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  1. #These are Global Settings for Residence.
  2. Global:
  3.     # This loads the <language>.yml file in the Residence Language folder
  4.     # All Residence text comes from this file. (NOT DONE YET)
  5.     Language: English
  6.     # Wooden Axe is the default selection tool for Residence.
  7.     # You can change it to another item ID listed here:
  8.     SelectionToolId: 271
  9.     # This determins which tool you can use to see info on residences, default is String.
  10.     # Simply equip this tool and hit a location inside the residence and it will display the info for it.
  11.     InfoToolId: 287
  12.     # The interval, in milliseconds, between movement checks.
  13.     # Reducing this will increase the load on the server.
  14.     # Increasing this will allow players to move further in movement restricted zones before they are teleported out.
  15.     MoveCheckInterval: 500
  16.     # The interval, in minutes, between residence saves.
  17.     SaveInterval: 10
  18.     # The default group to use if Permissions fails to attach or your not using Permissions.
  19.     DefaultGroup: default
  20.     # Enable / Disable the Lease System.
  21.     UseLeaseSystem: false
  22.     # The interval, in minutes, between residence lease checks (if leases are enabled).
  23.     LeaseCheckInterval: 10
  24.     # Allows leases to automatically renew so long as the player has the money, if economy is disabled, this setting does nothing.
  25.     LeaseAutoRenew: true
  26.     # Whether or not to use the Permissions system in conjunction with this config.
  27.     EnablePermissions: true
  28.     # Set to true if NOT using Permissions or PermissionsBukkit, or using a really old version of Permissions
  29.     LegacyPermissions: false
  30.     # Enable / Disable Residence's Economy System.
  31.     EnableEconomy: false
  32.     # The economy system to use (iConomy, MineConomy, Essentials, BOSEconomy, and RealEconomy supported).
  33.     EconomySystem: iConomy
  34.     # Enables or disables the Rent System
  35.     EnableRentSystem: false
  36.     # The interval, in minutes, between residence rent expiration checks (if the rent system is enabled).
  37.     RentCheckInterval: 10
  38.     # Enable or disable residence chat channels.
  39.     ResidenceChatEnable: true
  40.     # Color of residence chat.
  41.     ResidenceChatColor: DARK_PURPLE
  42.     # Whether or not to ignore the usual Permission flags and only allow OPs and groups with 'residence.admin' to change residences.
  43.     AdminOnlyCommands: false
  44.     # Setting this to true makes server OPs admins.
  45.     AdminOPs: true
  46.     # This is the name of the plugin you use for multiworld, if you dont have a multiworld plugin you can safely ignore this.
  47.     # The only thing this does is check to make sure the multiworld plugin is enabled BEFORE Residence, to ensure properly loading residences for other worlds.
  48.     MultiWorldPlugin: Multiverse-Core
  49.     # Setting this to true causes subzones to inherit flags from their parent zones.
  50.     ResidenceFlagsInherit: true
  51.     # Setting this to false will allow rented residences to be modified by the renting player.
  52.     PreventRentModify: true
  53.     # Setting this to false will cause residence to continue to load even if a error is detected in the save file.
  54.     StopOnSaveFault: true
  55.     # This is the residence name filter, that filters out invalid characters.  Google "Java RegEx" or "Java Regular Expressions" for more info on how they work.
  56.     ResidenceNameRegex: '[^a-zA-Z0-9\\-\\_]'
  57.     # Setting this to true sends a message to the console every time Residence does a rent expire check or a lease expire check.
  58.     ShowIntervalMessages: false
  59.     # These are world flags that are applied when the player is NOT within a residence.
  60.     Flags:
  61.         Global: #these are default for all worlds unless specified below, they can be overridden per group
  62.             use: true
  63.             build: true
  64.             ignite: true
  65.             firespread: true
  66.             damage: true
  67.             creeper: true
  68.             tnt: true
  69.             pvp: true
  70.         WorldNameHere: #here you can set flags for individual worlds, these override Global
  71.             #build: true
  72.     # This gives permission to change certain flags to all groups, unless specifically denied to the group.
  73.     FlagPermission:
  74.         move: true
  75.         build: true
  76.         place: true
  77.         destroy: true
  78.         use: true
  79.         container: true
  80.         pvp: true
  81.         tp: true
  82.         ignite: true
  83.         firespread: true
  84.         bucket: true
  85.         flow: true
  86.         lavaflow: true
  87.         waterflow: true
  88.         creeper: true
  89.         tnt: true
  90.         monsters: true
  91.         animals: true
  92.         subzone: true
  93.         healing: true
  94.         piston: true
  95.     # These are default flags applied to all residences from any user group.
  96.     ResidenceDefault:
  97.         build: true
  98.         use: true
  99.         container: true
  100.         pvp: true
  101.         tnt: true
  102.         creeper: true
  103.         flow: true
  104.         piston: true
  105.         ignite: true
  106.         firespread: true
  107.         piston: true
  108.     # These are default flags applied to the residence creator of any group.
  109.     CreatorDefault:
  110.         build: true
  111.         move: true
  112.         use: true
  113.         ignite: true
  114.         container: true
  115.      # These are default group flags applied to a residence made by a user of any group.
  116.     GroupDefault:
  117.         #default: #group name
  118.             #build: true
  120. # These groups correspond to the Permissions groups defined in your '<worldname>.yml'
  121. Groups:
  122.     Default: #group name
  123.        # Information about the Residence zone that the player can define.
