The Final Shard, Part 1

Apr 20th, 2020
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  1. <DM> -=QUEST START=-
  2. * DM kicks Sephiroth into the Training Grounds.
  3. <DM> (....... woops, I'm about to get kicked back, aren't I)
  4. * Sephiroth lands on the ground with a thud.
  5. * Sephiroth looks up and kicks at the sky.
  6. * Sephiroth whacks DM upside the head with a homerun bat. *WHAM*
  7. * You have been kicked from #zurpg by Sephiroth (BOOT TO THE HEAD! «16,119»)
  8. <DM> (ow)
  9. <DM> (agony)
  10. * Sephiroth ... ahem.
  11. * Sephiroth gets up and dusts himself off.
  12. <DM> *It's a dark, starry night above you, with clear skies. Spectral fires float around the Training Grounds, lighting it up. Huh, if there's spectral fires floating around, does that mean this whole area is inside of a Spirit Complex?*
  13. <DM> [???]: Heeeeeeeeello ol' buddy ol' pally ol'.. bud-pal!
  14. <DM> *The familiar voice comes from directly behind you.*
  15. * Sephiroth turns around and finds a familar face?
  16. <DM> *You see the yellow glow of a certain expression.*
  17. * X_X is now known as Shady
  18. <Shady> ^_^
  19. * Shady floats in front of you, waving at you.
  20. * Sephiroth waves back. ^_^
  21. <Shady> Hey, can you pull out your sword? You know, the really long one?
  22. <Sephiroth> Sure.
  23. * Sephiroth pulls out his Murasame, ... which has obviously seen a lot of use.
  24. * Shady floats in point-blank to it, whirling around the blade as he inspects it.
  25. <Shady> Hmmm... hmmmmm... yep... yep yep yep...
  26. * Shady turns towards Sephiroth again. His ^_^ expression is gone and replaced by o_o.
  27. <Shady> Got some interestin' news for ya...
  28. <Sephiroth> Oh? What's up?
  29. <Shady> I saw someone carryin' a sword that looks just like that through town earlier.
  30. * Hal gives voice to Maliki
  31. <Shady> Same length... looked a little sharper though.
  32. <Maliki> (pracices having a voice by singing:))
  33. <Shady> And there was somethin' else scary...
  34. <Shady> The base of the blade had a blue shard thingy... pretty sure it was a Nayru's Love shard.
  35. <DM> *Hal is seen walking through the Training Grounds, only about 10 feet away from you two.*
  36. * Hal notices Sephiroth.
  37. <Shady> You got one of those shard thingies, right?
  38. <Sephiroth> A Nayru's Love shard... Hmm, rather interesting.
  39. <Sephiroth> I do.
  40. * Sephiroth holds his Nayru's Love shard out for Shady to inspect.
  41. * Sephiroth also notices Hal.
  42. <Shady> Oooh... shiiiiiiiny.
  43. * Sephiroth waves at Hal.
  44. <Hal> Hello Sephiroth.
  45. <DM> *The blue shard pulses brightly... in fact, far brighter than usual. It's almost blinding to look at it.*
  46. <Hal> I figured that I should drop by to hand you someting that you could use.
  47. <Shady> Ack, mah eyes!
  48. * Shady turns away from the shard.
  49. * Sephiroth pockets the Nayru's Love shard.
  50. * Shady sees Hal and waves at him.
  51. <Sephiroth> Oh? What is it?
  52. <Shady> Hey Hally, how's it goin'?
  53. * Hal produces his Endowed Shadow Scroll from his pockets "Here, a Shadow scroll"
  54. * Hal waves to Shady
  55. <Hal> Not too bad.
  56. <Sephiroth> Awesome. I have something for you too, in fact. Here.
  58. * Sephiroth produces an Ice Layer Shield, and hands it to Hal.
  59. <Shady> Oh snap, is that an Icerobe shield?
