Walnut-Intersected III Part II

Dec 17th, 2013
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  1. >Staring at Cejire with a blank expression, Noise was chewing on her lingerie as food. Carefully & gently Cejire stopped Noise from continuing to eat her clothing.
  2. >"So I guess this is good bye Noise." You said waving your hand as you have found anothr moth pony that was connected to her, and most likely was going to take Noise home.
  3. >But as you started to walk away you heard Cejire tell you to halt. Turning around you had to ask her why did she make you stop.
  4. "So where are you going?" Cejire asked you. Blinking you responded by saying "I was planning on going home. Take a shower, and maybe eating some food.".
  5. "Oh. Really what are we gonna eat other then clothes?" Cejire asked you as Noise glanced at you. Not responding you were confused on what Cejire meant by "we".
  6. >"Ugh..I'm going to eat something." You said to her, but Cejire interrupted by saying "We are going to eat something.".
  7. >"No, no there is no "we"." You responded, but Cejire interrupted you again by saying "Yes. There is a we.". Raising an eyebrow you had to ask what does Cejire means by there is a "We." and why does she think she is Noise are coming back home with you.
  8. Opening her mouth Cejire simply replied "It's because of the moth pony curse that you put on yourself. By taking in a moth pony into your home you must for the next year take care of them, & there every needs.".
  9. >....
  10. >"That's fucking bull shit." You called out to Cejire which made Noise squeak out loud at her. "He's not believing us Cejire, and I've been to his home it's comfy." Noise said to Cejire who looked at her in anger.
  11. "That's because you just blew it Noise."
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