan(leafeon): IF
  365. Ivan(leafeon): KEnny comes back tho
  366. Boltage The Absol: If?
  367. Ivan(leafeon): Dont think I wont talk to him
  368. Ivan(leafeon): HE was still the love of my life.
  369. Ivan(leafeon): "was"
  370. Ivan(leafeon): he left me.
  371. Ivan(leafeon): alone
  372. • Boltage The Absol sighs ''So I guess that means I don't have a chance.''
  373. Ivan(leafeon): but I still would like to be friends
  374. Ivan(leafeon): noo
  375. • Boltage The Absol sighs ''Alright, I would like that...''
  376. Boltage The Absol: Lux Winterjay: Oh, I was hoping you would actually admit to being pathetic.
  377. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: I'm not that gullible asshole.
  378. Boltage The Absol: Lux Winterjay: Not quite.
  379. Boltage The Absol: Lux Winterjay: Deary me, quite grumpy are we today?
  380. Ivan(leafeon): I didnt say that'=
  381. Boltage The Absol: Hm?
  382. • Boltage The Absol smiles ''I'll find him, and remember, my heart is always yours as long as I'm alive.''
  383. Boltage The Absol: I'm gonna call everything off.
  384. Ivan(leafeon): IF you want me.
  385. Ivan(leafeon): I can be yours.
  386. Ivan(leafeon): But I still have rights'
  387. Ivan(leafeon): I can TALK'
  388. Ivan(leafeon): freely'
  389. Ivan(leafeon): not sex
  390. Ivan(leafeon): but talk
  391. Boltage The Absol: Alright.
  392. Ivan(leafeon): I am only aloud to have sex with you
  393. Ivan(leafeon): but same for you']
  394. Boltage The Absol: Of course.
  395. Boltage The Absol: I'm probably the most loyal person on showdown.
  396. Boltage The Absol: Ask my ex, I never left her side once.
  397. Ivan(leafeon): ok
  398. • Boltage The Absol hugs Ivan ''Lets get to know eachother better before we have sex again though.''
  399. • Ivan(leafeon) smiles
  400. Ivan(leafeon): ok.
  401. Ivan(leafeon): I am a guy
  402. • Boltage The Absol laughs ''So? So am I.''
  403. Boltage The Absol: I am bi.
  404. Boltage The Absol: It's not an issue.
  405. Ivan(leafeon): ok.
  406. Boltage The Absol: Also...
  407. Ivan(leafeon): In the gay world
  408. Ivan(leafeon): I am known as a twink
  409. Boltage The Absol: I am known as Corey in the gay world, cause that is my real name.
  410. Ivan(leafeon): Mine is Micheal, but I like mark
  411. • Boltage The Absol smiles ''Nice name, beats mine.''
  412. Boltage The Absol: Lux Winterjay: Love's an illusion, made up of false hope and hormones.
  413. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: Stfu and answer.
  414. Boltage The Absol: Lux Winterjay: I cannot answer if I'm not speaking. Well technically we aren't speaking verbally so I cannot be quiet as we are just typing and communicated to each other in a few jumbled up letters and symbols that humanity has made mean something.
  415. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: I,.
  416. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: Hate.
  417. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: You.
  418. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: So.
  419. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: Much.
  420. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: Right.
  421. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: Now.
  422. Boltage The Absol: Lux Winterjay: Bite me.
  423. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: Hell no, I don't want ebola.
  424. • Ivan(leafeon) frowns
  425. Ivan(leafeon): why does she like you so much
  426. Boltage The Absol: She doesn't. We had a lot of fights.
  427. Boltage The Absol: I personally hate her.
  428. Boltage The Absol: But she is smarter than most.
  429. • Boltage The Absol walks over to Ivan ''I do want to do something to make this official.''
  430. • Boltage The Absol kisses Ivan ''I don't care if your male or female. I just want you for you.''
