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Forever_way Mar 6th, 2013 1,141 Never
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  1. Dear friends,
  3. In our generation some things go unnoticed, such acts are unseen. In our country/everywhere else Animals are being raped, slaughtered, beaten, and neglected. Statistics of Abuse rises every year and everyday an animal is suffering greatly.
  5. Since the increase neglecting of animals are rising we've made it a goal, a promise to Animals/Animal Lovers, to punish those involved in treating animals harshly.
  7. We will not tolerate any behavior of this sort from any person. We vow to minimize the amount of animal abuse and ultimately help stop it. We will do whatever it takes to bring down the filth that is polluting the world. We will be the voice of the silent, the one's who can't defend for themselves.
  9. Punishment on Animal Abusers:
  11. We will d0x
  12. We will hack
  13. We will spy
  14. We will infiltrate
  15. We will social engineer
  16. We will deface
  17. We will protest
  18. We will riot
  19. We will be everywhere
  21. Expect us... #OpBeast
  23. Twitter Accs to follow:
  25. @forever_way
  26. @SeraphArmana
  27. @xFenickzx
  28. @bullyville
  29. @radicalising
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