trump mob

Apr 24th, 2018
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  1. Let’s start with a simple question. Why is Trump Tower built with ready-mix concrete instead of steel frame construction like every other skyscraper?
  3. The truth is, the great negotiator put himself at the mercy of mobsters and ended up with the most expensive private concrete job in history, a $22 Million dollar bill for concrete.
  5. Trump did business with S & A Concrete, controlled by mafia bosses Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno and Paul Castellano.
  7. John Cody, a Teamsters official controlled the flow of concrete trucks in New York City and was a very close associate of the Gambino crime family.
  9. Trump Plaza was originally built by Hilton but had to be sold to Trump because one of Hilton’s lawyers had a mob boss client.
  11. Felix Sater is yet another mob related associate of the Donald.
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Felix_Sater
  15. Sater is the son of a reputed Russian mobster and was himself convicted in 1998 of money laundering and then again in 2000 for racketeering as part of a $40 million dollar stock fraud scheme through a Mafia-linked brokerage firm.
  17. Between those two convictions Sater joined Bayrock, a real estate firm that worked with Trump. In 2010, Sater directly went to work for Trump, complete with business cards describing him as a “senior advisor to Donald Trump.”
  19. In Atlantic City, Trump made a deal with Kenneth Shapiro, an associate of mob boss Nicky Scarfo, and mob-connected labor boss Daniel Sullivan both together known as the Young Executioners. Despite Trump’s knowledge of their criminal activities he still went forward with a plan to lease land adjoined to the Trump Plaza and owned by the two. The great negotiator once again overpaid, writing a check for $1.1 million dollars on a property that Sullivan and Shapiro had just bought a couple of years early for $195K dollars.
  21. Trump’s mob connections aren’t limited to the United States. Danny Leung, who was vice president for foreign marketing at Trump Taj Mahal in the 90’s, was also an associate of the Hong Kong-based organized crime group 14K Triad
  23. Trump even has ties to La Cosa Nostra the Sicilian Mafia. Quadrozzi Concrete Company built Trump World Tower and was directly tied to the Lucchese crime family.
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  33. Long ago, when Trump was the big man in Atlantic City, he got his helicopters to bring his high-rollers in and out of town through a company formed by Weichselbaum, to whom he also entrusted maintenance of the Ivana, Trump’s personal helicopter. Spy, a satirical magazine that often made fun of Trump, reported that Weichselbaum—at that point a twice-convicted felon—personally piloted the Trumps in that copter.
  35. Weichselbaum also had another business: importing drugs from Colombia and shipping them from Bradford Motors, a Miami-area car dealership he partly owned, to Cincinnati.
  37. Law enforcement reports long ago identified Weichselbaum as a Mafia associate. At one time he was actively involved in cigarette-boat racing in Miami, a sport that attracted a number of high-level criminals ranging from fellow drug traffickers to corrupt financiers like Charles Keating, the poster boy for the savings-and-loan scandals of quarter century ago, who came in second in a race where Weichselbaum ran third.
  39. The selection of Damin Aviation was odd given that there were better-financed helicopter companies with longer track records. Damin was set up as a lightly financed tax-sheltered operation that benefited from lavish state of New Jersey subsidies. Despite that structure, it soon went bust and reemerged as Nimad—Damin spelled backward. It went bust again.
  41. According to his indictment, Weichselbaum’s more lucrative business was having drugs delivered to Bradford Motors, the Miami-area car dealership he had an ownership stake in. At one point, he helped load up to 1,500 pounds of drugs at the time into cars that mules drove to the Cincinnati area for distribution in Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee, testimony and his confession established.
  43. https://www.thedailybeast.com/the-drug-trafficker-donald-trump-risked-his-casino-empire-to-protect
  45. reporter Wayne Barrett wrote that Trump’s life “intertwines with the underworld,” and he outlined the real-estate developer’s numerous alleged ties to organized crime, including that Trump:
  47. Once met Salerno at the Manhattan townhouse of Roy Cohn, the infamous sidekick to Joe McCarthy who represented both men, according to an eyewitness source who talked to Barrett.
  48. Was very close to Cohn, whom Barrett describes as Trump’s “bridge to the mob.”
  49. Had ties to mob associates Shapiro and Sullivan.
  50. Paid almost double the market price for property in Atlantic City owned by Salvatore Testa, a capo in the Scarfo crime family.
  51. Evaded New Jersey state laws banning casino owners from making political contributions by channeling donations to Mike Mathews, then-candidate for mayor of Atlantic City, through Shapiro and another mob-tied associate.
  52. Failed to disclose to state casino regulators that Trump was the target of a bribery probe in 1979 and was questioned in a 1981 racketeering investigation. Neither federal probe led to criminal charges, noted the Philadelphia Inquirer’s David Johnston in a review of the book.
  54. https://www.fastcompany.com/3057495/state-investigative-report-on-trump-shows-complexity-of-alleged-mob-ties
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