Bad Blood (Bat Mare; RGRE; Hiatus)

Nov 14th, 2016
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  1. >Be Umbral Dream.
  2. >The bar’s murmur had already become a muffled hum as you nursed your third drink.
  3. >A comfortable buzz settled over you, making you feel pleasantly content despite what you were here for.
  4. >Your small table erupted in laughter, probably Night Sky telling another story of how to pick up stallions.
  5. >Just be confident… go for it and be persistent… colts love the chase… and on and on and on.
  6. >She said one time she even got a stallion to stick it in her butt.
  7. >It’d take a lot more than a few drinks to believe that one though.
  9. >A new set of drinks clacked on the table, and you looked over to see a cute blue stallion in serving uniform.
  10. >He gave your table a good natured smile as they complimented his figure, your friends leering at the poor guy like hungry diamond dogs.
  11. >His eyes met yours and you blinked, your heart skipping.
  12. >You should say something, Umbra, come on.
  13. >Your head swam and you leaned forward then grabbed a drink, trying not to stare at him.
  14. >Uh… maybe say he has nice eyes?
  15. >No, that’s a colty compliment.
  16. >Say you want him inside you.
  17. >You blushed.
  18. >No way you could say that outright.
  19. >You opened your mouth and met his pretty blue eyes.
  20. >Shoot, you can’t do this!
  21. >You sat back suddenly, putting the drink to your mouth and taking a big gulp.
  22. >When you finally put it down, fighting back a cough from the intense burn of the alcohol, he had left, off to serve other tables.
  23. >You slumped down into your seat, a new pain in your chest as you watched the cute colt walk back.
  24. >Might as well be a mile away…
  26. >Another round of laughter rolled through your friends, hooves pounding on the table while you just sat there, staring into the reflection in your drink.
  27. >You didn’t think you were a bad looking mare.
  28. >Kept your fangs neat, wings cleaned and lightly oiled to not get leathery and dry, your eyes were a brilliant shade of light orange, and you even had your mane cut just yesterday.
  29. >Just… something never clicked when you saw colts titter and blush.
  30. >And their mind games… it was like navigating a maze.
  31. >They say they aren’t interested but sometimes that’s just a test, except when it’s not, and then you’re a misandrist.
  32. >They say they want to talk about feelings but if you do, their dick shrivels right up because they want a real mare.
  33. >You let your chin sink down to the table with a light thud.
  34. >Why couldn’t stallions just be simpler?
  35. >Why couldn’t they just make the first move instead?
  36. >You just…
  38. >”Oh and then he came, right there in the backdoor.”
  39. >>”No way!”
  40. >”Luna, the feeling of that is kinky as all hell. I’d hit buttsluts any night of the year.”
  42. >... weren’t like your friends.
  44. >You felt Moon Dusk elbow you in the side.
  45. >“Hey, Umbra, are you even paying attention? Tonight is to help you out, ya know. We’ll wingpony you up any colt you want, you just gotta’ tell us who.”
  46. >Your mouth twisted into a grimace and you set your drink down with a sigh.
  47. “Look, girls, I don’t know. It feels like you’re tricking a colt into being interested. Besides, I don’t really even know if I want… you know.”
  48. >Your guard mates shifted forward, waiting on you as you gestured with a hoof.
  49. >You sighed.
  50. “I’m just not super into the idea of like a one night type thing.”
  52. >Blue Shade quirked an eyebrow and made a face.
  53. >>”What? You want to like screw again the next morning too?”
  55. >You ran a hoof down your face.
  56. “No, I just—”
  58. >>>”Nah, Bluey,” Night Sky said. “Umbra is the type to collect numbers and call up the stallions when she’s in the mood for ‘em. Keep a little fuckbook, you know? Hit it anytime, rather than once and done, right?”
  60. >You scrunch your muzzle.
  61. “N-No, Night Sky, listen to me. I meant that it just doesn't feel ri—”
  63. >Oho, I get it, Umbra,” Moon Dusk said. “Are you one of those kinky bitches who wants to tie them up then? We can take you to a place for that in the lower quarter of canterlot if you want. The colts down there love to be whipped till they’re screaming your name, and you can even have them lick your—”
  65. “I don’t want to just fuck a stallion!” you yell.
  66. >Your friends go silent, looking at you wide eyed as you sat up on the table.
  67. >You looked around, panting and noticed the rest of the bar had gone quiet was staring over at your table.
  68. >Your ears snapped back, you cleared your throat and sat back down.
  69. >The dull murmur resumed after a few chuckles.
  70. “Damn stupid ponies. M-Mind your own business,” you mumble to yourself.
  72. >>>”You a filly fooler or somethin?” Night Sky said.
  74. >You snapped your gaze over to her.
  75. “What? No, idiot, I just… I just don’t want to, okay?” you say, slumping back in the booth. “Can’t we leave it at that?”
  77. >Night Sky frowned, leaning closer to your face from across the table.
  78. >>>“You okay, Umbra? I mean, you’re usually pretty grounded until we get you around colts. You spar like a boss and even the day guard colts respect you… Like, uh, what is it that her old platoon used to call her before she became a major?”
  80. >>”Umbra, the midnight star,” Blue said.
  82. >>>”Right! Midnight Star,” Sky said, giving the name a kind of grand flourish.
  84. >You grumbled and kept your eyes to the table. “That’s such lame nickna—”
  86. >Sky slapped a hoof to your mouth.
  87. >>>“Major Midnight Star, of the nightguard. You’re one of the toughest guardsmares I know. You should be drowning in dick.”
  89. “I don’t know if I want to drown in dicks…”
  91. >Night Sky scoffed.
  92. >>>“You’re talking like a day-guard, softie colt. We’re gonna show you a good time, even if you’re too mopey to accept it, right girls?”
  93. >>”Damn straight.”
  94. >”Hells yeah.”
  96. >Sky reared up, puffing her chest out and pointing toward you.
  97. >>>“We’re gonna get our friend the best damn night of her life. Next colt walks through that door,” she said, gesturing toward the bar entrance with a flourish. “You move in, buy him a damn drink, and we do whatever it takes to make sure you get some hot thick co—”
  99. >The door swung open, the bell at the top giving a chime, and a small gasp ran through your table.
  100. >In walked a creature the likes of which you’ve never seen before.
  101. >It was tall, with only a bit of fur on top of its head, and instead of hooves, the creature had two lithe hands.
  102. >It wore clothes all over, even socks, as if to just tease at the form underneath to everyone here.
  103. >You couldn’t help but drop your jaw at the grace of the creature as it walked confidently toward the front stools, like it owned the place, like there was no place they’d rather be.
  104. >Your gaze drifted down, searching for the teats this thing had to have to act so confident and your eyes came to rest on a bit of a bulge in the crotch area.
  105. >Your cheeks bloomed red and you fought to keep your wings down.
  106. >H-Holy...
  107. >A stallion!
  109. >>>“Right, uh, next one then.”
  110. >You spun in your seat and gaped at Night.
  111. “What? What’s wrong with him? I, uh,” you looked to the side, clearing your throat. “I kinda think he’s hot.”
  113. >Blue Shade gave a nervous cough and muttered, “We’re not blind.”
  114. >>>”That’s Anonymous, and yeah, he’s definitely a looker, Umbra,” Sky said. “You don’t think an exotic thing like him isn’t being pined for by every other mare nightly?”
  116. >You moved your gaze over to the colt, who had already made himself at home on one of the barstools and was chatting and laughing with the bar stallion.
  117. >Mares all through the room had hushed their conversations and cast glances over at the strange newcomer intermittently.
  118. >You deflated.
  119. >You feel a bit dumb now.
  120. >Of course a colt like him had the pick of anybody he wanted.
  121. >Why would he choose a shy little mare like you.
  122. >You weren’t confident, cool, or forward.
  123. “Right,” you said slumping down, “I wouldn’t be his type. Figures. All colts want nowadays are the bad-flank mares.”
  125. >Blue gave you a smack on your snout from below.
  126. >You reeled back up and glared at her.
  127. “Ow, Blue what was that for?”
  129. >>”I’ll buy you a damn sunhat if you keep that up, Umbra. This mopey sourpuss thing doesn’t suit you.” Blue said. “ Besides, he doesn’t like those types of mares anyhow.”
  131. >You quirk an eyebrow at her.
  132. “And how would you know what he does or doesn’t like?”
  134. >The table went quiet, the girls avoiding your gaze and clearing their throats or hiding their face in their drinks.
  135. >You narrowed your eyes, scanning across their faces and landing on Moon Dusk.
  136. >She always had the worst poker face and was trying to hide her face behind her mug.
  137. >Her eyes flicked to you, then off to Anon, then to her drink.
  138. >She gave a nervous gurgle into her drink as your eyes seared into her.
  139. “You all tried to get him in bed, didn’t you?”
  141. >Moon Dusk sputtered, coughing up cider.
  142. >”M-Maybe! I mean no!” she said glancing at the others for back up.
  144. >Night Sky rolled her eyes.
  145. >>>“Yeah, Umbra, we tried. But can you blame a mare?” she said gesturing toward the stallion. “I can only imagine what those hands things feel like on your tuft… what it would feel like to bounce on his lap while he combs them through your mane and pulls your tail...”
  146. >She bit her lip, looking off at the colt before shaking her head clear.
  147. >>>“Anyhow, the point is that he’s a regular around the canterlot nightlife, but nobody can ever get him to go home with them. And let me tell you, mares have tried every angle to figure out what makes him spring.”
  149. “So… the badflank thing you guys usually do didn’t work?”
  151. >>”Tried twice already. Mooney even wore some leather biker gear too and he just laughed at her and pet her head.”
  152. >Moon Dusk groaned and put her head in her hooves. “Don’t remind me.”
  154. ”The rich gal schtick?”
  155. >>>”Practically robbed a mare on expensive drinks and drank her under the table before leaving. That one happens maybe once every two weeks.”
  157. “The uh… funny girl thing?”
  158. >You friends stayed quiet seeming to think about it.
  159. >Blue snrnked.
  160. >>”You’re welcome to try.”
  161. “You’re kidding, that doesn't’ work either?”
  162. >>”Oh he’ll be laughing. Just not at your jokes.”
  163. >Dang, you had some sick knock knock jokes in your back pocket.
  165. >You let out a sigh and gave the colt one last forlorn look before—
  166. >Your eyes suddenly met and you realized he had been looking at your table.
  167. >He smiled and waved and you turned rigid.
  168. >By the mare in the moon, he was looking at you.
  169. >Quick, do something cool!
  170. >You let out a tiny, nervous scree and blushed.
  171. >W-What?
  172. >That was supposed to be ‘sup’!
  173. >He smiled and gave the most beautiful deep chuckle you ever heard.
  174. >You shot your gaze to the floor, not able to look into those emerald eyes any longer
  175. >Oh lords of shadow, he was laughing at you.
  176. >...Wasn’t he?
  178. >You chanced a glance up and saw that he was talking with the bartender again.
  179. >A pit forms in your stomach and you realize you secretly wanted to just have him look at you again.
  180. >As you think about it for a moment, he didn’t really seem to be laughing AT you.
  181. >He just seemed to be amused perhaps.
  182. >Honestly… even though you kind of felt like an idiot, part of you wonders what was thinking.
  183. >It was just a look but there was something deep in it, like he could take you in with just a glance and see the best in you.
  184. >If you could only be a fraction of what a glance like that seemed to see…
  186. >The door dinged and Night Sky banged the table, jostling you from your thoughts.
  187. >>>”Hey, Umbra, fresh meat walked in. One with the tan coat and green vest. He’s packing, if you know what I mean. Go ahead and get him a drink before any other mares can come in and we’ll give you hints over his shoulder.”
  188. >You glanced over to the stallion.
  189. >His coffee colored coat shone slightly under the bar lights as he looked around for a seat.
  190. >He was cute, and he seemed to know it, taking survey around the room and noting glances.
  191. >His eyes came to rest on you and…
  192. >It was different.
  193. >He wore a smirk and flicked his tail, as if to show off and tease, and he lowered his eyelids just a fraction as he looked over at your table, before looking away, as if to say he’s not interested just yet.
  194. >You frowned and your ears sunk back.
  195. >It didn’t feel right.