  60. * Hal takes the shield, waving "Thank you" to Sephiroth.
  61. <Sephiroth> (Note to Hal, the shield is [code]'d in my profile, Items->misc->items on hold->shields
  62. * Sephiroth also accepts the Shadow Scroll.
  63. <Sephiroth> Shady, yes. It was an Icerobe shield.
  64. <Hal> (It is not [Code]'d and I can't get it because I don't permission to reply or quote in that thread)
  65. <Sephiroth> (Refresh)
  66. <Sephiroth> (I see it as [code]'d for me.)
  67. <Shady> Man... saw Fran get smashed into a sandwich by one of those Icerobes once. ... how does he keep living through everything, anyways?!
  68. <Sephiroth> (If not, I'll just PM it to you.)
  69. <Hal> (Got it)
  70. <Hal> (It was a refresh issue)
  71. <Shady> So, Sephiroth... interested in goin' after this guy?
  72. <Hal> Icerobes are very, very dangerous.
  73. <Sephiroth> I am interested in meeting him, yes.
  74. <Shady> I couldn't see his face, so I couldn't tell who it was.
  75. <Hal> I ran across one and it nearly murdered me when it pulled out it's icy slab.
  76. <Shady> Well, I tried followin' after him, but I pretty sure he knew I was tailing him.
  77. <Shady> Last I saw of him, he entered the Catacombs, and I wasn't willing to follow.
  78. * FireSeraphim has quit (Ping timeout)
  79. <Shady> Do you know anything about the Catacombs?
  80. <Sephiroth> Nope, never heard of that place.
  81. * Shady points to the ground.
  82. <Shady> It's directly under the Training Grounds.
  83. <Shady> When Ganondorf fell and they rebuilt the village and castle... they actually built Hyrule Village over the old one.
  84. <Shady> And... the old one is now a rotting town filled with Redeads and Gibdos.
  85. <Sephiroth> Oh dear. ... Those things should be fun to deal with. ... (Insert sarcastic voice here.) ...
  86. <Sephiroth> Well, ... I still want to see what this guy is up to. Can you lead me there?
  87. <Shady> Sure. We'll have to go the long route... I suppose I could dig a hole in the grounds, but I have no idea where we'll end up.
  88. <Shady> Follow me!
  89. <Sephiroth> Alright.
  90. * Shady heads west, away from the Training Grounds.
  91. * Sephiroth follows Shady.
  92. * Hal waves goodbye to Shady
  93. * Sephiroth waves goodbye to Hal.
  94. * Shady waves back to Hal on the way.
  95. * Hal leaves the Training Grounds
  96. * Hal is now known as Orithan
  97. * Shady reaches the North Road and heads south, towards the Market.
  98. <Sephiroth> (Just consider me on auto-follow for the moment, need a quick brb.)
  99. <DM> *The roads are fairly clear tonight. You can hear yelling from the Hylian Barracks as you pass by it.*
  100. <Shady> Yeesh, Eldin must be real angry tonight. Wouldn't wanna fight him.
  101. <Shady> Let's uhh.. keep goin'...
  102. <DM> *You reach the Market. To your right, a building with stone walls stands. Light is coming from the windows, and you can see an array of weapons and other items inside from here.*
  103. <DM> (it's the Hylian Shop)
  104. <Shady> Good, Monroe is still up. Gonna ask him for that crowbar...
  105. * Sephiroth enters the Hylian Shop.
  106. * Sephiroth waves to Monroe.
  107. <Shady> Howdy Monr- where'd he go.
  108. <DM> *You enter the shop, and... Fran is running it?*
  109. * X__X is now known as Fran
  110. * Sephiroth kicks Fran out the window.
  111. * Sephiroth has kicked Fran from #zurpg (You have been kicked out the window and you landed right on the surface of the sun! «16,120»)
  112. * Orithan sets mode Silence on Fran
  113. <DM> *KEESE AND CO. kicks Fran off their property.*
  114. * Fran sees Shady, waves, and then sees Sephiroth. He proceeds to hide behind the counter.