  124.        Residence:
  125.            # Determins if this group can create residences or not.  This option can be overriden with the permissions node 'residence.create'
  126.            CanCreate: true
  127.            # The maximum number of Residences a player can have.
  128.            MaxResidences: 3
  129.            # The maximum number of physical areas a residence can have.
  130.            MaxAreasPerResidence: 2
  131.            # The maximum number of blocks a Residence can be, East to West (X).
  132.            MaxEastWest: 16
  133.            # The maximum number of blocks a Residence can be, North to South (Z).
  134.            MaxNorthSouth: 16
  135.            # The maximum number of blocks a Residence can be, High to Low (Y).
  136.            MaxUpDown: 128
  137.            # The lowest altitude this group is allowed to protect.
  138.            MinHeight: 0
  139.            # The highest altitude this group is allowed to protect.
  140.            MaxHeight: 127
  141.             # The maximum recursive depth that subzones can go.
  142.             # A subzone within a subzone within the Residence zone would be a depth of 2.
  143.             # Set to 0 to disable subzones.
  144.            SubzoneDepth: 3
  145.            # Whether or not to allow teleporting to Residences.
  146.            CanTeleport: true
  147.            # Allow or Disallow the use of /res unstuck, to get yourself out of a residence if stuck in one somehow
  148.            Unstuck: true
  149.            # Allow or Disallow the use of the /res select command, if disabled they can only use the selection tool.
  150.            SelectCommandAccess: true
  151.            # Allow or Disallow the group to access the Blacklist/Ignorelist for residences they own.
  152.            ItemListAccess: true
  153.        # Options relating to enter and leave messages on the residence.
  154.        Messaging:
  155.            # Whether or not the player can change the Residence enter and leave messages.
  156.            CanChange: true
  157.            # The default enter message to apply to new Residences created by players in this group.
  158.            # Leaving the message blank will disable it.
  159.            DefaultEnter: Vous entrez dans %residence.
  160.            # The default leave message to apply to new Residences created by players in this group.
  161.            # Leaving the message blank will disable it.
  162.            DefaultLeave: Vous quittez %residence.
  163.        # Options relating to the Lease system.
  164.        Lease:
  165.           # The maximum number of days to allow leases.
  166.           MaxDays: 16
  167.           # The number of days to add to the lease following a '/res lease renew' command.
  168.           RenewIncrement: 14
  169.        #Options related to the rent system
  170.        Rent:
  171.            #determines how many residences can be rented by players of this group at once
  172.            MaxRents: 3
  173.            #determines how many residences can be set for rent by players of this group at once
  174.            MaxRentables: 3
  175.        # Options relating to the Residence Economy.
  176.        Economy:
  177.           # Whether or not players in this group can buy other Residences that are for sale.
  178.           CanBuy: true
  179.           # Whether or not players in this group can sell their Residences.
  180.           CanSell: false
  181.           # Whether or not to ignore the Residence size/count limits when buying a residence.
  182.           IgnoreLimits: false
  183.           # The cost, per block, of making a new Residence or adding a area to it.
  184.           BuyCost: 0.05
  185.           # The cost, per block, of renewing a Residence lease (if the lease system is enabled).
  186.           RenewCost: 0.02
  187.        # Flags are checked in the order:
  188.        # 1: Player
  189.        # 2: Group
  190.        # 3: Owner
  191.        # 4: If all others are undefined, reverts to default value (usually true).
  192.        # Flag permissions default to false.
  193.        # These flags settings override the globals.
  194.        Flags:
  195.           # Specifically allow or deny this group from changing certain flags.
  196.           Permission:
  197.                #build: true
  198.           # Specifys the flags that are applied at residence creation for players of this group.
  199.           Default:
  200.               #build: true
  201.           # Specifys the flags that are applied at to the creator at residence creation.
  202.           CreatorDefault:
  203.               #build: true
  204.           # Specifys the flags that are applied to other groups for this residence, at creation.
  205.           GroupDefault:
  206.                #default: #group name
  207.                    #build: false
  208.           #these flags are applied specifically to this group whenever they are outside a residence
  209.           #these flags will override the flags at the top, under the Global section.
  210.           World:
  211.                 Global: #these flags will apply to all worlds
  212.                      #build: false
  213.                 WorldNameHere: #or you can apply them by each individual world
  214.                      #build: false
  216. # You can manually specify the group a player is in below, this overrides their permissions group.
  217. GroupAssignments:
  219. ItemList: #this is where you can create blacklists / whitelists
  220.      DefaultList: #list name is not important, as long as it is unique. Its good to use a descripive name.
  221.         #type of the list, can be blacklist, whitelist, or ignorelist
  222.         Type: blacklist
  223.         #If you want, you can have this list only apply to one world, otherwise it applys to all worlds
  224.         #World: world
  225.         #You can also have the list apply only to one group, otherwise it applys for all groups
  226.         #Group: default
  227.         #this is the actual list of material names that this list allows or dissallows
  228.         #You can look up the material name by item ID in game by typing /res material <id>
  229.         #Alternativly, you can simply use the item ID in the list, but its less descriptive and harder to see what the list allows or dissallows at a glance
  230.         Items:
  231.            - 'BEDROCK'
  232.            - 'LAVA'
  233.            - 'WATER'
  234.            - 'STATIONARY_LAVA'
  235.            - 'STATIONARY_WATER'
  236.            - 'MOB_SPAWNER'
  237. # Used to determine which major revision of Residence this config is from, dont change this.
  238. ResidenceVersion: 2
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