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  1. Clarke McCleave
  2. October 18, 2012
  3. Professor Langan-Peck
  4. English 210
  5. 5/5 Bretty Good
  6.     There are three in this story. Tremaine, Ashley, and Lester, but we call Ashley Ash. I am Lester, and right now, at this moment, I am making love to Ash. This is not the clichéd love portrayed in every Disney flick and chartered tattoo, my kisses meant something more than emotional lust. This love is by divine grace, and I will not lose what God has sent me. So I kiss her lips. I run my tongue along her teeth from canine to canine. The tips of my fingers slide across her pale forearm hoping I’m sending the energy inside of me into her. Sweat drips off my forehead. It’s hot in here, and it is about to get considerably hotter.
  7.     I push the hair out of her eyes so I can see her face. I move my mouth to her eyelids as they close. I gently press my lips against her feathered eyebrows that tickle me and I giggle. This moment, here, right now. This instant I have never felt better. This is my destiny. I know how I am going to live the rest of my life, and it is with Ash. I finally experience true peace. I do not care what will eventually destroy my entire Earth; all I care about is Ashley and me.
  8.     I am now inside Ash. The nuzzled cozy warmth of sensation fills my head with confused ecstasy. I say confused now, because the sensation is so great I cannot handle my thoughts or actions. So I stop. This moment of time I look at Ash. Lying there with her eyes still closed. Legs spread only for me. Our flesh is almost on fire now. I lean in and smell the flesh of her neck and thrust. We could have a life with children. Tears drip on her tender breast. I look down on my life that is her. I see our past and future.
  9.     This fire spread faster around us than I thought. I will need to be quicker if I am to finish. I drive harder, and pull off her low-cut blouse. I don’t want her to catch on fire. My touches remain gentle; my hands never leave her soft body. My gaze is fixed on her beautiful face. I run a finger across her prominent jaw definition. There isn’t a spot on her skin that isn’t soft. She is perfect in every way. As the fire gets closer to her flesh, I can’t help to think about Tremaine.
  10.     I met Tremaine in a grocery store. I was heading down the cereal aisle scanning the prices to find deals when a woman who appeared to be mid-twenties collapsed in front of me. It was a fainting kind of collapse, awkward and unreal looking. Her head went through a column of Captain Crunch Berries, my substitute option if nothing else was on super sale. I cared nothing of this woman, but no one else was around to take her out of the shelving, so I crouched over and pulled her head out. I didn’t know how to exactly handle this situation, so I lifted her head up and pressed my ear to her chest. She seemed to be breathing and I think her heart was still beating, so I brought my head back. Her eyes were open, and she was bumbling in confusion.
  11.     “Yo brew, you fell over,” I said, pulling away.
  12.     “Oh, yeah I don’t know…”
  13.     “Yep, so there’s your cart there,” I started to stand up, lifting her with me, “and your oatmeal is safe and sound.” As I said this, I lifted up the oatmeal, the only thing in her cart, and smiled.
  14.     “Heh, oh I feel so embarrassed,” she said with an awkward chuckle. I hate awkward. I bent over and grabbed one of the few Captain Crunch Berries boxes that wasn’t beat up from her silly fall. I smiled again as I displayed the box and headed back to my cart and on with my life.
  15.     “Hey!” She called after me. My back to her, I took a deep breath in and glazed my eyes. I turned around.
  16.     “Sup?”
  17.     “I’m actually new to this area, it would be great if someone could show me around, and I’d like that person to be you.” She said that sentence as if it were a question.
  18.     “Yyyyyeah, like I’m just grabbing some cookie dough and a-whatnot for later snackin’ and so like-”
  19.     “Please??” She interrupted me. I don’t like people who interrupt. Also, I just saved this woman’s life. What more does she want from me? I can’t slog her through existence, too.
  20.     “Sure, I don’t know. There isn’t anything around here to see.”
  21.     “I like cookie dough.” She smiled.
  22.     At ten thirty that night, we were drugged up with vodka and weed watching Snatch and devouring my raw cookie dough. It was an okay night. We had sex together. In the morning she left with my number. An hour later she was texting me. I replied every third text; we met up a few times the following weeks until I met Ashley.
  23.     Ashley was a fabulous 5/5 bretty good brunette. We met at the Game Daze in the mall. I was picking something up for my little sister’s 12th birthday. She was attempting to play one of those tricky testable games.
  24.     “Lel, you are so bad at this,” I said with a laugh in my voice and wrapped my hands around hers. She looked up into my eyes and giggled.
  25.     “I read the directions, but I literally have no idea what is happening!” She laughed. I looked at the employees looking at me and I wink.
  26.     “Here, flip this around this wire and then it will all be way easier.” I guided her hands in mine to what she needs to be doing, and said, “Okay, now try.” She scored a perfect score. This is when coming into this store to buy my 12-year-old sister a birthday present every week comes in handy.
  27.     “Wow, you are good at this game! Do you have this?” She backed away from me, but looked at my face more intently. I stared at her back. Our hands departed from each other.
  28.     “Nah, I’m just clever,” I winked and smirked. She smiled.
  29.     “Yeah, I came in here to buy a present for my 12 year old little brother,” she said. I smiled.
  30.     “Yeah, so what’s your name?”
  31.     “Ashley, but you can call me Ash.” So that’s what I did. We hung out that weekend, ice blocking under the stars. We laughed, and I fell in love. Ash and I went on three great dates the next week. I started ignoring Tremaine’s texts completely now, and she came to visit the morning after Ash and I’s third date, during breakfast. I opened the door after peeking through the peephole and sighed.