  196. >He looked at you more like sizing up a bounty, seeing which mare might come and approach him first to offer free drinks before he sat down.
  198. >You glanced back over at Anon, his smiling face making your heart flutter, even as he talked to the ponies beside him.
  200. >>>”Time’s ticking, Umbra. Mooney looks thirsty and ready to pounce. I’m calling him open to takers if you keep waiting.”
  202. “I… I want to try.”
  204. >>>”That’s what we’ve been saying. Go for it. Toffee Spice is as easy as it gets.”
  206. >You shook your head, gaze not leaving Anon. “No… not Toffee. Him.”
  208. >Night furrowed her brow and tracked your gaze back to Anon.
  209. >>>”OH for Luna’s sake. Have you not been listening to us at all tonight? You go after him and you’ll waste your bits, time, and he’ll just humiliate you like every other mare.”
  211. >You shrug. “Maybe he will. But I don’t know that yet.”
  213. >Your friend slapped a hoof to her face and muttered an oath under her breath.
  214. >>>”Fine. No routine ever seems to work so just be confident I guess. That’s the most I can offer, sis.”
  216. “I just want to go talk to him. Be myself and just say hi and see where that goes.”
  218. >She cringed.
  219. >>>”Oh you poor, sweet sun child. But Tartarus with it. Give a shot anyways. We’ll be rooting for you right here,” she said as you hopped out of the booth.
  221. >>”Next round’s on me to cushion the blow when you get back,” Moon Dusk called out after you, earning herself a slap on the back of the head from Sky.
  223. >You took a deep breath and headed across the room, keeping your eyes on the open stool next to him.
  224. >It was hard not to stare at him.
  225. >His broad back had just a bit of muscle moving beneath his shirt as he shifted around.
  226. >The room seemed to feel hotter to you and your head felt light as you walked.
  227. >Maybe you were over your head…
  228. >You closed your eyes and shook off the feeling.
  229. >No, you have to just go.
  231. >You skipped the last few feet and leapt up on the stool next to him.
  232. >Or at least that’s what you intended to do.
  233. >Instead your half stiff wings and nervous energy betrayed you, and you had just tuft checked the stool, letting out a grunt and sliding back off and to the floor.
  234. >You could feel the eyes of the room turn to you, but you sat frozen in place as Anon turned and looked at you with a worried expression.
  235. >Oh Luna…
  236. >You really just did that.
  237. >D-Don’t cry, filly.
  238. >Whatever you do, don’t cry!
  239. >You felt your cheeks heat up and your eyes started to water.
  240. >I SAID DON’T CRY!
  242. >In the corner of your eye you could see Night Sky gesturing like mad and mouthing ‘get up!’
  244. “Hey, are you alright?” Anon said.
  245. >His voice came as a rich baritone that made your skin tingle and set butterflies through your stomach.
  246. >Your own voice got caught in your throat and you nodded, putting your ears back.
  247. >You got to your feet, and he smiled down at you while resting a hand on his cheek.
  248. >Not maliciously though—more like he was watching a little puppy who had gotten caught in a bramble and couldn’t get out.
  250. “Here, let me help you. The stools can be a bit high.”
  251. >He grabbed you by the scruff of the neck like a foal, and you let out a little squeak as he placed you atop the stool, even taking a moment to put his hand through your mane to straighten it out.
  253. >You could see your friends giving mortified looks at their table.
  254. >It looked like Blue said “He’s just toying with her,” and Moon Dusk “I can’t watch.”
  255. >You just looked up at Anon, still feeling spell struck.
  256. >Should you be humiliated?
  257. >Maybe… but… in a way it felt good.
  258. >He was so gentle with you, and it didn’t feel like he was making fun of you or trying to emaresculate you.
  259. >There was no malice playing out on his face when he picked you up.
  260. >He just did it...
  262. “Um, thank you,” you said, surprised to hear your own voice.
  264. >He just smiled, gave a curt nod, and turned his stool around to lay his back against the bar, one elbow resting on the high table.
  265. >Being this close made it hard for his scent not to envelope you and pull you in.
  266. >His musk reminded you of a long day at training—a bit of sweat, but not body odor.
  267. >The powerful sweetness of a colt… Not exactly fruity but tantalizing all the same.
  268. >You clenched your legs together and took a deep breath.
  269. >Come on, keep it together.
  270. >Stop thinking weird stuff.
  272. >“Hey are you going to order something?”
  273. >You gave a start and looked over to Anon.
  274. >”You’ve just been staring out over the back glasses and breathing kinda strange…” he said and leaned down, lowering his voice. “Sorry, I’m just wondering—not trying to be rude. Name’s Anon. I haven’t seen your face so I was wondering if you’re new, maybe didn’t know what to try?”
  276. >Your face felt like an inferno with him this close.
  277. >His size, and the muscle you could just barely make out under his shirt made you wonder if he could overpower you.
  278. >How easy would it be for a stallion like him to just… take any mare he wanted, when he wanted.
  279. >He could even do it now… leaning over you like he is… pick you up like he owned you and take you out back.
  280. >Anon could make you his mare—have you call out his name while he teased you.
  282. >A hand waved in front of your face.
  284. >“Hey uh… you okay? You look like you may have had a lot of cider already. Your face is all flushed.”
  286. >NNgh!
  287. >Snap out of it Umbra, the colt is actually paying attention to you.
  288. “O-Oh, I’m Umbral Dream. Um, s-sorry, you didn’t ask. I mean, well I’m not supposed to be sorry, but, I didn’t know if you cared so it’s just... ugh nevermind.” you sighed and he gave that musical chuckle again, making the back of your neck tingle.
  290. >He turned, laid a hand on your back and looked at you seriously.
  291. >”If you can’t focus, maybe you’ve had enough and should head home? I can call a carriage to make sure you get to the right place if you want.”
  293. >You sat up straight.
  294. ”No!” you said with more force than intended and he raised an eyebrow at you.
  295. “Uh, I mean... I’ve only had a few ciders. If you think you know something good, I’d like to try it.”
  297. >He gave a smirk.
  298. “Alright, an adventurous type—just my kind of person. How about we try something easy that I think you’ll like, on me?”
  300. >You saw Night Sky give a throat cutting motion with her forearm.
  301. >She mouthed “Don’t let HIM buy the drinks!”
  303. >Your eyes widened and you snapped to Anon.
  304. “Uh, a-actually I could—”
  305. >”Jaeger Bomb, mix us up two Applewoods. Put it on my tab like usual.”
  306. “B-But…!”
  307. >The young stallion behind the counter gave a nod and started picking out containers.
  308. “Um, I really should be the one to…”
  309. >Anon just turned and smiled at you.
  310. >”Hm? What’s up? Something on your mind?”
  311. >All your thoughts went out the window as you locked eyes.
  312. >You felt your knees go weak and your head spun from more than just the alcohol.
  313. >Luna, why is his smile so cute?!
  314. >You wanted to cry.
  315. >Why was this always so hard for you.
  316. >Come on, Umbra, the girls are counting on you.
  317. >You clenched your eyes shut and took a deep breath.
  318. >”Anon, let me buy—”
  319. >The bartender turned and clanked the drinks on the counter.
  320. >>”I charged 20 bits to your account.”
  321. >”Thanks, Jaeger. You were saying, Umbra?”
  322. >Your ears went back and you heard Night Sky’s head hit the table from across the room.
  323. “Nevermind…”
  325. >The drinks sloshed inside clear glass, a pretty yellow and red mix that didn’t seem to blend, but rather slurred together.
  326. >Might as well try it since it’s here now...
  327. >You gave it a careful sip and your eyes widened.
  328. “Wow this is… really good.”
  330. >Anon beamed at you.
  331. “Glad you like it. Super simple too. Just raspberry liqueur and pineapple juice with a few other things to make it look nice and give it a sour zing.”
  333. “Yeah… Thanks. I can’t believe I’ve been sticking to cider when there’s stuff like this out there.”
  335. >Anon shrugged.
  336. >”A lot of mares don’t seem to like the fruity or sugary stuff like stallions here for some reason. Always stick to hard cider.”
  338. >You pursed your lips.
  339. >Oh…
  340. >That suddenly made you feel a lot more self conscious.
  341. >You took another sip, almost, heat working into your cheeks as you imagined what a filly this made you look like in front of him.
  342. >Oh well. You’ll get the next round.
  343. >Just suck this one down, sister, and you can treat him to whatever he wants.
  345. --
  347. >Be Anon.
  348. >Be enjoying yourself for the first time in a long time.
  349. >This mare seemed to actually like one of your personal mixes you shared with Jaeger Bomb.
  350. >Back on earth you had been a bartender.
  351. >It had been a lot of work, particularly since most places wanted pretty blonde girls.
  352. >Here, you have a hard time being hired too.
  354. >Most ponies seemed put on edge around you, probably because they saw you as a predator.
  355. >Got real sweaty, knees weak, started breathing funny.
  356. >Either that, or they were strangely pushy and aggressive.
  357. >Maybe it was that herd leader mentality or something and they felt threatened by you?
  358. >Who knows with these mares...
  359. >You shake your head and take a swig of your drink.
  360. >No reason to go on thinking about your social ineptitudes right now.
  361. >You may have actually made a friend tonight finally.
  363. >The mare who hopped up next to you seemed to have the intimidation issue at first, so you tried to be as friendly as possible.
  364. >Poor thing seemed to still be a bit intimidated so you bought her something to maybe smooth things over.
  366. >And then you realized you had accidently gotten the little thing ass-blasted drunk.
  368. >It seems obvious in retrospect, but you realize that your personal recipes have a ton of alcohol for the typical pony body weight.
  369. >You have to give her credit though, she drained it like a total boss a few minutes ago.
  371. >You casually sipped your drink while you looked down at the bat pony, who was now in your lap, nuzzling against you.
  372. >She gave a little drunken giggle then yawned as her eyes drifted shut.
  373. >This was really goddamn cute.
  374. >Some of the mares glared at you here and there, and you realize you must look like those creepy guys who come to bars to bring home wasted girls.
  375. >Probably should make sure she gets home okay at this point.
  376. >Oh well… it was nice having company while it lasted.
  378. --
  380. >Be Umbra
  381. >Your eyes felt heavy and your cheek rested against something soft and warm.
  382. >The room seemed to float around you as a miniscule burp wormed it’s way out your throat.
  383. >A hand caught your side, stopping you from falling over, and you lolled your head up to see Anon giving a worried look.
  384. >Anon? What was he doing here?
  386. >”Hey, Umbra, ...ou ...kay?”
  387. >His voice came out muffled and distant.
  388. >Silly Anon, you were trying to get some sleep.
  389. >Now wasn’t the time for talkies.
  390. “Ye-*hick*-ep. I’ll be okay...” you said, and pushed your face back into the cozy soft thing.
  392. --
  394. >Be Night Sky
  395. >Sweet mother of the night, Umbra was cuddling him right in the middle of the bar.
  396. >I mean… it was foalish as all hell, and Anon orchestrated this to humiliate her like the rest of the mares that approached him, but…
  397. >You bite your lip and fight to hold down a frustrated groan.
  398. >She was still getting to cuddle!
  399. >Maybe you could just… throw away a bit of that useless marely pride and put your chin on his thigh.
  400. >He might pick you up and let you nuzzle that comfy chest of his too...
  401. >You shook your head.
  402. >Ugh, don’t let the thirst get to you.
  403. >Colts don’t like cute. Colts like tough and cool.
  405. >Anyhow, right now you needed to help your friend.
  406. >You’re surprised she hasn’t lit on fire from the intensity of the glares around the room.
  407. >It was only a matter of time before some day walking, sunhat mare went over to defend Anons honor or some crap.
  408. >Umbra would just have to try to get him hot and bothered while she walked him back to his place… somehow.
  410. >She probably still had no chance with him, but getting the two of them out of here was the best thing you could do at the moment.
  411. >You downed the last cider and plocked the tankard upside down on the table.
  413. >And it was going to take all of your stealth and cunning to do it.
  415. --
  417. >Be Anon.
  418. >Another bat mare just reached around you and slipped a condom into Umbra’s hooves.
  419. >You furrowed your brow.
  420. >Did this mare just get bullied… and right in front of you?