  115. <Fran> N-n-n-nope nope nope, I'm not doin' it! Whatever it is, I am NOT doin' it!
  116. <Shady> Da heck?
  117. <Shady> Hey, Fran bud, we're on good terms, aren't we? ^_^
  118. * FS has quit (Ping timeout)
  119. <Fran> Hahah... ahahahah, yeah Shady, we're good pals!
  120. * Fran stills stays hidden behind the counter.
  121. * Shady whispers to Sephiroth.
  122. <Shady> Hey, have you tried to kill Fran before?
  123. * Sephiroth shrugs.
  124. <Shady> Eh, whatever...
  125. * Sephiroth whispers back. "I was not the direct cause of it."
  126. <Shady> Ah...
  127. <Shady> ... I admit that I am mildly curious to find a way to kill him.
  128. <Shady> But... I'm the only friend he has, outside of his party, so I won't be the one to do it.
  129. * Shady goes back to talking normally.
  130. * Sephiroth whispers back: "Good enough reason."
  131. * Sephiroth exits the shop, leaving Shady behind for some time.
  132. * Sephiroth will wait outside.
  133. <DM> *You head out, and you enjoy a breath of fresh, winter air.*
  134. <DM> *On the other side of the market at the Hylian Guard station, a group of guards walk out of it. Half of them have yellow, glowing eyes and are in chains, while the other guards are leading them away. They're heading west, towards the Castle Keep.*
  135. <DM> *Shady wanders out as the group of guards passes right by you.*
  136. * Sephiroth follows Shady.
  137. <Shady> Huh, more possessed guards, eh...
  138. * Shady is carrying a rather large crowbar... and seems to be struggling carrying it.
  139. <Shady> Ack... curse... me... Poe... strength....
  140. <Shady> Okay... onwards...
  141. * Sephiroth offers to Shady to carry the crowbar.
  142. <Shady> Ah, thanks...
  143. <Sephiroth> No problem.
  144. <DM> *You carry the crowbar. It feels pretty light to you. You can easily carry it in one hand.*
  145. * Shady reaches the backside of Monroe's shop.... and illuminates it by appearing to shine a bright light from his face. He may be using the glow from his eyes to illuminate the area. Fascinating.
  146. <DM> *It's a small, closed off area, no more than about 5 square feet large.*
  147. * Shady fires a PSI Blast (water) at the floor.
  148. * Sephiroth sees the spell and avoids any splash damage.
  149. <DM> *The PSI Blast hits the floor, and it washes off a stone cover on the ground, revealing a door of some kind.*
  150. <Shady> Oookay... I think I can muster the strength to crowbar that open.
  151. * Sephiroth approaches the door.
  152. * Sephiroth uses crowbar!
  153. * Sephiroth watches as a bar crows rather loudly.
  154. * Sephiroth cries in agony as the fourth wall splits.
  155. <DM> *Gordon Freeman is heard dying in the background as he's barraged by a swarm of puns.*
  156. <DM> *The door opens as you crowbar it open. Oddly enough, it's completely silent.*
  157. <Shady> That shouldn't happen... should be a loud creak.
  158. * Shady makes a quick curse to himself. You make out Shady saying "Ghost Hunter".
  159. <Shady> Hope you don't mind about a 10 foot drop!
  160. * Sephiroth dives right in. ... Wait, whut?
  161. * Shady floats on down through the door.
  162. * Sephiroth lands on the ground with a thud.
  163. <DM> *You land lightly on your feet hitting dirt ground.*
  164. <DM> (brb real fast)
  165. * Shady produces a lantern, which lights up the area.
  166. <Shady> Hahah, I look JUST like a poe now, suckers!
