Chapter 1 - Stage 5

Nov 21st, 2020
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  1. Opening
  3. Constantia: As you can see we have brought an AGS. I think it will be useful in battle.
  4. It has a lot of experience fighting iron-bugs so it should have useful information about them.
  5. However, since it is a machine, Im worried it could be infected by the iron bugs.
  6. In any case it will be useful to have it around.
  8. Its smaller that I expected, Is this robot an AGS?
  10. Constantia: There are various types of AGS, This Pupp Head is a small type.
  11. As we continue fighting we will probably encounter different types of AGS.
  13. So are Pupp Heads and other AGSs isolated now?
  15. Pupp Head: Yes, the members of the unit I belong are currently isolated.
  16. Due to the Silicon-Metal Polymerised organisms attack we called for help.
  17. Griffon: You can simply call them iron-bugs. I feel that if I tried to repeat that I will bit my tongue...
  18. Pupp Head: Please do not make impossible request.
  19. In principle, high performance robots use the correct terminology.
  20. Griffon: Well aside from that... Human, are we going to help them?
  21. We havent been good terms.
  23. Are you in bad terms?
  25. Griffon: I cant say we are in good terms... For these guys war is their job.
  26. They ignored us.
  27. Constantia: If anything, AGS consider the bioloids things to protect rather than comrades in war.
  28. Griffon: It seems that human is willing to help, so lets do it.
  29. This may change AGS perception of us.
  30. Pupp Head: Thank you. Commander? Should I call you commander?
  31. For the time being, I will enter the information of the location in the console map.
  32. If you go to that location, you will find an isolated AGS unit.
  34. Ending
  36. Griffon: Uh... that thing is always unpleasant to see.
  37. I didnt come for this...
  39. Was that an infection?
  41. Constantia: Thats right. Machines... To be precise, iron-bugs larvae parasites electronic circuits.
  42. Once infected the AI will lose control over itself and will become an iron-bug.
  43. This larvae is very difficult to detect and its a big threat.
  44. Especially for robots...
  45. Griffon, please scout the area just in case.
  46. More larvae may still be hiding.
  47. Griffon: Yes.
  48. Constantia: Then my Master. Pupp Head has a report.
  49. Is it okay to listen it right now?
  51. What happened?
  53. Pupp Head: Is it finally my turn? I was waiting for it to report.
  54. Fortunately my troops escaped annihilation. It seems that there are more survivors left.
  55. Ill explain what that means. Fallen, come over here.
  56. This unit is CT2199W Fallen, often refereed as code-name Fallen.
  57. Fallen: I hear a mechanical noise I dont understand.
  58. Constantia: Oh? The state of Fallen... Does it have a malfunction?
  59. Pupp Head: They said you are welcome.
  60. Unfortunately this unit has its language module broken.
  61. But do not worry.
  62. Since the communication port in good state, past records can be played back via me.
  63. Fallen: I hear a mechanical noise I dont understand.
  64. Pupp Head: Thats not correct, Fallen.
  65. Compared to the Omega industry, BLACK RIVER Industries technological capabilities are second rate.
  66. If they had better technology your language module wouldnt have failed.
  67. Fallen: *Very noisy mechanical noises*
  68. Pupp Head: There is no point in interpreting useless signals.
  69. Ill interpret only what I think is necessary.
  70. The technological capability is not at the level of the Omega industry.
  71. Fallen: *Long mechanical noise*
  72. Pupp Head: Omitting the first half...
  73. This is the information that Fallen want to convey.
  74. After the troops were attacked, they were able to counter it at first.
  75. But they didnt realise it was a trap.
  76. It became possible to counterattack, but a problem arose when the commander of the robots issued an attack order.
  77. At that moment, a huge unit suddenly appeared on the Silicon-Metal polymerised organisms side, was that the commander?
  78. Well it seems that he sniped the AGS commander.
  79. I never thought it would be destroyed in a single blow...
  80. Eventually, in the confusion gap that left the destruction of the AGS commander, iron larvae appeared and infected the
  81. robots.
  82. Fallen: *Mechanical noise*
  83. Pupp Head: Thats all the information. Should we be worried about that unit?
  84. Constantia, do you have any idea what it that?
  85. Constantia: Could those units be linked?
  87. Linked
  89. Constantia: Yes... In other words, could It be a iron-bug commander?
  90. Lets call it an iron-bugs general.
  91. Usually there is one individual per group.
  92. As I thought... I think it would be better to report this in person.
  93. Master please order the return.
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