  431. Ivan(leafeon): im 16
  432. Boltage The Absol: I'm 18.
  433. Ivan(leafeon): so you dont care?
  434. Boltage The Absol: Of course not.
  435. Ivan(leafeon): what do you like 2 do?
  436. Ivan(leafeon): other then ps
  437. Boltage The Absol: Box, play baseball, drive a little bit
  438. Boltage The Absol: Video games, anything that says fun
  439. Boltage The Absol: I'm usually all for it.
  440. • Ivan(leafeon) smiles
  441. Ivan(leafeon): Sounds great
  442. Boltage The Absol: Sometimes, boxing is fun when you don't get knocked out
  443. Ivan(leafeon): I like swimming nature league of legends, ps.
  444. Ivan(leafeon): I wanted to try boxing but im apparently 2 short
  445. Boltage The Absol: Featherweight?
  446. Ivan(leafeon): idk
  447. Boltage The Absol: Cause thats what I started as, but I moved on to regular
  448. Boltage The Absol: Which was horrible at first, people knocked me out 3 times in a row...
  449. Boltage The Absol: Which sucked.
  450. Ivan(leafeon): Keep Dust away from me please..
  451. Boltage The Absol: Why?
  452. Ivan(leafeon): I dont want to talk to him anymore
  453. Ivan(leafeon): Nor do I any of the others.
  454. Ivan(leafeon): Cept you
  455. • Boltage The Absol smiles ''Alright.''
  456. Boltage The Absol: Lux Winterjay: Go play with your little whore now Caleb c:
  457. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: Fuck.
  458. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: You.
  459. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: I gave you a chance when apparently it wasn't a good idea in the first place because I broke up with you once...
  460. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: I'm giving Ivan a chance.
  461. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: Like I gave you one.
  462. Boltage The Absol: Lux Winterjay: I didn't even 'pretend' to sleep with other guys. pity is my crime.
  463. Ivan(leafeon): Lux Winterjay: Dude, break up with him and he's on your ass 24/7 cussing you out calling you a slut.. etc. He's a decent guy when your friends but he isn't the best relationship guy. I speak from experience, he's pathetic and annoying once you date him.
  464. Ivan(leafeon): ....
  465. Ivan(leafeon): I dont think your pathetic
  466. Ivan(leafeon): you sound like a cool guy.
  467. • Boltage The Absol frowns ''I'm pathetic at times.''
  468. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: You are a fucking bitch.
  469. Boltage The Absol: Lux Winterjay: Pity.
  470. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: If you don't want to see me happy, wtf is the point of you even being one of my friends in the first place, I should of exiled you from my life the day the relashionship ended...
  471. Boltage The Absol: • Lux Winterjay coughs. "Relationship."
  472. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: Don't correct me, that's what google is forfor
  473. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: for*
  474. Boltage The Absol: Lux Winterjay: Obviously Highschool and Google failed you.
  475. Boltage The Absol: Lux Winterjay: Next thing you know you're going to be another idiot at Mcdonalds.
  476. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: And obviously your heart has failed you
  477. Boltage The Absol: Boltage The Absol: Cause your cold as ice at times, thats why no one wants to be around you
  478. • Boltage The Absol sighs ''I'm sorry Ivan, I want to keep you updated so that you know exactly what I'm talking about.''
  479. Ivan(leafeon): Its ok.
  480. Ivan(leafeon): Do you have a kik.
  481. • Boltage The Absol laughs ''Used to lol''
  482. Boltage The Absol: My tablet kinda died.
  483. Ivan(leafeon): sry.
  484. Ivan(leafeon): Ivan(leafeon): I cant trust you
  485. Ivan(leafeon): Lux Winterjay: Honestly, I don't trust mysel
  486. Ivan(leafeon): f*
  487. Ivan(leafeon): I want to love you..
  488. Ivan(leafeon): I want the pain from kenny to go away
  489. Boltage The Absol: I want to love you more than anything in the world.
  490. Boltage The Absol: And I will find Kenny if you want to see him
  491. Boltage The Absol: I will dedicate my life to that.
  492. Boltage The Absol: Ivan, I also want to thank you...
  493. Ivan(leafeon): For cheating?
  494. Boltage The Absol: You actually got Darkness on your side when I couldn't and I really need to apologize to him
  495. Boltage The Absol: I was a jerk to him...
  496. Boltage The Absol: And I was a jerk to you...
  497. Boltage The Absol: I got to apologize to a few people today.
  498. Ivan(leafeon): ME and you both
  499. Ivan(leafeon): Ive lied to alot of people about me being a girl
  500. Ivan(leafeon): its getting to me
  501. • Boltage The Absol kisses Ivan ''Everyone will understand, trust me. I'll help you out as much as I can.''