  167. <DM> *The lantern lights the area up. You appear to be in some sort of old sewer, no wider than about 8 feet in width or height. It doesn't smell at all, and it doesn't really smell down here, asides from the smell of dirt.*
  168. <Sephiroth> "Dirty dirt? Well that's just swell."
  169. <DM> *Sounds just like Fireblast124 after a visit to the pants.*
  170. <Shady> Let's see... I think it's.... oh, there's only one way from here, right...
  171. <DM> *There's a dead end behind you, but to the north, it extends about 30 feet before branching into a split path of West or East.*
  172. <Shady> To the East... that's the way to the Catacombs. West is the Northwestern District's underground town. Pretty cool place.
  173. * Shady heads down the passageway and takes the east passage.
  174. <Sephiroth> Hmm, Underground town, eh?
  175. <Sephiroth> Anything in particular to note here?
  176. * Sephiroth sees Shady has wandered off again.
  177. * Shady hears Sephiroth and turns around.
  178. <Shady> Hmm, not much. It's new... it was done due to overpopulation, and Zelda decided it'd be better to use the underground passageways instead of expanding the East Wall into the mountains.
  179. <Shady> I'm not fond of the guy that runs it though.
  180. <Sephiroth> I see. ... Well, let's go.
  181. <Shady> Yeppers...
  182. * Sephiroth heads down the passageway and takes the east passage.
  183. * Shady heads down the East passage.
  184. <DM> *You head down the east passage. After walking about 20 feet, you can hear a good amount of light rumbling from above.*
  185. <Shady> Hmm, we must be directly under the North Road.
  186. <Shady> Which means...
  187. * Shady reactivates his super glowy eyes and lights up the area ahead.
  188. * Sephiroth can see the light!
  189. <Sephiroth> (... at the end of the tunnel.)
  190. <DM> *If you see the light, you also see Fran. I don't recommend walking towards it.*
  191. * Sephiroth gets shot for puns.
  192. <DM> *The passage extends another 10 feet before ending with a wooden wall. It looks brand new.*
  193. * Sephiroth walks into wood.
  194. <Sephiroth> What? Where'd this come from?
  195. <Shady> The wall is just an illusion. I forgot who set it up, but until frakken Ghost Hunter sells his *insert various numbers of curse words here* Illusion Break- wait!
  196. <DM> *You walk into the wood... and walk through it.*
  197. <Shady> Come on back over here, I can't go with you!
  198. * Sephiroth walks back through the wood. o_O'
  199. <DM> *You walk on back to see an exasperated Shady.*
  200. <Shady> .. I blame Ghost Hunter
  201. <Shady> Okay, I'd like to go with you, but I can't....
  202. <Shady> That area.... truth is, it amplifies the Poe side of me, and I start hearing voices...
  203. <Shady> I can't last 5 minutes without being taken over by whatever controls that area.
  204. <Sephiroth> Oh wow, wouldn't want to put you in danger, Shady.
  205. <Shady> No, it's not me in danger...
  206. <Sephiroth> Hmm?
  207. <Shady> I'd end up attacking you.
  208. <Shady> So... -_- ... can't go with you. Sorry mate.
  209. <Sephiroth> Well, regardless of that, We'll just have to split up.
  210. <Sephiroth> Thanks for showing me the way here.
  211. <Shady> Sure thing mate. Good luck finding that guy... and don't turn any lights on.
  212. <Shady> ... it attracts ALL of the Gibdos and Redeads....
  213. <Sephiroth> ... Okay, I'll keep that in mind.
  214. <DM> (Likewise, it could be used as a bait. o_O)
  215. <Sephiroth> Thanks again, Shady.
  216. <Shady> Sure. Hope ya come back safe, man.
  217. * Shady waves to you.
  218. * Sephiroth waves back, then heads onwards through the wood.
