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Kisaragi/Takumi Child Support

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Jul 1st, 2015
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  1. Yumi = Bow
  2. Divine weapon = 神器, I have no idea what they call it in English.
  3. Fuujin Yumi = 風神弓, Takumi's personal weapon. Naming scheme adjusted to Serenes translations. Probably.
  5. Kisaragi/Takumi Child Support C
  7. Kisaragi: Hmhmhm~ I'm all set for a great hunt today-! …Hm? Is that…
  8. Takumi: …………
  9. Kisaragi: Faaatheer---! What a coincidence! Here for a hunt too, Father?
  10. Takumi: Kisaragi… well, yeah, something like that. I'm keeping an eye on that deer over there, but I just can't find an opening.
  11. Kisaragi: Hm… that deer's a tough one. Oh, since Father's here, I'll try to take it down! Will you watch over me, Father?
  12. Takumi: Sure. I'm fine with that.
  13. Kisaragi: Hurray! Now, without further ado, line up… aim… shoot!!
  14. Takumi: !? In one hit!? But I tried so many times…
  15. Kisaragi: Yees! Bullseye!! I'm glad that went well!
  16. Takumi: …He's got a talent for this. At this rate, I'm gonna be…
  17. Kisaragi: Father! How did I do?
  18. Takumi: Eh!? Ummm… err… The result was satisfying, but you're still a greenhorn. You still can't draw your yumi properly, and your center of gravity is unstable. You've got a long way to go.
  19. Kisaragi: …………
  20. Takumi: …K-Kisaragi? Maybe I said a bit too much…
  21. Kisaragi: I see… I guess you're right, Father! I've got a looong way ahead of me!
  22. Takumi: Eh…? No objections?
  23. Kisaragi: Eeh, why? You were being strict for my sake, right Father?
  24. Takumi: Y-Yeah… but I didn't think you would just accept it, it's somewhat anticlimactic…
  25. Kisaragi: I'm gonna try even harder. Thank you for the advice, Father! All right, I'm gonna go down the mountain and train with my yumi!
  26. Takumi: ………
  27. …He's such an obedient kid. Completely different from me. I'm jealous of my own son…
  29. Kisaragi/Takumi Child Support B
  31. Kisaragi: Father-! Can you give me a yumi training right now?
  32. Takumi: … Training?
  33. Kisaragi: Yup. I've been training real hard ever since that advice you gave me the other day. I wanna know how much I've improved, so please point out my mistakes!
  34. Takumi: S-Sure… okay.
  35. Kisaragi: Awesome! Thank you, Father! Just watch me… I'm going to aim at that tree. I sure hope my balance and draw's good enough now… line up… aim… shoot!!
  36. Takumi: !! Amazing… from this distance…
  37. Kisaragi: What do yo think, Father…
  38. Takumi: Um… To be honest, I have nothing else to say. You've done really well, Kisaragi.
  39. Kisaragi: ! Really? Thank God…!!
  40. Takumi: Actually… There was never anything wrong with your stance.
  41. Kisaragi: Huh?
  42. Takumi: It's just, you took down that deer so easily I… got a bit jealous. I unintentionally pointed out mistakes you didn't have in the first place. I'm a failure as a father… I'm sorry, Kisaragi.
  43. Kisaragi: Father… you're not a failure at all. I mean, I AM a greenhorn. Even if I really did have no mistakes, I still got to train a lot. I appreciate that, Father.
  44. Takumi: Father…
  45. Kisaragi: Teach me again next time if you want! I like training with Father the best!
  46. Takumi: … Do you really want me to teach you? There's a lot of people way better than I am at archery.
  47. Kisaragi: Of course. You're my idol, Father.
  48. Takumi: Idol?
  49. Kisaragi: Yup. I admire how you're always so calm and collected! Even in the battlefield, you're always so active and your archery skills are top class… plus, you can use a divine weapon. You're so cool, Father! I wanna be just like you someday!
  50. Takumi: ………
  51. Kisaragi: Father…? S-Something wrong…?
  52. Takumi: I… I'm not as amazing as you think, Kisaragi…
  53. Kisaragi: Eh?
  54. Takumi: I'm sorry to say this but my archery skills are mostly because of Fuujin Yumi's power, not mine… And I'm only calm because I want people to see me that way… the real me is always anxious and wary of others' gaze. I'm a weak man. I even envied my own son.
  55. Kisaragi: Father…
  56. Takumi: Sorry, Kisaragi. Maybe you should train with someone else today. I'll be going now…
  57. Kisaragi: Ah, Father…!
  58. …Father.
  60. Kisaragi/Takumi Child Support A
  62. Kisaragi: …Father.
  63. Takumi: Kisaragi…
  64. Kisaragi: I have a request today. Lend me Fuujin Yumi.
  65. Takumi: Eh…?
  66. Kisaragi: Father said your skills were all thanks to Fuujin Yumi, right? That means I can be as strong as you if I use it, right?
  67. Takumi: … I guess.
  68. Kisaragi: So lend it to me. I want to make sure if it's really Fuujin Yumi's power doing all the work.
  69. Takumi: ……… Fine. Just don't break it, okay?
  70. Kisaragi: …Wow, it's heavier than it looks… Wait, where's the bowstring and arrow?
  71. Takumi: Oh, you have to draw it out from Fuujin Yumi. You need to concentrate your mind. I couldn't do it at first, but now I can just do this and… there.
  72. Kisaragi: !! The bowstring and arrow appeared…!! It's going to disappear if I lost focus, isn't it… A-All right. I'm going to shoot at that tree. Line up… aim… Whoa!?
  73. Takumi: ……………
  74. Kisaragi: Aww man, I missed the mark. This is totally different from handling a normal yumi. I trained a lot, so I know this yumi can't be used by people without skill. And also, the bowstring and arrow would disappear if you lost even a little bit of focus, so its wielder needs to have a strong mind. You must be really amazing if you can use this so easily, Father!
  75. Takumi: … That's not true. With just a bit of training, even you would be…
  76. Kisaragi: !! Are you still saying that? I really, honestly think you're amazing, Father… why can't you believe in yourself? You are… my one and only idol! Don't be so hard on yourself! S-Shtupid fatheer…!!
  77. Takumi: K-Kisaragi!? Hey, don't cry!
  78. Kisaragi: No! Not until father stops saying those terrible things! I won't let anyone badmouth Father… not even Father himself! Father is the coolest, strongest, and best father in the world!
  79. Takumi: O-Okay, okay, I get it. I'll stop. I won't berate myself anymore!
  80. Kisaragi: … Really? Then try saying "I'm awesome".
  81. Takumi: Err…
  82. Kisaragi: Say it!
  83. Takumi: I-I'm awesome…
  84. Kisaragi: Ehehe… that's more like it.
  85. Takumi: That makes me sound pathetic in a different way…
  86. Kisaragi: Nuh uh! Not pathetic! Cool!
  87. Takumi: ……… Thanks, Kisaragi. Looks like I was encouraged by my own son. I have confidence in myself now, thanks to you. Having such a wonderful son makes me happy. Kisaragi… I'm not going to disappoint you ever again.
  88. Kisaragi: Father…!
  89. Takumi: Okay then… As thanks, why don't we train together right now? I'll train you so you can use Fuujin Yumi properly.
  90. Kisaragi: Eh! Are you sure…!?
  91. Takumi: Of course. I'm going to drill it into your head today, just so you know.
  92. Kisaragi: Yaaay! Thanks, Father! I love you so, so, so much…!
  93. Takumi: Yeah… I love you too.
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