Summer Camp WIP

May 21st, 2015
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  1. >Day Summer Camp in Equestria.
  2. >”It’s alright Little Dude. The water’s just fine.”
  3. >Tree Hugger spins in the lake water to show you.
  4. “I don’t know, Ms. Hugger. I didn’t bring any swim wear.”
  5. >The pony grabs on to a floating log and looks at you.
  6. >She blinks slowly, one eye closes before the other.
  7. >”None of us wear any clothes. It’s like, so freeing, you know?”
  8. >You watch as she dips into the water and spins so her hind legs barely peek out.
  9. >After a moment she returns to bobbing at the surface.
  10. >You look down.
  11. >For some reason you’ve always worn clothes.
  12. >It’s for a reason right?
  13. >Even Ms. Fluttershy never made you undress.
  14. >She said all ponies are different, and wearing clothes is alright.
  15. >But she only wears things on special occasions.
  16. >Tree Hugger lazily floats on her back and kicks so she floats toward you.
  17. >”It’s cool, Anon. You don’t have to like, do stuffs that’s makes you feel bad.”
  18. >Some water gets in her eyes and she brushes it away.
  19. >A big drop clings to an eyebrow and she has to shake it off.
  20. >”But you wouldn’t want to get your clothes all wet, right?”
  21. >You have another set of clothes, but then you’d have to walk back to camp soaking wet.
  22. “It does look like fun.”
  23. >She smiles at this.
  24. >”Yeah man. Your auras been all out of wack. Trust me, this will put you back in balance.”
  25. >Tree Hugger leans on the dock.
  26. “Maybe you’re right.”
  27. >You grab your shirt and slowly pull it over your head.
  28. >Ms. Fluttershy wouldn’t like it if you ruined your clothes.
  29. >Tree Hugger watches a little too closely as you unbutton your pants.
  30. “A little privacy please?”
  31. >She closes her eyes.
  32. >”I’ll just go into my special place while you change.”
  33. >She starts making those weird hippy noises.
  34. >You kick off your pants and quickly dip into the water.
  35. “Alright, I’m in.”
  36. >She pulls up next to you.
  37. >”That wasn’t so hard, was it Little Dude?”’
  38. 1/2
  39. >You turn toward her.
  40. “I guess not.”
  41. >She offers you lazy smile.
  42. >”Radical. Now just close your eyes and say your mantra.”
  43. >She taught everyone that mantra’s help you center yourself.”
  44. >Most of the ponies had something interesting.
  45. >All you could think about was food from home.
  46. >And that’s how you came up with your mantra.
  47. >You take a deep breath.
  48. “Haaaaaaaammmmmmmm.”
  49. >”Groovy.”
  50. “Haaaaaaaammmmmmmm.”
  51. >She starts making her hippy noises again.
  52. >”Eeeeeeeeeeeee.”
  53. >Her hooves rub your shoulders.
  54. >You feel your troubles flow into the lake water.
  55. >”You’re so tense, Little Dude.”
  56. >One by one your muscles relax under her soothing touch.
  57. >All of a sudden your eyes feel heavy.
  58. >You needed this.
  59. >Tree Kickers hooves go lower and you have to hold on to the dock so she won’t push you.
  60. >”See? I knew you’d like this.”
  61. >You just nod.
  62. >A hoof strays from you lower back and touches your underwear.
  63. >You instinctively move away.
  64. >”What’s wrong, Little Guy?”
  65. “I… I don’t know…”
  66. >She pulls herself closer so she’s leaning against your back.
  67. >Her face presses against yours as she hugs you.
  68. >Her mane tickles your neck.
  69. >You turn to look at her.
  70. >She raises a single eyebrow.
  71. >”You trust me, right?”
  72. >You feel your heart beating.
  73. >She nuzzles into you again.
  74. “I…”
  75. >In the distance you hear some music.
  76. “They started without us.”
  77. >”Aw man…”
  78. >You grab the dock and pull yourself up.
  79. >You don’t want to miss the campfire songs.
  80. “You coming?” you ask as you put on your shirt.
  81. >Tree Hugger frowns.
  82. >”Not yet.”
  83. >And then she dips into the water again.
  84. 2/2
  86. >Day Summer Camp 2 in Equestria
  87. >Ms. Heartstrings plays her lyre and you and the others sing along.
  88. >You sing all the hits.
  89. >After an hour or so Rumble is wobbling beside you.
  90. >He tries to fight to keep his eyes open, but it’s a losing battle.
  91. >A few other ponies have the same idea and yawns spread among them.
  92. >Ms. Hugger approaches with her guitar.
  93. >”Hey guys, did I miss anything?”
  94. >Ms. Heartstrings puts her lyre aside.
  95. >”We just finished singing, but I think it’s time for bed.”
  96. >A couple fillies protest, but their sleepy eyes betray them.
