Roxanne and Vulcan

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  1. "Come on it's just over this ridge!" Roxanne called out as they continued there trek up the mountain. The two have been climbing the mountain for the last thirty minutes being mindful of the local flora and fauna. "It better be worth it." Vulcan said with a smirk onnhis face as they reached the ridge.
  2. The pair walked over the ridge seeing a stark contrast from the environment they just walked up. The side they climbed was steep and rocky full of bushes and small trees while over the ridge showed a much shallower decline into a large bed of hot springs and bountiful flora. There were fruit-bearing trees and bushes full of berries along with a plethora of flowers. The terrain was litter hot springs making the air feel moist and full of life.
  3. "Man you weren't lying about this place...." Vulcan said as he took in the landscape. Sure he's seen thousands of places in his time in the military, but he hasn't seen anything quite like this. "Well, no time like the present to relax!" Roxanne said with glee as she dropped her bag and found a rock to change behind. She removed her clothes and wrapped a towel around her waist leaving her breasts exposed.
  4. She walked out of her makeshift changing station to see Vulcan already in a pool of water large enough for the both of them. As she made her way closer to the pool she saw he didn't have short on...or a towel....or anything for that matter. Her face filled with blush as she continued to walk trying not to stare but man was it hard not to.
  5. She reached the pool and slowly got in causing the water to rise and spill out of the pool. She sat down on a flat spot close to Vulcan. The pool was filled with sand soft rocks making it easy for her to relax and ignore Vulcan's cock. She continued trying to think of what to say or do before being ripped out of her thought by Vulcan calling her name. "Hello...Roxanne?" He called out causing her to jump and look up at him "Uh yes?" She called out her heart beating fast and thoughts rushing through her mind. "Is there something wrong? Your look flushed and you've been staring at me since you got out from behind that rock did something happen back there?" Vulcan asked with concern. Roxanne felt some relief that Vulcan didn't know what was truly wrong but she knew she had to be honest.
  6. "I find...I'm just a bit flustered by you..." She said as her face filled with blush, but Vulcan's face filled with confusion. "Is... is there something wrong with me?" He asked as he stared at Roxanne. "No.... nothing is wrong.." She said as she pulled herself closer to Vulcan. She moved her hands to his crotch grasping his cock. "What are you doing?" He asked confused never experiencing or even learning about sex in his time in the military.
  7. "I'm helping you relax..." She said as she bit her bottom lip feeling his cock grow harder in her palm. Vulcan let out a soft grunt as Roxanne continued to jerk him off till his cock was at full mast the tip poking out of the water. "Are you ready for more?" Roxanne asked with a smirk on her face but yet again confusion returned to Vulcan's face "There more?!" He asked with confusion and anticipation.
  8. Roxanne stood up towering over Vulcan as he sat there. She moved on top of him and removed her towel throwing it to the side to expose herself to him. She slowly moved her body down his cock sliding inside her. He was much bigger than any of the toys, but she knew she could take him. Inch by inch his cock slid inside her. She smiled as she saw the look of bliss on his face knowing he's loving every second of it. She finally made it as far down as she could go.
  9. "Is that all?" Vulcan asked like a high school student asking a question during a lecture. "Far from it!"Roxanne said with a smile as she slowly started to move her body up and down on his cock. "Here grab these." Roxanne took his hands and placed them on her breasts here soft tits filling up his hands with ease. She continued to ride him before he broke the sound of moans. "Ah... Roxanne..... something .... is... happening..." He blurted out through moans. Roxanne could feel his cock throb inside of her.
  10. "Just let it all out!" She yelled out her own orgasm close to coming. Vulcan let out a loud moan as Roxanne pushed her hips as close as they could go to his. She let out a moan that rivaled Vulcans it decibels. He pussy clamped onto his cock as he shot his load deep inside of her. After they were done Roxanne stood up cum leaking out of her pussy. She was out of breath and ready to go back to relaxing.
  11. "Okay, it's my turn now!" Vulcan said as he stood up with Roxanne causing his dick to slide back into her. "Wait...i just... Came.." She pleaded as his cock sent more pleasure to her overstimulated nerves. Vulcan wrapped his hands around her hips using all his strength to lift her onto the side of the pool. She played there on the ground her body spilling on the warm stone giving Vulcan's cock more access to her cunt. "Slow.. Down... Vulcan!!!" She yelled out between moans but those words felt in deft ears. Vulcan was taken by lust as he shoved his dick further inside at this angle. One of Roxanne's legs draped over his shoulder while the other rested by his hip. He keeped one of his hands on the leg by his shoulder the oner planted on his hip.
  12. His thrusts were fast and deep filling the hotspring with the sounds of sex. Roxanne couldn't even speak between the moans all she could do is take it and wonder what monster she unleashed with Vulcan. At this point, she's came multiple times from the lust and force from his thrusts each one causing the tip of his cock to kiss her womb. The same feeling from earlier returned as she felt the throbs of his cock deep inside her. She just layed there biting her bottom lip as he thrust deep inside her causing his seed to flood into her womb. "Gah Fuck!!!" She yelled out as he continued to fill her. She was filled with cum and biss as his thrust stoped and she felt his grip loosen.
  13. "Ah... That was great ... Vulcan ..." She said as she looked back. Vulcan tried to speak but he was too tired. He fell backward as he passed out his cock pulling free with a pop. Roxanne quickly jumped back into the pool grabbing him and keeping him above water. She pulled him into her arms as she sat down in the pool hugging him tightly. "Its okay Vulcan just relax." She whispered into his hear as she held him against her soft body and rested her cheek on his head. The two rested there relationship changed permanency from this trip to the hotsprings.
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