Anon's Lava Golem Study

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  1.     A primer on the Petrology of Magma Golems by Dr. Aron Roark.
  3. The sudden influx of these extra-species known as MonsterGirls has baffled nearly every scientist from a biological standpoint. That is not to say that us Geologists have been left without strange new wonders of our own. Particularly, a species of MonsterGirl known as Lava Golem has begun emerging from geologically active sites. As a member of the US Geologic Survey, I requested and was summarily given a grant to research these beings on an international field study to gain a better understanding of their similarities to our current understandings of Igneus geologic processes. The following excerpts are from my field studies with various Golems of varying origin.
  5. Note that all discourse should be viewed scientifically despite some sexual content. Cultural differences can be viewed and studied from this.
  7. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. Entry 1 Basaltic Lava Golems:
  11. My best shot at finding a Lava Golem basaltic in composition was Hawaii. Not only were the flows easy to study and approachable, but it was also a nice environment to begin. Reaching the site, was simple enough, Pahoehoe structures are easy to identify. It didn’t take very long for a Golem to emerge, she almost seemed to be lying in wait for someone like me to walk up. It should be noted that Basaltic Lavas flow easily due to their lack of silica and water. This was reflective of her behavior too it seems, as she moved with relative ease. Her face and abdomen seemed to be made out of a skin like texture that was a reddish brown. Her solidified components were jet black, and had a ropey smooth texture to them. They covered her legs, arms, shoulders, and sides. Her hair seemed to be made of thin yellow gray strands of Volcanic glass, Pele’s hair; and it flowed nicely down to her shoulder blades. Clearly this one was a young one. We had an interesting discourse to say the least, which has been recorded below.
  13.     The golem approached me with a cheery smile; her eyes were slightly green, perhaps owing to the slight Olivine content of her melt. “Hello there!” she beamed, her disposition immediately apparent. I took this as an opportunity to explain myself and my research goals. As expected, she had no interest really; she seemed to want something else from me. “A research trip all by yourself? That sounds really boring, you know. So much work, you should really take it easy!” It was true that it was a bit of hard work doing this by myself, and it would be nice to relax. “I think you should just lie back a while and let me ease your muscles. I bet I’d feel really good all over you!” I was taken aback by her response, but I saw it as an opportunity to study her specific kind more in depth.
  15.     “I’d prefer it if I didn’t get burned, ma’am” I said. She giggled a little, raising her hand to her mouth. Up until that point I never thought about how she moved her body, but now I was intrigued.
  17.     “Oh it won’t burn you, in fact I think it’ll feel like a…Gneiss hot bath.” She said, her words dripping off her lips like honey.
  18.     “A rock pun?” I chuckled, reaching into my pack and retrieving the tools needed for the sampling. “Of Quartz, what should I have expected?” I teased, laying out the rock hammer, chisel and the container to put the sample. “Tell you what, I’ll let you give me a massage if you let me take some samples from you.” I motioned to the tools. She seemed to understand what I needed as she lay down in front of me, the melt portions of her body pooling around her as she lay down in an admittedly lewd position.
  20.     “Take as much of me as you’d like.” She licked her lips in anticipation, “Maybe you would like a sample of a different fluid?” She let her hand drift down towards her lower abdomen.
  22.     “No thanks, we haven’t used Wet Chemistry in decades” I burst out laughing, Lava Golem was not thrilled. Nonetheless I took a hammer and chisel to her in various locations, chipping away at her hardened parts. While I was doing so, part of her body splashed onto my hand. At first I was shocked, but upon realizing that I was unharmed I retrieved a container and asked if I could scoop some of her liquid for analysis. Her response was fairly swift. She grabbed my arm and pulled it into her chest. Though her hands and chest were both made of melt, they had noticeably different densities. This realization drew me to the conclusion that Magma Golems are either made up of multiple melts, or control the components of their melts to change the density of their body parts. Of course, I thought of this after I stopped shouting in surprise.
  24.     My protests were only met with a hungry gaze; she clearly intended to get even more intimate. That would be an interesting headline to read, and an even more interesting reason to potentially terminate me from my position. Uncle Sam be damned, I had a job that needed doing. “The sample first” I said, trying to maintain my cool as her warmth swept over me, up through my arm. I was getting hot in more than one sense of the word, and needed to come up with a plan. Thinking back to earlier research, one materialized handily. I motioned with my free hand towards the beach as luck would have it, was covered in white sand. “We can continue down there if you’d like, let’s get off of this Basalt and onto something more comfortable, yeah?” She hastily nodded in agreement, and lifted me up to my surprise.