  97. >”Yeah, you’re probably right.”
  98. “But I’m not tired, Ms. Heartstrings.”
  99. >She just smiles at this.
  100. >Tree Hugger sits beside you.
  101. >”We’ve got so many cool activities tomorrow. You don’t want to be tired for that do you, Little Dude?”
  102. >Lyra gets up and the others follow her lead.
  103. “Please, I just want to stay up a little longer.”
  104. >”I don’t know. What do you think Lyra?”
  105. >The mint pony looks around.
  106. >”It’s up to you, but I’m bushed.”
  107. >Tree Hugger puts her guitar into an open case.
  108. >”Tomorrow’s going to be awesome. I bet I’ll be great at canoeing,” Scootaloo says to her friends.
  109. >”Maybe we’ll get our cutie marks doing that,” her friend responds.
  110. >You don’t remember her name.
  111. >Apple something.
  112. >Tree Hugger stretches out a bit.
  113. >”I’ll stay for a little bit. We can talk about stuff.”
  114. >Lyra yawns before answering.
  115. >”Alright. Try not to make any noise when you go to your bunks.”
  116. >Tree Hugger nods.
  117. >”We’ll be like, you know, with the universe.”
  118. >”Com’n Rumble. It’s time to sleep.”
  119. >Lyra guides the colt to his cabin.
  120. >”So how’re you doing, Little Dude?”
  121. >You look up at your camp counselor.
  122. “Pretty good.”
  123. >”Righteous. I was worried about you earlier. You were all uptight.”
  124. >You look away and shrug.
  125. >She puts her foreleg over your shoulder.
  126. 1/3
  127. >”You can talk to me about whatever, you know?”
  128. >Your foot nudges a rock that looks out of place.
  129. “Nothing’s wrong.”
  130. >You look up at her.
  131. >”It can be hard to open up sometimes. I know I had that problem growing up.”
  132. “So what happened?”
  133. >”I just realized, that I had to be myself, you know?”
  134. >You both sit in silence for a while.
  135. “I don’t think the other ponies like me.”
  136. >Tree Hugger makes a confused look.
  137. >”What do you mean?”
  138. >You put the rock back where it was.
  139. “Rumble is the only one that hangs out with me.”
  140. >She thinks about this for a bit.
  141. >”Maybe he is the only colt you hang out with…”
  142. “What?”
  143. >This makes her smile and she pulls you closer.
  144. >”It’s like this, Little Dude. You can’t expect other ponies to do all the work.”
  145. >After a moment she adds, “You came here to make friends right?”
  146. >You don’t know where she’s going with this, but you agree to be polite.
  147. ”Yeah.”
  148. >”You don’t get friends, you make them. Do you understand?”
  149. >Your brow furrows as you think.
  150. >”Tomorrow, instead of spending time with Rumble, why don’t you join Scootaloo’s canoe?”
  151. >You sway a few times.
  152. >Fluttershy said the same thing.
  153. >That’s why she sent you here instead of letting you stay home.
  154. >You have to open up more.
  155. ”What if she doesn’t want to hang out?”
  156. >This makes your counselor laugh.
  157. >”You’ll be fine, trust me.”
  158. >You put an arm around her.
  159. “Maybe you’re right.
  160. >Tree Hugger takes a deep breath.
  161. >”Do you feel that?”
  162. “Feel what?”
  163. >”Your aura’s getting better. You’ve just been too uptight.”
  164. >You close your eyes and try to find your center.
  165. >It’s easy to find this time.
  166. >You lean against Ms. Hugger.
  167. >She places a hoof over your hand.
  168. >You feel so comfortable with her.
  169. >She nuzzles against your neck.
  170. >Her breath is so warm.
  171. 2/3
  172. >Without realizing it you turn your head to meet her.
  173. >She nods twice before turning slowly so your nose is touching hers.
  174. >Her half lidded eyes gaze into yours.
  175. >That feeling is back.
  176. >You can feel your heart racing.
  177. >Is this normal?
  178. >Tree Hugger looks at your lips, and offers a weak smile.
  179. >Does she like you?
  180. >Not like, normal like, but like like.
  181. >No, that’s not possible.
  182. >She’s way old.
  183. >Besides, Ms. Fluttershy said you should spend time with fillies your own age.
  184. >She said that if you ever feel strange you should find someone you trust.
  185. >But Tree Hugger is your counselor.
  186. >And she’s so soft.
  187. >What are you supposed to do?
  188. >You hear glass breaking.
  189. >”It got loose!”
  190. >A few more things crash in a nearby cabin before a chicken pops out.
  191. >”I told you not to keep it!” Sweetie yells as she chases the animal.
  192. >”I thought it was cool,” Scootaloo responds as they try to corner it.
  193. >Tree Hugger pulls away.
  194. >”Aw man…”
  195. 3/3
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