[TF] Schooling - 2

Mar 1st, 2013
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  1. >Your lessons resume as normal for the rest of the day.
  2. >You drag your wimpy ass back home and quickly run upstairs.
  3. >Well, despite your red eyes you'd say you look fine.
  4. >Whatever, like you said it would probably return to normal by morning.
  5. >You hop onto your battlestation and return to your usual browsing.
  6. >You are also a pretty big music enthusiast.
  7. >You tried to produce some of your own once, but it didn't work out.
  8. >Activating your favourite playlist, you zone out for the rest of the evening.
  9. >You only leave your room to raid the fridge.
  10. >You don't feel like eating any meat after that sasuage earlier.
  11. >You grab a simple salad instead and return to your cave.
  13. >You feel a lot more tired than usual.
  14. >You should probably get some sleep.
  15. >You check the computer's clock, damn it's only 8PM.
  16. >Sleep never hurt anybody right?
  17. >You shutdown your computer and take off your uniform.
  18. >You see several horizontal brown marks run across your lower body and back.
  19. >Huh, you don't remember having these stretchmarks.
  20. >Probably just growing a bit.
  21. >You brush your teeth, and check your disgusting puberty beard.
  22. >Stubbly, also strangely white in places.
  23. >Seems like a good excuse to shave then.
  24. >You grab your shaver and get to work.
  25. >After lopping off much more than usual, you run your hand over your chin.
  26. >Smooth as a baby's bottom.
  27. >Not that you know what that feels like or anything.
  28. >Your devilish red eyes are still there.
  29. >They actually look pretty cool.
  30. >You try to wrap your mind and remember what colour they were before.
  31. >Green? Yeah that seems about right.
  32. >Green was your favourite colour after all.
  34. >You suddenly realize you've been standing there for at least five minutes.
  35. >In your boxers.
  36. >Suddenly feeling very exposed you jog back to your room.
  37. >Turn out the lights.
  38. >Leap into bed.
  39. >Fall into a deep sleep.
  41. >You're awake, at least you think you are.
  42. >You slowly draw open your eyes, to be met by the blinding morning sun.
  43. >This room seems oddly familiar.
  44. >The bright colours and exagerated wooden fruniture make it seem like something from a childrens cartoon.
  45. >You feel odd.
  46. >Like your limbs have been severed at the joints, giving them an odd yet sensitive stubby feeling.
  47. >You certainly don't remember your feet feeling like that.
  48. >You can't even feel your fingers!
  49. >Your hair feels long and silky.
  50. >You look down at yourself to discover...
  51. >You've turned into a small white pony.
  52. >This is one fucked up dream.
  53. >Must be Shaun messing with you.
  54. >Fucking Shaun.
  55. >The two toned electric blue mane which now obscures your vision is pushed away by your new hooves.
  56. >This is so weird, must be a lucid dream!
  57. >It feels so real!
  58. >You feel your face, muzzle, big eyes, horn?
  59. >Cool, you are a magical, legendary animal.
  60. >You wonder if you can magic and shit.
  62. >You decide to get a better look at yourself.
  63. >You wrestle with your bed covers and drop to the wooden floor.
  64. >The room itself is decorated in simple furniture and gentle colours.
  65. >A lot brighter than your room for sure.
  66. >You struggle to stand with your new limbs, but after a couple of tumbles you manage to stand up.
  67. >You experiment with walking on four legs for several minutes, attempting to give yourself enough practice to make it to your bathroom.
  68. >Each time your stumble you get more and more irritated!
  69. >You should know how to do this! You are a pony after all!
  70. "Damn it!'
  71. >That is obviously not your voice.
  72. >It's high pitched and feminine.
  73. >Though it still holds some semblence to your English accent.
  74. >You look down and notice the new hole placed between your legs.
  75. >WELP
  76. >It's only a dream, you can worry about your lack of manhood later.
  78. >Eventually you manage to pick up a decent pace as you trot happily around your room.
  79. >Despite your reduced size, everything seems perfectly scaled for you.
  80. >Must be a pony house.
  81. >Duh. You are a pony after all.
  82. >You bound into the outside hallway and walk into the bathroom at the end.
  83. >Pony bathroom, complete with small toilet and shower.
  84. >You can't help but giggle.
  85. >Ugh, way too girly for your liking.
  86. >You shake those thoughts out of your mind and look into the large mirror placed at floor height.
  87. >You are definately a unicorn, cool.
  88. >You have an two tone electric blue mane.
  89. >Your coat is a very pristine white.
