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  2. vier ° ell: Hey, been thinking a lot about the spades game and how to couter them, wanna discuss? Need someone to blow some holes into my theories and take them a step further
  3. vier ° Septique: what did you havein mind
  4. vier ° ell: basically, I'd like to develop a few different approaches to counter it to not be to predictable. I'll be taking it a little step at a time, have a few ideas to start off with. For starters, the problem is cutting us a bit of the area on our crate that we can work from, we know how to play that kind of game, once we have the room to move about. problem is we cant get the solly on top with a scout there. So, 1: what are the possibilities of rolling a lone solly into ramproom and onto top?
  5. vier ° ell: could that work
  6. vier ° ell: ?
  7. vier ° ell: I'm not very familiar with the rollouts but I figure it would be ok
  8. vier ° Septique: i guess
  9. vier ° Septique: also you can go to the left crate
  10. vier ° Septique: and try to force their scout back a bit
  11. vier ° ell: it would give him the height advantage to spam the scout down, you could play rather defensively, just holding on the right, when the left scout is pushed down, and they jumpers come in, soldiers can swap, because the one on top is problaby low from demo fire and scout spam, while the "pocket" has been in cover, so he should be full
  12. vier ° ell: when the jupers come in, you and I can hold them off, hopefully
  13. vier ° ell: and should they land on the crate, the solly on top/crate that just jumed up with finnish them off as the are stopped by scout fire
  14. vier ° ell: this the typical scenario, other alternatives are that the scouts move onto our demo
  15. vier ° ell: another thought is if the demo can spare a sticky for the scout on left/right crate, that would tilt things in our advantage instantly
  16. vier ° Septique: yeah
  17. vier ° Septique: good points
  18. vier ° Septique: we need talk about this with the whole team
  19. vier ° ell: I understand that he needs to keep the enemy demo back, but it might be possible to trade some room for damaging that scout
  20. vier ° Septique: im just a scout
  21. vier ° ell: yea, it became pretty clear with the misconception with crow and how he couldn't get up, even though I thought it possible
  22. vier ° ell: there are limitations of the other classes that we are not quite as aware of
  23. vier ° Septique: mm
  24. vier ° ell: another thing that is usually forgotten is that there still a lot of free space to move about on the left flank, they move up close, just switch position, we could move up the combo all the way to the bridge room, its rather concealed, once the scout is gone from our crate there will be noone to know where our combo are, we could take the demo by surprise and hopefully avoid a lot of spam
  25. vier ° Septique: i played few times with former power gaming
  26. vier ° Septique: they played middles like that
  27. vier ° Septique: sollies move up the left flank
  28. vier ° ell: In a sense I'm not really the right guy to do this, I have like zero knowledge about how other teams play and pretty much nothing to take inspiration from. I allways minded my own business, as this was usually a role taken by core players on my teams
  29. vier ° ell: on the other hand, I'm not sure who is gonna do it
  30. vier ° ell: Anyway, I think the key thing to profit from here is to develop a "toolbox" for all possible scenarios
  31. vier ° ell: It's not allways going to play out the way we like, so we still need to stay reactive on the spot
  32. vier ° ell: And that was what we weren't in that last game, we couldn't adapt
  33. vier ° ell: I've experienced this before, a team coming from below and facing some resistence can't adapt, they have learned playing like following a recipe to a far big extent
  34. vier ° ell: I've never solved it with any team though :X
  35. vier ° ell: Another thing to note is that we don't have much time to learn how to beat spades, so I think that 3/4 - 3/2 of the time we should stick to doing what we do best, coutering aggressive with reactive rather than going aggressive ourselves.
  36. vier ° ell: And for my part, I need to stand my ground more
  37. vier ° ell: I backed out way to early
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