  219. <DM> *You pass through the wood, and sight of Shady disappears.*
  220. * Shady is now known as X_X
  221. * Maliki has quit (Quit: Leaving)
  222. <DM> *You enter the outskirts of an abandoned town. It's dark around here, but not so dark that you can't see.*
  223. <DM> *Ruined, three story buildings replace the walls that were previously in.*
  224. <DM> *The air smells horrible, but bearable. There's a faint, green mist hovering through the area.*
  225. <DM> *Err, the setting of being in a sewer changes, and you're surrounded by ruined, three-story buildings.*
  226. <Orithan> (Under the well-like setting?)
  227. <DM> *Vines and roots engulf the walls of some of these buildings. You can see small spiders crawling around on these vines and roots. No skulltulas, thankfully.*
  228. <DM> (Darte, that one picture of the Skulltula you found that was incredibly creepy. Find it and link it.)
  229. <DM> *There's an alleyway to your left (North) or a passageway that extends straight ahead. Due to the green mist in the air, you can't see more than about 20 feet in front of you.*
  230. * Sephiroth cautiously approaches one of the buildings.
  231. * Sephiroth .. or not.
  232. <DM> *The building is partially collapsed, but there appears to be an entrance you can fit into.*
  233. <DM> *Bit of a tight fit though. Armor should be able to shrug off any scrapes.*
  234. * Sephiroth cautiously approaches the alleyway.
  235. <DM> *You hear a grumbling sound from the alleyway as you get closer. It sounds like a long, deep drone that won't stop.*
  236. * Sephiroth backs away.
  237. <DM> *Perhaps the building may be a better idea after all.*
  238. * Sephiroth squeezes his way into the building.
  239. <DM> *You squeeze through the gap in the building. You emerge inside of a bedroom with a slightly slanted floor. It doesn't throw your footing off.*
  240. <DM> *There's a broken bed on one side, and a bookshelf on the other. Next to the bookshelf is a table with an open notebook on it.*
  241. * Sephiroth looks at the open notebook.
  242. <DM> *It appears to be a diary. You can see a bottle of ink spilled over on the left side of the notebook, but the page on the right seems to be readable.*
  243. <DM> (read it?)
  244. * Sephiroth reads.
  245. <DM> "Fifty days. It's been fifty days since Ganondorf took the throne. Since then, nearly the entire Royal Family has been wiped out. I am one of the few that remain.
  246. <DM> "Where the hell are the Sheikah, dangit?! Where were they when he attacked?! They're loyal to us; they should be helping us, not hiding!
  247. <DM> "I've been living here in this hell hole, living off the corpses of Redeads. Maybe one of those Redeads was my brother or father. Who knows.
  248. <DM> "I don't know how much longer I can hold out. I know for certain that Redead from a week ago was poisoned... but it was the only food around."
  249. <DM> "It's only a matter of time now. We're all going to die. We're not making it out.
  250. <DM> "The prophecy of a hero was a lie. It was just a lie to give us hope. The sages are just a bunch of liars!
  251. <DM> "I don't even know what I'm trying anymore. Maybe I'm hoping for the Sheikah to show up. Maybe I still believe in a hero.
  252. <DM> "Maybe I believe in those rumors that the Sheikah of a hundred years ago are back. I just hope... if they are... they're here to help-
  253. <Darte> (I did not keep track of that image, unfortunately)
  254. <DM> *You reach that line, and it's cut off by a severed, decayed hand that's bled out entirely. It remains a hand of skin and bones covered in dried blood.*
  255. * Sephiroth sees the message cut off. ... He picks up the notebook and pockets it.
  256. <DM> (ooh, interesting)
  257. * Sephiroth shrugs off the hand.
  258. <DM> *The hand turns to dust as it hits the floor.*
  259. <DM> *From where you are, you can see the outline of a doorway behind the bookshelf.*
  260. * Sephiroth pokes a random book.
  261. <DM> *Said random book falls from the bookshelf. The cover reads "The Sheikah, Loyal to the Royal Family?"