  90. >You have a musical note on one of your pony arse cheeks.
  91. >What do they call those again? Flanks? Yeah that must be it.
  92. >But what really catches your attention is your eyes...
  93. >Your vibrant.
  94. >Firey.
  95. >Brilliant.
  96. >Red.
  97. >Eyes.
  99. >You wake up with a gasp.
  100. >You've broken out into a cold sweat.
  101. >You have a searing headache.
  102. >But worst of all, you're scared.
  103. >What in hell was that dream about.
  104. >The memory slowly leaks back to the front of your mind.
  105. >Being a pony.
  106. >The house.
  107. >But worst of all, the eyes.
  108. >You glance over to your clock, it's about time you woke up for school.
  109. >Luckily it's Saturday.
  110. >You quickly hop out of bed, only paying a passing notice to the aches that assault your body.
  111. >You run back to the mirror.
  112. >Of course they didn't get better.
  114. >Those red eyes continue to taunt you.
  115. >Several insane thories fly around your head.
  116. >What if you're a demon!
  117. >What if Shaun gave you a disease!
  118. >What if you're turning into a pony!
  119. >You spend several moments collecting your thoughts, before letting loose a nervous chuckle.
  120. >What IS wrong with you? None of those are even possible.
  121. >Maybe except Shaun giving you some weird disease.
  122. >Fucking Shaun.
  124. >Oh right, you were going to see a movie with Jack today.
  125. >Those aches don't feel too great, but it shouldn't stop you from enjoying a movie.
  126. >You throw on some of your last clean clothes.
  127. >Do your daily routine.
  128. >Jack should be showing up soon.
  129. >About an hour later he finally arrives.
  130. >He looks a bit shaken up.
  131. "Hi."
  132. >He looks at you apprehensively.
  133. "What's wrong Jack?"
  134. >"Dude I had the weirdest dream last night."
  135. >No... He didn't?
  136. "What was it about?"
  137. >He suddenly looks very embarrassed.
  138. >Oh god he did.
  139. >You hesitate, fuck it.
  140. "Did you dream about being a pony?"
  141. >A look of astonishment overtakes his features.
  142. >"Uhh... Yeah, how did you know that!"
  143. "I kinda' had a similar dream too..."
  144. >His face only becomes more cartoonish when he finally puts two and two together.
  145. "Look, can we not worry 'bout it. We're gonna' be late for the bloody movie."
  146. >His worry does little to aleviate your own.
  147. >He nods solemnly before walking with you.
  148. >You live pretty close to the centre of town, so it's not a long walk.
  149. >The awkawrd silence that hangs in the air is what makes it feel long.
  151. "Hey, do you have strange aches too?"
  152. >He looks at you and sighs.
  153. >"Yeah."
  154. >Great, just great. Both of you have caught an unknown, possibly deadly illness.
  155. >Okay maybe not deadly, you should stop getting ahead of yourself like that.
  156. "Let's just forget it for now and enjoy the movie okay?"
  157. >"Hey man you're the one bringing it up."
  158. "Sorry, it's not like we have much else to talk about anyway."
  159. >He looks at you with "that" face.
  160. "Hey, you didn't die in your sleep did you?"
  161. >He chuckles and the smile that you know and love returns to his face.
  162. >"Whats to say I'm not a ghost?"
  163. >You punch him in the arm.
  164. >"OW! What was that for?"
  165. "Just checking for ghosts that's all."
  166. >He hits you back and you both share some much needed laughter.
  167. >Goodbye tension.
  168. >You both buy your tickets, some popcorn and grab some middle seats.
  169. >The lights dim and you sit back to enjoy the movie.
  171. >It is now 2 hours later.
  172. >Damn those guys know how to make a good action movie.
  173. >Those aches still haven't gone away though.
  174. >You and Spits grab some food at one of the local cafes.
  175. >You are discussing the plot holes in the movie.
  176. >He dismisses it as "suspension of disbelief."
  177. >He's probably right, it's only a dumb action movie.
  178. >You decide to go crash at his house for a while, play some video games.
  179. >You are both sat on his bed, playing some random side scrolling shooter.
  180. >Suddenly a sharp pain assaults your legs.
  181. >It doesn't hurt too bad, you've had worse.
  182. >But Spits seems to be having the same problem.
  183. "Ahhhhh fuck! What the hell?"
  184. >"Dude what is this?"
  185. >You are both clenching the effected parts of your legs.
  186. >You fall backwards onto the bed, attemtping to lessen the pain.
  187. >Spits attempts to take a stand, only to have his legs give out under him, sending him to the floor.
