Get Cutter Get Butter 8

Aug 1st, 2016
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  1. >Be Twi...
  2. >Be Twili...
  3. >Be the purple one...
  4. >You had the horn and wings...
  5. >Books...
  6. >You liked books too...
  7. >And you were a princess...
  8. >You were that one...
  9. >Yeah...
  10. >You felt lightheaded as you draped yourself over Anonymous, to tired to even hold yourself up
  11. >You were out of breath, your back legs hurt like a motherbucker
  12. >Sweat covered your body and your marehood ached in the most wonderful way
  13. >You had just cum
  14. >But this wasn't an ordinary orgasm that you had just received
  15. >This wasn't the kind of cum that you'd give yourself when you were alone in your bedroom and Spike was in bed or off doing whatever dragons did
  16. >The orgasm that you just had had been the result of somepony else doing all of the work for you
  17. >You didn't stimulate yourself in anyway the entire time
  18. >And you whoo boy...
  19. >It was a HECK of a lot different from what you're used to
  20. >You had been able to feel your pleasure, which felt far rawer than you had ever felt before, rise gradually and slowly
  21. >Your body had started twitching, all rational thought had left you, even breathing had become difficult
  22. >You started making noises despite yourself, you had been able to hear the pounding of your heart as clear as day
  23. >Sights, smells, everything felt new and different
  24. >And then it had hit you: your orgasm
  25. >The raw pleasure, the way that your marehood twitched and milked at nothing, the sound of Anon's heart pumping as you pressed your face against his neck and shoulder, his smell, the way that you moaned as his fingers danced across your muscles...
  26. >A hoof or a dildo had nothing on it
  27. >They weren't even close
  28. "H-Hah~"
  29. >You twitched as Anon, breathing almost as hard as you, continued to toy with your wings even as the last dregs of your orgasm finally left you
  30. >It wasn't anything too overwhelming, he was just lightly tracing a finger up and down your back, but his touch still made you shiver
  31. >You were still sensitive; your wings, your marehood
  32. >Everything felt tender and delicate
  34. >A quiet whimper escaped your throat as you nosed Anon's collarbone, your wings twitching and flapping under teasing
  35. >While you weren't against getting another wingjob, far from it, you were going to need a minute or two to--
  36. "Hmm~"
  37. >One of your legs twitched as Anon's finger grazed your wing joint
  38. >It was a light touch, so light that you could have imagined it, but it made you bite your lip all the same
  39. >Your eyes widened slightly as you felt that finger go up and up until it was teasing your main flight muscles
  40. "A-Aha~"
  41. >Your hips bucked, and you nearly screamed as your soaked groin slapped against his lower stomach
  42. >You needed to say something
  43. >If Anon didn't stop it with those hands of his he was going to make you cum again
  44. >The feeling of his cum on your flank, the salty taste of his sweat on your lips each time that you kissed his neck, his light touches
  45. >He was goin--
  46. "Eep!"
  47. >Your eyes, which were already as wide as could be, nearly bugged out of your head as you felt something slide up your flank
  48. >Was that...
  49. >...
  50. >Was that a tongue?!
  51. >You gasped again as Anon let you a happy moan, nearly throwing you off of his lap as his hips gave a buck of their own
  52. >Why--
  53. >Whatthebuckisthat?!
  54. >Now you could feel another something dragging itself up your cum-covered flank, dangerously close to your cutiemark
  55. >...
  56. >Those were tongues weren't they?!
  57. >You might have never felt a tongue against your b-butt but you were pretty sure that the feeling was one of those things that you instantly knew!
  58. >Those were tongues!
  59. >Tongues were licking you!
  60. >And not only were they licking you, they were picking your BUTT!
  61. >...
  62. >Who the heck would be...
  63. >...
  64. >Oh my gosh...
  65. >Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh...
  66. >Slowly, you snuck a look over your wither
  67. >A whine escaped your lips at what you saw
  68. >You were right: the things that were cleaning the c-cum off of your butt was a pair of tongues
  69. >Tongues that belonged to Rarity and Pinkie Pie
  71. >...
