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  1. So I've had this debate with my friend for the longest time and we wanted to share what the whole community feels about our polarizing opinions. We are here to learn and in no way urging people to really take sides unless it really applies to them. That being said, here are the different ideas:
  3. * 2 CP is too hard right now because it is strict and unforgiving. It is straining on defense because any coordinated offense can win with a single pick or through a clean push after saving/baiting ultimates. Offense has a clear advantage in the beginning because of this, but immediately fall short when they come to the second point, where the notorious trickling of enemies from spawn happen the most. The attacking team must always attempt to wipe out the team or clean up the staggerers quickly at that point to gain the point. What we are seeing in game design is a map that requires players to yield both offense and defense to its full potential in order to successfully win the game. Before the implementation of the increased death timer and percentage system, 2 CP was not a game mode that clearly showed which team was better because it was a little too unforgiving that the offense needed to take a whole point to win the game. Now, it's just a tick and staggering onto the point isn't easier, but still yield the same rewards if done effectively. That being said, the only variables left to consider should always be individual skill, team coordination, and knowledge of the map. 2 CP is in a good spot and is perfect for the competitive scene because of this pressure.
  5. * 2 CP is not reflective of a team's skill because there are too little fights that the offense needs to win to get the point. When measuring a team's skill, it is apparent that their offense is heavily considered, which means, ideally, the best team would be able to get the objective in a single fight. It is easy to measure a team's level of skill on payload, hybrid, and KotH because there are many sets to gain data from. In 2 CP, the offensive team could only win 2 team fights to get the first point and win the game, which usually leads to a lot of upsets in the competitive scene where the underdog defeats a top tier team. It is unconvincing and should not belong to the professional scene. If 2 CP had more rounds and fights occur, there would then be enough data and performance to make sense of which team is better.
  7. Thanks for reading.
  8. We look forward to a lot of feedback on this long debated issue!
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