  25. Lava Golems, at least the basaltic ones, seemed to have the strength to do this and move fairly quickly. A small trail of lava was left like footprints, slowly solidifying after each step. My ride was ended abruptly when the Golem lowered herself down onto the sand with me on top, pressing my face towards her chest. If my plan was going to work, I needed to distract her as long as possible, so I allowed myself the decadence of resting my face between her warm breasts. I could feel her melt begin to enclose me and the strangest sensations of comfort and warmth washed over me. I could feel myself desiring more and more to be covered by her. Then suddenly she stopped. There was a small gasp and then a panicked movement. My plan was kicking in.
  27.     “It’s getting hard for me to move! What’s going on?” Her eyes darted around as I could see the melt slow down and become more viscous. This further confirmed that either she was a very young golem or that she wasn’t very smart. The sand she was melting and absorbing beneath her was causing her silica content to spike to levels her body wasn’t accustomed to, resulting in a loss of control over her body. It was then easy for me to break free and pick her up. Her body, despite being made of dense material felt fairly light in my arms.
  29.     “Sorry about that, I can’t do this right now. I’m going to put you back in the flow so you can exsolve the sand. You’ll feel better soon.” I said with a sigh. A shame, I was really enjoying feeling her. She pouted angrily and looked like she could cry.
  31.     “You meanie! You promised!” She protested. It felt bad doing this but Uncle Sam was a cruel master.
  33.     “Maybe another time, hmm?” I smiled apologetically as I lowered her down into the flow, her body slowly absorbing back into the lava. “I actually enjoyed it a fair bit.” Her face brightened a little as the added heat from the flow allowed her to begin exsolving the Silica from her body. “What’s your name?”
  35.     “My name is Ele! You better, or else I’m gonna hunt you down!” She winked and flashed an eager grin. I gathered my supply and headed back down from the flow area. It felt bad leaving her behind, but after the research was all said and done, and then I would truly be able to give myself a vacation with that nice girl.
  37. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  39. Entry 2: On Andesitic Lava Golems
  41.     Soon after submitting my samples to the lab, I got a call back from my boss. He said that the boys in the lab wanted more samples to look at because of some anomalies that were being observed in the matrix of the sample in thin section. I was able to negotiate to allow me to bring Ele from Hawaii on my trip. I was able to do this by persuading him that it would provide valuable insight to behaviors in different environments as well as potential study for social behaviors. The Geologic Survey and the government took care of the necessary details to get Ele travelling internationally with me on the field study, which was great because our next destination was Chile to try to find an Andesite Lava Golem. We were in for a wild ride.
  43.     While I won’t get into the specifics, the governments of the United States and Chile facilitated the travel and transportation of Ele and me to the latter’s country. We were provided a facility to house in at a location near the Volcano Llaima. The following account is of my trip up that volcano and my encounter with a strange but wonderful Lava Golem.
  45.     Ele was overjoyed to be travelling with me, never in her wildest dreams had she imagined going to exotic locations so different from her home, or at least so she told me. I stood at the foot of Mt. Llaima with a very eager Lava Golem in tow. She had been practicing control over her melt components, being that she was far from a lava source. It was absolutely critical that she be able to retain as much of her melt as possible; as it was still unknown at the time how she would be able to sustain herself in the event of melt loss.
  47.     “Are you ready, Ele?” I asked, adjusting my pack and starting up the trail.
  49.     “You bet! I wonder if there are some nice pools to soak in up there. I’d invite you to join me for a dip but I don’t think you’d be feeling alright after that.” She smiled innocently as she took my hand. Having spent more time with her and having gotten to touch her, in the name of science of course, I came to relish her warmth and soothing feeling. I wrote about this in several reports to the Geologic Survey, expressing the potential for it in treatment for trauma patients or even in the medical field for therapy for bone and muscle injuries. Hiking up into the Andean mountains was going to be fairly chilly, and I was more than glad to have Ele at my side. We ascended ever higher into the mountains, the cheerful small talk between her and me keeping us distracted as the climb was a fairly long one. The gradients were steep, as to be expected of an Andesitic volcano. Ele seemed to have a real feel for the land though, almost like her being a Lava Golem gave her a supernatural sense of how to navigate the volcano. Then again she was a sentient melt of lava so it shouldn’t be too surprising that there would be strange things about her like so. Slowly, the temperature began dropping, and soon we were walking through the snow.
  51.     “How are you holding up?” I asked, I noticed that Ele had been dragging her feet as we ascended higher.