  502. Boltage The Absol: I got to do something good for Dark though...
  503. Boltage The Absol: He is one of my best friends on the site...
  504. Ivan(leafeon): I hope you do know
  505. Ivan(leafeon): I did have sex with him
  506. Boltage The Absol: I know.
  507. Boltage The Absol: I saw most of the docs.
  508. Boltage The Absol: At least 12 of them.
  509. Ivan(leafeon): I was a slut
  510. Ivan(leafeon): I admit it
  511. • Boltage The Absol sighs ''I will make sure everyone forgets that.''
  512. Ivan(leafeon): I dont care if they think it
  513. Ivan(leafeon): I rarely talk in the reg room
  514. Ivan(leafeon): everything I do is in pm's
  515. Ivan(leafeon): There is more freedom
  516. Boltage The Absol: There really is.
  517. Boltage The Absol: But, who would we start with first?
  518. Boltage The Absol: Besides Dark?
  519. Ivan(leafeon): um..
  520. Ivan(leafeon): I have more then 20
  521. Ivan(leafeon): Sorry..
  522. Ivan(leafeon): sorry if i dc randomly btw
  523. • Boltage The Absol hugs Ivan ''Do what you have to do.''
  524. Boltage The Absol: I got people I got to straighten out with as well.
  525. Ivan(leafeon): but im serious about the oc thing..
  526. Ivan(leafeon): This is my only oc
  527. Ivan(leafeon): I have 3 years into this oc
  528. Ivan(leafeon): I never use anyone else
  529. Boltage The Absol: People never understood why I never switched this OC.
  530. Boltage The Absol: I still have the long continuously used Absol OC on showdown.
  531. Ivan(leafeon): But Darkness said something about me using diff oc's...
  532. Ivan(leafeon): I never used a diff one
  533. Ivan(leafeon): a liepard
  534. Boltage The Absol: It's gonna be a good idea till I straighten everything out.
  535. Ivan(leafeon): is saying shes me
  536. Boltage The Absol: One sec, I'll give you one of my accounts for a bit.
  537. Talon(Umbreon): I want you on the down low till everything is straightened out.
  538. Talon(Umbreon): I still gotta talk with sweep.
  539. Ivan(leafeon): who?
  540. Talon(Umbreon): One of the main leaders of the site
  541. Talon(Umbreon): Anyway, I can give you this account for a tiny bit'
  542. Ivan(leafeon): its ok
  543. Ivan(leafeon): I do have an alt
  544. • Talon(Umbreon) wants you safe
  545. Ivan(leafeon): But its one I havent used in..
  546. Ivan(leafeon): A verrrrrrrrry long time
  547. Boltage The Absol: Will it be alright?
  548. Ivan(leafeon): Thevaporeon890
  549. Ivan(leafeon): thats the akt btw
  550. Boltage The Absol: Alright.
  551. Boltage The Absol: But was that you?
  552. Boltage The Absol: Sonoma?
  553. Ivan(leafeon): who>
  554. Ivan(leafeon): ?
  555. Ivan(leafeon): No
  556. Ivan(leafeon): it wasnt
  557. Boltage The Absol: Cause if it wasn't, I might of terrified a random alt...
  558. Ivan(leafeon): I have no idea who that is
  559. Boltage The Absol: Well, I need to apologize to someone.
  560. Boltage The Absol: Badly.
  561. Ivan(leafeon): Ive been doing it since you confronted me
  562. Ivan(leafeon): Ive also been planning Xenons death
  563. Ivan(leafeon): but that can wait till he shows his shitty face
  564. • Boltage The Absol smirks ''He diserves it sometimes, he is a idiot.''
