God Emperor Trump January 8, 2017 Press Release

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  1. RELEASE JANUARY 8, 2017:
  3.     President-elect Trump fan page with 210,000 followers ‘God Emperor Trump’ had all admins except one banned for associating with a companion/backup page called ‘Followers of God Emperor Trump’. At approximately 3:45 a.m. on Sunday morning the page administrators received a notification saying ‘Followers of God Emperor Trump’ was unpublished. There was no content removed from the page due to a violation of community standards, the page was merely unpublished. There was nothing on this page that violated copyright, or Facebook’s loosely defined Community Standards. Thinking perhaps it was a mistake, the creator of the page attempted to appeal the ban. The next morning everyone associated with the page, including one individual who never made a single post as ‘Followers of God Emperor Trump’, received a ban ranging from 24 hours to 7 days, and the page was officially removed from Facebook.
  5.     This is not the first time the administrators of ‘God Emperor Trump’ have been singled out by Facebook’s administration. In September of 2016, the page ‘God Emperor Trump’ was unpublished without provokation, and a social media campaign led by an a group of other pro-Trump Facebook pages, Mike Cernovich, users of Reddit’s the_Donald, and assisted by individuals including Paul Joseph Watson (InfoWars) succeeded in having the page reinstated. During this time, the creator of ‘God Emperor Trump’ was contacted by various media outlets, including Breitbart, Western Free Press, and other independent outlets. The large amount of pressure placed on Facebook is what we believe forced it to republish the page within 24 hours, something totally unheard of in the Facebook meme page community.
  7.     Meanwhile, Facebook allows legitimately hateful pages like “Boo hoo look at me I’m a poor white person,” “Another blinkered republican bigot,” “Damn those racist, homophobic, bigoted Republican Born-Again Christians,” groups that promote murdering based on political belief, and videos like the now infamous Facebook live stream of a young mentally challenged man being tortured in Chicago, to remain on its platform for hours, weeks, or even permanently without repercussions.
  10. Roger Zuckington (Dickinson)
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