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CNN: Anger Erupts as Mask Mandate Passed in Palm Beach County

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Sep 29th, 2020
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  1. [Excerpt from a TV news program, which seems to have been filmed from a TV or monitor using a cameraphone held horizontally. Throughout the video, panels of text, all in capitals, are visible at the bottom and the right of the screen. At the bottom of the screen is a red banner containing the words "coronavirus pandemic". Underneath it is a larger white banner containing the words "anger erupts as mask mandate passed in Palm Beach County". At the very bottom are a news ticker and a panel displaying the time, both containing white text on a black background, but for most of the video these are not in shot. At the start of the video the time is displayed as "2:05 PM ET". In the bottom right corner of the screen is a white square containing the red logo of CNN, the news channel broadcasting the program. Above it is a small red panel containing the word "live". At the right of the screen is a purple panel displaying information about coronavirus and upcoming programs (details follow transcript).
  3. The video begins with a shot of Brianna Keilar, the news anchor, against a purple background. She is a middle-aged white woman with shoulder-length blonde hair, wearing a white top and makeup. After this, the shot changes to footage of the commissioner's meeting which is the subject of the news report. Throughout this footage, there is a small black panel in the top left of the screen containing the word "WPTV", and a small white panel underneath it containing the words "West Palm Beach, FL". All but one of the speakers at the meeting are filmed from the left-hand side, standing at a light-colored wooden lectern with a microphone attached to it. They are in a large room with white and brown walls, and the outline of a clear plastic protective screen can be seen in the shot.]
  5. Brianna Keilar: At a commissioner's meeting in Florida's Palm Beach county, anger erupted after a unanimous vote to make masks mandatory. Th- this turned downright ugly. Here - here was the scene.
  7. [The first speaker at the meeting is wearing a red T-shirt and a thin black bracelet. They have light brown skin and long black hair, and they are wearing makeup. Throughout their speech, they hold up their left hand in a pointing gesture, frequently waving it for emphasis. Their speech is animated and forceful.]
  9. Speaker 1: You literally cannot mandate somebody to wear a mask knowing that that mask is killing people. It literally is killing people.
  11. And my - the people, we the people, are [emphasizes words] waking up, [regular emphasis] and we know what citizen's arrest is. Because citizen's arrests are already happening. Okay?
  13. And every single one of you that are obeying the devil's laws are going to be arrested. And you, Doctor, are going to be arrested for crimes against humanity.
  15. [The footage whites out briefly to mark a cut to the second speaker, who is wearing a black top with light green floral detailing around the neck, a silver watch, and brown glasses. They have light skin and mid-length brown hair, and they are holding their phone out in front of them with both hands. Their speech is fast and insistent.]
  17. Speaker 2: The problem with humanity today is ignorance, arrogance, and apathy. Keep taking the road of least resistant. Keep listening to the TV brainwashing you from birth.
  19. [Cut to a shot from behind the lectern. The lectern faces a row of County Commissioners and other officials, who are sitting at shiny black chairs behind a long wooden desk with a high, light blue front. Panels on the front of the desk show the officials' names and titles. Four officials are visible in the shot, all wearing suits, one wearing a blue disposable face mask. There are clear plastic protective screens throughout the room. The speaker has light skin and mid-length blonde hair, and they are wearing a gray top. Their speech is slow and solemn.]
  21. Speaker 3: And they want to throw God's wonderful breathing system out the door. You're all turning your backs on it.
  23. [Cut to the next speaker, who is being filmed from the original angle again. They are wearing a white T-shirt and dark lipstick. They have light skin and long dark brown hair. Their hands are clasped in front of them. Their speech is animated and forceful, and their head moves a lot as they emphasise their words.]
  25. Speaker 4: Doctor, I really have many question marks about your degrees and what you really know. [Cut] I'm sorry, ma'am, but I don't think that you are worthy of your credentials. And I would ask suggestively that you go back to school and -
  27. Voice offscreen: [attempting to interrupt] Ma'am -
  29. Speaker 4: - get educated.
  31. [Throughout the video, the purple panel on the right of the screen displayed the heading "coronavirus" and two subheadings, "globally" and "in the United States", each with one column for "total cases" and one column for "deaths". The right-hand edge of the panel is not fully in shot, so the last digit of each of the "deaths" numbers is not visible. Under "globally", "total cases" is listed as "9,295,365" and "deaths" is listed as a value over 478,280. Under "in the United States", "total cases" is listed as "2,348,956" and "deaths" is listed as a value over 121,270. Underneath is the text "source: Johns Hopkins University". Lower down, a smaller heading "soon on CNN" is followed by the text "Trump news conference". Under this, another small heading "tonight on CNN" is followed by a white panel containing the face of an older white man with glasses, short gray hair and a gray mustache. The text in the panel reads "the situation room / John Bolton / 6P ET".]
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