Normal Norman - Party Hard, Flutter Harder

Jun 7th, 2013
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  1. >"Hey Norman!"
  2. >You close your locker door and see Brad with a stack of papers in his hands. He hands you a flyer with his face on it, he is wearing shutter shades and a party hat saying #YOLO.
  3. >Brad: "Hey bro, I'm throwing a party this weekend since my parents are going to a couple retreat. Keep it on the down low around the adults. We're going to have some cervezas at it."
  4. >He nudges your arm with his elbow and with a wink. Brad thinks the adults wouldn't know anything about how to say beer in Spanish.
  5. >Brad: "Also can you help me clean up the day after it?"
  6. >Before you can respond he gives you a pat on your back and walks away telling you to look at the flyer for more info.
  7. >Brad: "Thanks! Details at the bottom of the invite."
  8. "Great... Whatever at least I'm going to a party and have some fun."
  9. >You look at the time and date on the flyer and face palm. It says 'This weekend on Swag-urday around 7 p.m.'
  10. "Okay maybe I shouldn't go..."
  11. >On your way out you find Purple and her friends outside with the fliers in their hands. They're talking about the party, there is a divide on if they should go.
  12. >Orange: "Ah don't know Twi, there is alcohol at this shindig. Booze can make you do funny things..."
  13. >Purple: "But this could be a great learning experience!"
  14. >Pinkie: "And a fun one! Imagine all the crazy dancing and the freedom we'll have! I feel like we will all be party animals! Woo hoo!"
  15. >Aryan: "Well, I for one think that it is going to be a fun event. And I do trust that Brad will be a responsible host."
  16. >Blue: "Oh yeah! I am going to have some fun! Brad said there's going to be beer pong. AJ, I got my eye on you."
  17. >Orange just rolls her eyes and crosses her arms.
  18. >Yellow: "Uhm girls... I don't want to go but I'll help with the cleaning."
  19. "Yeah, Brad told me to help out with the cleaning as well."
  20. >The group of girls notice your presence now. They open up to let you in their circle.
  22. >Purple: "Hi Norman, are you going to the party too?"
  23. >You were going to answer no but Aryan Beauty changed your mine with what she said.
  24. >Aryan: "I hope you are going Norman, it won't be as fun without you."
  25. "Uh yeah, I am going."
  26. >You give off a smile and fold the flyer and put it in your pocket. The girls decide to go as well with knowing at least two guys would be there with them to make sure they're safe.
  27. >The rest of the week goes by fast and the day came. You told your parents that you were going to hang with Brad and maybe sleepover.
  28. >They were suspicious but after a small talk with them you distracted their worried thoughts with cheese.
  29. "Yeah that deli makes some great fresh mozzarella, maybe you and dad could buy some wine with it."
  30. >"Well... it has been a long time since we had a romantic dinner..."
  31. >Your dad hand goes on your mom's lap and gives a gentle squeeze. Now this is your cue to leave.
  32. "See ya guys!"
  33. >By the time you lock and closed the door they were too busy kissing to notice you leave.
  34. "Phew, now just to get to Brad's house."
  35. >You arrive there a little early but you're not alone. The girls are there as well helping Brad setting things up.
  36. "Hey, glad I'm not the only one here early. So what can I help you guys with?"
  37. >Blue: "We just finished."
  38. >All of you are now in the living room, everything looks alright. Seems Brad thought ahead and moved all the fragile things and valuables into his room and his parents.
  39. >He pulls out a bottle of vodka and pours into red solo cups. He adds fruit punch to it and passes it to everyone.
  40. >"To us, young, naive, good looking, and cool kids. Friends... Thank you and have fun once the party starts."
  41. >You all drink from the cups, Twilight takes a single sip and passes out.
  42. >Brad: "Twily!"
  44. >Orange picks her up and holds her bridal style.
  45. >Orange: "Well, I'm taking this one home... wait does anyone know where Twilight lives?"
  46. >You all shake your heads, no one knows where she lives.
  47. >Brad tries to grab Twilight from Orange's arms but she doesn't let go.
  48. >Brad: "I'll take her to my room to sleep it off."
  49. >Orange: "Don't worry sugarcube, I'll just take her home with me."
  50. >She heads to the exit with Purple in her arms. Blue looks ticked and calls her a chicken.
  51. >Blue: "Why are you leaving? I want to beat you in beer pong!"