  565. Boltage The Absol: And Ivan, let me take care of him
  566. Ivan(leafeon): But my words hurt more than yours
  567. Ivan(leafeon): I know how much honey cared for him
  568. • Boltage The Absol nods
  569. Ivan(leafeon): and he just..
  570. Ivan(leafeon): Threw her away..
  571. • Ivan(leafeon) growls
  572. Ivan(leafeon): Just like kenny... *Sighs*
  573. • Boltage The Absol grabs his heart ''So familiar....''
  574. Ivan(leafeon): btw
  575. Boltage The Absol: Hm?
  576. Ivan(leafeon): Lea(S.Umbreon) is a VERY close friend
  577. • Boltage The Absol nods
  578. Ivan(leafeon): Ive known him forever
  579. Ivan(leafeon): since I first played here
  580. Ivan(leafeon): You can. never. ever. stop me from talking to him.
  581. Ivan(leafeon): If you even try.
  582. Ivan(leafeon): I will not. speak. to you.
  583. Boltage The Absol: I know, and I trust you.
  584. Ivan(leafeon): Ok, I just thought you should know
  585. Ivan(leafeon): and no we dont have sex
  586. Ivan(leafeon): unless im depressed. then we do. it cheers me up
  587. Ivan(leafeon): but other then that its non sexual
  588. Ivan(leafeon): SO only if you dump me will i have sex with him
  589. Ivan(leafeon): or if you.. like.. idk hate me for something or we fight
  590. Boltage The Absol: I won't dump you ever.
  591. Ivan(leafeon): I have to go soon..
  592. Ivan(leafeon): In like,
  593. Ivan(leafeon): 5 min
  594. Ivan(leafeon): I want you to know
  595. Ivan(leafeon): Even if you wouldnt have done all the ban stuff
  596. Ivan(leafeon): I wouldnt have left you
  597. Ivan(leafeon): BEing left myself.. I cant do it..
  598. Ivan(leafeon): It would make me just like him
  599. • Boltage The Absol has slight tears running down his face ''I love you Ivan, and I won't stop saying it till I die.''
  600. • Ivan(leafeon) smiles softly looking at him
  601. Ivan(leafeon): "DOnt go soft on me. I need a strong human yah know."
  602. Ivan(leafeon): "Someone to take care of me when I have nothing left to live for
  603. • Boltage The Absol hugs Ivan ''I'll always be there for you, I will be your guardian that keeps you safe.''
  604. Ivan(leafeon): of course..
  605. Ivan(leafeon): well I have to go. I have school tommarow
  606. Ivan(leafeon): I can msg you at school if your on
  607. Ivan(leafeon): other than that
  608. Ivan(leafeon): gnight
  609. Ivan(leafeon): I love you.
  610. • Ivan(leafeon) thinks that is awkward to say after this weird night
  611. Boltage The Absol: I love you too.
  612. Boltage The Absol: And I'll try to as well, I'll bring my labtop to college.
  613. Ivan(leafeon): HE left me Lea.. I cant wait for him.. Im not going to.. I deserve to be happy
  614. Ivan(leafeon): oops
  615. Ivan(leafeon): wrong person
  616. Ivan(leafeon): ...
  617. Boltage The Absol: It's alright.
  618. Ivan(leafeon): well
  619. Ivan(leafeon): that was towards lea
  620. Ivan(leafeon): he told me if kenny came back I was kenny's not anyone elses
  621. Boltage The Absol: Ivan, your heart belongs to who makes you truly happy.
  622. Ivan(leafeon): Leaving me to die from heart failure dosnt make me happy
  623. Ivan(leafeon): Right now your making me happy..
  624. • Ivan(leafeon) hugs tightly
  625. Ivan(leafeon): I
  626. Ivan(leafeon): will talk to you tommarow ok>
  627. Ivan(leafeon): ?
  628. • Boltage The Absol smiles and hugs back ''I'll see you tomarrow.''
  629. Ivan(leafeon): ok.
  630. Ivan(leafeon): love you
  631. Boltage The Absol: Love ya too <3
  632. Ivan(leafeon): goodnight Lea. Im not waiting. get over it. ill ttyl
  633. Ivan(leafeon): Fucking hell
  634. Ivan(leafeon): sorry
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