  32.     “Hello, Tremaine.”
  33.     “Hi Lester!” She smiled, which made me smile. Not because I enjoy her smiles, but because I enjoy every smile. She ran inside my house.
  34.     “What do you want Tremaine?” I said, closing the door behind her.
  35.     “Ooo! I smell sausage!” She was right. She did smell sausage, but that did not answer my question. I knew she smelled sausage; she did not need to tell me this. I glared at her as she le monkey faced back. I hate le monkey face. Feeling full of cancer, I felt ill.
  36.     “Congratulations, now what are you doing here?”
  37.     “I haven’t heard from you in a while, I thought it would be a nice treat to see me after being hard at work lately.”
  38.     “Oh, no I’ve been doing nothing really. Besides, of course, ignoring you.” I winked so the truth could become a lie.
  39.     “That’s what I figured was happening!” She laughed and embraced me in a hug. I did not hug back.
  40.     “Why you no hug bb?” She asked.
  41.     “Idk qt gf, I guess I feel inadequate.” She stopped holding onto me and looked her in the eye for what seemed to be the first time.
  42.     “What’s wrong?” She seemed genuinely worried.
  43.     “Idk, this new qt gf only responds to about one of every three of my texts I send her. I kinda like her.” Tremaine looked down, puzzled. I slowed my breathing to listen to what she says next.
  44.     “You’re great, Lester! Don’t let that idiot ruin your happiness. You choose what you feel. So feel great, as you are.” Her eyes sparkle.
  45.     “Yeah, thanks. So I’ll see you around I guess.” She looked down.
  46.     “Alright.” She said as if it were a question. She turned around and walked toward the door again. I opened it for her, and she left after giving me a face that seemed to me sadness. I closed the door in her face and continued with my now-cold breakfast. I checked my phone for the fiftieth time that day, no new text messages from Ashley.
  47.     I decided to go over and see what she was up to. I knew I had to be peppy and happy, no matter what she said. Twenty minutes later, I rang her doorbell. She sighed as she opened the door. She was having lunch.
  48.     “Hey, Ash!”
  49.     “Hey, Lester, anything you want?” She replied as she closed the door behind me. I skipped into the kitchen where her food was.
  50.     “Mmmm... I smell bacon!” I alleged, trying to get her to smile.
  51.     “Ha-ha, yep. Bacon! For my B.L.T. What do you want, Lester?”
  52.     “Oh, well I haven’t seen you in a minute, so I decided to surprise you!”
  53.     “Hah, well thanks. I appreciate it.” She was so cute; I gave her a deep hug. I wanted to show her my deep affection, but she didn’t hug back.
  54.     “Why do you not hug back?”
  55.     “Oh, I’ve just got things on my mind.” She replied and averts her eyes away from my face looking down at her eyes.
  56.     “Tell me.” I solemnly said.
  57.     “Well, I know this-” her sentence got cut short by a knock at the door, “hold on.” She walked to the door and turned the doorknob. Standing there was Tremaine. I rolled my eyes. Fucking Tremaine, making me do shit.
  58.     “Tremaine, what are you doing here?” I said, stepping forward. Her eyes were beet red. Maybe drugs, maybe rage. I’m not an Ophthalmologist, but dat shit be cray.
  59.     “I came to release you into love. True love. With me. We can have a life, with children.” I look at Ash, she is le apathy face, I turn to Tremaine.
  60.     “Chill your bean curds, bb, I hardly even know you.” I said with smooth vocals. Ash speaks up now.
  61.     “Yeah, you guys want to take this outside, I’ve kinda got to eat.” About a half second later there is a hole in her chest. Imagined smoke reeled out the barrel of the gun Tremaine holds.
  62.     “Wut,” I spewed. Ashley’s body fell to the floor. No movement followed. I fell to my knees, and crawled to the body. A human now reduced to a body. This is the love of my life, and in my head, she is still alive.
  63.     “Lester!” Tremaine screamed as she bounced over to pull me up from Ashley. She pulled, but I wouldn’t let go, so she walked out the front door, leaving it open. Tears hazed my vision.
  64.     “Ash, hey bb. You okay?” I shook her once, and then again. “Hey Ash, wake up bb.” Tremaine walked back in with a red, plastic container. She poured the smelly chemical around the house, as she shouted at me.
  65.     “Lester! Get off of her! She is dead, let her rest in peace!”
  66.     “Ash…”
  67.     “Lester! She is out of your life now! Will you stop being a fucking baby and understand who is best for you?” I checked Ash’s heartbeat and got blood on my ear.
  68.     “Her blood…”
  69.     “Lesterrrrrr!! You’re with me, now get off of her!” Her container ran out, and she took out a light. She carefully placed the flame close to the gasoline and it lit up the couch. Spreading to the carpet, Tremaine ran to me. “Get the fuck up you crazy,” she pushed me with all her might, “little shit!”
  70.     “Go away Tremaine.” I sniffle. I look at her, “Get the fuck out.” She stopped, and told me she wasn’t leaving without me.
  71.     “Fine.” I leaped up, placed my hands around her neck and squeezed as hard as I could. I pushed on her throat. She couldn’t let out a peep. Her legs went limp and she let me kill her. Ten seconds later, her eyes closed. I released her body, and it collapsed like the first time I met her.
  72.     I went back to Ashley. The flames built up higher. I kissed her lips. Sweat dripped off my forehead.
  73.     Right now, as it is, I am fucking the dead body that was Ashley. The fire catches my shirt. The only thing that stops me from screaming is the warmth Ashley brings me. We will die here, together. Involved with the perfect love. (disgusting sex on a dead body burning to death)
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