  72. >Whatthebuckarethosefill--
  73. >You twitched as Rarity's tongue traced your cutiemark, the fashionista humming happily as she did it
  74. >Pinkie, who was on your left side, was busying herself by dragging her long, thick pink tongue over your tail dock
  75. >Your ears pinned themselves against your skull as you felt her hot breath wash over your marehood
  76. >kdjngdkfjndkjn!
  77. >Biting your lip HARD so that you wouldn't make any noise, you immediately turned back around and buried your muzzle into the nape of Anon's neck so you wouldn't have to look at the surreal scene behind you
  78. >You shut your eyes nice and tight, trying to ignore the pounding heart in your chest
  79. >This wasn't real
  80. >This was some trick
  81. >Your mind was playing tricks on you
  82. >You had cum too hard and now the sudden flood of endorphins was making you loopy
  83. >Yeah... that was--
  84. >"Eep!"
  85. >You jumped as you felt Rarity nip your rump
  91. >...
  92. >Who...
  93. >What...
  94. >WHY...
  97. >...
  98. >THAT WAS GAY!
  100. >... Even though those tongues felt really nice agains--
  101. >NO!
  102. >NOPE!
  107. >...
  109. >Despite yourself, you could feel your wings stiffening from the tongue-bathing that you were getting
  110. >You tried to ignore it, firmly clamping your tail down and praying that the sensation would go away, but it just didn't stop
  111. >Anon had cum ALL over you
  112. >He had cum not only on your flank but your lower back too, VERY close to your wings, so it took MINUTES for Rarity and Pinkie to c-clean you
  114. >You tried to hold completely still and act like you were asleep but you found yourself squirming
  115. >The heat in between your legs, which had died down after the life-changing cum that you just had, came on once more
  116. >You could feel a fresh wetness as you tried to rub your back legs together, and the scent of your musk was starting to get stronger
  117. >You'renotgayouy'renotgaymomwasn'trightmomwasn'trightmomwasn'trightm--
  118. "O-oh~"
  119. >You felt a pair of soft, supple lips kiss your cutiemark
  120. >Your legs twitched at the sensation, electricity shooting up your body as your back ached
  121. >Your eyelids flew open before they slowly began to close
  123. >You whined, holding Anon as close as you could as a pair of giggles erupted from behind you
  124. >Your ears perked up
  125. >You could hear Pinkie and Rarity whispering to each other
  126. >Cracking open your eyes you focused in on it
  127. >"-- And besides,Twilight and I had our own one-on-one time with Anonymous, Pinkie dear."
  128. "Eep!"
  129. >You began to flail as an unseen force grabbed you and lifted you into the air
  130. >"Why don't you have some fun yourself?"
  131. >Anon's stalliohhood slapped wetly against your rump as you were lifted off of his lap and off the couch
  132. >"Are you sure Rarity? We can--"
  133. >"Ah ah, I won't hear it, darling. Now get up there and enjoy yourself."
  134. >BAD TOUCH!
  135. >BAD TOUCH!
  137. >AN ADULT!
  138. >Just as your rump touched the ground a pair of hooves wrapped around your chest
  139. >A squeak escaped your lips before you managed to collect yourself
  140. "H-Hey! J-Just wait a s-second--"
  141. >Rarity, her mascara running and cum all over her face, pulled you against her with a great big smile
  142. >"I can assure you that Twilight and I will enjoy the show~" she said, nuzzling your cheek
  143. >You winced as you felt the cum on her face stain your fur
  144. >OhsweetCelestiawhatthehayisthisfillydoingohlawrd
  145. >Your eyes darted around
  146. >You could see Pinkie looking at the two of you, her face just as much of a mess as Rarity's
  148. >You could see Anon, with his head rolling and his cock standing high and glistening in the sunlight
  149. >And R-Rarity...
  150. >You tried to slow your pounding heart and close your fully extended wings but you couldn't
  151. >Now hyperventilating, you did your best to squirm in Rarity's clutches
  152. >You n-needed to say something
  153. >M-Momma didn't raise no c-carpet-muncher
  154. "R-Rarity, wha--"
  155. >Your breathing hitched as the fashionista kissed your brow, holding you even closer as she gave Pinkie a wink
  156. >"Go on dear. I'm positive that Anonymous needs it just as much as you."