  421. >You stand up, cradling Umbra and open your mouth to give the sternest of talking tos.
  422. “Hey, that’s not funny—”
  423. >In a flash of black wings and small screeches, a trio of mares swoop out the door, leaving it swinging on its hinges.
  424. “—you guys…”
  425. >The rest of the mares snapped their gazes away when you stood, and now seemed to be either studying the woodwork of the table, their drinks, or were excessively clearing their throats and looking off into corners of the room.
  426. >A tan colored stallion humphed and turned his back toward you.
  428. >You let out a sigh, and hefted the mare up a bit, nestling her into your shoulder.
  429. >It was time to leave. You know when you’ve made ponies uncomfortable.
  430. >Maybe you shouldn’t have stood up suddenly like that and spooked them.
  431. >Most of the mares had that strange look in their eyes and those twitchy, alert tails you always see when you get close.
  433. >You tried your best to ignore the pit forming in your stomach as you headed out into the cold night air.
  434. >It was hard not to be disappointed with another dry bar run.
  435. >I mean sure, getting a buzz was always nice, but ever since you came to Equestria you’ve found it hard to just get along with ponies.
  436. >You were never a super popular guy if you think back, but at least being a bartender made you feel like a part of the nightlife.
  437. >Your patrons were like friends, who never cared for your past or your flaws, and just took you as you were…
  438. >It was nice.
  440. >You have to give credit to mares for at least being curious and coming up to you sometimes though.
  441. >Colts weren’t on edge as much but...
  442. >Honestly you couldn’t really figure them out.
  443. >Maybe Canterlot had a lot of gay stallions or something, because man, all they talked about were fashions and local gossip.
  444. >Or just gave you dirty looks and elevator eyes.
  445. >Not the crowd you’d want to spend your time with, even if they’d have you.
  447. >The bundle in your arms stirred and gave a faint shiver.
  448. >“Daddy, I’m cold,” she murmured, half asleep.
  449. >You pulled the side of your jacket over her and zip it up, only two bat ears and a small fluff of purple hair sticking out of the neckhole.
  450. >She moaned and pressed into your chest, apparently content for the time being.
  452. >Guilt digs into your heart like a dagger.
  453. >You were going to have to explain to her that you’d gotten her drunk and had to take her to your own home like some sort of lowlife.
  454. >It’s not like you wouldn’t have payed for a cab for her, or spent the time to make sure she got home, but her friends apparently headed out and you had no way of knowing where she lived.
  456. >Hopefully she wouldn’t be too mad or disgusted… or afraid.
  457. >... would she think you took her home to eat her?
  458. >Flashing your canines sometimes made mares knees wobble.
  459. >You really hope Umbra at least remembers you tomorrow.
  460. >She was going to have a nasty hangover, and the last thing she deserved was to feel scared.
  462. >You pass the last street sign and head into small apartment building.
  463. >The lobby was mostly empty, and you gave a friendly wave to the mare at the counter.
  464. >She smiled wide and waved back, then gave your little jacket bundle a curious glance.
  465. >”O-Oh… Mr. Anonymous… you have a guest. A stallion?” she said, and looking up at you with a quirked eyebrow.
  466. “Uh, no. A mare. She’ll be staying for the night.”
  468. >Her smile widened and she leaned forward.
  469. >“So you do like mares...” she murmured.
  471. “Why would I not like you guys?”
  473. >She flinched.
  474. “Uh, n-no I just. I had been giving all kinds of… oh, nevermind. Go ahead and have a good night, Anon.”
  476. >You shrug and head up the stairs.
  477. >The receptionist mare kept leaning on her forehooves, watching you and swaying her rear as she hummed to herself.
  478. >At least she wasn’t suspicious about you taking up a pony.
  480. >Your door made a soft click as you unlocked it and stepped in.
  481. >The appartment was a bit of a mess, clothes strewn about and a few pizza and takeout boxes still hanging around.
  482. >As a bachelor pad, you’ve seen worse.
  483. >You headed into your room and lay Umbra down on your bed, being careful not to wake her.
  484. >She whined and reached her hooves out for you as you drew away.
  486. >”Nnooo,” she said, still in a groggy stupor.
  488. “Shh, it’s okay Umbra, I’m just going to be right outside on the couch.”
  490. >Bringing up the sheets, you tucked the little batmare into your bed and her squirming eventually settled down.
  491. >You couldn’t help but smile as her ears twitched and she drifted off almost immediately.
  492. “Gotta say, you’re a cute little mare, Umbra.”
  493. >After getting her a glass of water and turning down the lights, you settled down into your roughed up, slightly lumpy couch, hoping you’d get some decent enough rest.
  494. >You might need it.
  496. >Tomorrow would be interesting, one way or another.
  498. --
  500. >Be Night Sky, the very grumpy and slightly hung over.
  502. >You clenched your teeth as you sat in line with the other ranking Nightguard, cursing your luck.
  503. >Of course today was a commemoration for a new ranking officer.
  504. >OF COURSE.
  505. >Sun-damned, ceremony happened in the middle of the day too, right when you’d been planning to get your beauty sleep.
  506. >That reminds you, it was chest routine later.
  507. >You’d doubled down to enhance your tuft because just maybe you were feeling a bit lacking there, unlike Moon Dusk.
  508. >Your eyes slid over to her.
  509. >She nodded off every so often, painfully ready to head back to bed.
  510. >Her chest moved up and down as she breathed, tuft all fluffy and nice, without even sticking it out hardly…
  511. >Perfect for nuzzling on cold winter nights…
  512. >You blinked.
  513. >Were you just thinking about nuzzling another mares tuft?
  515. >A grumble to your other side broke you from your thoughts and you smacked the pony across the back of the head.
  517. >“Nng! The fuck was that for Sky?” Blue shade whispered at you.
  519. “Nobody needs to hear your belly aching,” you said back, keeping your voice low as Celestia continued her speech.
  520. “We’re all tired and as hung over as Bacchus only knows, so just don’t make any noise or the Princess might set us to PT or something. Then you’ll really have something to grumble about.”
  522. >She gave you a dirty look as massaged her head, but straightened up and looked forward.
  523. “So where’s Umbra? She’ll get put through tartarus for not showing up today.”
  525. >You shrugged.
  526. “I did what paperwork tricks I could on my end. This may come to bite her in the ass later, but hey, we did everything we could for her so she shouldn’t complain.”
  528. >The honey colored mare being promoted stepped up to the pedestal as Celestia continued the slightly altered speech you’d heard a million times now.
  529. >Another day pony by the looks of it, you thought with a yawn.
  530. >They’d choose the Celestial guard like usual. Nightguard being present was just formality.
  532. >Across the room, Scarlet Blaze stood at attention with an expression of motherly pride
  533. >She looked over, apparently sensing your staring and frowned at you.
  534. >Her voice echoed in your head, almost on reaction.
  535. >”Do hellspawn have no pride? Stand up straight. You have no discipline. Why your kind are even allowed to serve is beyond me.”
  536. >Blah blah blah.
  537. >You crossed your eyes and stuck out your tongue, getting a rewarding, frustrated pout of her.
  538. >That’s right, Scarlet, you sun-damned zealot cunt.
  539. >You do what you want.
  541. >Blue made a hum.
  542. “Blue, what’d I just say?”
  544. >“Shut up, I’m just thinking. Something’s odd about this mare.”
  546. >You turned your tired eyes up at the dais.
  547. >A rather not so curvy mare stood tall and proud in their gleaming armor.
  548. >Their short and spiky sky white mane gleamed in the sunrise, looking like it had been recently treated to look a bit glossier for the occasion.
  549. >Kinda looked like a stallion.
  550. >Heh, she was probably a dyke.
  552. >>>“And so,” Celestia said, “In light of your achievement, you may now choose your new regiment, Captain Vigilant Watch.
  553. >Then the pony spoke, a deep baritone coming out and echoing across the chamber.
  554. >Your eyes widened.
  555. >No way…
  557. >>“My liege, I formally request to join the Nightguard.”
  559. “A colt?!”
  561. >The room fell completely silent and all eyes pivoted toward you.
  562. >Oh… well shit, you hadn’t meant to say that out loud.
  564. >>”Is there some sort of issue, Major Night Sky?” Celestia said. “May I remind you that we accept all kinds into our ranks, and Captain Dusk has passed all aptitude exams required.”
  565. >You felt the blood fall from your face, despite Luna giving you a sympathetic smile.
  566. >Tartarus yes, there was an issue!
  567. >You weren’t going to babysit some milk drinking day pony, not to mention a colt.
  568. >But you knew what Celestia had been trying to make things more diplomatic, and more equality focused this last decade.
  569. >Stallionist influenced sun-damned… ughhhh.
  570. >Equality your flank, this was bullshit!
  572. “No, my princess,” you said with a bow. “I was merely surprised.”
  573. >Lords of shadow, Luna please say something.
  574. >There was pause, as Celestia seemed to scan the room, looking for any others who might have something to say about this.
  575. >Luna stayed silent, much to your horror.
  577. >>”Well then, Captain, enjoy your regiment orientation. I’ll be sure to follow up to make sure everything is going smoothly,” she said, looking toward you at the last part.
  578. >The ceremony ended with nothing more than that, and the other majors, day and night guard, as well as nobles with their honor guards began milling out, murmuring about the stallion’s odd choice in regiment.
  579. >You grumbled under your breath.
  581. >Blue Shade smirked and slapped you on the back of the head.
  583. --
  585. >Be Umbral Dream.
  586. >You blinked awake, the world still blurry around you as your mind eased out of slumber land.
  587. >A hiss escaped your throat as a splitting headache hit.
  588. >You opted to lay down and close your eyes with a moan.
  590. >As your brain throbbed in your skull, you couldn’t help but wonder what happened last night.
  591. >You had met up with Night Sky, Moon Dusk, and Blue Shade to… do something.
  592. >And then you got really excited yet really nervous for some reason.
  593. >But now you’re home, and you had a dream about your dad carrying you there?
  594. >And your dad, for some reason, put you in his bed and slept on the couch, so you had just wandered out in the middle of the night and curled up with him in the living room.
  595. >You flicked an ear and grimaced.
  596. >It was too early to think about this.
  597. >You groaned to yourself and moved to get up when you noticed the faint sound of breathing behind you.
  598. >Your eyes widened as you turned.
  599. >There, just behind you, Anons chest rose and fell in a steady rhythm, his arm wrapped around your barrel, hugging you tight to his torso.
  600. >Your cheeks warmed as you realized with some embarrassment that you were his little spoon.
  601. >That wasn’t a dream and that wasn’t your dad!
  602. >Luna, you were actually cuddling with Anon right now.
  603. >You didn’t do it did you?
  604. >That would be really bad…
  606. >You moved to get up, but paused.
  607. >This position felt… surprisingly nice. Cozy really, rather than confining.
  608. >It was hard to explain but his size and how he held you close made you feel safe, cared for even.
  609. >His warmth and scent felt so close, so intimate.
  610. >You bit your lip.
  611. >Perhaps you could just… stay like this for a little while longer?
  612. >You wiggled your flank back to snuggle up again before you had time to question yourself.
  613. >Anon inhaled sharply through his nose and stirred.
  614. >A mix between a squeak and a screech came out of you as you twisted in his grip.
  615. >You floundered to the side of the couch, hooves flailing, then toppled off and onto the floor
  616. >You landed on your head with a thump, rump lying against the couch above you.
  618. “Ow…”
  620. >“Umbra…?”
  621. >Anon peeked over the side at you, eyes squinting, hair in an adorable tumble.
  623. >You stared back, your own eyes wide now, mouth a thin straight line.
  624. >If only your tail were longer and came past your chest, you could maybe smother yourself with it.
  625. ”H-Hi, Anon. Um… come here oft—” the rest of your sentence died in your throat as a smile formed on his lips while he looked down.
  626. >Your heart pumped like mad in your chest and your stomach felt like it was doing flips.
  627. >No…
  628. >That’s not fair!
  630. >He reached a hand down and ruffled your bed mane.
  631. >“You keep acting that cute and you’re going to give me a heart attack.”
  632. >C-Cute?!
  633. “You drink coffee? I can also whip us up something to eat if you want. You might be feeling under the weather for a bit after last night so I figure the least I could do is make you something greasy.”