  52. >Orange: "No one wins in beer pong, ah don't want ta look like a fool. My uncles end up having fun with the pigs every time they drink."
  53. >You have mixed reactions, Brad has an interested look along with Yellow, and the rest of you are disgusted except for Pinks who didn't get the innuendo.
  54. >Orange: "Just watch out guys..."
  55. >She leaves with Purple in her arms, all of think about what she said. Shit happens sometimes when you drink.
  56. >Yellow starts to head for the exit but Blue stops her.
  57. >Blue: "And where are you heading?"
  58. >Yellow: "H-Home... I really am not much for parties..."
  59. >Blue: "Come on, you never socialize much with the other classmates. Just enjoy tonight Fluttershy."
  60. >Yellow thinks about for half a second and than opens the door but to only be pushed back in as a crowd comes in. Blue grabs her and holds her next to her. She puts an arm around her and tries to calm down her worry.
  61. >Blue: "Don't worry Fluttershy, whats the worst that can happen to you? Just a small headache in the morning."
  62. >Yellow doesn't look convinced but she joins all of you for the party.
  63. >The music starts once the local DJ from school drops by, she hangs and jams in the corner. Everyone is either drinking, talking, dancing, or in a drinking game.
  65. >You try to mingle with your classmates but have small success. Pinkie is owning Blue in beer pong at the same time doing a keg stand, Brad is being a cool host chatting away with everyone, Yellow is no where to be seen, and Aryan Beauty keeps getting hit on. She just politely laughs then moves on her away.
  66. >It looks like she is heading to you, you just chug on another one to calm your nerves from seeing guys hitting on her. She wobbles a bit to you and hugs you.
  67. >Aryan: "Be a dear and give me a kiss."
  68. >You don't say anything, you're too shock from what she said. She just kisses you and you close your eyes. Her tongue just goes in your mouth, you both taste each others alcoholic flavored spit.
  69. >She breaks away and sees the broken hearts she made with that. A little giggle escapes from her lips and brings you back to reality.
  70. >You just kissed Aryan Beauty, no she just kissed you. You have no clue she did it to get away from the desperate guys at the party. But that wouldn't matter either way.
  71. >Aryan Beauty holds on to you and starts to sway a little. You wrap your arms around her and join her.
  72. >You feel so happy, everything is going great for once. Aryan Beauty pulls you down for another kiss and tells you to meet her in Brad's guest room.
  73. >She says she has to freshen up, you just go get another drink from the table. That red solo cup you grabbed is not beer but actually a mix of hard liquor.
  74. >You chug it down and head upstairs. The door is unlock and the room is empty.
  75. >The room only had a lamp to give it light. You turn it on and lay down on the bed.
  76. >You finally feel the alcohol getting to you, the room feels like its spinning. You fight it off and try to open the drawer to look for a condom but only manage to knock down the lamp.
  77. "Fa-uck!"
  78. >The room is dark now but someone opens the door letting the highway light in. You see a female shape at the doorway, she closes the door and stumbles towards you and giggles as she lands on the bed.
  80. >She says your name, you feel her lie next to you filling up your nostrils with her familiar scent. You feel like your body is not under control by you once it knows Aryan Beauty is next to you.
  81. >You start to kiss her and she kisses back. The room is too dark to let you see but doesn't matter now since everything that happens from here is gone once you wake tomorrow.
  83. >Your head is fucking killing you, the sunlight hurts badly. You feel thirsty, confused, a little cold, and groggy.
  84. >A few things from last night comes back to you. Drinking, kissing, and... Having sex with Aryan Beauty.
  85. >There's a lump next to you, you couldn't believe you had sex last night. Aryan beauty had sex with you, the one thing you regret is that you both did it while drunk which ruined how special and meaningful it is.
  86. >Well you can't win everything, you feel a little flush which makes your head feel a little more pain. You rub your head and bear it.
  87. "Dang, I gotta take some aspirin..."
  88. >Aryan Beauty next to you mumbles something and shifts. You look at her and see her beautiful pink hair.
  89. >Wait.
  90. >You slowly reach to pull the sheets, your hand trembles and your fingers grab the sheet.
  91. >The sheet slowly goes down and reveals who actually is next to you.
  92. "Ye-Yellow..."
  93. >You feel sweat going down your head, your heart starts beating faster. This is bad, this very bad because of many reasons.
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