Spark - Alan's First Day

Jul 22nd, 2015
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  1. >Be Anon
  2. >18 years old, senior in high school, riding it out until you graduate
  3. >Just one problem
  4. >You had to transfer schools, your last year
  5. >It sucks, but it's better than staying at your old school
  6. >That place was a hellhole
  7. >However, you actually have to try this year, as colleges will look weirdly at someone transferring their last year of High School
  8. >"Anon! Wake up and get breakfast. I'm not driving your ass to school, so you'd better get up!"
  9. >That was your older Brother
  10. >He's staying with you before he goes off to college, since your parents aren't around
  11. >They died in a car accident a while back, and you've had your brother ever since
  12. >But now that you were an adult, you could live on your own, and he could head off to college
  13. >Enough of that, time to get up
  14. >You hop out of bed and put some clothes on, then go downstairs
  15. >Your brother motions to a bowl of cereal he poured while eating his own
  16. >"Good to see you up. Can't believe that I managed to wake the dork from its hibernation"
  17. "Very funny. Don't you have a university to get to?"
  18. >"Nah, orientation doesn't start for another couple of hours. You all ready to make an impression?"
  19. "Heh, definitely. If I can talk this time"
  20. >You had always been really shy around new people, and coming into a school for the first time was never the finest experience for you
  21. >"You'll do fine," your brother says as he finishes his breakfast. "Just remember to spend the insurance payment on food and not stupid shit"
  22. >You continue to eat for a bit, and then finish your breakfast
  23. >Well, time to face the music
  24. >You get into your car, and drive the ten minutes it takes you to get to Canterlot High from the apartment you were renting
  25. >Your thoughts are racing as you pull up to the new school
  26. >You were never good at talking to people you didn't know. You were fine after you knew them, but you made really bad first impressions
  27. >Your only friends were those that you had made back in elementary school when kids would basically force you to be best friends with them
  28. >You finally pull into the student parking lot
  29. >The school is massive. Tons of people
  30. >ohshitnigger.jpg
  31. >Looks like it's going to be a fun first day...
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