MGE Side III Clock Tower

Feb 13th, 2021
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  1. Clock Tower Park
  2. Uuu... Because I got all excited, we had to take another break... On top of disgracing myself, I’ve only been a bother to you...
  4. Ah, yes... This is “Clock Tower Park”. As you can see, there is a clock tower towering in the center that was built by a proud Nevian watchmaker together with his Merrow wife, who is a sorcerous engineer, and it’s one of the symbols of Nevia’s beauty.
  5. Fufu♥ After all, humans and monsters, men and women, coming together is more beautiful than anything♥
  6. Adorned all over with beautiful carved roses, not only is the tower itself gorgeous, but the clock face surrounded by statues of mermaids is also wonderful...♥
  7. The park spreads out around the clock tower, and with the refreshing waterways surrounding it and the calm, quiet atmosphere, it is a place where lovers can relax and get intimate♥ Ufufu, the people sitting over there... There are lovers everywhere under the shade of that tree♥
  8. And when the time is just right, a mechanism created by that craftsman couple activates in the clock... and it’s almost time... Ah, just like this, every hour a mechanism causes the mermaid statues to start swimming around the clock face as if dancing, and a wonderful clear tone flows from the clock to signal the time♪
  9. ... Ara, have you noticed the state of our surroundings?♥
  10. The lovers around the park have started to wrap their arms around each other’s backs, hugging deeply♥ Yes, this chime imitates the Diva’s Song of Passion. It doesn’t compare to the real song, but it still lights and flares up the fires of passion in the listeners♥
  11. This is the time of passionate love and embrace...♥
  12. The tone differs hour by hour, and in the afternoon, when the tone that flows out flares up passion for art, artists often come here to paint.
  14. However, unfortunately... it isn’t kissing time for another hour...♥
  15. Come now, don’t hold back♥ Neither of us can put up with it anymore♥
  16. Spread out your arms, and come to my chest...♥
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