  157. >Pinkie bit her lip as she looked between you two and Anon's stallionhood
  158. >You could see that she was trying to hold herself back as she wiggled in place, her tail sporadically twitching
  159. >She was trying so, so hard not to let her instincts get the better of her
  160. >"If you're sure...."
  161. >"I'm absolutely posi--"
  162. >Before Rarity could finish Pinkie's willpower snapped
  163. >With a growl, the pink party pony leapt into the air
  164. >Through a feat of gymnastics that would be impossible for anypony else, she cleared Anonymous's cock and landed in his lap in such a way that the throbbing, leaking pole was nestled nicely between her butt cheeks
  165. >Anon groaned as Pinkie growled, wrapping her hooves around his neck and roughly pulling him into a kiss and--
  166. >"Don't think that I've forgotten you, Twilight dear~"
  167. >You shivered as Rarity's hot, moist breath washed over your ear
  168. >"From what I've heard earth pony stamina is as the tales say."
  169. >Your back legs wetly slapped together as she nipped at your ear
  170. >"Pinkie and Anonymous are going to be busy... entertaining each other for some time I fear."
  171. >Your nostrils flared
  172. >You could smell Rarity
  173. >The flowery, sweet lingering scent of her perfume, the sharp, musky scent of her lust
  174. >You could also feel how warm and soft her body felt against you
  175. >...
  176. >Why did she feel so SOFT...
  177. >A hoof slowly traveled down your side
  179. >Your wings flapped as Rarity once again giggled, letting the tip of her hoof trace your cutiemark
  180. >Thoughts of escaping had now completely fled you
  181. >You couldn't think of anything
  182. >There was only that softness, that scent, and that warmth
  183. "R-Rar..."
  184. >Another tender, intimate peck, this time on the neck, silenced you
  185. >"Shush, It's alright dear. Just watch Pinkamena and Anonymous while I see to you~"
  186. "I-I'm not, I c-can't, do--"
  187. >You gasped as the hoof that was teasing your cutiemark found itself resting right above your rock-hard teats
  188. >Your back legs tried to close, but a simply spell from Rarity kept them nice and open
  189. >"It's alright dear. It's alright~"
  190. >As the hoof SLOWLY made its way southward, your eyes snapped back toward the couch
  191. >Pinkie was grinding herself against Anonymous's length noisily
  192. >You watched entranced as Pinkie's rump jiggled and wobbled and clapped against Anonymous's lap, her earth pony behind threatening to swallow up even Anon's massive member
  193. >Anon was groaning, his fingers digging into her flank as she held him close, whispering sweet nothings into his ear
  194. >Your nostrils flared again
  195. >You could smell their sweat, the smell of their arousals mixing in the air
  196. >"Hmm~ Is that a sight to see?" Rarity cooed
  197. >Your body tensed as you felt her hooffnskfjnskjfndkjfndlj...
  198. >"You know, I'm beginning to wonder if Pinkie will be able to take all of him," the fashionista continued casually as her hoof began to expertly tease some very wet and VERY sensitive areas
  199. "H-Hah~ Wha, an..."
  200. >"Do you see how she's lifting herself higher and higher each time? I think she means to take all of him in one go. I myself would have preferred to ease into it but you know Pinkie."
  201. >Your eyes slowly began to close as another kiss graced your neck
  202. >The little mantra that you had been saying over and over in your head seemed to get quieter and quieter with each kiss, each touch, each leg-quivering stroke
  204. >"If I were you I'd try to keep my eyes open, darling. It appears that the show is about to begin~"
  205. >Though she was making it DIFFICULT you forced yourself to open your eyes
  206. >Pinkie had risen herself up as high as she could
  207. >You could see that she was using the tip of Anon's cock to tease her marehood, forcing apart her lips and exposing the bright pink inside to the whole world
  208. >You could see Anon twitching with each grind as he bucked his hips
  209. >If he had just the right angle you knew that he'd sink into Pinkie with ease
  210. >...
