crista nunez interview

remen_ok Mar 22nd, 2019 64 Never
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  1. crista
  2. - product design compared to darwin's theory of natural selection (you're best or you disappear)
  3.   > design from different voices (talking to users, engineers, PM
  4. - Created startup (cultural instruction via AR app)
  5.   > collaborated with university
  6.   > played around with AR app
  7.   > conducted a ton of interviews to figure out the right solution
  8. - Work with PM (Advoqt technologies)
  9.   > Built beta viz for managers
  10.   > Process: talk w/ PM, gather his vision, he guided her deeper into the persona, less than 3 clicks, she joined midstream
  11. - Disagreement with PM
  12.   > Focus on asking questions to lead to a different answer
  13.   > GLOBAL WINE: ERP/CRM implementation
  14.      - Conducted sales rep interviews
  15.      - PM initially wanted full text vs on card visualization
  16.      - There was a lot of back and forth (she used low-fi mockup options to validate ease of use with actual sales reps)
  17.      - Afterwards PM wanted to do his own research -> this helped him see the
  19. engineering collaboration
  20. - she had to determine eng. feasibility
  21.   >
  23. impressions:
  24. - capable of telling stories, but not a concise speaker (did not pick up the heart of my question - provided a little too much extraneous detail)
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