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Clockwork Conundrum

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  1. Synopsis:
  2.     It is the year 253 A.N.M. It has been two hundred and fifty three years since the fall of Nightmare Moon to the Elements of Harmony, and now 63 years since the Princesses ascended. On that day, the alicorns seemingly disappeared, leaving the country of Equestria without rule. The sun and moon now seemingly rise and set on their own, and the natural magic of the earth has seemingly lessened. Now, the country has been swept by an industrial revolution, under the rule of the Equestrian Council. Population has boomed, innovation soars, and capitalist ideals have taken hold of Equestria.
  3.     You, the players, are a group of mercenaries who group together at The Immoral Harlot, a pub which doubles as an employment office for those who need abnormal or dangerous jobs done. You all have your individual goals and aspirations, but at the end of the day the party must work together to succeed in your goals.
  5. System:
  6.     Clockwork Conundrum will use the most recent expansion onto FEMTO's s10 system: 2.5. Any races will be allowed, but custom races must be run by the GM for approval. In addition, CC will also implement "Severe Injuries", as well as a currency system that allows for players to upgrade their characters later in the game. Skill points, magic artifacts, and multiclassing will also be purchaseable at markets and guilds in game.
  7. -Body Augmentations: http://pastebin.com/L7PZGq5P
  9. Party Composition/Character Gen:
  10.     Clockwork Conundrum will be ran ideally with a maximum of six players, and will be able to rotate players after a job has been completed. Due to the semi-low magic setting of CC, a maximum of two spell-users will be allowed at the start.
  11. Players will start with 50 gp, one weapon, and an inventory that the GM approves of. Technology level of Clockwork Conundrum is early gunpowder, so items such as blunderbusses or rifles are allowed.
  13. Combat:
  14.     The players will inevitably end up fighting adversaries of the goals. If that's the case, combat will follow this order:
  16. 0. [This phase only happens if PCs initiate combat] Players act.
  17. 1. GM post: Result of PC action [If they acted previously] NPCs act.
  18. 2. Players act/react to NPCs actions.
  19. 3. GM post: Result of PC actions. Results of NPC actions. NPCs act.
  20. 4. 2 and 3 repeat until end of combat.
  21. NPCs can go helpless. In this case, they roll to get up for the first turn they are down. If they fail, they automatically get up the turn afterwards unless an effect says otherwise.
  23. Severe Injuries:
  24.     When hit while helpless, your character takes the normal amount of wounds and the GM also gets to make a "Severe Injuries" roll. The severity of this injuries depend on the results of the roll, with high rolls being less horrible then low ones. These effects usually end after the battle or by healing, but lower rolls often will give you a more permanent effect. However, the players can also inflict Severe Injuries to combatants as well. When a player hits an enemy with a standard attack (Skills cannot be used, except for buffing the attack itself) whilst it is helpless, they make an extra roll to cause Severe Injuries to it. Severe Injury rolls can not be modified by buffs or debuffs, and only actually happen if the attack lands. Basically, you want to roll as high as you can on your attack, and as low as you can on the Severe Injuries roll (unless of course you're the one getting a Severe Injury, in which case you better hope that the roll is high).
  26. Severe Injuries outcomes:
  27.    1 Limb Loss: You lose an important part of your body, flesh tearing off. You lose a vital appendage of your body, whether that be legs, wings, or even a unicorn's horn. You permanently lose 2 wounds, and cannot use that limb. This prevents stuff such as flying if you lose a wing, using magic without a catalyst for unicorns that lose their horns, or even dual wielding weapons if you lose a leg. A cleric can mend the lost limb if done within two turns, but after that it is permanent, lasting the entire game.
  28.    2  Bleeding Out: A huge gash on your side drips blood, and you feel weaker by the moment. Every turn, you lose a hit until your helpless, at which point you lose a wound every other turn. This lasts until you are properly healed.
  29.    3 Small Body-part Loss: A bad chance at dodging a swing of a sword and suddenly you're missing an ear. You lose a small body-part such as an eye or an ear, reducing your max hits by 1 and giving you a -2 to any perception or spot check. A cleric can mend the lost extremity if done within two turns, but after that it is permanent, lasting the entire game.
  30.    4 Weakened: Your body is extremely sore from combat. -2 to all rolls and you cannot make attacks with a weapon. These effects last until the end of combat.
  31.    5 Broken Bone: A guy can only stand so much pressure, or in this case, your bone. Your maximum wounds are reduced by 1 until you can get the bone mended by magic or over a few weeks.
  32.    6 Major Cut: Even if it's only a flesh wound, it still hurts like heck. Your max hits are reduced by two until you're properly healed. Resting doesn't help.
  33.    7 Concussion: One solid whack to the head and suddenly your legs buckle underneath you. Your knocked out for two turns, and can do nothing in these turns unless an ally successfully helps you up.
  34.    8 Bruising/Minor Cuts: A single bruise doesn't hurt, but several cuts and scrapes do start to add up. Your max hits is reduced by 1 until you are properly healed or rest.
  35.    9 Panic Attack: The trauma from current battle has left you in shambles. -1 to all your attack rolls, and failed attacks automatically critfail. You calm down at the end of combat
  36.    10 Fatigued: Battling has worn you out, calling for an additional success to get up from helplessness until the end of the current fight.
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