  188. >The sounds of the still running game echoes in the background.
  189. >Black blurs begin to edge themselves around your vision.
  190. >They slowly creep into the centre of your eyes as the pain in your legs fades into nothing.
  191. >Both you and Spits pass out at the same time.
  193. >You wince as you once again find yourself in bed.
  194. >Back to the house huh.
  195. >Of course you've been ponified again.
  196. >You sigh and trot out into the hall.
  197. >While you're here you could at least freshen up.
  198. >You enter the bathroom and look at the tiny sink.
  199. >There's a blue toothbrush there along with some colgate tooth paste.
  200. >The packaging is different though, having been changed to a strange blue theme.
  201. >You reach out to grab the brush when you realize you have hooves.
  202. >You are missing your precious hands already.
  203. >You sit back on your haunches as you think of a way to grab it.
  204. >You tap your hoof against your forehead until you meet a peculiar hard protrusion.
  205. >Your horn! Maybe you could use magic.
  206. >You look at the toothpaste and focus as much as possible.
  207. >Your horn glows, but it doesn't seem to budge.
  208. >Hmm. You image your human arms grabbing hold of it instead.
  209. >It's a strange sensation.
  210. >But it works, and the toothbrush slowly rises from it's cup.
  211. >You use your other imaginary arm to grab the toothpaste and squeeze some onto it.
  212. >Wow! This is suprisingly easy!
  213. >The rest was a doddle! You quickly found yourself without anything to do again.
  214. >Maybe you should try going outside?
  215. >The blinding light flowing into the house made it really difficult to see.
  216. >You enter some sort of living room, complete with tiny pony furniture.
  217. >There is a kitchen to your left, but you don't really feel very hungry.
  218. >You trot over to your comically sized front door and open it.
  220. >Your eyes adjust to the bright sun, and you are met with sweeping fields of green.
  221. >It's almost cartoonish in how bright and colourful it is.
  222. >You trot outside, the sun beating down on you, warming you to the core.
  223. >Damn that feels good.
  224. >You appear to be in some sort of town.
  225. >Dozens of other brightly coloured ponies go about their buisness.
  226. >Each with their own unique arse marking.
  227. >Luckily your retinas have not melted out of your skull yet.
  228. >Most of them don't seem to notice you.
  229. >Why would they? You're just another face in the crowd.
  230. >You wonder if Spits is here too.
  231. >He did have to same problem as you.
  232. >You decide to explore your new surroundings and set off towards the centre of town.
  233. >Several ponies greet you, you releuctantly return the favour.
  234. >Everybody is so friendly here!
  235. >You reach the town centre, and what looks like the city hall.
  236. >You yawn, nothing interesting going on here.
  237. >Man, for an entirley new world; it sure is boring.
  238. >You scan around for ponies that remind you of Spits.
  239. >You see an orange pony wearing a... stetson?
  240. >Not the weirdst thing that's happened today.
  241. >You approach her, she seems to be selling apples.
  243. "Uhh. Excuse me."
  244. >Jeeze that weirds you out, it isn't even your voice.
  245. >"Well howdy there pardner'."
  246. >Of course she has a texan accent, why not?
  247. >Do ponies even have a Texas?
  248. >Your thoughts are interrupted once again.
  249. >"You lookin' to buy some of mah' apples?"
  250. >You shake your head.
  251. "Actually I'm just looking for a friend."
  252. >"Well, what does she look like?"
  253. >You think for a moment as to what he could have turned into.
  254. "Uh. Bright orange eyes, orange hair? Goes by Spits."
  255. >You hope thats enough to get you an answer.
  256. >"Well, theres lot of people that could be..."
  257. >She strokes her chin(?) with a hoof before pointing a hoof at you.
  258. >"Wait Spits? Don't ya mean Spitfire? I heard about her! New arrival here in ponyville right?"
  259. >You nod nervously.
  260. "We're both new arrivals actually!"
  261. >"Gosh darn really? Waht's your name?"
  262. >Think fast Vinny, you need a name. something that won't arouse suspicion, you are a girl pony after all.
  263. >V-ine, V-innette? V-inyl! Vinyl! Perfect, it fits with your arse mark too!
  264. "My name is Vinyl, nice to meet you..."
  265. >"Applejack! Welcome to ponyville!"
  266. >Ponyville? Seriously? You can only imagine what horrifying horse puns wait you here.
  267. "So uh, you seen Spits around here lately?"
  268. >"I saw her go past towards the lake earlier."
  269. "Which direction would that be in?"