  635. >The pain seems to come back front and center, reminding you in your humiliated daze that you drank way too much last night.
  636. >It mixed with the heat flooding through your face and chest, reminding you of spring fevers as a foal, staying home with your dad.
  637. >A flicker of homesickness hits you as you remember your father’s cooking.
  638. >You frown and shake away the thought.
  639. >Was this really okay though?
  640. >Anon shouldn’t have to cook for you.
  641. >If anything, you should have to do something for him after he let you stay with him.
  642. >Your stomach grumbled, clear in the silence.
  644. >Anon smiled and stepped around you.
  645. >“I’ll take that as a yes then. But I do have one condition.”
  646. >You tilted your head up at him, mouth slightly open.
  647. >“I’d like some conversation, if that’s alright.”
  649. >You blinked.
  650. “That’s all? Why?”
  652. >He shrugged and turned toward the kitchen.
  653. “I just like you.”
  655. --
  657. >Be Night Sky.
  658. >You found yourself in the hall of bloodlines, feeling twice as hung over as before.
  659. >Moon Dusk had headed to bed after all the commotion this morning, but Blue Shade had decided to tag along.
  660. >In front of you stood Vigilant Watch, his mouth pressed into a line, eyes straight ahead as he held at attention.
  661. >You sighed.
  662. >Might as well get the formalities over with.
  663. >You could go to sleep and sulk later.
  665. “Okay, Captain, today we’re going to skim through some of the history of the Nightguard. This isn’t like the regular guard regiment where they tell you just how to look pretty for the public, alright? We actually have a job to do, and it’s not easy. You up for the task?”
  667. “Yes, Ma'am.”
  669. “Be at ease. I don’t like the military stick-up-the-butt stuff. Also no Ma'am, it makes me feel like your mom. Major Sky works fine.”
  671. >The colt relaxed, letting his shoulders sag a bit more and a brief smile cross his lips.
  673. “So then,” you said, turning and walking down the hall of paintings and glass windows. You let your mind settle into the routine you’d done several times before. “Lineage?”
  675. >”Like my… parents’ names?”
  677. >You stopped walking and blinked owlishly.
  678. “Oh that’s right. You’re not a bat mare. Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything about that.”
  680. “He’s part of our regiment now,” Blue Shade said. “He’ll find out eventually, so might as well get it over with.”
  681. >You hmm’ed and scrunched your muzzle.
  682. >It didn’t feel right to talk about this with an outsider, but if he was going to be serving with the Nightguard, he had a right to know.
  683. >He needed to be able to trust you.
  684. >”Ehh… listen, colt. This might sound a little sketchy, mostly because the public doesn’t know a lot about it but—”
  686. >>”They’re fiend blooded delinquents who have no place in the royal castle.”
  688. >A grumble rose in your throat and you rolled your eyes at the newcomer.
  689. >Her flashy crimson mane and yellow-gold coat were unmistakable even in the incandescent morning light, which made her almost seem to glow.
  691. “Scarlet,” you said, “what might I owe this unwanted visit? If you’re looking for something to do, I’m sure there’s some stallion who needs help holding his shopping bags down at the market. Maybe after he’ll tell you you’ve been a good girl and give you a pat on the head, then you could go rub one out to the memory.”
  693. >Scarlet blushed bright red and glared at you.
  694. >>“Always count on a night-kin to keep their mind in the gutter and decry chivalry. There’s not a one of you in the Nightguard that as a shred of decorum and hono— STOP MOVING YOUR HOOF LIKE THAT’S ME TALKING AND MAKING THAT FACE!” she said with a stomp.
  696. >You chuckled.
  697. >Vigilant Watch cleared his throat and Scarlet Blaze flinched, looking like someone had thrown a bucket of cold water on her.
  698. >>“Ah, um, Vigilant. I came to try to persuade you to reconsider your regiment choice. I can keep you safe and give you a much more fitting position with the male honor guard, o-or you could, even work for me directly.”
  699. >She trailed off, eyes sliding toward the floor and kicking a hoof out.
  700. >Scarlet cleared her throat.
  701. “Ah, but in any case, these devil-bloods are no company for a fine stallion like yourself.”
  703. >Vigilant quirked an eyebrow at her and pursed his lips.
  704. >>>“You keep calling them that—devil-bloods. I’ve heard some people sling ‘vampire spawn’ at bat ponies before, but not that. What is that about?”
  706. >Scarlet schooled her features and gave a nod.
  707. “I had hoped I could come here before they regaled you with their vile tales, but if I must, I’ll tell you the origins of what we call the bat pony. It all began in the age before the unification, where primordial magic rolled through the land. An age in which monsters and creature of the night roamed, and dark magic’s taint was still strong—”
  709. “Demons raped some ponies a long time ago. The end.”
  711. >Scarlet’s mouth dropped.
  712. >She narrowed her eyes and worked to form words, only coming out with sounds of uppity outrage.
  713. >That’s right little sunbutt. You ruined it.
  714. >This was your orientation, and you’d do it however you pleased.
  715. >Luna, you loved making her mad.
  717. >>”L-Leave it to a bat pony to be so unbelievably crass and short-witted about their own history. It’s not right to go over such a topic with the fairer sex using such bluntness.”
  718. >You belched and gave a shrug.
  719. >Scarlet recoiled.
  720. >”Ugh. Vigilant, please reconsider your choice… I want you by my side. You deserve to be safe and well, don’t you see that? I can’t stand you being in the hooves of these creatures.”
  722. >Vigilant paused, then took a moment to glance around at all paintings and stained glass in the halls, looking at the depictions with a new perspective.
  723. >You always imagined the actual events must have been a bit more… kinky.
  724. >But since these were made for the castle, albeit a secluded wing, the royals took a few liberties in making the art more vague and interpretive.
  725. >Honestly you would have just gone for full color graphic illustrations of mares and stallions all in the throws of passion with tentacled hellspawn, but jagged symbolism seemed to be all the rage nowadays.
  727. >Still cloppable.
  729. >>>”What does it matter?” Vigilant said. “They bear a few genetic remnants but they’re still essentially ponies like us.”
  731. >Scarlet’s expression morphed from pleading to triumphant.
  732. >She puffed out her chest and gestured to you and Blue.
  733. >>”Oh? Why doesn’t the Major elaborate on that, mm?”
  735. >Annoying little...
  736. “Actually…” you said, “we do have quite a few differences in biology and, some think, personality. It all depends on our lineage, what we call bloodlines. Most of the ranking guard have higher percentages of fiend blood. And what type of quirk we have is determined by what our ancestors were screwed by or made pacts with.”
  738. >>>”So… what kind of quirks do you have to deal with exactly?” he said, looking between you and Bluey.
  740. >You hesitated, hoping Blue might go first.
  741. >The painting of the inquisition age loomed just over your right shoulder, down the hall not more than a few paces—out of sight but not out of mind.
  742. >You closed your eyes, focusing on your breathing.
  743. >It had been a long time since then… but your mind never really forgot how you felt as a filly, on the run with your parents against hunters.
  744. >Scarlet could bluster all she wanted and day ponies could give as many dirty looks as they pleased.
  745. >But those memories always made you nervous.
  746. >Telling someone what you were was telling them how to hurt you.
  747. >It also changed how they looked at you.
  748. >They’d start with the sparkle of wonder and curiosity, and would tell you it wouldn’t change how they felt about you… but you could see how they changed their stance, how they didn’t turn their back on you anymore…
  749. >Scarlet’s vermillion eyes almost seemed to burn through you.
  750. >She already knew.
  751. >Vigil deserved to know.
  753. >You opened your mouth and thought about blood.
  754. >The smell… the pumping of hearts you knew you could hear, but trained yourself not to.
  755. >Your canines and lower cuspids grew, from pointed teeth to sharp fangs, just big enough to still let you close your mouth without issue, but still intimidating to most.
  756. >Vigil stepped back and you felt a twinge in your chest.
  757. >No, that was fine, you thought.
  758. >You don’t blame him.
  760. >You let out a breath and spoke.
  761. "I have five percent nosferatu bloodline. Every so many days, I and the other mares who have the same bloodline are handed synthesized blood substitutes. We also get a donation from blood banks during Hearth's Warming and other holidays. We can eat food and go out in the sun, but depending on our bloodline percent, it can make us feel uncomfortable or ill. At night we feel more energized and drinking real blood makes some of us stronger and clearer minded. We also live a bit longer.”
  763. >He stared at you, eyes widened, while Scarlet gave a satisfied nod.
  764. >You flattened your ears back and let your teeth go back to normal.
  765. >Luna, colt, you gotta stare at me so hard… you thought.
  766. >Just say you’re out of the night guard and leave if you want—nobody would blame you.
  768. >>>“Wow… that’s so cool.”
  770. “Huh?” you and Scarlet said in unison.
  771. >Your cheeks tinted a light pink. “W-Whatever. It’s no big deal really,” you said, mostly to the floor.
  773. >>>”No, really. I had no idea that you guys were all so different. Major Shade, what is your bloodline if you don’t mind me asking?”
  775. >Blueys mouth moved into a thin line and she gave you a questioning look.
  776. >“Um… Mine is Mörkö,” she said and paused, hoping to end it there, but Vigil waited eagerly.
  777. >”It’s… an ice spirit of sorts that long ago lived in the forests to the north. They were more rampant in the time of Wendigos. It manifests as an affinity for cold spells in unicorn batmares and pegasi seem to be great with managing snow and ice. I have only three percent, so I can resist cold better, but I tend to just crave warmth, even if I don’t need it nearly as much. I can stand out in snow all night on watch, but I hate it for instance.”
  779. >>>”Oh, what about—”
  781. “Look, there are an awful lot of bat mares. Generally just know that about all of us have some general devil or imp in them if not something specific. That’s what some think is partly responsible for most bat ponies’ reputation for, uh…”
  783. >>”Rawkus degeneracy and hedonism,” Scarlet said, taking a step forward.
  785. “I would call it free spiritedness, but sure.” you said. “In any case, we’re still pretty much ponies when it comes down to it. We just have a few quirks to deal with. Hell, Umbra is pretty mild mannered, for one, despite her bloodline.”
  787. >Vigilant pursed his lips and cocked his head to the side.
  788. >>>”What bloodline does Major Umbra have?”
  790. >Blue cleared her throat.
  791. >You gave a forced smile and rubbed a forehoof.
  792. >Poor Umbra wouldn’t be able to look this colt in the eye if he knew her lineage.
  793. >Still…
  795. “Vigil. Are you still sure about joining the Nightguard? I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. We’re not dangerous despite what some think.”
  797. >”Debatable,” Scarlet said with a snort.
  799. >You gave her a look and continued.
  800. “What I’m trying to say, is that I need to know if you’re set on this. If you’re going to serve here, you deserve to know who we are. We’ll be comrades, and that means a whole lot here. But trust goes both ways. Telling your bloodline is very personal and shows a lot of good faith. Can you assure me that you won’t use this to hurt any of our friends?”
  802. >Vigil watched you, mouth slightly open and nodded lightly.
  803. >He looked down, mulling it over for a moment.
  804. >>>”Yeah. I can see where you’re coming from I think. But I wanted to serve here. My mark,” he said, pointing toward his depiction of a lantern, “tells me I’m to watch over and keep guard at night. I know I’m supposed to be here. And I know I want to help open up the Nightguard to not only non-bat ponies but also stallions. You can trust me, Major.”
  805. >He saluted and brought his hooves in line, giving you the most earnest smile you ever saw.
  806. >You suppressed a snurk.
  807. >He was a dork, but a cute dork.
  808. >Looking into his eyes and listening to his heart for signs of abnormality, you nothing amiss.
  809. >You could trust him.
  810. >Whether you’d enjoy babysitting him was another thing.
  812. “She has twenty percent succubus.”
  814. >Vigil blinked.
  815. >>>“Really?”
  817. “Yep, ‘fraid so. She has a lot of challenges because of it. She has to be careful with getting, uh, fluids, near other ponies. Succubi used to be masters of seduction and pleasure, and putting ponies into heat was just one innate trick they learned. Umbra does this without meaning to, even with sweat, spit, or blood. You can get a resistance to it but it doesn’t take much to get some ponies going.”
