Wyvernmainframe Rule list!

Oct 16th, 2014
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  1. Rule 1: No songs over 10 minutes long, bouncer's and up ARE required to skip them.
  2. Rule 2: No videos over 5 minutes long(The only exception is listed below, or when G17 is in a good mood! (^'.'^) ) Try to keep this music, okay?
  3. Rule 3: IF you ban someone, you must have a good reason to be explained through Skype @G17WyvernGamer
  4. Rule 4: THat's it. wait wait wait, no bullying or dissing people for their tastes in music!
  6. EVENTS; Friday 11PM EST/10 PM CST= LENGTH Night! Songs up to an hour long are allowed, but not if they are the same song looped over again. Videos are still restricted though.
  8. Saturday 12PM EST/11 PM CST= Anime Night! You may play episodes of anime, and it is encouraged that you do so.
  10. ________
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