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  1. [0341] Faith St.Joan Luxata says, Excuse me Tih-Noctem.
  2. [0341] Tih-Noctem asks, ...What is it
  3. [0342] Faith St.Joan Luxata asks, As powerful as you are and as meaningless as it may sound, will you allow me the chance to better myself through challenging you
  4. [0343] Tih-Noctem asks, Tell me. Of what settlement do you call home, girl
  5. [0345] Faith St.Joan Luxata says, I have residence in Haungzhao with my Teacher Ashera Ixis, I reside with my brother Aeolus Luxata and Aella Luxata and I now own my own home from being passed down through Chotion Luxata.
  6. [0345] Faith St.Joan Luxata says, I call home wherever I am that allows passage.
  7. [0345] Tih-Noctem says, ...Kh.
  8. [0345] Tih-Noctem says, Very well; One bout.
  9. [0347] Faith St.Joan Luxata says, I wish for you to bring out more in self than I know possible.
  12. [0349] She would quickly pray and recite one quote from the Book of Kraus before doing battle with the Kaor Tih-Noctem, As she finished her prayer with a reverent Amon. She looked towards the Kaor with a rather blank expression as if she knew her fate within this battle itself.
  14. Let us begin. She said flatly.
  16. (Faith St.Joan Luxata)
  17. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. [0357] Tih-Noctem were a Kaor, though such lineage had been willingfully disregarded in the name of faith. The topic of faith were one they ever did love, so to fight a Krausite were truly something the Kaor would enjoy. With a stretch of their palms, razor sharp claws would slowly pultrude form the Kaor's finger, with a snarling laughter.
  21. Tell me... Your faith is within Kraus, I can tell... But why
  23. Do you believe in Kraus' depiction of perfection That there is nothing greater than himself, an imperfect Archangel
  25. The Kaor's words were cryptic, to say the least... Before a thick wave of corruption would slowly set in, feeling as if an invisible blizzard had struck the clearing to chill the Krausite, to suppress any warmth that had come from her. Though the energy the Kaor gave off, for an Exorcist and womanof Kraus;
  27. She could tell such depravity were outside the creation of Kraus. Created by something far, far from the control of the Archangel.
  28. (Tih-Noctem)
  29. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  31. [0408] The corruption only served to grow denser and denser as moments tick past-- Before a sudden wave of such would hit Faith as if it were a meteor itself. It were enough to cause the exorcist energies within her body to curl up, tensing into a recession of inability, doing whatever it could to tuck itself away within the girl to simply hide. Just what were this magic
  33. If you were to answer yes--... Words would form in the back of her mind, striking like a weapon of bludgeon.
  35. The Kaor found themselves leaping forth. Despite their size, the agility of Tih-Noctem were horrifying, able to clear impossible distances in but a moments time, their form shrouded in such corruptions, before Faith finds herself grabbed, and lifted upwards. She is brought close to the cervidae skull that had belonged to Tih-Noctem in a firm, yet controlled grip.
  37. Then you are a fool. We know what is beyond the limited powers of the Archangel. We have seen It. We are a part, of It.
  39. A third eye cuts through the fabric of reality itself, tearing open in front of the Kaor's face to reveal an eye, one of vermillion gaze, that stares chillingly into the very soul of Faith.
  41. None are blinded by Darkness. Only the light, whom force themselves to shine bright to unwilling eyes.
  43. The Kaor lets out a scoff, before gently throwing the girl to the side. It were quite a fall, though nothing a Magi couldn't withstand.
  44. (Tih-Noctem)
  45. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  47. [0421] Overwhelmed by such immense corrupted energies and darkness Faith could only hold on to her will and devotion of the holy for so long. As everything she believed in was being hammered away as if to be tested by the Kaor's might before her she could only do so much. Faith felt a sudden wave of darkness consume her as she was enveloped in darkness mentally and almost physically as she was within the Kaor's grasp.
  49. Faith heard Tih-Noctem's plethora of voices blending into one as a multitude of echo's threatened to shattered at her very consciousness she had no forms of magic to avoid such temptation to insanity. She almost lost her hope in the hands of the Kaor as the words of the condescending were raining down. Tih-Noctem's gaze of the vermillion eye had more so an impactful effect on Faith that she would ever realize. She would now know fear in the eyes of such a thing, It... she could not even grasp such a thing in her mind of what such evils couldhave brought about Tih-Noctem's existence in this world but she knew now that it was not the time for such things.
  51. She heard it clear as the light she fought to bring to the world.
  53. None are blinded by Darkness. Only the light...whom force themselves to shine bright to unwilling eyes.. What could this mean.., she had no idea nor did she have the will to continue fighting anymore she was thrown aside as what was left of her holy barrier held back the initial shock of the fall but suffered from some minor scrapes and a light bruise. As she used her remaining strength to look towards Tih-Noctem as her mental state was on the verge of collapsing she held her self enough to keep eye contact with what she thought to be the Kaor's face. As she could not tell what was anything from this moment except that she had much...much to learn.
  55. Her faith was tested today and she fell short of any forms of light to help enlighten her but was met with nothing.. but darkness.
  57. Her last thoughts before closing her eyes and letting the darkness roll over her as she fell unconscious on the grassy fields echoed in her consciousness until darkness consumed her into a deep sleep
  59. May I be forgiven so that I may fight on...
  61. (Faith St.Joan Luxata)
  62. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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