  819. >>>”Huh… she probably sleeps around a lot, I imagine.”
  821. >Bluey snorted and you jabbed her in the side.
  823. “The opposite actually. Umbra has been a bit afraid of her quirk ever since she was a filly. I don’t know why but, if I had one guess, I’d say it’s because she’s too kind. Umbra told me once that she hated the idea of forcing someone to do something so intimate.”
  824. >You shrugged.
  825. “Her words, not mine. In any case, her bloodline has made her skittish around stallions, and she never learned how to talk to them properly. Don’t take offense if she seems put off-ish. It’s just how she is.”
  827. >”Alright, that’s enough obscene talk, thank you very much,” Scarlet said, and turned to Vigilant Watch. “Vigil, none of this particularly matters. I know it’s… interesting to you but I can tell you all about their kind after you come back to my post.”
  829. >He frowned and swished his tail.
  830. >Oh now you made the colt upset, Scarlet.
  831. >Ya didn’t listen filly, and now you’re in for it.
  832. >Vigilant Watch puffed up his cheeks and started going on about not wanting to be treated like he couldn’t do things on his own and blah blah blah...
  833. >You turned on your heels and headed off down the bloodline hall, Blue following suit.
  834. >Your bed was calling you, and you’d not ignore its sweet siren call any longer.
  836. >Part of you wonders about how much sleep Umbra got last night.
  837. >You made sure to get her an enchanted condom and everything, so she had everything in her court.
  838. >She just couldn’t kiss him or she’d make Anon’s day a bit warmer than usual.
  839. >Your tail twitched.
  841. >Now that was a thought...
  843. --
  845. >Be Anon
  847. >The coffee maker stopped it’s gurgling and dinged on your countertop.
  848. >You reached over and poured two cups in human size mugs, careful not to get it too high in case Umbra wasn’t precise with her hooves.
  849. >You’d seen them do amazing stuff with those appendages but the last thing you wanted was for her to get burned on accident.
  851. >You hummed a directionless tune and placed the drink in front of her at the small kitchen table and took a seat opposite.
  852. >Umbra kept her eyes down and fidgeted in her chair.
  853. >She looked a bit like a kid about to be scolded, an image that wasn’t helped by the fact that both the mug and her chair made her seem a bit small.
  854. >After tapping her forehooves together and giving you a glance, she scooted closer and reached for the cup, then took a careful sip.
  855. >Just like at the bar, the taste seemed to suit her.
  856. >She let out a little noise of surprise and licked her lips, looking down into the mug.
  857. >You sipped your own cup and let your gaze move to your kitchen window.
  858. >Umbra was probably too shy to initiate conversation on her own, but even so, having company at your little apartment felt like a breath of fresh air.
  860. >“Umm… what flavor is this?” she said.
  861. >You almost gave a start at hearing her.
  862. >She seemed to notice your expression and said, “Oh sorry, I don’t mean to bother you if you’re just relaxing. You just said… you know.”
  863. >You smiled.
  864. >It seemed she remembered your little bargain.
  865. >That wasn’t something you expected her to take seriously but you won’t complain.
  866. >You’d been honest when you said you liked her.
  868. “It’s a seasonal caramel flavor. It’s one of my favorites in the world I’m from.”
  869. >”You weren’t born in Equestria?”
  870. >You paused, fingers tapping on your mug.
  871. “I won’t get to into the specifics but, yeah… my home isn’t Equestria. Far from it. So far in fact that I can’t really go back. I have a few things from there of course. I salvaged what I could when my old house crashed here, but most if it is gone by now. Used up or sold—put away in boxes. Electronics and goods that need refills or maintenance aren’t much good to me in this world, so they’re pretty much packed away or thrown out. The house itself is probably pretty decayed in the forest by now...”
  872. >You sat back in your chair and sighed.
  873. “Some things I kept around, but not much. I didn’t want too many reminders of home.”
  875. >“...why not?”
  877. “Well, I didn’t want to come home to an apartment and see all the stuff from back home. If there’s no real chance of going back, I have to move forward.”
  879. >“But, what about your family? Won’t they miss you?”
  881. >You take a sip, the flavor reminding you so much of autumn, right before Thanksgiving.
  882. >The house used to get pretty noisy around that time—so many lively people under one roof.
  883. >A pit formed in your stomach and you let out a long breath through your nose.
  884. “Hopefully not too much. But hey, I’m happy to share the last of this with you.”
  886. >Umbra’s ears went back and she clacked her drink down.
  887. >She stared at it like it had burned her.
  888. >“Um... This is the last of your favorite…? Anon, I can’t. That’s just too—”
  889. >She let out a short gasp as your hand gently rubbed the top of her head.
  890. “Umbra, if I didn’t want you to have some, I’d have made some Equestrian blends. I’ve been saving this to share with someone, alright? Besides,” you said, letting a smirk form. “I already know you like it.”
  892. >”But…”
  894. “I won’t force you to drink it if it really makes you uncomfortable, but…” you trailed off, trying to find the words. “Good things are better when you can enjoy them with others. It’s nice seeing someone else enjoy something I like, so I think that’s the best use for this sort of thing.”
  896. >Umbra bit her lip and peeked up through her bangs at you.
  897. >She fidgeted with her hooves and reached for the mug, then, after giving you one more glance, she took a small sip.
  898. “Um… thank you, Anon.”
  900. “My pleasure. Oh, that reminds me. You’re still hungry, right?”
  902. >Her ears rose slowly and her tail flicked back and forth in a happy wag.
  903. >”A little,” she said, then paused and almost seemed to brace herself.
  904. >“You don’t happen to have some special breakfast item from your world, do you?”
  906. >You laughed.
  907. “No, nothing like that this time. I was just thinking of mixing us up some pancakes.”
  909. >She seemed to relax a bit from that.
  910. >“That sounds amazing actually.”
  912. “Glad to hear it.”
  914. --
  916. >Be Anon.
  917. >Covered in flour, egg yolk, and splotches of milk, you gave your range a thousand yard stare.
  918. >The range stood dotted with splashes of batter, flour, and bits of eggshell, a mirror of your own state.
  919. >To the left stood a plate of pancakes, half burnt and stiff as a board.
  920. >Not enough baking soda, according to Umbra.
  921. >Another batch sat next to it with a bite taken out, looking good enough to eat at least, but you knew they tasted bland, and slightly sour.
  922. >Part of you had to wonder where things had gone so wrong?
  923. >You immediately remember all the take out pizza and ramen you lived off of in college.
  924. >And for most of your adult life.
  925. >And in Equestria.
  926. >Still, you didn’t expect this to be so difficult.
  928. >Umbra had even given your first batch, where you had mostly eyeballed the ingredient measurements, her best try.
  929. >She’d swallowed a bite and told you it was good, in a slightly off tone.
  930. >You’d saved the poor girl from eating the rest after you took a bite yourself.
  931. >You have no clue how you made them taste like that...
  933. “I’m… apparently not very good at this.”
  935. >Umbra still sat patiently at her spot, coffee forgotten and likely cold by now.
  936. >She eyed the mess you’d just made, inner eyebrows turned up.
  937. “Anon, do you want some help?”
  939. ”No, I want to do this,” you said, hand darting to the pan near the ingredients.
  940. >You probably could whip up one more batch…
  941. >Fourth time’s the charm.
  942. >Your thumb caught the pan handle, spinning the pan off the burner, while your foot skid in some batter at your feet.
  943. >You reached with your right toward the range to steady yourself.
  944. >A bright sizzle met your ears.
  945. >You realize too late where you had put your hand down, as searing pain flared up on your palm and you yelled out.
  946. >Umbra darted into the air as you snapped your hand back.
  947. >You blew on the reddened flesh, trying to get any sort of relief before Umbra grabbed your hand and yanked it over to the sink.
  948. >She flipped the handle and cool water poured over your hand.
  949. >You winced at first, but soon the burning subsided, not gone but replaced by a dull ache.
  951. >Your eyes tilted up to see Umbra standing on your counter, her chest rising and falling, wings spread.
  952. >She turned her focus toward you and locked eyes for a split second before looking away.
  954. >“S-Sorry. I just…when you yelled I wasn’t sure what happened. I thought you may have really hurt yourself”
  955. >She reached over for the faucet and turned off the flow.
  956. “Does it feel better now?”
  958. >You opened and closed your hand a few times.
  959. “Yeah… it still hurts a bit. But it’s not bad. Nothing I won’t get over in a day or two. Thanks, Umbra.”
  961. >She didn’t say anything but you saw her tail perk up and a light shade of pink showing across the bridge of her snout.
  962. >You straightened out your messy apron and turned back to the stovetop.
  963. “Anyhow, I think I can try to—”
  965. >Umbra zipped in front of you and put a hoof on your chest.
  966. >“Anon, why don’t you let me make something?”
  968. “Well I mean… you’re my guest. I figured I could at least feed you. No, you’re right. You’re probably starving by now.”
  970. >”It’s not that…” she said, rubbing the back of her neck. “I could pick up some fast food or something later if I needed to. I just—don’t want you getting burned again.”
  972. >You let out a sigh and put a hand to your forehead.
  973. >As much as you hated it, you couldn’t blame her.
  974. >That didn’t mean you’d toss out all of your pride.
  975. “Alright, fine,” you said. “But I don’t want you to have to cook for the both of us. You can *help* me.”
  977. >Umbra paused then gave a nod, a small smile spreading on her snout.
  978. >A gave a small giggle, then hovered over to your cupboards, pulling out new ingredients.
  980. “What’s so funny?”
  982. >Umbra shrugged.
  983. >”I thought I was going to have to fight you to help, is all. It reminded me of something my Mom used to say to me.”
  985. “What might that be?”
  987. >”Never mess with a colt and his kitchen.”
  989. --
  991. >From then the cooking actually went pretty well.
  992. >Umbra, as it turns out, is an amazing cook.
  993. >She knew how to perfectly measure everything, as well as how to make them come out super light and fluffy, or firm and buttery.
  994. >The two of you even added blueberries to a batch for fun after you’d gotten the hang of it.
  995. >You don’t know what it was, but something about Umbra made cooking fun.
  996. >She’d gotten a bit of batter on her nose and you’d wiped it off with a finger and popped it into your mouth.
  997. >That seemed to fluster her a bit, which amused you to no end.
  998. >The whole experience seemed to fly by, and soon you’d realized you’d made more than the two of you could probably eat.
  999. >Still, together you did your best to pack away some calories then wrapped up what was left for another time.
  1000. >You got lost in conversation after, and you’d found out Umbra worked as a Nightguard as well as a bit about her friends.
  1001. >Her shyness and nervous persona dissolved as you told her small bits and pieces of your world and some of the things you used to do there.
  1002. >She didn’t completely understand how the internet or video games worked, but she seemed enthralled by your stories all the same.
  1004. >You’d been so involved in conversation, that you almost didn’t see the clock working it’s hand past 10.
  1006. >You jerked upright as your eyes caught sight of the clock.
  1007. “Oh, shoot, I’m going to be late for work. I need to head downtown ASAP.”
  1009. >Umbra frowned.
  1010. >“Oh, I didn’t mean to overstay— It’s just been…”
  1011. >She gave you a sheepish smile.
  1012. >”Well really nice. I guess part of me is glad things turned out okay in the end, considering how… different last night was. I owe you for letting me stay when I was—”
  1013. >She cleared her throat.
  1014. >“...being pushy.”
  1016. >You chuckled and gave a shrug.
  1017. “I got a decent breakfast out of it, so we can call it even. Besides, you were no trouble at all. If you ask me, you make an adorable drunk.”
  1019. >She sputtered in her coffee and had a short coughing fit.
  1020. >Umbra looked up at you, her pretty orange-yellow eyes meeting yours for a moment and you smiled at her.
  1021. >Umbra mumbled something under her breath and looked down.
  1022. >“R-Right… I’d, um, better head back to the guard and let you get ready for work. I’ll see you around, Anon!”
  1024. >You waved goodbye as she got up and flew to the door.
  1025. “Hopefully we’ll see each other soon, Umbra.”
  1027. >”Y-You too! URK, I mean bye, Anon.”
  1028. >With shake of her head and muttered chastisements to herself, Umbra headed out.
