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  1. My prior drug experiences have included extensive psychedelic use (mushrooms, lsd, lsa, many 2c’s, dmt, 5-meo-dmt, etc. etc.), entactogens (mdma, bk-mdma, mda, mdai, 4mmc, and many others. I once had a terrible problem with opiates and heroin, and have tried just about every benzodiazepine available on the market. You get the idea, everything from kanna to kava to beta-ketones. In the evening I sometimes ingest 100mg of trazodone as a sleep aid.
  3. Phenibut has become a powerful ally, helping with everything from sleep to anxiety, also producing profound euphoria in many cases (typically doses of 9 grams+ spaced out over several hours).
  5. I typically begin a phenibut experience around waking, starting with 3 grams. This is how ive been doing it since I first discovered the substance. The effects begin to become apparent at t+2:00, and increase in intensity over the next 3 to 4 hours. A 3 gram dose tends to produce a slight sense of restlessness and stimulation, strangely enough. Each two hours or so after that I dose 3 more grams, and the come up and peak of each overlap until later in the day when I have reached the 9 gram range I begin to feel a profound sense of well being.
  7. From my experiences with friends it seems to be that what is good for one person may not even be threshold for another. For example, my brother can take 3 grams and feel strong effects, while for me I do not begin to actually feel it until after 6 grams, with euphoria existing within the 9+ range, while others claim to feel it as low as 1-2 grams.
  9. I have noted some respiratory depression as well as strong chest pain, particularly in the heart region, especially after heightened activity.  Higher doses make me extremely nauseous in some cases. Even at 3-6 I experience mild gastrointestinal discomfort, and friends have noted diarrhea (though I have yet to have this experience).
  11. Phenibut is a strong entactogen for me. It heightens my sense of touch and acts as an aphrodisiac, very similar to GHB in effect. My experiences with sexuality and orgasm under the influence of phenibut result in extremely powerful ecstasis.
  13. In my experience use for more than 3 days causes severe rebound anxiety.  Ive found its useful to use it for a short period (2-3 days), and then “wash out” for a few.
  15. I typically purchase it in bulk powder form, as capsules contain far less amounts and, to me, are not suited for recreational use. Its effects can last anywhere from 12-16 hours after ingestion, so be aware of this when deciding whether or not to re-dose.
  17. Last night:
  19. 2:00AM - Ingested 3 grams phenibut.
  21. 4:30AM: I am beginning to experience a sense of happiness, with odd “energetic” feelings in my arms that make it slightly difficult to sleep. I want to keep moving them around. I take my evening trazodone (100mg) and fall asleep.
  23. 12:30PM - I wake up, feeling slightly nauseous and unready to get out of bed. I go downstairs and prepare some breakfast. The orange juice I drank has slightly upset my stomach. I come back up and ingest 3 grams of phenibut powder.
  25. 2:45PM - I’m beginning to feel that last dose, its mild yet enjoyable. Occasionally I feel sweeping waves of emotion or empathy about things im reading or seeing. I find this to be one of the most enjoyable qualities of phenibut.
  27. 4:00PM - Ingesting another 3 grams of phenibut.
  29. 6:00PM - Definitely starting to feel pretty good, not as good as a 10 gram dose but still very enjoyable. I don’t really have any worries at all, and I spend some time reading.
  31. Its now 9:00 and im still feeling the stuff, albeit not as strongly as I would like.
  33. Overall I haven’t had a negative experience with this chemical. I find it to be a powerful mood enhancer and anxiolic, as well as a euphorant and entactogen. I will definitely continue to use this in the future.
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