  53.     “Aron…I can feel the cold starting to get to me” She sighed, she was beginning to look exhausted. I pulled her in close and gave her an embrace. I noted that several times during our time together that not only did having close contact wash me over with that intoxicating warmth, but it seemed to invigorate her as well.
  55.     “Hang on Ele, we should be nearing a vent. Thank goodness we’re not climbing all the way up to the top!” I said this through labored breathing, Ele had wrapped her arms around me and her melt was slowly engulfing me, radiating that warmth and soothing right into my chest. I think she was feeling a similar excitement was over her as she slowly smiled, her eyes lazily closing as she took a deep breath.
  57.     “Thank you Aron…I think we can do it!” With some new found energy, the two of us continued up, it was only a few more minutes before we found some small cones jutting out of the bare rock. These were offshoots from the main magma chamber, there would more than likely be a Lava Golem inhabiting one of them. It turns out that I was right, and just in time. Ele’s energy began to drain again, her melt had begun to solidify as well, she felt heavy.
  59.     “Don’t worry we won’t be here too long, look over there!” I pointed out towards one of the cones about 20 yards away. A form had begun to emerge out of the cone. A Lava Golem. The Lava Golem looked at us reservedly before speaking out.
  61.     “Ah…who are you? I don’t get visitors.” She spoke softly. Her hair was long. Like Ele’s it was made of Volcanic glass, but it was made of white strands. Her solid parts were a gray-white with black Hornblende phenocrysts marking them, she had arranged them in patterns that suited her fancy, it seemed. Like Ele, she had a chest melt that was analogous to human breasts. Whereas Ele’s were wide and a bit on the smaller side, this Golem had more developed and prominent chest melts. Perhaps this was a reflection on the kinds of volcanoes their melt types were associated with? She walked towards us with a nervous but curious look on her face. She wasn’t outright afraid but definitely cautious at us.
  63.     “Hello! We were actually looking for someone like you!” I gasped; Ele was getting really hard to hold up. The Lava Golem noticed this and lifted a hand to her mouth.
  65.     “That poor girl! She needs some help right now!” Her eyes widened. I couldn’t believe it, I was going to learn about Lava Golem biology and this new Golem would help me do it! I inhaled deeply. Poor Ele just looked up at the Golem and panted.
  66. “We need to get her into shelter very quickly! To get her stabilized and…” she looked a little flustered, but collected herself. “She’s going to need your help” I nodded and told her that we had a facility at the base of the mountain and that it would be the best place for her to recover. She nodded and stood next to me. “I can carry you, if that’s alright” she smiled. Her eyes were a duller green than Ele’s. That was most likely Pyroxene coloring them. “I’m pretty strong, I can carry you down there really quickly if you’d like.” I was shocked and thrilled by this offer.
  68.     “Yes please, I don’t think Ele can take this much longer, what is your name?” I asked in gratitude. She picked Ele and me up in her arms, her melt was warm like Ele’s but I noted that her melt was more viscous, most likely owing to a higher silica and water content.
  69. “Please, call me Clara!” She said cheerfully. She smiled as she ran down the slope with incredible speed. Her speed reminded me of pyroclastic flows, a trail of dust was left in her wake as her strong legs carried us, breaking some of the rock beneath her feet. It had taken us a good 2 hours to reach the vent from the base, but Clara had us back down to the facility in a good measure less time. It wasn’t long before we were at the facility. We opened the door to the small house designed to house one or two researchers at a time during monitoring of the Volcano and Clara let me down. I carried Ele over to one of the work desks and laid her on her back. Her melt had gone dark and was flowing noticeably slower. Ele looked up at me longingly and spoke weakly.
  71.     “I need your heat now…” she panted in exhaustion. Clara looked at me and explained what she meant by this.
  73.     “Ele’s internal temperature has dropped very low for her kind. Lava Golems do have an internal mechanism that can be used to raise their heat in the event of this happening but it requires…cooperation from a human.” Clara looked away as she said this; almost bashfully. I had a feeling as to what this might entail, I swallowed and nodded. My clearance was granted for me to study their interactions with different environments and humans. No doubt I would be able to make a note of this…incident in my studies but I prayed that it would be viewed in a positive light.
  75.     “I…think I understand.” I said, stripping down layers. If I understood correctly, the method of jumpstarting a Lava Golem from a powered down state was going to get very physical. Clara’s face flushed bright red as I began to lay my outer layers off to the side.