  1029. >Hopefully you’d get to see her again within the next few days.
  1030. >Maybe you could head down to the Nightshade bar again this weekend.
  1031. >Then again, you knew she worked in the guard, so maybe you could pay her a visit next time you were free.
  1032. >Celestia and Luna always wanted you to drop by, so it shouldn’t be much trouble.
  1034. >You got up, lost in your thoughts when you noticed the half full coffee at Umbra’s place.
  1035. >It was a bit of a waste, considering it was the last in the world.
  1036. >You shrugged, picked up the mug and tossed the liquid back.
  1037. >A flash of heat went through you.
  1038. >It built up hotter and hotter as the room started to spin, but then, the feeling dissipated.
  1039. >You stared down into the cup and furrowed your brow.
  1040. >That was… strange.
  1041. >Was this stuff super out of date or something?
  1042. >Whatever. Still tasted amazing.
  1043. >With a shrug you headed into your bathroom to get ready for the day.
  1045. --
  1047. >Be Anon.
  1048. >The sounds of a typical day at Quills and Sofas inc drifted down the halls toward your lonely desk outside the boss’ office.
  1049. >Multicolored mares walked to and fro, moving through cubicles with manilla folders and coffee.
  1050. >They laughed and talked about their weekends.
  1051. >A few semi-familiar faces even gave sheepish smiles and waved at you.
  1053. >You hadn’t been super fond of being a secretary, but the job was alright, and the mares were all pretty friendly.
  1054. >Especially your boss, Ruby Shine.
  1055. >Though, she could seem a little… pent up, you suppose.
  1057. >In any case, your late arrival had gotten a few looks, but Ruby merely gave you a half hearted talking-to outside.
  1058. >After thinking it over, she eventually asked you to stay late to make up the time.
  1059. >You’d nodded and gotten to work, making a mental note to do better in the future.
  1061. >That was only an hour ago.
  1063. >”Anonymous, dear, I… I’m sorry if I’m being harsh with you,” Ruby said, looking like she’d accidently kicked a puppy on the way here. “I don’t feel right treating you like that.”
  1065. >You glanced at the red coated mare, a bemused expression on your face.
  1066. >There was no use fighting her sometimes.
  1067. >Just had to work through her pestering.
  1069. >”Oh, I know,” she said, lowering her eyelids at you. “How about I treat you to lunch somewhere nice—just to two of us? I hear there’s a great Itfilly pasta place on Manestreet. Humans can eat pasta, right?”
  1071. “Yes Ms. Shine, I can eat pasta.”
  1073. >She put a hoof on your thigh.
  1074. >”I told you, hun, call me Ruby. We know each other well, don’t we? Soooo, the pasta thing. It’s a date?”
  1076. “I have plans for lunch already.”
  1077. >You didn’t.
  1078. >You just knew nothing good could come from messing around with your boss.
  1080. >She gave an exaggerated huff, then put a foot up on your chair and arched her back.
  1081. >Ruby leaned in, whispering toward your ear.
  1082. >“Aw, come on, Nonny. Why don’t you let a real mare into your life?”
  1084. >Your feather pen cracked in your grip.
  1085. >As you turned to your boss, half a mind to tell her to rub one out already or something, a surge of heat spread through your chest and rushed down toward your groin.
  1086. >Your words caught in your throat and instead came out as a hot pant.
  1087. >The room whirled for a split second and when the sensation stopped, you were left with a strange hunger that you couldn’t quite describe.
  1088. >The heat lingered still, pulsing in your center along with a light fog clouding your thoughts.
  1090. >Ruby titled her head and stepped down.
  1091. >”Nonny? You okay, sweety?”
  1093. “I don’t know,” you said trying to shake the feeling off. “I think I need a minute—”
  1095. >Ruby paused, studying your face for a moment before she gave a short nod.
  1096. >”Okay… if you need anything else, just ask,” she said, eyeing you with a frown before heading down to the cubicles.
  1098. >As you turned to the mare, the heat pulsed more insistently.
  1099. >Even from this angle the curve of her flank seemed to tease you.
  1100. >Her beautiful heart shaped bottom bounced slightly with each step, her tail swaying side to side, begging you to take a peek.
  1101. >A familiar feeling stirred in your nether regions and you realized you’d let out a soft growl.
  1102. >What would happen if you just… went over and mounted her right there, in the middle of the office.
  1103. >She probably wouldn’t even complain, just take your whole length in one go as you pounded her into the floor, her eyes rolling back.
  1104. >You’d make her scream, call your name for everyone to hear and then—
  1105. >Wait...
  1106. >No… no, that’s not right.
  1107. >You couldn’t do that.
  1109. >The heat surged.
  1111. >Your eyes wandered to Cherry Berry, another office mare who was talking to your boss.
  1112. >Her slender legs seemed the perfect kind to trace your fingers across, creating patterns around her inner thighs.
  1113. >Cherry laughed at something, her voice taunting you with the possibilities of how she might moan.
  1115. >You slapped yourself across your face.
  1116. >Pain replaced the fog over your mind.
  1117. “What is going on!?”
  1118. >You closed your eyes and took a deep breath.
  1119. >Don’t panic, Anon, this is probably like… a really bad pent up spell or something.
  1120. >Just don’t eyeball any more mares and focus on your work.
  1122. >You grabbed another feather pen from your utensil cup and moved the next document over.
  1123. >As your eyes scanned the legal jargon, little anon settled back down and the heat drained out of you.
  1124. >You gave a relieved smile and sat back in your chair.
  1126. >>”Hey, Anon, hope Ms. Shine isn’t pushing you too hard nowadays.”
  1127. >You looked up to see Minuette giving you a cheerful smile on the other side of your desk.
  1128. >Your coworker had quite the pretty face, you realize.
  1129. >You idly wonder how she’d look with that pretty little face buried in your crotch while you ran your fingers through her mane and told her what a good pony she was…
  1130. >Your knuckles turned white as you gripped the pen.
  1132. >S-Shit...
  1134. --
  1136. >Be Anon
  1138. >Shoeshine gave you a friendly smile as she walked past the front of your desk.
  1139. >>“Hey, Anon. Is Ruby really making you stay late?”
  1141. >Your skin felt like it was smoldering, your heart beating in your chest.
  1142. >You’d eyefucked that little blue mare up and down and she hadn’t a clue.
  1143. >A shudder ran up your spine as the image of her bent over your desk flashed through your head.
  1144. >It was so easy to see her being fingerfucked into oblivion by you—no hope of escape till you had your fun.
  1146. “Y-yeah, she’s just doing… whatever.”
  1148. >>”Ha, well, you’ll make out okay I bet. Good luck,” she said and turned to head out.
  1150. >You made a half-hearted attempt to not stare at her perky plot as she trotted on out.
  1151. >Your fingers dragged against the wood on your desk, peeling off small shavings and leaving gash marks as you watched her go.
  1152. >You wanted to pounce and hear her squeal.
  1153. >Shoeshine turned the corner and the heat subsided.
  1154. >A long sigh escaped your lips and you fell back into your chair.
  1155. >That was the last employee mare to head out for the day.
  1156. >That meant no more mares coming up to you… for now.
  1158. >What happened today?
  1159. >It was like being a teenager again.
  1160. >But surrounded by naked women with big butts in every class.
  1161. >Were you just… that pent up? Have you been so busy you didn’t notice until your brain got sick of it?
  1162. >You hummed to yourself.
  1163. >No, you’d been around mares before and they never seemed this… lewd.
  1164. >This wasn’t normal.
  1165. >Something was up.
  1167. >You glance over to your paperwork pile, a mere fraction of it done.
  1168. >The day had been distracting.
  1169. >You could see a doctor tomorrow.
  1170. >For now, you had a job to do.
  1172. “Just focus. You’ve got one more hour to go. It’ll be easy…” you said, picking up a freshly inked pen.
  1174. --
  1176. >You glanced up after who knows how many forms and noticed it was well past time to go.
  1177. >There were still a lot more orders and scheduling bits for you to set up for Ruby, but today didn’t seem like the type to be productive.
  1178. >Better give her a heads up at least.
  1179. >Ruby had a soft spot for you, so she’d wouldn’t fire you, just be disappointed.
  1180. >Didn’t feel good but hey… take what you can get.
  1182. >You sighed and got to your feet, walking to Ruby’s office door.
  1183. >The handle turned and you walked into a dimly lit room.
  1184. >Ruby looked to be on the phone with someone, facing away from the door, so you closed it quietly.
  1186. >”Oh, you’d like that, wouldn’t you, dirty little colt.”
  1188. >You paused.
  1189. >What…?
  1190. >Who was she talking to like that?
  1192. >”I’d love ride you allll night, you naughty little…” Ruby said in a low, husky tone.
  1193. >She trailed off and let out a moan.
  1194. >”Tell me… nnnnhhh… tell me how you want to me fuck you.”
  1196. >A call-girl service?
  1197. >Or I guess this would be like a call-colt line.`
  1198. >You took a step forward, your breathing picking up.
  1199. >Ruby wore thigh high socks and slid a hoof across her crotch, back and forth.
  1200. >Her legs twitched and she shuddered and moaned, letting out breathy gasps as she whispered dirty talk into the phone.
  1202. >You stopped mid stride.
  1203. >You should leave… no, YOU HAVE to leave, or you might do something you’d regret.
  1204. >As pent up as Ruby was, and despite the number of times she’s come onto you, it just wouldn’t be right to intrude like this.
  1205. >God though… you’d been so pent up all day.
  1206. >It was taking everything you had to not go over there and fuck her senseless.
  1207. >You clenched your hands and used all of your willpower to turn around and take a step toward the door.
  1208. >Don’t think about screwing your cute, sexy little boss, Anon.
  1209. >Head out before you lose your cool and—
  1211. >”Say my name honey… say my name, Nonny you slut.”
  1213. >Something cracked inside you and the last of your willpower crumbled.
  1215. --
  1217. >Be Ruby Shine.
  1218. >Celestia above, this was so naughty, and you loved it.
  1219. >Wearing thigh-highs in the office always made you feel especially sexy.
  1220. >You let out a coo as you imagine your secretary going to his knees in front of you just from your clothings sex appeal alone.
  1221. >Someday, you’d seduce that colt, but for now, call-colts would have to do with roleplay.
  1222. >It was your favorite way to unwind after the day when you felt extra kinky.
  1223. >And boy, with the way Anon worked his collared shirt today, and the way his feverishness looked like a blush…
  1224. >You bit your lip, nearly drawing blood.
  1226. ”Ohhhh, mama wants to give the naughty secretary a spanking,” you said into the phone.
  1227. >>”Mmm, just like that Miss—”
  1229. >The line clicked and went dead.
  1230. >As you turned to look at the receiver a hot whisper hit your ear from the other side.
  1232. “Well…. What do we have here?”
  1234. >Your skin turned cold and your pupils shrunk to pinpricks.
  1235. >Oh dear Celestia above…
  1236. >A hand came to rest on your shoulder, the other taking the phone from your stiff hooves and placing it back on the stand with a short jing.
  1237. >Your mouth felt dry and you couldn’t even make yourself turn around to face him.
  1239. “I-I… Anon, I just, um. I thought you’d gone home already.”
  1241. >His arm came to wrap around your chest, the fingers splaying out and digging into your tuft.
  1242. >You stifled a mewl, fighting your already sensitive skin.
  1244. “I may have been mistaken but that sounded like role-play phone sex, mm?” he said.
  1245. “And whose name did you call out over the line?”
  1247. >”Anon, y-you must have misheard. It wasn’t anything—”
  1249. >He gave your ear a light nibble and this time you couldn’t restrain your voice.
  1250. >You’d gotten yourself too revved up.
  1251. >He withdrew his hand, giving you some relief.
  1252. “Tell the truth, Ruby.”
  1254. “I… I said… nnny”
  1255. >You mumbled the name.
  1257. >His teeth grazed against the side of your neck, while he roughly grabbed again at your tuft.
  1258. >You shuddered, instinctive fear and arousal mixing together.
  1259. >”I didn’t hear you.”
  1261. ”I…”
  1262. >Your ears lay back.
  1263. >He was going to hate you.
  1264. “I had him say he… was you.”
  1265. >He didn’t say anything.
