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kurtstir May 15th, 2019 88 Never
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  1. I felt an orange but really felt it every vein of tiny atom of it because I felt like it was the most important thing ever. I could feel the weight of each piece like it was its own thing. I saw the mist spray up in its tiny droplets from
  2. I saw each vein each vessel like it was a living thing more than just something to be eaten care free.
  4. Im gonna go grab 1 piece of pizza and be back and be ok
  6. on second hand ill order something
  8. but yeah its like I can notice all the little things. I can pickout the parts of the music for what they are and can be. Odesza was a great choice to listen to for this and its amazing I can just spill my mind out so everyone can know what they need I feel like I can put everything I have ever wanted to on paper and I feel like I can really be myself.
  11. Colors seem to morph back and forth but thay are so beautiful The contrast of red orang and yellow being like the blaze of the universe and of life. Black and white being the space all around where color just needs to be shown. The greens and light blues contrast truly what the best idea of earth would be a true peaceful world of greens and blues. And finally the deeper blues and purples of thought dream and the world as it could be. these colors just feel super dreamy like they are what unicorns would ride on.
  14. I spent 45 minutes ordering a sandwitch
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