  211. >That or he's tear her in half
  212. >You had honestly no idea, but what you did know was that you kind of wanted to see it happen
  213. >...
  214. >Mom was right, wasn't she?
  215. >Anon groaned as Pinkie raised herself just a bit higher, her tail waggi--
  216. >All of the sudden Pinkie's body tensed
  217. >Her tail stood ramrod stiff, her ears began wiggling, and her nose scrunched up
  219. >With no warning, before any of you could react, Pinkie launched herself out of Anon's lap and scrambled behind the couch
  220. >...
  221. >What the heck was she--
  222. >An earsplitting war cry sprung up behind you
  224. >"BUCK MARES!"
  225. >"PIGS! PIGS!"
  226. >Your ears perked up as you heard something being thrown toward you
  227. >Thinking fast, you yanked Rarity to the ground as something big and wh...
  228. >...
  229. >...Princess Celestia?
  230. >...
  231. >They threw Princess Celestia at you?
  233. "PRINCESS! WHA--"
  234. >Your eyes widened when you noticed her trajectory
  235. >Oh holy horse apples she was going to land right on top of An--
  236. >Anon let out a sound that was a mixture of a cat's screech and the noise that Mr. Bear had made when a rock had landed on his paw as Celestia landed right on his lap
  237. >His cock, still hard and wet and throbbing, disappeared in between her cheeks
  238. >You teacher let out a quiet "omhp" as her rump loudly slapped against his lap and her buttcheeks clapped together
  239. >"Dofvndfjndljdndfkjbvdkfjbdkjbfdkjbfkdbjkjbdk!"
  241. >The back of the couch snapped in half as Anon jerked backward, his eyes crossing and his toes curling
  243. >Your old teacher, looking a little tired and sweaty but no more worse for wear, smiled
  244. >"Well, good afternoon to you too, Anonymous," she said with a teasing wiggle
  246. >Ohshit!
  247. >You were just able to pick your head up before Caramel hopped over you
  248. >The stallion had a completely crazed look in his eyes as he charged toward an unsuspecting Anon
  249. >Firmly clasped in his mouth was a barbell
  250. >He had it pointed like a lance toward Anon's he--
  251. >ANON!
  252. "ANON!"
  253. >The world seemed to slow as Caramel swung the metal pole in his mouth as hard as he could
  254. >Anon's eyes were still crossed and half-lidded
  255. >He wasn't prepared
  256. >He wasn't ready to move out of the way
  257. >He was going to get hit!
  258. >Out of the corner of your eye you could see your teacher raise an eyebrow
  259. >"Oh my," you heard her say as she leaned away slightly
  260. >She wasn't going to help the human
  261. >She was going to let him take the hit
  262. >...
  263. >No...
  264. >Nonononononononononono...
  265. >Get up Twilight, get up!
  266. >Anon was going to get REALLY hurt if that thing hit him!
  267. >You needed to get up!
  268. >There might still be a chance to save him!
  269. >With a cry, You launched yourself off of the ground
  270. >With a powerful flap of your wings your soared toward the couch
  271. >But you weren't ready for flight
  272. >You wings were still stiff from Rarity
  273. >Too stiff to flap properly
  274. "Ano--"
  275. >You slammed into the dirt muzzle first, your back legs kicking
  276. >Oh horse ap--
  277. CLANG!
  278. >Though you now had a mouthful of dirt for your efforts, you could see the shaft of the barbell quiver as the end of it SLAMMED into Anon's cheek, right under his eye
  279. >The sound of the collusion rang out loud and clear as Caramel leaned into his swing, doing all that he could to maximize it's power
  280. >There was a smile on his face as Anon's head jerked to the side a little
  281. >But then the momentum suddenly and completely stopped
  283. >Anon's eyes snapped to Caramel as the barbell creaked
  284. >Though they had been hazy you watched as they instantly focused on the earth pony
  285. >He said nothing, he didn't make a noise, he didn't even move; he just stared
  286. >You, with your face in the dirt and your wings still stiff from what Rarity did to you, watched as Anon reached up and grabbed the end of the bar
  287. >Each finger slowly wrapped around the thick, fat end
  288. >By now the smile on Caramel's face was gone
  289. >With the bar still in his mouth he took a half-step back
  290. >You could see the muscles in his neck bulging as he tried to pull the barbell away
  291. >He grunted and growled, straining as hard as he could, but he didn't even move it an inch as Anon held it
  292. >The human's eyes began to narrow dangerously before, with a flick of his wrist, he snapped the end of the barbell clean off, sending Caramel to the ground with a yelp
  293. >"Bucking curd!"