  262. <DM> *The whole bookshelf begins to tip in your direction.*
  263. * Sephiroth might as well, ...
  264. * Sephiroth picks up the book and pockets it too.
  265. <DM> *With the slant of the floor, the bookshelf continues to tip over.*
  266. * Sephiroth ducks to the side.
  267. <Sephiroth> (Or rather, barrel-rolls as he grabs up the book.)
  268. <DM> (DO A BARREL ROLL)
  269. <DM> *The bookshelf slams and collapses on the floor. A quickly melody plays from the fourth wall, and from behind where the bookshelf was, lies a door, slightly ajar.*
  270. * Sephiroth takes a peek at whats on the other side of the door.
  271. <DM> *It appears to be... nothing. What should be a room is instead the other side of the building, with about a 6 foot drop down to the ground into a small alleyway. You can see a Gibdo enter the alleyway, grumbling towards your direction.*
  272. <DM> *The Gibdo fails to see you though.*
  273. * Sephiroth lies in wait, watching the Gibdo's movements.
  274. <DM> *The Gibdo wanders towards your direction until it collides into the wall.*
  275. <DM> *It begins to slowly tilt its head upwards towards you.*
  276. * Sephiroth ducks back inside.
  277. <DM> *The sound stops momentarily.*
  278. <DM> *You feel the building shake a bit as there's a loud thud coming from the direction of the Gibdo.*
  279. <DM> *Its droning grumbling noise is much louder now.*
  280. <Sephiroth> Oh dear...
  281. <DM> *The thuds continue every 10 seconds.*
  282. * Sephiroth looks for another way out.
  283. <DM> *As the third thud hits, the wall next to the bedroom splits, and you can see another room from here, with a window on the other side of the room.*
  284. <DM> *There's also the way you came in.*
  285. * Sephiroth goes through the wall towards the window.
  286. <DM> *You squeeze through this one to enter another room. It's not slanted, unlike the previous one. In fact, though the thuds continue, you don't feel them.*
  287. <DM> *It's an open room with practically nothing in it, save for decay and vines. The window is completely broken, and you can see the remains of a building from here.*
  288. <DM> *The vines seem to be wrapping around something to your right.*
  289. * Sephiroth attacks the vines.
  290. <DM> *The vines disperse as you attack them. There's a small treasure chest here. Conveninent.*
  291. <DM> *Convenient
  292. * Sephiroth opens the chest.
  293. <DM> *You see the cut up remains of some dead body in the chest. There's a Heart Container resting on top of the dead body.*
  294. * Sephiroth collects the heart container, then closes the chest to let the dead body rest in pieces.
  295. <DM> *The room behind you (which you just came out of) falls with every thud, until it goes out of sight.*
  296. * Sephiroth gets boo'd off stage for the bad puns.
  297. * Sephiroth defenestrates himself.
  298. <DM> god
  299. <DM> dangit
  300. <DM> I didn't even see that
  301. <DM> *After the 12th thud, you hear a large crashing sound as the building behind you crashes to the ground completely.*
  302. <Orithan> Anyway, going now.
  303. * Orithan has quit (Quit: Back to the den)
  304. <DM> *Orithan was totally the cause of that.*
  305. <DM> *God darn terrorist.*
  306. <DM> *The roof of the collapsed building is on the same level as the room you're in.*
  307. <DM> *The roof seems to be completely intact still... somehow.*
  308. <Sephiroth> (Me wonders if DM saw all of his messages.)
  309. <DM> (Uhh, which messages in particular?)
  310. <Sephiroth> * Sephiroth defenestrates himself.
  311. <DM> (lol, saw it)
  312. <DM> (wait, were you serious?
  313. <DM> (like, in session throw-out?
  314. <Sephiroth> (like, I went through the window.)
  315. <DM> (oh... well then)
  316. <DM> *You leaped out the window just as that building collapsed.*
  317. <DM> *You end up in that alleyway that you heard the grumbling sound from. However, there's no sign of anything in this passage.*
  318. * Sephiroth cautiously approaches another building.