  76. “W-what? You’re ok with this?” She gasped. Had I been paying attention I would have noticed that she was shaking in anticipation. But rather than pay attention to the small details, I stripped down to my underwear and put my arms underneath Ele’s trembling form. With a heave I was able to pull her up close against my skin; her melt noticeably less warm and less of her usual intoxicating feel radiating from her.
  78.     “A-Aron…” Ele stammered as she reached her arm up my back slowly, pulling me into a tight embrace. She felt cold and heavy, I could feel myself ready to fall over backwards. I shot Clara a desperate look and asked her for help.
  80.     “Clara! Help hold me up from behind, I’m going to fall over!” No sooner had I said this than the tall Golem rushed to my aid, pressing her body flush behind mine. The feeling of both combined bodies against mine sent me into shock and we went backwards anyways. Clara broke our fall gracefully and so I was stuck in a Golem Sandwich.
  82.     There are many different species of MonsterGirl that had shown up since the incident; the closest of which I could describe these two to were slimes. Their melt portions had slime like properties, but their solid body parts, such as the solidified melts, their heads, arms, and bellies, were non moldable. Luckily this was the case or else I may have drowned in their combined melt. However as this was not the case, I was treated to one of the greatest ecstasies of my life.
  84.     Ele’s dull warmth was accompanied by Clara’s strongly radiant warmth. Both seemingly flowed through me in overlapping waves like experiencing a gentle tide on the beach from two sides at once. I could feel Ele stir gently as her breathing began to deepen. She sighed and lay her head into the crook of my neck as Clara softly giggled.
  86.     Clara’s breathing had calmed a little, it seemed like finally getting over the starting line and into the cuddle was all it took to get her into the mood as she sought my uncovered body parts to bring into contact with her melt. I forgot entirely that we were located in the Andes on a cold day, I could feel any unhappiness or stress just melt away and be purged like some impurity through their melt. That’s when Clara broke it to me.
  88.     “This isn’t all she needs…do you know about a MonsterGirl’s hunger for spirit energy?” she asked; her breath becoming shaky once again in excitement. I was familiar with this of course, as it was a very hot topic of intense debate for the first few weeks and months of their appearance. Many government bodies had some of the fastest meetings I’d ever heard of. Even the Vatican, notorious for being slower than molasses in January, was able to produce a papal decree allowing for Catholics to marry monsters who converted. The real question here though, would I be able to pass this off as research?
  90.     “I understand, but I’ve got an undergarment in the way” I was reluctant to remove Ele from on top of me. Clara merely nodded excitedly and moved her arm over Ele’s back and down to her lower melt. I felt Clara’s melty hand reach down through Ele’s body and onto my loins, pulling that piece of clothing off of me and freeing me into Ele’s Melt. I bit my lip as I was engulfed and I felt like I could shout in ecstasy. Ele seemed to notice this as she weakly gave me a kiss on my lips. I felt her hot breath fill me with vigor as Clara began stroking me inside of Ele. “Try not to have too much fun” I panted “We need to get Ele pepped up quickly”
  92.     Clara smiled mischievously; her shy demeanor melting away to sexual hunger. “You better give me some too then, my dear.” Her silky voice sang more life into me. How could someone so shy do such a turnaround in bed? Ele’s internal melt began to react to my presence and it also began its own motions to draw out the spirit energy from within me. She was still lethargic, but it seemed like her body was waking up. Feeling the combined motions of Ele’s melt and Clara’s hand was something truly impossible for anyone not partnered up with at least part slime monsters. I could feel myself reaching my upper limit a bit more quickly than I had hoped. Then again, man was not meant for such pleasures. Ele could sense this as she pressed herself as flush against my body as possible.
  94.     “Ahn…release it all into me, I need you!” Ele looked into my eyes intensely; her own hunger fully taking hold. With that her melt pressurized on me and sent me over the edge. Clara could feel me pulsating inside and gasped excitedly, caressing my balls with her fingers. As I reached orgasm I could feel Ele’s heat begin to return to its previous levels and once again wash over me with that familiar bliss. Now it was mingled with Clara’s and the sensation of it all sent me into a brief moment of catatonia. For a while there was only them and me, floating in a sea of bliss and unawareness. Slowly I began to come to as my head stopped spinning and I became aware of Ele’s beaming face a few inches from mine.
  96.     “Feeling better?” I asked.
  98.     “Hee hee, I feel great now thanks to you!” Her upbeat happy attitude had returned; thank goodness.
  100.     “Don’t forget what you promised me” Clara teased, withdrawing her hand from Ele. I could tell it was going to be an eventful rest of my day. But science never rests.
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