  1266. >Your heart thumped like a hammer in your chest as the seconds ticked by.
  1267. >“I’m s-sorry… I just… I don’t know what I was thinking. If you hate me, I understand.”
  1269. >He leaned down and nuzzled into the top of your mane.
  1270. >“I don’t hate you, Ruby. I’m not even mad.”
  1272. “Disappointed then?”
  1274. >”Hmm… a little bit. But I know you have your urges. I think you’ve just been wound up for far too long.”
  1276. >That was probably an understatement.
  1277. >You weren’t a bad looking mare but your age made it hard to compete with the yearlings sometimes.
  1278. >Bars and clubs just weren’t your strong suit anyhow.
  1279. >You were more of the type of mare to take a colt out to a nice restaurant or local ball, then head to your penthouse and relax by the fire with a nice vintage.
  1280. >Ride them ‘till they can’t think.
  1281. >...after at least a few dates.
  1282. >Gentlemare in the streets, beast in the sheets.
  1283. >It was so hard to find a good stallion that way though.
  1284. >Too many gold diggers.
  1286. >You wanted more than anything to do everything and more for Anon, but he denied you every time.
  1287. >All he did was tease.
  1288. >Anon, your personal assistant, leaning over your desk with his perfect collared shirts…
  1289. >The slight bulge in his pants that sat at eye level, teasing every mare he passed…
  1290. >His friendly, pretty smile melting your heart and making you ache to hold him in your hooves…
  1291. >He lit a fire in you.
  1292. >You wanted to have him under your desk every time you saw him working away.
  1293. >Celestia above, it was too much being around him day in and day out.
  1294. >It was perverse, but what red-blooded mare doesn’t have those kinds of fantasies?
  1296. >You sighed.
  1297. “Y-Yeah, I’ve been… pent up. For some time. I wanted more than anything to treat you like the prize you are and maybe… part of me also wanted to… make love to you.”
  1299. >“Make love to me?” he said, twirling a finger in your mane. “That didn’t sound like the type of language you were using on the phone.”
  1301. >You bit your lip and winced.
  1302. >He wanted you to come clean.
  1303. “I wanted to…”
  1304. >You let out a deep breath and closed your eyes.
  1305. “I wanted to fuck you senseless, okay?”
  1306. >You winced, waiting for the slap.
  1307. >When none came you kept on, a slight stutter in your voice, both from arousal and fear of what he’d think of you.
  1308. “Day in and day out, you’ve been driving me crazy. I don’t even know what to do anymore because you won’t give me a chance! I’m serious, you know! Sorry… I know I should have more self control but you don’t know how hard it is sometimes.”
  1310. >He seemed to think a moment, then stepped back away from you.
  1311. >Your heart sank like a rock as his hands left you.
  1312. >You heard his footsteps head out and the door clicked behind you.
  1313. >A pit formed in your stomach and you sank back into your chair.
  1314. >Well… that was that.
  1315. >Even if he wasn’t interested, it felt good to get it out there in a way.
  1316. >Not like you didn’t tell him half as much every day with your body language and thinly veiled dinner or lunch proposals, but now he knows you’re a total pervert.
  1317. >But did you really stand a chance with a bombshell like him in the first place?
  1318. >You snorted.
  1319. >No… who were you kidding.
  1320. >You were past your prime, filly.
  1321. >Maybe tonight you’d hit the good scotch...
  1323. >”Sure”
  1325. >Your ears perked up.
  1326. >What…?
  1327. >You slowly turned around, your heart beating fast even as you told yourself not to hope.
  1328. >There, unbuttoning his shirt, stood Anon.
  1329. >You opened your mouth to speak but all that came out was an squeak as your eyes bulged.
  1331. “Anon… what are you…?”
  1333. >”I locked the door. You said you wanted to have sex. I’m saying yes,” he said with a knowing smile. “Why are you looking at me like that?”
  1335. >T-This colt.
  1336. >Once a tease, always a tease.
  1337. >You might have to teach him a lesson about that.
  1338. >Right now though, you could barely think straight as you watched Anon strip.
  1340. >You could see it in his eyes… he wanted to set you ablaze with desire.
  1341. >Anon shed his shirt, giving you that sexy, confident smile that made you melt.
  1342. >He reached down to his belt, unclasped the buckle and kept coming toward you, one foot after another.
  1343. >Celestia, you were so wet, so close to the edge already from before.
  1344. >But still, Anon kept his same pace—simmering you like fresh meat—a wolf eyeing his prey.
  1345. >He pushed his pants down and stepped out of them along with his shoes.
  1346. >With a lick of his lips, he slid down his socks and he came to stand a foot away from you.
  1347. >Your eyes widened at the bulge beneath the final, thin piece of fabric between the two of you.
  1348. >Anon hooked his thumbs around his boxers but stopped, and you let out a whine.
  1350. >Your hooves reached out on instinct, trying to pull his shorts free so you could finally view your prize.
  1351. >He stopped you.
  1352. “Anon… please,” you said, feeling out of breath already.
  1353. >You squirmed in your chair, wanting him more than anything else.
  1354. >You needed that cock NOW.
  1355. >This teasing was driving you insane.
  1357. >He chuckled and shimeyed the boxers back and forth on his hips.
  1358. >“Alright. You’d waited long enough I suppose.”
  1360. >Anon pulled down on his shorts and his cock arced out, slapping you in the muzzle.
  1361. >Your nostrils flared and your eyes opened wide as his scent filled you.
  1362. >The realization finally hit you fully.
  1363. >This was really happening… H-HOLY TARTARUS, THIS WAS REALLY HAPPENING?
  1364. >You had dreams about this every week nowadays.
  1365. >And here… right now… you were going to get to screw Anon.
  1366. “Ohh, sweet deities,” you whispered.
  1367. >Words failed you as you felt the hot throbbing member against your face.
  1368. >Celestia, you knew you wanted to fuck him, but with his musk invading your senses, it had become a whole new level of desire.
  1369. >You needed this.
  1371. >”What do you want to do Ruby? You weren’t so speechless with the stallion on the phone.”
  1373. >You looked up at him, a burning in your chest surging when you met his eyes.
  1374. >Your mouth opened once and closed again before you found your voice.
  1375. “I want to taste you. I want to shove your whole length down my throat and gag on it.”
  1377. >He took a small step back, his phallus coming off your nose and hanging in front of you.
  1378. >Anon gently put a hand in your mane, applying a small bit of pressure to urge you toward him.
  1379. >”Go ahead.”
  1381. >You licked your lips.
  1382. “Oh~ yes please.”
  1383. >You leaned forward, feeling like you were in a dream as you opened your mouth.
  1384. >A small droplet of pre met your gaze and you watched as it swelled then dripped down, traveling across the underside of him.
  1385. >You drew your tongue across his shaft, eagerly lapping it up.
  1386. >The moment you took it into your mouth a heat rippled through you.
  1387. >You let out a small gasp and clenched your thighs as a spurt of mare juice hit your chair.
  1388. >A strange, pleasurable warmth collected in your center and your eyes glazed over for a moment while you stared at his stallionhood.
  1389. >Your whole being focused in on his member, and you leaned forward, rubbing your cheek up against it and moaning.
  1390. >It throbbed and you could feel his body heat through your coat.
  1391. >The musk was overpowering now.
  1392. “M-mouth… now please.”
  1394. >He nodded.
  1395. “Go ahead, my naughty little bossmare.”
  1396. >You shuddered and enveloped him immediately.
  1397. >He let out a breath and you felt a surge of glee.
  1398. >This colt’s voice was addicting.
  1399. >Pulling back a few inches, you sucked hard.
  1400. >A wet slurping sounded out as you popped back off his head and giggled.
  1402. >“Ruby, you… you’re really good. That feels amazing”
  1404. >Butterflies flew in your stomach and you smiled.
  1405. “You haven’t seen anything yet, hun.”
  1407. >You drove back down his length, this time aiming to take every inch.
  1408. >It was a bit show offy but this colt brought that out in every mare.
  1409. >Slowly, agonizingly, you pushed forward, your lips spreading wider around his length.
  1410. >You placed your hooves on his thighs and leaned forward.
  1411. >Small gagging noises came from your throat every so many inches as you adjusted to his length.
  1412. >You’d never taken anything this thick in your throat before… he was just so much larger than you.
  1413. >It was exciting.
  1414. >A shiver ran through you and you moaned onto his cock
  1415. >You relished watching Anon stiffen and let out a grunt as the vibrations rolled through him.
  1416. >Yeah colt… Ruby’s gonna make you remember this.
  1417. >You shot your tongue out underneath, lapping at the underside as you began to bob on his member.
  1418. >Short coughs and gags rang out as you drove him deeper and deeper with each trip.
  1419. >You met his eyes, and felt a surge of happiness in your chest when you saw a lust burning in his gaze.
  1420. >Lust that was focused straight on you.
  1421. >You picked up the pace, shoving your face down on him, nose coming inches from his groin.
  1422. >He groaned again as you forced yourself down to the hilt and held yourself there.
  1423. >You held your breath, moving your tongue as best you could with what little clearance where was and trying to gulp down on him.
  1424. >Anon placed his hands on your head, gently combing his wonderful fingers through your mane.
  1425. “Ruby, ah…”
  1427. >You tail wagged behind you.
  1428. >Pleasing this amazing, wonderful stallion felt so good, so right.
  1429. >You’d give him the world if you could… but you also wanted to show him what he’d done to you—what all this pent up frustration looked like.
  1430. >That’s right colt… you did this to me.
  1431. >You made your boss into horny little mare and now she was gonna show you what it was like.
  1433. >You threw your head back and took a deep breath, then gave his wet cock a kiss on the tip.
  1434. >Your breath came in heavy pants and you looked up at Anon.
  1436. >”You okay?” he asked.
  1438. “Yeah, no problem. Just a little out of breath.”
  1439. >That was a bit of a lie.
  1440. >Your nethers had been screaming at you to take care of your need since you saw him this morning.
  1441. >After phonesex, and getting to actually taste him…
  1442. >Anon studied your face and looked down at your pussy.
  1443. >The chair was soaked and you had been winking for some time now.
  1444. >He smiled that sultry smile.
  1445. “Ruby,” he said, sounding like a parent. “I think somebody wants to get to the main event real bad.”
  1447. >You blushed.
  1448. “Oh-h. No? I wouldn’t be much of a gentlemare if I didn’t…”
  1449. >”Shh,” he said, putting a finger to your lips. “Be honest.”
  1450. >You frowned and looked up at him, tapping for forehooves together.
  1451. >“Tell me what you want, Ruby”
  1452. “Anon I…” you said, the heat in your marehood burning for attention. “I want to ride you. I want to fuck you—on my desk. Please, I can’t take it anymore. Just let me take care of you.”
  1454. >“I don’t usually let girls do all the work…”
  1455. >Anon smirked, putting a hand to your face and tenderly rubbing your cheek.
  1456. >”But if that’s what you want.”
  1458. >Anon moved over to your desk and laid back giving you ‘come hither’ eyes.
  1459. >You couldn’t move fast enough.
  1460. >You clambered on top of the desk, breathing erratic, arousal so thick you had trouble seeing straight.
  1461. >His member lined up against your lower lips and you shivered.
  1462. >You closed your eyes and hesitated, taking a moment to cement this moment in your mind.
  1463. >It felt so good rubbing against his member.
  1464. >You wanted to slow down and cherish the feeling, but you were so close already.
  1465. >Your endurance wasn’t the best, and you wanted more than anything to please him.
  1466. >Being a quick shot wasn’t acceptable here.
  1467. >Concentrate filly… this colt deserves your best.
  1468. >You gasped as you lowered yourself onto him.
  1469. >A few inches down and pleasure spread through your core and up your spine.
  1470. >You arched your back letting out a moan and felt your strength leaving you.
  1471. >T-Too much…!
  1472. >You grit your teeth, legs quivering under you as the feeling of him sliding into you threatened to overwhelm you.
  1473. “Ah… I can’t…”
  1475. >Two hands moved up and supported you by your underarms, stopping you from plunging down on his member in one go.
  1476. >”It’s okay, Ruby. I’ve got you.”
  1478. >You bit your lip, shame bubbling up in you.
