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  1. Slot:Jung
  2. Backup:Park
  3. Face claim:hyuna 4minute
  4. Backup face claim:Suzy
  6. Name:Jung Minha
  7. Nicknames:Minnie,Minmin
  8. Date of birth:9th August 1997
  9. Age:19
  10. Blood type:O positive
  11. Birthplace:Osaka,Japan
  12. Hometown:Seoul South Korea
  13. Language:Japanese,Korean,English,Madarin
  14. Nationality;Japanese Korean
  15. Ethnicity:Korean
  16. Personlity:She is quiet and shady just like her older brother.She doesn't like to be bothered.She will be shy at first but then she will start talking a little.Not many people know stuff about her as she keeps stuff to herself.Many people think she is fearless but she is secretly scared of the dark.She can be a badgirl at times.
  17. She has a soft spot for animals
  18. Background:She was born in Japan.But was raised in Seoul.Her parents were working in Japan after her brother was born.She had a twin brother who died at birth.She was raised in a posh quiet environment.
  19. Hobbies:Playing with animals/feeding them
  20. Taking care of injured animals
  21. Reading
  22. Playing sports
  23. Drawing
  24. Habits:She has a habit of playing with her hair when she is nervous
  25. She has a habit of reading whenever she is worried at times
  26. She can't sit still at times
  27. Likes:Animals
  28. Branded stuff
  29. Shopping
  30. Watching horror films
  31. Trying out new things
  32. Dislikes:People forcing her to do things she doesn't want to do
  33. People who abuse animals
  34. Being mocked for not talking
  35. Giving speechs in front of everyone
  36. Sexist/racist People
  37. Trivia:Her brother is her role model.She has a pet dog named Versace.She doesn't have many friends.She used to get bullied then she learned to step up for herself.She wanted to be a k-idol.Her parents send her for many classes.She is a posh child.
  38. Clothing style:Stylish but more of dark colours
  39. Fears:The dark
  40. Love interest:Funtime Foxy
  41. Backup:Baby
  42. Personality:She is an adorable person.Usually laughs at his own jokes.Annoys others by talking way too much or making bad jokes/puns,also has a shady side to him,loves playing pranks on others
  43. Is it a one-sides love or are the feelings returned:It is not a one-sided love
  44. Are you comfortable with your character dying:Not quite
  45. Will your love interest kill the character:No
  46. If your character does do you want your love interest to be affected:Yes
  47. Does your character believe your love interest is comtrolled:No she does not
  48. How would they react to their love interest telling them this:She would be shocked and quite disappointed
  49. Closest friends:Golden Freddy,Chica
  50. Gaming level:9/10
  51. Does your character get scared of horror games:No
  52. Anything else:NOPE
  53. Username:jiminstinyhands
  54. Password:Lotto
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