  319. <DM> *It continues north about 40 feet, with a thin alleyway about 15 feet in to the left (West). The grumbling sound comes from there.*
  320. <DM> (building to your left is the one you were just in. Building to the right then?)
  321. * Sephiroth heads northwards, cautiously.
  322. <DM> *You head north, and to your left, sure enough is that Gibdo from earlier. It seems to be preoccupied with breaking the building down. Dunno what it's after.*
  323. <DM> *Do you approach the Gibdo, head into another building, or pass the alleyway and continue north?*
  324. * Sephiroth continues north, cautiously.
  325. <DM> *You head north. There's a turn to your right, and no entrances of any kind into any of the buildings you're surrounded by. Of course, you could also just blast your way into one. Pretty sure you could bomb the whole place down.*
  326. <DM> (turn to the right results in East)
  327. * Sephiroth tries making his way into another building, going eastward.
  328. * Sephiroth uses BOMB!
  329. <DM> *You light a bomb, which blasts a hole open into the wall. It reveals a room.*
  330. <DM> *You can hear grumbling from behind you, probably the Gibdo from earlier. There's also grumbling from ahead in the alleyway, from around the turn.*
  331. <DM> (hitting pause in 30 minutes)
  332. <DM> *The room appears to be clear of any Gibdo-like sounds.*
  333. <DM> *You can see two doors on the other side of the room that you blasted a hole into. The room itself has a table with several half-broken chairs around it, and a fireplace to the side of the room.*
  334. * Sephiroth inspects the fireplace.
  335. <DM> *The fireplace seems to have new, fresh wood in it. There's a box of matches and some paper nearby. They don't have any trace of decay on them.*
  336. <DM> *It seems that, despite this place being buried under the new Hyrule Village for 3 years and it being run by the undead, someone is still living here.*
  337. * Sephiroth grabs some paper, crumbles it up and lines the fresh wood with it, then uses a match to light a fire before quickly scurrying through the door closest to the fireplace.
  338. <DM> (nice)
  339. <DM> *The fresh wood catches fire, and it becomes rather smoky quickly.*
  340. <DM> *You rush into the closest door, which is South, and you end up in another bedroom of sorts. There's no windows in, but there's a lit torch on the wall. The bed has fresh sheets, and there's various lockers lining the walls, each with a different symbol on them, for a total of four lockers.*
  341. * Sephiroth grabs the torch, and takes a look at the lockers.
  342. <DM> *Of the symbols, there is one of a sword and shield crossed together, another with an open book, another with a pile of treasure, and the last locker with a symbol of the triforce on it.*
  343. <DM> *From behind you, you suddenly hearing shrieking.*
  344. <DM> *hear shriegjreakfgrkenangjaer
  345. <DM> *From behind you, you suddenly hear shrieking.*
  346. * Sephiroth tries to open one of the lockers.
  347. <DM> *The smoky smell enters this room.*
  348. <DM> *The locker is... locked shut.*
  349. <DM> o_O
  350. * Sephiroth ... facepalm.
  351. <DM> (lol)
  352. * Sephiroth turns around and look at the door.
  353. <DM> (err, did you close the door upon entering?)
  354. <Sephiroth> (dont doors automatically close after you go through them?)
  355. <DM> (righto, Zelda logic, got it, lol)
  356. * Sephiroth exits the room and goes through the other doorway.
  357. <DM> *You open the door and you meet a rush of flames.*
  358. <DM> *From across the room appears the corpses of two Gibdos, burnt to a crisp.*
  359. <DM> *Congratulations, you gain +60 EXP from unintentionally setting the room on fire and killing two Gibdos without even entering battle with them!*
  360. <DM> +$60d8 Rupees
  361. <Sephiroth> LAWL
  362. <Sephiroth> $60d8
  363. <Navi> Sephiroth: You rolled 60 Dice with 8 Sides. Total: 267.