  1479. “Um… I’m sorry. I’m just so close already. L-lower me please. Slowly. I can take over from there. I promise.”
  1480. >He nodded and lowered you, inch by inch.
  1481. >Your voice rose, eyes widening as you felt his cock spreading you, deeper and deeper.
  1482. >He was so far… you’d lost track as your lips clenched around him.
  1483. >More… you needed more.
  1484. >You wanted to yell out and have him shove you down onto his cock, but you bit a hoof and held on.
  1485. >Despite yourself, you couldn’t help rotating your hips forward and back.
  1486. >Your orgasm roared at the gates, a fraction of a second away.
  1487. >There was no way you’d be able to hold it back… it felt too good.
  1488. >You felt your hips meet his and your eyes rolled back.
  1489. >He was so deep… filling you so much.
  1490. >You could feel his hardness, rubbing up against your slick, soft walls.
  1491. >Pleasure surged up through your center and your eyes widened.
  1492. “Oh! Ohh no, Celestia, I’m gonna…!”
  1493. >Sparks burst in your mind as your muscles spasmed.
  1494. >The dam broke and you felt white-hot pleasure crash over you like a tidal wave.
  1496. “Anoooooon!”
  1497. >A blast of marecum splashed across his waist and your desk.
  1498. >Your legs shook and you fell forward, gripping around his torso for dear life.
  1499. >You thrashed and cried, feeling your mind nearly go blank with pleasure.
  1500. >It felt like it lasted an eternity, but eventually you felt yourself returning and blinked open your eyes.
  1501. >Anons hand ran through your back fur as he peppered your snout in kisses.
  1502. “There you go Ruby… all better.”
  1504. >Your eyes shot open as you realized you’d not only came first but also within the first few seconds.
  1505. >A blush spread across your snout and your inner eyebrows turned up.
  1506. “A-Anon, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to! I just have been so pent up today and the phone call and I was already—”
  1508. >He craned his neck up and gave you a peck on the nose.
  1509. >The colt giggled and wiped the post-orgasm tears from your face.
  1510. “Ruby, I’d have screwed you sooner had I known you’d be this cute.”
  1512. >H-Holy sun…
  1513. >You smiled, a warm feeling spreading through you.
  1514. >He didn’t even care...
  1515. >This colt was too good for this world.
  1516. >Still, you had to do better.
  1517. >He deserved the best—a mare had to please her stallion.
  1518. >This may be a one time thing but you wanted to make sure he remembered it for a long time.
  1519. >M-Maybe if you did good it might not be a one time thing…
  1520. >You stomach did a flip at the thought of showing him to your parents.
  1522. >“Are you tired? Do you want me to take over?”
  1524. “No!” you said, louder than intended.
  1525. >He gave you a look.
  1526. “Uh, no, Anon,” you said. “I can do this. Just leave everything to me.”
  1528. >He stared for a moment, searching your face for something, but laid back.
  1529. >Okay… you have a few more chances before you start getting loopy and tired.
  1530. >Probably…
  1531. >As long as the orgasms weren’t too strong.
  1532. >... like that last one.
  1533. >You may be a quick shot but it’ll be fine if you can at least go a few times, right?
  1534. >That was just as good as going for the usual time… right?
  1535. >You sighed.
  1536. >Get with it Ruby—you have a colt’s world to rock.
  1538. >You took a breath and started moving up his member.
  1539. >Your eyes shut and you suppressed a squeak.
  1540. >It still felt amazing, but having came a moment ago let you stay in control.
  1541. >... for now.
  1543. >You reached the apex and pushed back down, this time unable to stop your voice.
  1544. >Your hooves moved across Anon’s torso, seeking for some sort of purchase, anything to keep you feeling steady.
  1545. >Your breath came in hot pants as you began to pump, doing your best to pace yourself and keep a rhythm.
  1546. >Anon groaned under you and your heart lept in your chest.
  1547. >“Ruby, ah… this is…”
  1548. >A smile grew on your face.
  1549. >Yes! This was working.
  1551. “Yeah… talk to me colt. T-Tell me, haah, how you want i-ah. H-How you want it.”
  1552. >You ground your hips forward, fighting against the steadily rising fire burning in your loins.
  1554. >Anon’s breath picked up and you were rewarded with an errant gasp here and there.
  1555. >Your ears burned hot at the sound and you arched your back.
  1556. >A familiar tingling sensation started up in your groin and you slowed a fraction.
  1557. >Shoot, you were getting close already!
  1558. >Come on filly, don’t cum.
  1559. >Keep it up for a little while longer and you’ll get to feel his hot white c-cu—
  1560. >You let out a whine, slowed your pace, and held yourself above his member, not daring to plunge back down.
  1561. >Sweat ran in small drops down your coat, dripping across his exposed body, making Anon glisten under you.
  1562. >Just a few seconds to catch your breath and cool down.
  1563. >You closed your eyes and let math problems flow through your head.
  1564. >Three times three was nine… eighteen times three was… sixty four? No, fifty four.
  1566. >Two hands grasped your plot and you let out an unmarely noise.
  1567. “A-Anon! What are you...?”
  1569. >He smirked up at you and kneading his fingers into your flesh.
  1570. >C-Celestia that felt nice…
  1571. >”You look close,” he asked in a singsong voice.
  1573. >You gave him a sheepish smile.
  1574. “J-Just a little. I only need a breather. Can you please let go of m-my butt? It’s not helping, nnnf.”
  1575. >“Oh but I like the faces you’ make for me when I play with your ass.”
  1576. >Anon squeezed, pulled you apart then let your cheeks slap back together.
  1577. >You felt the tip of his member line up against your entrance and probe into your folds.
  1578. >Your hazy mind gave you only a flicker of warning before he shoved his hips up into you.
  1580. >Your pupils dilated and you let out a cry.
  1581. “AHHH!! Anon, please! I can’t hold back if you—”
  1582. >He dropped his hips then plunged back into you, making your plot shake as he held you in place.
  1583. >Your front hooves gave out on you and you fell into his chest.
  1584. >Anon leaned up and whispered into your ear, “Let me take the lead here, Ruby. I think you’ll like it.”
  1586. >He held your ass and forced himself back into you over and over, your eyes starting to roll back.
  1587. >Fresh tears sprung to your eyes as you tried your best to hold on to him, grasping for any sort of purchase as you felt another wave of pleasure surging toward you.
  1588. “Nnnn. Anon… I’m sorry… I’m g-gonna cum! I can’t stop!”
  1590. >”Cum then, Ruby. Let me hear you scream.”
  1592. >He could feel you gripping around his shaft and doubled his efforts, pounding your marehood.
  1593. >You were so close.
  1594. >There was no way you could hold it back a second longer.
  1595. >Anon hilted into you, let out a grunt, and you flew over the edge.
  1596. >You screamed and came, blasting marejuice across him and your desk once more.
  1597. >Your legs shook and you buried your face into his chest as he rotated his hips, grinding a pleasure spot deep inside you, driving your orgam further and further.
  1598. >His warmth and motions sent sparks through your insides as you held onto him and felt your mind go blank.
  1600. >Eventually you came down, muscles giving out, as you fell limp in his grip.
  1601. >Anon lowered his hips, letting his member slide out of you, then lowered you onto his torso.
  1602. >You squirmed, wanting to feel more of him against your coat, panting hard, exhausted and dizzy.
  1603. >The both of you were covered in sweat, and you could feel your marehood leaking small drops onto him, smearing him with the scent of your sex.
  1605. >You buried your face into his chest, not daring to look him in the eye.
  1606. >The feeling of failure spread through you as your skin turned cold, souring the afterglow.
  1607. “Celestia Anon, I’m so sorry,” you said, unable to hold back a sob. “I couldn’t hold back, Anon. I’m such a quick shot.”
  1609. >He lifted a hand and gently ran it through your back fur, nuzzling into your mane.
  1610. >”Shh, none of that. You did fine.”
  1612. “Noo,” you whined.
  1613. >Petting when you didn’t deserve it made you feel so much worse.
  1614. “Anon stop. I came twice, and I couldn’t even make you cum once! And don’t you give me that ‘I don’t have to cum’ nonsense. I know you’re pent up too.”
  1615. >Anon grimaced.
  1616. >You could tell by his expression he wanted argue, but you could feel his member on your belly, still throbbing with need.
  1617. >His heart still beat hard and you could feel him twitch as you breathed, your stomach fur pressing against his member.
  1618. >You both knew how bad he had it still.
  1620. >Anon probably didn’t think you had it in you anymore… and wanted to console you.
  1621. >This colt… was way too pure for you.
  1622. >You gritted your teeth.
  1623. >Come on, Ruby, this poor colt is being so damn nice to you.
  1624. >If he were like any of the others, he’d have walked out and slammed the door in your face the first time you messed up.
  1625. >You were dizzy, exhausted, sensitive as all tartarus, and in need a good cuddle session, but you had a perfect 10 colt that needed you to be a mare and get him off.
  1626. >You reached to your side and tried to push yourself up.
  1627. >Your forehooves wobbled and you fell back down with a little ooph, your chest rising and falling.
  1628. >It was no good.
  1629. >After cumming twice as hard as you had, you didn’t have the energy to get up, much less ride him.
  1630. >You peeked up at him through your bangs and bit your lip.
  1631. “Anon I uh… I don’t know if I can go again.”
  1633. >He merely tilted his head to the side and stared back.
  1634. >You scrunched.
  1635. >For his libido, Anon sure could be innocent and cute.
  1637. “I was actually thinking I’d take the lead and be on top. You can just relax and I’ll do the work.”
  1639. >Your tail twitched.
  1640. >Oh...
  1641. >That was certainly different.
  1642. >You were tired as all equis, but without a refractory period, you could theoretically let him go at it till the sun came up.
  1643. >You bit your lip and shivered at the thought.
  1644. >Hooo, filly.
  1646. >Anon lifted you off his chest and swapped places with you, gently placing you belly up on the desk.
  1647. >You looked up at him and fidgeted with your forehooves, no doubt looking like a nervous mess at this point.
  1648. >You felt something firm rub up against your lips, and glanced down to see his cock, standing tall, shining with your juices.
  1649. >His hips drove forward against your sensitive folds, forcing out a squeak from you.
  1650. >He pushed in again, and you felt the pleasure start to build once more.
  1652. >You swallowed and looked up at him, feeling a bit intimidated.
  1653. >This position didn’t give you a whole lot of control.
  1654. >That was new to you.
  1656. >He looked at you with a worried expression and stopped moving.
  1657. >“You okay, Ruby? You look a little nervous.”
  1659. >Sweet sun above, Anon, of course you were nervous.
  1660. >You wanted a chance at keeping this colt so badly it hurt, and you’d done a terrible job of pleasing him so far.
  1661. >E-Even if he’d been so nice about it, you want him to feel good.
  1663. “Go ahead, Anon. I can handle it,” you said, not sounding nearly as confident as you should.
  1664. >He smiled down at you and leaned in to kiss your forehead.
  1665. >You felt a fresh blush start on your cheeks.
  1667. >”Hmm, I don’t know if I’m convinced you’re ready just yet,” he said with a small smirk.
  1668. >He rolls his hips, gliding his member across your entrance.
  1669. >You shivered.
  1670. >Ooh, he was such a damned tease!
  1671. >Why’d he have to do this with you.
  1673. >He kept going, sliding across your lips as you started to wink against him.
  1674. >Your breathing quickened and you let out small gasps as the pleasure built.
  1675. >You arched your hips forward, but he pushed them back down with a hand, keeping his own pace.
  1677. “Ugh, Anon, please.”
  1679. >”You had your turn, Ruby,” he said reaching a hand up and gently petting your cheek.
  1680. >”But if you really want me to get right to it, you have to ask.”
  1682. “What? I have to ask you to rut mee-aah?”
  1684. >He chuckled a bit at your outburst and leaned down close to your ear.
  1685. >“Not ask. Beg.”
  1687. >Your eyes widened and your forehooves went to your chest.
  1688. “Oh… wow, um. That’s a little embarr—”
  1689. >He thrust again.
  1690. “Ahaaaaannnnn, sundammit please just fuck me already!”
  1691. >He chuckled and gave you kiss on the cheek.
  1693. >”Hold onto something.”
  1695. --
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