  294. >Still deathly silent, Anon lifted the bit of metal away from his face
  295. >You could see that he now had a cut under his eye; a cut that almost immediately began to bleed
  296. >Grunting, you forced yourself to your hooves
  297. "Anon? Are you alright?" you asked, as worried as you've ever been in your entire life. "Do you feel okay? Do you need us to take you to the horspital? Or maybe--"
  298. >As you continued to dabble Anon dropped the end of the barbell to the ground with a clang
  299. >His eyes snapped away from Caramel and over your shoulder, traveling left to right
  300. >Then, to your immense concern, he started to smile
  301. >It wasn't a very nice smile, you instantly noticed
  302. >There wasn't all that much joy and happiness in it
  303. >In fact, just looking at it made the fur on the back of your neck stand on end
  304. >It was a crazed smile, a bad smile
  305. >The kind of smile that you wouldn't want see while walking through an alleyway
  306. >"It looks like everyone's here," he quietly said as he picked up Celestia, who giggled at the contact, and sat her right next to him
  308. >"Every single one of you..."
  309. >Caramel's eyes were wide as he began to crawl away from the human
  310. >You and Rarity, who had also found her way to her hooves while you weren't looking, also took a few nervous steps backward
  311. >Anon slowly stood up, his still hard cock wetly slapping against his belly as he stood to his full height
  312. >He looked around once again, prompting you to look behind yourself
  313. >There were dozens of stallions standing in the street with gym equipment in hoof
  314. >Some of them looked angry
  315. >But many of them looked confused
  316. >...
  317. >How did they...
  318. >Bones popped in Anon's shoulders as he rolled them
  319. >You could see a trail of blood dripping down his sweat-soaked cheek now
  320. >There was no pain or discomfort in his face, in fact, if you didn't know any better, you'd think that he was about to start laughing
  321. >He looked excited
  322. >Jubilated
  323. >Jovial
  324. >He looked...
  325. >...
  326. >Oh geeze...
  327. >A bad feeling welled up in the pit of your stomach as you and Rarity took another step backward
  328. >Caramel, still crawling, looking back at the group of stallions
  329. >"Don't just sit there! HELP ME!" he yelled
  330. >The stallions look at each other
  331. >"...Caramel? Why did you hit Anon?" one of them asked. "I thought that we were going to help--"
  332. >"HELP ME!" Caramel screeched."BUCKING HELP ME!"
  333. >The seemed to break the stallions out of their stupor
  334. >Many of them shook their heads, readying their weapons as they took a step forward
  338. >"COM--"
  339. >All went quiet again as a giggle escaped Anon's lips
  340. >...
  341. >Oh geeze...
  342. >"You're all out of my gym," he whispered quietly, almost as if he was talking to himself. "You're all out where I can get you..."
  343. >Still smiling, he reached over and covered Celestia's eyes with a mammoth hand
  344. >"Close your eyes, sun horse. You're not going to want to see what's about to happen."
  345. >Giggling, your teacher closed her eyes and covered them with her hooves as he pulled his hand away
  347. >"Alright~ I promise not to peek," she promised
  348. >Bending down, Anon reached under the couch and pulled out... the sign... that he ripped out of... the...
  349. >...
  350. >Why didn't any of you take that away from him?
  351. >...
  352. >Why didn't any of you think that that was a good idea?
  353. >Anon took a deep breath, looking up at the sky as he tapped one end of the sign into his free hand
  354. >His cock throbbed mightily as he looked back down
  355. >"Hold onto your butts, boys," he said to nopony in particular.
  356. >"'Cause there's no breaks in this train."
