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Jan 14th, 2019
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  1. There is a great option that is relevant to the "coder" audience. With the Elixir programming language (based on Erlang), a project called Nerves ( enables you to create IOT devices with features that include live device upgrades.
  3. A supporting project called Nerves Hub ( allows you to manage and securely deploy IOT firmware upgrades. It can be self-hosted/managed as well. It is all OpenSource. It is actively used by OpenSource FarmBot ( and others.
  5. I'm on the ElixirMix podcast and we interviewed the creators here:
  7. Justin spoke about NervesHub at ElixirConf 2018.
  9. I encourage you guys to invite him on to talk about it.
  11. If people are interested in developing software for IOT devices and want to use OpenSource/free solutions, they should definitely investigate Nerves and Nerves Hub.
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