  270. >After AJ gives you directions, you wave her goodbye.
  271. >She insists on holding a welcome party at some point.
  272. >You don't like parties.
  274. >You head out to the lake idley observing nature go by.
  275. >Damn this place is pretty.
  276. >You eventually come across an expanse of sparkling blue water.
  277. >You spot a yellow pegasus laying under one of the trees by the beach.
  278. >She has a bright orange mane and eyes.
  279. >Yep, that's definately Spits.
  280. >You approach her carefully before deciding to have some fun.
  281. "HIYA SPITS!"
  282. >She damn nearly jumps out of her fur, a girly scream following her upwards.
  283. >Spits slowly floats back down to the ground as she takes a good look at you,
  284. >"V-vinny?"
  285. "Ugh, it's actually Vinyl now! You know, keeping up apperances and stuff."
  286. >She slowly nods in understanding.
  287. >You know what's coming.
  288. "What the fuck is happening?"
  289. >"How should I know? Now not only are our eye colours changing but now we're sharing dreams too!"
  290. >You nudge her with a hoof.
  291. "I dunno' Spitfire, you seem to be getting into it ."
  292. >The glare that Spits gives you could kill a lesser man.
  293. >You only smile sheepisly in response.
  295. >"Very fucking funny Vinyl."
  296. >She crosses her forearms across her chest and huffs loudly.
  297. >Damn that's cute.
  298. >Why the hell are you thinking that?
  299. >You hope this isn't messing with your head too.
  300. "Whatever, we have to wake up eventually."
  301. >You plop your ass down next to Spits.
  302. "So uh. How was your day?"
  303. >"I've been learning how to fly! It's really cool!"
  304. "Aww man you can fly! I can only use magic."
  305. >You tap your horn a couple of times to emphesise your point.
  306. >"It's one or the other buddy."
  307. >She's right, you saw some ponies without either though. You wonder what makes them special.
  308. "You have noticed this is based of a childrens cartoon show neither of us have watched right?"
  309. >"Of course I have! Shaun wouldn't shut up about it yesterday."
  310. >Your mind wanders back to what Shaun showed you yesterday.
  311. >That picture seemed very strange.
  312. >It was obviously fake, ponies don't exist!
  313. >Maybe it had some sort of subliminal message in it?
  314. >Does Shaun even realize?
  315. >He probably does.
  316. "Fucking Shaun."
  317. >"I hear ya'."
  319. >you sit there for at least half an hour, making small talk about your strange situation.
  320. >You're not sure if this Spits is even real, but it's nice to have somep0ny to talk to.
  321. >Wait.
  322. >Somep0ny?
  323. >You didn't mean to do that!
  324. >Now you're replacing words with other words!
  325. >You've probably gone insane.
  326. >How nice.
  327. >You both sit there in silence.
  328. >suddenly a blinding light fills your eyes.
  329. >You feel your body changing, a good kind of familiar.
  330. >You close your eyes.
  331. >Darkness.
  333. >You slowly crack open your crusty eyes.
  334. >It feels like you've been asleep for days.
  335. >Theres a steady beeping next to you.
  336. >OH SHIT!
  337. >You both passed out in Spits' house!
  338. >Those old aches and pains quickly return to haunt your tired body.
  339. >You remember your adventures in ponyville.
  340. >God that was weird.
  341. >You look around, you eyes meet a heart moniter.
  342. >Damn, you both got put in hospital.
  343. >You don't feel much better though.
  344. >A tall doctor enters the room.
  345. >He approches you, checks your chart and sends something over his pager.
  346. >"How are you feeling Vinny?"
  347. >He walks around to the side of your bed listening intently.
  348. "It feels like I went three rounds with the hulk."
  349. >Oh god, what is wrong with your voice.
  350. >It's raspy and dry, but above all else it sounds higher pitched, more female in tone.
  351. >You were right!
  352. >You are changing!
  353. >The doctor doesn't seem to notice your inner termoil.
  354. >"I'll get you some painkillers and a drink alright?"
  355. >You nod quickly and he leaves the room.
  356. >Theres a mirror to the left of you on the cupboard.
  357. >Probably so you can look at yourself while you die.
  358. >That's very morbid of you.
  359. >Your usual pessimism isn't helping, you shove it to the back of your mind and grasp the small mirrior.
  360. >Despite your fingers seemingly losing their ability to grasp properly you bring it to your face and get a good look at yourself.
  361. >A few strands of electric blue hair trail down your face.
  362. >The white hair from earlier has returned, only now you realize its significance.
  363. >You are turning into a pony.
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