  358. {}~,,~{}
  360. THUD!
  361. >You let out a quiet grunt as you felt your back legs slam into the apple tree behind you
  362. >It wasn't a very hard kick, but then again you never kicked your trees that hard
  363. >If you kicked a tree too hard the trunk could get damaged, and if you damaged the trunk there was a good chance that the tree could die
  364. >You couldn't have that
  365. >These trees, from the saplings that weren't big enough to yield any fruit to the behemoths that needed multiple ponies kicking it to get any fruit from its branches, were your family
  366. >And an Apple didn't go hurting their family without one heck of a reason
  367. >Your daddy had taught you that, just like his daddy taught him
  368. >So your bucks weren't hard; they were tactical
  369. >Years of experience had taught you where was the best place to buck a tree without hurting it
  370. >Thousands of hours working under Celestia's sun had gone into your technique
  371. >Your hooves had bucked every single tree on your property
  372. >You knew where to kick without looking
  373. >You knew how hard to kick, you knew at what angle to bring your hooves up, you knew how to brace yourself
  374. >You didn't even need to think about it anymore; your body just knew
  375. >A ripple ran up the tree from the force of your kick
  376. >Though you didn't see it you knew that the whole tree was shaking
  377. >A smile came to your face as you heard dozens of shiny, perfect apples fall from the branches and into the buckets that you had set up all around
  378. >You looked over your shoulder, and sure enough it was another perfect kick
  379. >The tree had been picked clean of apples, and every single one of those apples had fallen into the buckets
  380. >Just like they always did
  381. >You took a deep breath as you gave your limbs a stretch
  382. >The scent of apples and grass and dirt was in the air
  383. >Up above you could see that there wasn't a cloud in the sky
  384. >Though it was in the middle of summer it wasn't stifling outside
  385. >All was quiet on the farm, all was still
  386. >There was just you, the trees, and more bucking
  387. >Just how you liked it
  389. >Still smiling, you made your way over to the now full baskets and began picking them up
  390. >You had a cart just a little ways away
  391. >It was nearly full
  392. >All you had to do was carry these baskets, unload them, and hull the wagon toward the barn where they could be sorted after dinner
  393. >You were going to make Applejack help Applebloom with that when she got home
  394. >It was the least that she could do since she didn't help with any of the apple bucking today
  395. >Not that you were too upset about that or anything, in fact you rather enjoyed the silence and solitude, but that filly had to do her share like everypony else
  396. >Placing the baskets on your back, you leisurely made your way through the rows of apple trees toward your cart
  397. >A tune came to your mind, and as the wind began to pick up, rustling the leaves, you began to hum it
  398. >After you pulled the cart into the barn your day would be done
  399. >You could just sit back and relax for the rest of the day
  400. >You could finish reading that Cosmarepolitan article that you had been leafing over the night before
  401. >Maybe you'd go into town and get some ice cream
  402. >You could see if your lil', lil' wanted to do something with her big brother
  403. >Or maybe you'd just sit under an apple tree and nap the rest of the day away
  404. >Coming upon your cart nearly filled with apples, you took another deep breath, your smile widening ever so slightly
  405. >Yep
  406. >This was the life...
  407. Still humming, you quickly unloaded the apples, placing the baskets neatly into the cart before attaching yourself to it
  408. >Cracking your neck, your dug your hooves into the dirt and took a step forward
  409. >The cart was heavy, piled high with apples like it was, so much so that you could hear the wheels squeaking as they moved
  410. >But this wasn't your first rodeo
  411. >You had moved carts twice as heavy as this one when you were exhausted and the sun had been beating down on you all day
  413. "Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmmhmmhmm, uhu, uhu, uhu!"
  414. >Your rump bobbed and swayed with your humming as you pulled the cart onward toward the barn
  415. >The wind changed direction, picking your longish mane up a bit and forcing a bit of hair into your eyes
  416. >...
  417. >Hmmm...
  418. >Maybe you should go and get a manecut?
  419. >You didn't have an appointment for anywhere in town but you were SURE someone would be able to squeeze you in...
  420. >You might even have them cut your mane like Fancy Pant
  421. >Yeah...