  364. <DM> *And that, my friends, was the fastest battle to date.*
  365. <DM> *Won before it started.*
  366. <Sephiroth> $calc 6098+267
  367. <Kefka> 6098+267 = 6,365
  368. * Sephiroth levels up!
  369. <DM> *The flames oddly enough do not seem to enter the room you're in.*
  370. * Sephiroth approaches the other door, if he can.
  371. <DM> *There's a bunch of fire between you and that door. Wanna dash across the fire?*
  372. <DM> *If so, Roll Courage vs. 30 successes to see if you can pass through the fire unharmed*
  373. * Sephiroth makes a dash for it.
  374. <Sephiroth> $44d10
  375. <Navi> Sephiroth: You rolled 44 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 3, 7, 9, 2, 4, 4, 6, 10, 5, 1, 2, 3, 3, 5, 10, 3, 7, 6, 9, 10, 6, 2, 3, 10, 9, 10, 7, 7, 8, 9, 1, 8, 5, 10, 5, 6, 5, 2, 2, 8, 5, 6, 7 and 5. Total: 255. Successes: 36.
  376. * Sephiroth barrel-rolls through the fire, unharmed.
  377. <DM> *You dash through the fire and flames as an epic guitar song plays for a brief instant.*
  378. <DM> *You end up barreling through that door, which game-logic-closes behind you as you enter.*
  379. <DM> *An old, raspy voice speaks to you suddenly from the room you just entered.*
  380. <DM> [???]: Ahh, ye whippersnapper, ishzat you that's burnin' me housy down?
  381. <Sephiroth> "Whats a housy?"
  382. <DM> *There's an old man with a Gandalf-sized beard and white, ragged hair in front of you.*
  383. <Sephiroth> "Is it the epic child of a house and a horse?"
  384. <DM> [OldMan]: It's mah house, o' course, ya rascal!
  385. <DM> *The old man pulls out a pipe, smokes it, and facepalms.*
  386. <DM> [OldMan]: *sigh* Kids these days...
  387. <Sephiroth> "Well, whatever it is, it just burned two gibdos to death before they could even reach you."
  388. <Sephiroth> " ... or me, for the matter."
  389. <DM> [OldMan]: Hah, those liddle Gibbydos! They're useless, al'ight, eeeeeh hee hee hee hee hee heeeee!
  390. <DM> *The room you're in is a hallway. On the other side of the room is a door, which looks like the main entrance to the house. There's a stairway to your left.*
  391. <DM> [OldMan]: Me name is... oh... err... me don'ts a'mem'er me name, now edays! What's yours?
  392. * X_X is now known as OldMan
  393. <Sephiroth> "Sephiroth."
  394. <OldMan> Huh...
  395. <Sephiroth> "I came in search of someone who has a sword similar to mine."
  396. <OldMan> That's odd... I think I've heard your name before. But I can't... I can't a'memer where....
  397. <OldMan> A sword? A SWORD, YA SAY?
  398. <OldMan> Oh, ah'll show ye a shword!
  399. * Sephiroth pulls out the Murasame.
  400. * OldMan produces a long katana, with a blue crystal shard at the base of the blade. It looks rather similar to the Murasame, save for being sharper.
  401. <DM> *You two pull out the swords at the same time.*
  402. <OldMan> .. oh.
  403. <OldMan> Well.. if it's YOU... then I guess I'm keepin' this, heharr!
  404. <OldMan> Ah needs a sword as a ludicrous as da one I used to use in mah prime days, ehhhh heh hehh heh heh harrr!
  405. <Sephiroth> :I just want to know where you managed to pick that thing up at.
  406. * OldMan grins.
  407. <OldMan> Why, I picked it up in the land of Gaia, of course!
  408. <DM> -=QUEST PAUSE=-
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