  422. >That'd look GOOD on--
  424. >Your ears perked up as you gave a little start
  425. >That sounded like Applejack...
  426. >Returning your gaze back to the trail, you noticed that you were getting close to the barn
  427. >She must have been here...
  428. >It sounded like she needed something too...
  429. >Ceasing your humming, you picked up your pace a little bit
  431. >I'm coming filly...
  432. >Hold your horses...
  433. >In no time at all you broke the treeline to see your barn sitting up on the hill top
  434. >Your eyes narrowed slightly as you made your way toward it
  435. >From here it looked like the white paint was chipping around the door...
  436. >You were going to have to get Applejack to paint over it...
  437. >You'd do it yourself but you were never much of a pai--
  438. >"BIG MAC! There ya are!"
  439. >Ears perking up once more at the sound of your lil' sister's voice, you looked around
  440. >...
  441. >Where the hay was that girl?
  442. >Usually you'd be able to see that orange coat of her's a mile off...
  443. >And sounded--
  444. >"I'm down 'ere!"
  446. >Frown deepening, you followed the sound of your sister's voice
  447. >Your eyes wandered over toward the old tree that you were standing not far from
  448. >It was an old tree; one of the first apple trees that Granny Apple's momma put in the ground
  449. >A shrunken and shriveled thing, it hadn't bore an apple since before you were born
  450. >But you weren't paying all that much mind to that old apple tree
  451. >What you were paying attention to was the pony under the tree
  452. >It was your sister
  453. >She was all tied up in what looked like giant rubber bands
  454. >Her hat was missing, she looked as ornery as you've ever seen her, and she was crawling toward you like some kind of worm
  455. >...
  456. >Nope
  457. "Nope."
  458. >Looking away from her, you began to make your way toward the barn with your cart in tow
  459. >"BIG MAC!" your sister screamed. "WHERE THE HAY ARE YA GOIN'?! I NEE--"
  460. >You said nothing, simply raising a hoof to quiet her
  461. >There was nonsense ahoof; you could feel it in your bones
  462. >You also had a feeling that you were about to be roped into something that you'd rather not be roped into
  463. >So, before you had to deal with whatever horse apples Applejack was about to throw at you, you needed to put these here apples away
  464. >You didn't want them getting ruined in this sun
  465. >So that's what you did, walking into the barn and putting everything away
  466. >It didn't take very long
  467. >Just like with nearly everything chore on the farm you've been doing it since you could walk
  468. >You did it quickly, quietly, and without a fuss
  469. >And with the apples ready for sorting you pulled off your old yoke and set it on your work table
  470. >Rolling your withers, you then sighed as you grabbed a pair of sheers
  471. >Alright Mac
  472. >Let's see what your lil' sis got herself into now
  473. >You exited the barn, seeing that Applejack had crawled to the entrance
  474. >...
  475. >Boy did that filly look sweaty
  476. >"There ya are!" she said, her nose scrunched up as you made your way toward her. "What the hay were ya--"
  478. >Bending down, you quickly cut through the bands holding Applejack's limbs
  479. >Her eyes widened as she looked down at her hooves, the anger draining from her face
  480. >"...Thank ya."
  481. >You nodded, taking a step back
  482. "Eeyup."
  483. >Slowly, with a grimace on her face, your sis' stood up
  484. >Her bright green eyes flicked from her legs to your face
  485. >...
  486. >She wanted you to ask what happened
  487. >But you weren't going to play her game
  488. >Not today
  489. >Standing firm, you raised an eyebrow, not saying a word
  490. >Off in the distance a rooster could be heard croaking as the two of you quietly looked at each other
  491. >You weren't going to ask...
  492. >You weren't...
  493. >As seconds turned into minutes Applejack began to squirm
  494. >Her pained looked slowly became pleading but still you said nothing
  495. >She wasn't going to get a thing out of you
  496. >You were a rock
  497. >...
  498. >...
  499. >...
  500. >Finally, your sister could take no more
  501. >"Mac! I need yer help! Something happened in town an' me an the girls--"
  502. >You sighed again
  503. >Looks like you weren't getting that manecut...
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